New manager needs to meet players before the summer


A team filled with a high number of loaners and players entering the final year of their contracts with intentions of moving to England is not an ideal squad for the new manager to inherit.  There is, however, benefit to him walking into a morale-depleted Lennoxtown than starting after 15 May, when players leave for their summer conversations with their agents.

Even if the new manager is resigned to losing those entering the final year of their contracts, with Champions League qualification starting on 21 July, he will likely have to work with them for some important games.

By now, Celtic will have a very clear idea of whom they want to appoint.  They also know the cost to delaying much longer.  It would take an exceptional candidate to induce me to wait beyond the end of the season.  Players should ideally leave for the summer with an idea of what will be expected of them between now and the transfer window closing.  This, more than supporter sentiment or season ticket renewals is reason to make the decision now.

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  1. Tontine Tim on

    Noticed sevco signed a winger who was hunted by Spartak Moscow, looks like that kent kent is being let go for mullions.

  2. onenightinlisbon on

    I would appreciate it a Moderator 2 asked the guy to stop the trolling.

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    Zero faith in the plc. Everything is a financial calculation though. It’s not in their financial interests to give us Neil or Ross.

  4. An Tearmann on

    Tontine. good essay about CoS and never be seen dead with the OO


    Dont know if you are aware over here care has been rolled out within our communities since 1979/80


    The Care arm of the Church of Scotland where quite progressive and accomodating with the wide range of people in the transition from ‘institutional’ care(big hooses) to living and functioning ably within our communites in the 80s90s and on up to today.


    your essay reminded me of them :-)




  5. onenightinlisbon on




    That’s the only thing that is keeping me going.



    Appointing the likes of Ross or Neil would surely result in a massive downturn in season ticket/merchandise sales and as you correctly say this is a money loser.



    Appointing the likes of Eddie Howe would ensure that all season tickets were sold and that there would be some sort of feelgood factor, God knows we need it.

  6. park t bus n blootir it simples on

    How many of those who’ve said we’ll need a clear out



    will be first one’s down on their knees handing their money



    to DD/PL/Bankier etc etc?



    Its starting to sound like Sentinel Celts merchants



    one day they hate the PLC then its “No PLC will stop



    me from paying to see my team” lol



    Not a backbone amongst the lot of thum!

  7. SAINT STIVS on 4TH MAY 2021 7:41 PM


    So Phil is was being sarcastic all that time. Who would have thunk it.




    Not at all . I was pointing out that every text i do i finish with a thumbs up and a smiley face only to be told by my kids i was being sarky .



    PHILBHOY is the king of Sark ….😂

  8. Saint Stivs on

    ST TAMS on 4TH MAY 2021 7:34 PM


    How dare anyone criticise Neil Lennon the legend.






    anyone can criticise him, there was much he got wrong,



    However vitriolic abuse, rumours on personal life and habits, comments about mental health all went over the top often.



    It is just football results, his life is more i,portant than that.



    even your wee legend comment sees it happen again

  9. More serious matters at hand












  10. We need a coach that will get us organised and hard to beat …. didn’t follow Bournemouth on MOTD much usually switched off by then my sense was they were pretty open mob knocking the ball about ….



    I’d suggest that we need a different approach to that , obvious candidate is Steve Clarke but if memory serves he wants nothing to do with being a target of the orangemen.



    Utterly depressing collapse into for now a void …. we have been crap before but at least you had a rough idea how we’d get out of this . If I gambled I stick £5 on Martinez and wee Shaun , timing is bad with the Euros

  11. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    Steve Clarke would be a safe bet. Would certainly out coach that overhyped Scouse muppet/ walking (slipping) ego at Ibrox.



    Would happily have him, but he won’t touch it for the reasons you’ve stated.

  12. Saint Stivs on

    If Belgium do well in teh Euros , that pari will have the picks of jobs.



    I am convinced though Shaun is set for something here, just from the way he talks and body language.

  13. Notts County assistant head coach Maurice Ross resigned after allegations that he made a racially insensitive comment to one of his players.


    Ross, who was appointed in March, left on Monday following the incident in Saturday’s draw at Altrincham


    The ex-Rangers defender apologised and called the remark “unacceptable”.

  14. Saint Stivs on

    RC on 4TH MAY 2021 8:10 PM


    how many deleted posts get you a yellow , then what equates to a red.






    I will let you know




    In my misjudgement i called for NFL to be manager , he knew the pressure ( Handled it with valour)



    Our first game of the season walking round to go to our seats i was told he (NFL) wasn’t the answer and it would end ( the season ) in disaster .



    My views don’t carry any weight on here , but the two guys i was with are held in high regard by me and many others on this site.



    I think it was a Godsend there was no fans in the stadium as i believe the vitriol towards NFL would have went way way over the top .



    Anyhoo , hope you and the family are well and i’ll see you at the corner with the rest of the ROASTIRS

  16. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I would also take Maloney, even if a gamble. Smart, tactically astute, dispassionate. Tim.



    The world doesn’t begin and end with Eddie Howe.



    They just need to get on with it. Glaciers move quicker than this mob.

  17. Saint Stivs on

    MARSPAPA on 4TH MAY 2021 8:17 PM





    In my misjudgement i called for NFL to be manager , he knew the pressure ( Handled it with valour)






    we can only call it a misjudgement , when all the chips are cashed in.



    the cup final of 2019, i am astounded often that people recall being deflated at the announcement of Neil.


    Inside the stadium , a long prolonged One Neil Lennon chant went on and on, with thousands still in the park.



    i wonder what came first ……………. the appointment, or the decision was made when they heard the fans.



    hindsight is a great ting. like all the heros and legends, overtime we will appreciate what went before.

  18. Maloney left Celtic one year after being given a coaching job. And didn’t he walk out on us once as a player too?

  19. Just think how many trophies we could have won in the last ten years


    if we hadn’t had non trying rubbish like Brown, McGregor ,Forrest ,Christie,


    Eduard,etc in the team. Wish i was back in the 40s and 50s. Glasgow cups


    Charity cups, those were the days don’t think they will return.Mind you






    After the final in the pub i celebrated with good Celtic men who celebrated the win but the same guys couldn’t believe we made him permanent.



    In my own simplistic way i tried to explain to my kids the collapse of such a well oiled machine under Brendan .



    i tax your car , service it and fill it up with petrol……runs perfectly…… then slowly but surely run out of petrol …….and wonder why it wont go .



    NFL needed to keep up the standards set by Brendan , he didn’t (couldn’t) ……..simplistic but suits my theory



    Gog Bless NFL.



    CUE SFTB coming up with a better analogy …….😂😂 Hope your well T.

  21. Frank Brogan RIP. He was one of my favourite players, when I used to watch the reserves on a Friday evening. He had more skill in his pinkie than his brother had in his whole frame. Unfortunately, he didn’t have Jim’s heart.

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