Ntcham and this week’s non-story


Neither of us knows why a Celtic player follows or unfollows teammates on Instagram. I don’t even know how many players control their public-facing social media accounts, but I know for sure that unfollowing other Celtic players in Instagram is no indication that Olivier Ntcham is on his way out of the club, as is speculated on today in various outlets.

There has been continual interest in Olivier (23) since his arrival from Manchester City two years ago, but last season saw him in and out of the team, so his position is bound to be subject to speculation.

But, never in the history of toys being thrown out of prams, has such an innocuous act been considered pertinent. He has three years left on his contract and no offers have been made for him, far less accepted.  Can you imagine the speculation if we discovered he cleaned out his browsing history?

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  1. Weebobbycollins



    Apologies for the spelling error. Fat finger syndrome (on my part)

  2. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Selling out on Season Tickets is great for the club but it does take the pressure right off in terms of new signings, I’m sure had the sales been slow we would have seen a signing or two by now,



    You could argue we already have a good squad…



    goalkeepers – SB and CG



    right back, presumably ML is mulling over Neil’s offer and of course we have AR as back up,



    centre half, well we have Ajer and Simunovic, Jack hendry as back up,



    Left back, KT with JH as back up,



    Midfield – no problem here – we have loads



    Forwards – OE, VB and hopefully LG



    Plus we have several loanees due back – e.g. – Lewis Morgan, Calvin Miller



    So I’m sure the board are looking at this and thinking ‘zero urgency required’. Had the sales been slow on season tickets I’m sure the urgency would have been there.

  3. If Celtic sold Ntcham and brought in Turnbull plus either Harper or Arribo I’d be happy. That’s adding steel and goals to central midfield.



    Callum McGregor is an effective deep play maker, Christie is great box to box, Brown has the ability to control the tempo of games and big Tam is just a match winner.



    Options options options.

  4. Chairbhoy



    Thanks for your feedback. All the evidence we need that our education system is not producing whole rounded adults can be found in the current government turmoil created by voters who are products of the system and the “leaders” that the system produces,



    On the Sentinel Celts blog https://sentinelcelts.com/ it took a while to get the sensitivities right, so glad to hear the effort was worth while.



    The underlying message though is what Celtic should be doing and should have done in 2012 is only the start.

  5. Rock Tree



    Au contraire,



    Left back, KT with JH as back up,




     Not a major priority but still way short of CL standard



    right back, presumably ML is mulling over Neil’s offer and of course we have AR as back up,




    Not a cat in hells chance we won’t sign a RB ( or two if ML takes


    extension )




    centre half, well we have Ajer and Simunovic, Jack hendry as back up,



    Much more likely we’ll send Hendry on loan, and sign another CB



    Season tickets were sold out regardless considering the window isn’t even open, it was never an issue



    Watchthisspace CSC

  6. There are thousands of basketball fans here making their way down to “jurassic park” (Square with a big screen TV) for tonights NBA final decider between Toronto Raptors, who lead the best of 7 series 3-1 against the Golden State Warriors. People from all over Canada have been sleeping out since Friday for a spot in the square- which is free.


    This City will erupt if they win. Game time 2am CPT.


    Some of the players are the same height as ole Bahlul.

  7. Thanks Tuechter, I was too bashful to say it myself.


    Presumably you heard the story that one day the mine they were working on collapsed & the seven of them disappeared down a big black hole. A distraught Snow White, came & shouted down the mine are ye all right, a voice answered back, Rangers are going to win the League, Oh Thank God says Snow White at least Dopey is still alive,

  8. Hugh Keevins 27/05/19



    “treble treble, and yet some Celtic fans go out their way to be unhappy”



    Since he “retired” from the written press Shuggy bhoy has came out with a few belters :-)

  9. It’s Monday nights so it must be Canadian Women v Cameroon Women. I’ve been thoroughly enternatined and pleasantly surprised by most of the football on show so far. Expecting Canada to win a fairly high scoring game tonight.


    Oh and only 4 and a half hours till the transfer window opens – hope Peter has his alarm set ;-)

  10. glendalystonsils on



    Oh and only 4 and a half hours till the transfer window opens – hope Peter has his alarm set ;-)



    Peter disnae need a clock . He always gets alarmed as the transfer window approaches! ;-))

  11. Cannot see how season all season tickets being sold means we will not be spending millions to buy better players.



    No doubt will get the dismals replying.

  12. Many thanks to everyone who sent good wishes to my daughter and her new Bhoy,much appreciated. H H Hebcelt

  13. Go tell the Spartim on

    Did Willie ‘eyes in the back of my head’ Collum just book Alba for the Swedish guy kicking his own leg



    He’s an absolute clown of a man

  14. Auldheid


    Is your daughter working (covering the event) or part of the fan-mania that has gripped this city. Yes, if it’s not nailed down tonight, it’s off to Oakland on Thursday. The travelling support were very vocal after the win in game 3 last Sunday and the country is up to fever pitch at game times. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get too crazy.



  15. Fairhill Bhoy 8.40pm



    Already replied to an email from TET today but cheers for keeping me right :-)

  16. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Most of the transfer rumours spread around the web for the next three weeks will be non-stories and wishful thinking. Snippets from Celtic and Sevco during June though, will all be to do with the end of the clubs’ respective financial years.



    Were Nir Bitton to have agreed to cut himself loose from the club, that adjustment would have been presented as an impairment loss, thus reducing profit (saving some corporation tax). Staying with the squad keeps Nir as an intangible asset, out of the scope for tax calculations this year. For the opposite reasons, I’d be astonished by us selling any player in June. July and August sing a different song.



    I’m happy to have Nir and Oli in our champions league qualifier squads.

  17. Hrvatski Jim on




    Congratulations all round and may Celtic’s slump continue throughout Niall’s life.

  18. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.





    Wonderful news about the birth of your new grandson Niall, and it comes


    hot on the heels of our other new bhoy here in Morninton, Dylan Oscar to


    our resident music mhan and huge rebel Richie and his good lady.


    Those young bhoys are our clubs future and i’ve no doubt they will be


    raised with Celtic in their hearts.





    Another big Celtic Sunday this weekend with all our usual array of fun, laughter


    and music from the big rebel Richie, wonder if his new wee bhoy will make an


    appearance? or is it too soon for a young baby to listen to the rebs?


    Naw never too soon.


    Only difference from our normal parties at the Re-Publican it will take place


    in Mr Pauls bar further up the high st.


    K.O at 2 all you need to wear is Celtic attire.


    H.H Mick

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