Lustig, love and money


I think we all like Mikael Lustig.  This week the defender spoke to the Norwegian media, expressing frustration at the lack of clarity surrounding his future.  Celtic have an option to retain him next season, but in January brought in a hoped-for loan replacement, Jeremy Toljan.

Toljan did not work out but the club are clearly still looking for a new right back.  I am not sure when Celtic’s option expires, but If they get a satisfactory replacement, Mikael will be allowed to leave, if not, he will stay.

This is the football business.  It is harsh, even more so for young players released before they make a significant living from the game, of for those from an earlier generation, who achieved greatness and found themselves without money or a trade in their 30s.

Players will often talk about their “love” for a club, but that love is invariably wrapped up in a lucrative contract.  The love becomes a fondness if offered a wage that would be regarded as spectacular to most fans.

I really like Mikael and I know we need cover for every position, but even the good guys sometimes have to wait under the terms of their contract for a decision, and they all need to move on one day.

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  1. Does the sum being paid for Turnbull mean that we will only spend another £1.4 million? The figure that was stated as fact on here recently re. our spending would suggest this to be the case. Though I do not go along with that notion.



    Glad to see that the club did not have to put Turnbull’s family up at the Belfry or give his family the use of a box in the stadium before he signed as happened in a previous attempt to sign a player.



    BSR. Great post at 5.56 p.m.

  2. onenightinlisbon on

    CHARLIEMAC on 12TH JUNE 2019 8:01 PM


    Well said Mahe





    James Forrest has added more value to this blog than any of the lowlifes on here who constantly bait him




    Well said pal. Real nasty place to be on here if you dare to criticise the board or Lennon.

  3. Mahe the Madman on




    “ What Celtic opinion that matters to me most, is the 52,000 Celtic supporters who have renewed their season tickets regardless of my valid opinion, your valid opinion or Joe Six Pack’s opinion “


    You do realise that renewing does not mean you are happy ? Theres a few Sentinels that arent happy and renewed. Its more to do with keeping your seat for when this shower skedaddle.





    “I am a pro club, pro Celtic supporter regardless of what goes down, on the downside, or the upside of the Celtic discussion, or the added digital fascination Blogs bring to our living rooms.


    Whether you or I value Celtic opinions differently doesn’t matter either, the vast majority of Celtic supporters myself included are ‘generally’ perfectly happy with the way Celtic are run, happy to let those than do, run the club, the way they do. This is an opinion predicated on what’s in the trophy cabinet today, and what used to be there immediately before Fergus McCann. What progress is being made in joining the dots between our wee diddy league, and beating Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan and host of other clubs that only Celtic can, or will ever defeat in Scotland.”


    Pro Club and Pro Celtic ? Hmm,, does that mean you back the board and the team and what happens if theres a clash and you need to chose a side?


    Vast Majority happy ? Cannae agree. But could well be wrong as the diaspora is huge.


    On this blog maybe the majority are happy and thats eroding me thinks. The percentage of disillusioned is huge and growing and will only grow under this regime I fear.


    We certainly cant base happiness on trophies as after all we have never been so laden and Im one of many many thats mega pissed off at the club.




    “ Most sensible Celtic fans deal in box office terms and. body swerve, he said, she said heated driveway discussions, as they are a pure waste of time, most sensible Celtic fans have an awful lot more to bother them , quite frankly.”


    We are in agreement and I cringe at heated driveways speak and would never use that as what a man does with his own legit money is his own business.


    Awful lot more to bother them aye,, but its probably the one aspect we let into our lives that we have next to no control over . We choose to let Celtic bother us. Would be very worried if a lot didnt make that choice. .





    “ For the rest of us, that chew the cud,


    Unless I’m much mistaken Mikael Lustig’s offer would naturally come at the end of his long hard season where he was rested for the Cup Final, and his last hurrah, (tears included). Celtic want a new RB, and have done as others have stated since Timothy Castagne.spilled the beans, about last summer. Of course, we even have opinions that Celtic were pretending to buy him, now there’s another conspiracy for you, some Celtic fans refuse to believe that we tried to sign Alfredo Di Stefano, but even the Daily Record reported we did.”


    You might be right but we must agree that waiting until the end of the season to ask someone to stay on is hardly the optimum strategy for planning . If it does happen that way it shouldn’t.


    Believe the record? No thanks.




    “We really shouldn’t be looking at the potential Celtic line up when there are no games to be played presently, and the transfer window is barely open, never mind slamming shut, that if I may say so is hysteria, the plan if there is such a Celtic thing, is a new RB ahead of Ralston and Perez, and were ML to sign up, after all, he’s a perfect back up even without legs as we’ve read on here for two seasons.”


    If we are to have a new starting right back then do you not think he should have been slowly introduced rather than being flung in. Flinging in has broke players before and will again most likely. Thats not a good plan for continuity at all and needs looked at. A replacement should be slowly introduced ideally.




    “ With regard to your ‘miserly’ £4.4M with respect your not basing it on history at all, your basing it on cynicism, Neil Lennon himself cost £6M ages ago and to suggest Celtic will spend a third of what we did last year, is plain daft and you are clearly discounting the bullion we’ve stockpiled.”


    You havent grabbed this and that does surprise me. For the last time I will attempt to explain and then move on.


    Lets say we sell 10 million worth of players ,, and we purchase 7 million worth of players. We are then 3 million cash positive.


    Sell 10 million worth of players and buy 15 million of players and we are 5 million cash negative. Got me?


    I have predicted we walk away from this window with slightly over 4 million in profit.


    I base this on the fact we seem to walk away cash positive most windows and the suits wont want that to change.


    If not grabbed yet please ignore and move on.



    “ It cannot continue, from one season to the next and this exchange of views will have a very different look on 01/08/2019, Peter Lawwell and the board may be many things, but they’re far from stupid.”


    I think you mean stockpiling cash cannot continue, but Im not sure.


    If that is what you mean I disagree,,they will stockpile cash until business is sold I believe. That brings a better sales price.



    I must admit I personally am disappointed I seem to be the only one that would like or even demand a big chuck of that bank balance goes to charity.


    As Celtic fans that should be at the forefront of our ethos and its not like they need it as they are loaded.


    We really would be a club like no other then and that act would help reconnect the disenfranchised.



    Hail Hail

  4. Mahe, be realistic man, we are a Public Limited Company, there is no way a big chunk of our cash pile will be diverted to Charity. You know that, I know it so why say it.

  5. fairhill bhoy on

    Mahe-I’ve already said on here that me and my dad renewed but no way are we happy with things.But that obviously doesn’t suit the silly argument.You are literally wasting your time trying to even discuss things on here because they will never give the ‘bampots’ an inch.


    Looks like we have got the Motherwell player?


    Good to see our our world wide scouting is bearing fruit ?

  6. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Connaire – I’ve been praying the Rosary lately for an aunt who is unwell – The Lord heard my prayer and she survived some very dodgy nights and a teen girl i know who is on death’s door because of a brain tumour – when it comes to speaking the mysteries after the ‘Glory Be’, what do you day for the Mysteries?

  7. Mahe the Madman on



    ” Well said Mahe


    James Forrest has added more value to this blog than any of the lowlifes on here who constantly bait him”



    Zero to do with James as any poster should be able to post within rules and not take flak.


    Lowlifes,,,ffs that’s exactly what I’m trying to stop is name calling.


    It is ironic my post asking for more respect for bloggers gets deleted. That I didnt curse and tried to make a good point makes it even stranger but hey.


    Hail Hail

  8. CELTIC CHAMPS ELECT,more power to your elbow pal, just think we should not be arguing amongst ourselves we all support the best team in the world.hh.

  9. Mahe, The original post you were objecting to was also deleted. It sometimes happens here when a post is deleted, a few linked posts can go as well.


    It has happened to me a few times, I doubt if your post was deleted for it’s content.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Mahe- if guys contest other posters,surely that it was a football talking shop is about? This ‘play the ball not the man’ phrase is well overused. If you want to say something, without getting personal, then on you go.

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    HENRY JOY on 12TH JUNE 2019 9:08 PM


    Good news re Turnbull. Some of the Celtic haters on here must be gutted tonight!



    What constitutes a Celtic hater?

  12. What is the Stars on

    Disappointed with Lawwell, allowing himself to be blackmailed and brow beaten in to paying top dollar for a player we could have got for cheap..Hope Peter isnt losing his touch



    Perhaps he is running scared of the wrath of the bampots and fruitcakes

  13. What is the Stars on

    The soul of the club is broken… !!


    Holy thundering devine Jaysus



    Who are these people

  14. What is the Stars on

    The lads are upset that Celtic have signed someone.


    Who will listen to their deranged whining if we keep this up.


    Hopefully the sale will fall through and the battle for the soul of the club can continue.


    I reckon the Lawwell cad is organising a failed medical as i type…certainly hope so

  15. Good to see that we have started the big re-building job.



    Buying players in June should help the corporation tax bill this year. Hopefully the first of many. We have a squad that resembles a string vest — does the job at a basic level but has quite a few holes in it.



    Hopefully we are saving our money for a quality right back, quality CB, a project CB to allow JH some time on loan and young squad level LB.


    Then comes some new legs in the MF — DM to add to DT who fills in the B2B gap we have had for a couple of seasons.


    Finally there is a need for an SPL standard CF and a 20year old project to help JA find the next level.



    Filling in the gaps will be easier than finding replacements for any big sales we make this summer.

  16. Mahe the Madman on



    Good Celtic men and women are very unhappy at what they see going on.


    Belittle all you wish and I’m right here to take potshots at.


    But perhaps some of them might actually have a point? People don’t actually wish to walk away from viewing the team , it’s morals and principles force them to .


    Is everyone else wrong and you are right ?


    Hail Hail

  17. WHAT IS THE STARS, thought that was a complement until mahe pointed it out to me you were being sarcastic ,but you know what I still give my love to angel, ive got four westies not that you would be interested, and love them all,hh.may your god go with you.

  18. Mahe



    Comment Ca Va



    I wonder how we measure the relative ratio of happy to unhappy fans, or the illusioned vs the disillusioned?



    If we don’t accept the hard cash signs of satisfaction ( season ticket renewals , high match day attendances, number of drunk Celts in May) then how do we better measure it? Would you be prepared to concede that a low number of SB renewals and a closing of the upper tier was NO sign of fan disillusionment?



    So, do we measure it by the ratio of negative to positive statements in transfer window blogs or in the first 60 minutes of a match day blog. Those objective stats would tend to be supportive of your view that we are a badly run club with poor managers and poor players. But, then again, if you measure it by the comments on the post match blog , I’ll think you would find a ratio of 27 positive to 6 worried to 5 disgusted for league games over the past season?



    So, which one reflects the true sentiment of the support?



    I tend to fall back on observing my own behaviour. When we are poised at 0:0 late in match and a player misses a good chance, I will tend to cuss the player out, from within the safety of a growing and angry crowd noise, but then like the rest of the match day attenders and blog commentators, we will explode with joy when we make the breakthrough as we inevitably do domestically, despite all the previous cast iron foretellings of doom.



    So which one is me? The guy who cussed at the sitter or the guy who instantly forgave when the ball hits the net? I am owning up to being both.



    But there have been some, a minority, but a growing one, who can no longer get much satisfaction from winning. People who get quickly back to the mantra of – “We got lucky there- we won’t be lucky next time” and , despite 8iar they remain equally confident that the Suits and Peter Liewell will mess it up for us next year.



    When Rangers got liquidated and Sevco was born out of the carnage, all the new Sevcoites parroted the media message- “It does not count if Celtic win the SPFL cos we’re not in it”. At the beginning of 8iar we just laughed at them, but for the past 2 seasons, we have started to repeat their message. Posters on here are telling other Celtic fans we should not celebrate beating the other “dross” domestically because there’s no honour in beating teams with much less money than us and not much honour, but still a lot of fun, in beating a financially crippled Sevco.



    Well, I have lived long enough to see many lost leagues. My father saw our team almost relegated, despite the strength of the Scots/ Irish support we enjoyed. I saw our team finish as low as 5th in the league, during their 9iar era. I had to listen to the bluenoses in the team I played for, tell me that Celtic were not an important team in their eyes any longer; they were tilting for Juve and Bayern and Marseilles, and they believed it.



    I wish our support had expressed more concern about the events leading up to 2012, the LNS fiasco and the corrupt 5 way agreement. Our club let us down badly then but we, as a general support, showed by our actions that we did not want to know. We had no stomach for a prolonged fight and, within a couple of years we were longing for their return so we could toy with them. We got our wish and they are back and no longer a team to be toyed with either. Careful what you wish for.



    So, apart from moaning on Social media, including official twitter, where else are the signs of dissent? AGMs and EGMs come and go without a glove laid on the plc. The best efforts of Auldheid, Canamalar, Morrisey and others did not gain sufficient traction anywhere. My respect for all of them remains high. The failure was not theirs but failure there was and, I fear, that battle has been lost for the present.



    On social media we hear lots of talk about protests and letting the management know how unhappy we are but damn few signs of it. There is a lot of back-bar revolutionary talk but damn few willing to protest or organise for anything more than the right to Pyro.



    I attribute our growing anger to Angst at the tantalising prospect of 9iar and 10iar being snatched from us and we are preparing our scapegoats in advance. We do not trust the “strategies” that have earned us 8iar to keep on working. We are still asking for the same approaches we asked for 8 years ago, and every year since. More spend, more ready made players- just more and better and be quick about it.



    I think the team and the plc have learned to tune out social media because they have been hearing these dire warnings for 10 years or more. They are not impressed by constant cries of “There’s a wolf!” from people who have been rubbish at detecting lupine occurrences.



    Maybe we need something different and more organised to organise the high levels of dissatisfaction that we detect but…….. I have to ask………. are we actually more comfortable with complaining that going through the tiresome effort of organising people to a common cause.



    My predictions for next year are pessimistic- not about the football- because I never know how a league will turn out until we are actually well into it. I am pessimistic about the tension in the support, our resilience in coping with battling back from adversity, of supporting the players when they are behind in a match. We are so shecht-scared of losing out on the tantalising 9 and 10, that we are trying to protect ourselves from failure by imagining it. over and over again.



    I can tell you that is not an effective Psychological technique for coping with tension and being able to perform. The players have to be resilient and focused and non-defeatist in order to overcome adversities. Our support could do with girding up their loins and becoming a bit more determined to cheer us on to further glories, rather than focusing on how we’ll deal with others when we eventually fail.



    And one day, hopefully not soon, we surely will.



    And there’ll be recriminations and angst and scores settled and maybe even some pitchforks.



    But we’ll survive the failure and move on much like before and much like we always have.

  19. Turnbull on the way and possibly the CB from Tolouse too



    Comiserations to the moaners



    Though I suppose they will find some way to spin it….

  20. lets all do the huddle ? on

    “Thread on FF claiming McGregor is off to Leicester”





    well he will be on the bench virtually every week



    Schmeichel is a much better keeper

  21. Hopefully this new signing is a statement of intent.



    More of the same please Celtic.



    In Lennon We Trust. ?

  22. I’vehadtochangemymind, If I have understood what you are asking, the answer is that we reflect on the mystery announced as we say the “Aves”. By doing so, we are attempting to draw ourselves deeper into the mystery of the salvific action of the Lord. It can be difficult at times as our minds often take off in day dreaming, etc.



    Hope that is an answer you are looking for, and with a prayer that your loved ones do find healing.

  23. SFTB @10:02


    An excellent post.


    I, too, am pessimistic about the support`s psychological solididty in dealing with the prospect of not winning nine and ten.That insecurity was already on display in the season just finished.The Treble Treble has its downside !!


    Goodnight all.