Pursuit of Celtic in January was a sham


24 hours on and not a whisper from the Scottish Government, their Senior Clinical Advisor or their principle academic media backer on dropping all of the sanctions imposed when Celtic were the target, when the issue at stake is not the Scottish Premiership but Euro 2020 progress.

The whole of Europe knows Billy Gilmour spent time in enclosed spaces with much if not all of the Scotland squad, any other explanation is not even remotely possible, he was photographed with Steve Clarke’s head touching his, Clarke’s hands clasped on his jaw.  I heard what happened when results arrived for Celtic’s Dubai Test and Trace.  Where is the vigour to pursue athletes who do not represent Celtic, Ms Sturgeon?  Either this is a sham or the Government’s pursuit of Celtic in January was.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    From the BBC (not BBC Scotland)





    The Scottish Football Association (SFA) said it had consulted PHE and no close contacts of Billy Gilmour had been identified.



    However, PHE said it has had “no detailed discussions” with the SFA.





    Probably baseless but I’ve got an uneasy feeling about this one.



    Now the tournament is safely over for Scotland I sincerely hope none of our players subsequently test positive and have to isolate.



    Gilmour’s positive test was confirmed 2 days ago but it wasn’t clear from the SFA statement when the test itself took place.

  2. 31003



    I agree that we do not develop players enough but I disagree that our pro coaches are useless.



    If I can use an analogy.



    Andy Murray’s mother was a good enough coach for him but he’d never have made it to the top if he had continued to play against only Scottish or UK youngsters. If you want to be at the elite level, it helps to be honing your game week in and week out against elite athletes.



    Like many clubs, we need a bridge to the first team for our youth, whether they are Scottish or not.



    Lowmland League is just a stop gap and if it is a Colts Only that we field, it could harm us. We should use the Red Bull approach and adopt a lower league Englaish club, perhaps one each in League One and Two. If we paid a fair section of the player’s salary, they might be more inclined ot give them significant playing and development time.



    We lost a lot of promising players due to Covid shutting down their development.





    England’s Unionist SFA and PHE are in cahoots with our English Governors. There’s a political angst to be played oot….. long after oor willie has left the stage.



  4. SFTB



    I’m not saying our coaches are useless. They can only work within the system they’re given. It’s the system that’s useless. It’s archaic and obsolete. Our record, internationally and domestically proves that.


    We Must learn from these other countries. They’re whupping our ass both at club and international levels and have been for the past 25 years. Until we as a nation, football wise recognise that we will forever be a footballing backwater

  5. Can someone explain to me why the officials were all Argentinian tonight, thought this was the Euros. It’s not as if they’re not needed in South America as Copa America is in full flow, por cierto.

  6. At youth level I seen it first hand. While working the first 2 youth coaching badges it was their way or fail. I tried in my way to introduce forward thinking for the players, ie, if you think you can do something that will be positive, out with what I’m instructed to tell you, go for it.


    That was a BIG no no



    Heaven forbid if a player plays out with the system.


    That’s why the national team has no Best, Pele, Modric


    Work within the system, even if it’s failing

  7. 60+ years & 11 competitions and still never made it out the groups…..that stupid BoS advert says “we Scots we’re something else” – Aye, but whit is it?😅

  8. SIONNAIGH on 23RD JUNE 2021 3:09 AM




    You mean saved & enabled every year by England’s £BILLIONS.



    If subservient means getting your overdraft paid off, subservience would be as popular as furlough.



    If subservient means getting £2500 extra per year for every person in Scotland, then the SNPcult have a degree in subservience.

  9. Good morning all from a wet Springburn (work)



    AT – fell asleep mate sorry.



    D :)

  10. Scotland did themselves proud last night, thinking about how much of a mess pastyface left us in. Good goal from the Celtic captain and ex Celt David Marshall kept the score down. But the gulf in ability was vast. Modric loved it, he and his team mates played a blinder. In order to compete against teams of this quality everyone has to be at the top of their game. When the other team is dominating you need to covet possession when you get hold of the ball. However ex Celt Stuart Armstrong lost possession all too often, he was the one found wanting on the big stage in Glasgow.


    JHB on 23RD JUNE 2021 7:18 AM


    SIONNAIGH on 23RD JUNE 2021 3:09 AM




  12. whitedoghunch on

    just not wotrth the trouble trying to post on here anymore.


    doubly so with epilepsy and flashing all over the place.


    monetize it with a little more Grace Paul


    Ok a big wide sweeping statement for all the CULTERS “the EU will pour billions into an independent SCOTLAND.”



    A fact so there.

  14. SIONNAIGH on 23RD JUNE 2021 12:23 AM


    ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND JUNE 2021 10:44 PM










    ‘Wales is England’s bastard child, nothing more nothing less.’







    You’ve never been to Wales, have you?




    ps . Quisling did for Norway what Donaldson wanted to do for Scotland. The difference is that Quisling is regarded as a pariah, whereas Donaldson is admired and respected by the cult.

  15. WHITEDOGHUNCH on 23RD JUNE 2021 8:33 AM




    Have you disabled Java for the site?

  16. I am disappointed, last nights result showed a gulf in class that can’t be overcome quickly……..




    So, now that we are oooot, I can envision the “wee bulllly” syndrome now begin to catch on – I suspect we’ll now find oooot that more of our players are in fact infected by the cheeky chappie……..






    Fix fitba: Empty Hampden.

  17. We were put out the tournament with team selection against Czech – too conservative – where was the world class Gilmour.


    England and Croatia were alway going to be the top 2.

  18. leigh Griffiths




    He said (BBC): “I’m fit. If you’re fit enough for the bench, you are fit enough to start. I was the one Celtic brought on to get a goal. The message coming out the club was that I wasn’t fit, but you’d have to ask the coaches at Celtic or Neil Lennon (former Celtic manager) why they thought I wasn’t fit.



    “I am not badly treated by the club. At times they didn’t give me enough chances last season. I am out-of-contract but the new manager (Ange Postecoglou) is keen to keep me on. We are looking for a deal to be done and I hope it gets done in the next few days. It feels like a fresh start. He’s keen to work with me.”

  19. FAVOURITE UNCLE on 23RD JUNE 2021 8:14 AM


    JHB on 23RD JUNE 2021 7:18 AM





    SIONNAIGH on 23RD JUNE 2021 3:09 AM













    P ositive



    M ental



    T hinking …………………………………..😂

  20. I wonder when our players in the Scotland squad will be joining up with Ange. McGregor played every minute, while Forrest had about 20 minutes in the first game, so I hope to see most of them back in just over a week.


    Croatia have 1 million less of a population than Scotland. Really poor that a country, which is supposedly football mad, hasn’t been able to be better over the past 20 years.


    Anyway, let’s get back to the real football.

  21. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    RIMTIMTIM on 23RD JUNE 2021 7:38 AM



    In order to compete against teams of this quality everyone has to be at the top of their game. When the other team is dominating you need to covet possession when you get hold of the ball. However ex Celt Stuart Armstrong lost possession all too often, he was the one found wanting on the big stage in Glasgow.





    Agree re: Armstrong – a strangely subdued and sloppy game from Stuart – didn’t look his sharp, buzzing self.



    Bigger problem was shape – our 3 5 2 was, in reality, played as a 5 3 2 for most of the game. However, we were then a man short in midfield the whole night, leaving the Croat midfield plenty space and little pressure to play against.



    We dropped into a 5 at the back too readily – often with five in a line across the box with only one or two opponents to mark whilst leaving McGregor, McGinn and Armstrong trying to cover at least four, and often five.



    This problem was blatantly obvious from 10 minutes in – was crying out for us to go to a 4 4 2 – drop O’Donnell in to right back with Heid, KT and Robertson as the four; then push McTominay into the midfield to make up the four there.



    Would have been much more solid, less square pegs in round holes (McTominay is wasted as a centre-back – he’s a cracking midfielder) and would have provided a foundation for the midfield to link better with the two forwards.



    For those wanting Clarke at Celtic – thank goodness we didn’t succumb to temptation (and he made a backside of team shape / selection against Czech Republic too).






  22. Hrvatski Jim on

    This is an article about a study to research the combination of cardiology and genes to try to establish the cause of sudden heart failure. A bit long but interesting:



    June 22, 2021 – After collapsing on the pitch during the Euro 2020 game between Denmark and Finland, HNS and St Catherine Specialty Hospital want to help Danish footballer Christian Eriksen.


    St Catherine Specialty Hospital Management Board president and Croatian Football Federation health commission president Dragan Primorac sent a letter to the Danish Football Federation president Jesper Moller and Secretary-General Jakob Jensen, urging them to have their national team member Christian Eriksen (29) perform a comprehensive genetic test in Croatia to determine the possible genetic basis of cardiac arrest, reports Index.hr.



    The Denmark national team player shocked the world when he collapsed on the pitch in the 43rd minute of the match between Finland and Denmark on June 12. The doctors revived him on the pitch for ten minutes. Eriksen was transferred to the hospital, from where he later contacted his teammates, and they then decided to continue the match. He was then fitted with an ICD, a device that can restore normal heart function.



    It is known that the Croatian Football Federation and the St Catherine Special Hospital, in cooperation with the American corporation Invitae, launched a project in June 2019 to prevent sudden cardiac death, which with a complete cardiac examination (12-channel electrocardiogram, heart ultrasound, ergometry, and 24-Holter) includes the most comprehensive analysis described in the literature genes associated with conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death in athletes.


    Eriksen’s genetic testing would be conducted as part of the project “Development of a Comprehensive Model for the Prevention of Sudden Heart Death: Analysis of 294 Genes and Related Mutations Associated with Conditions That Can Lead to Athlete’s Sudden Heart Death.”



    If, after genetic testing, the occurrence of a mutation in one of the genes associated with conditions that can lead to the sudden cardiac death of an athlete is determined, it will be necessary to test his children as well. Eriksen, meanwhile, is fitted with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) that can successfully detect the occurrence of arrhythmias in the future and restore a normal heart rhythm and save a person’s life.



    The first results related to the role of specific genetic markers as possible predictors of sudden cardiac death in athletes were conducted by scientists from the USA, Canada, Croatia, and Germany, led by Dr. Primorec, and recently published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Medicine.



    The results of a study involving three generations of families of athletes who died of sudden cardiac death have been published, and the study has analyzed the largest number of genes associated so far with several inherited cardiac conditions leading to sudden cardiac death 294 genes.



    Among the analyzed genes are those that lead to various disorders of the electrical activity of the heart, including hereditary disorders of cardiac ion channels, such as prolonged QT interval syndrome, Brugada syndrome, but also genes whose changes lead to structural changes in the heart, such as cardiomyopathies (most often hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), and several other conditions.


    HNS President Davor Suker introduced FIFA leader Gianni Infantino and UEFA president Alexander Ceferin to the published, as it is now called, “Croatian model for the prevention of sudden cardiac death in athletes,” which includes the analysis of the largest number of genes associated with sudden cardiac death, especially in players from risk groups.



    During the start of the project in June 2019, a member of the project team and one of the most prominent German cardiologists, prof. Dr. Johannes Brachmann stated that the latest scientific findings suggest that classical cardiac examination is not sufficient in the early detection of conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death in athletes and that genetic screening in predisposed athletes plays a key role.



    It was then particularly emphasized that extremely intense physical activity can increase the risk of sudden cardiac death in predisposed athletes. Following the Guidelines (Positions) of the Croatian Society for Human Genetics of the Croatian Medical Association, all persons identified through screening as persons at higher risk will be provided with information as part of genetic counseling during risk identification and after additional tests. This will be the basis for optimal treatment and, if necessary, exclusion from sports of high-risk athletes to reduce the incidence of sudden cardiac death.



    Since the beginning of the project “Development of a comprehensive model for the prevention of sudden cardiac death: Analysis of 294 genes and associated mutations associated with conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death of athletes”, on two occasions, the Croatian Football Federation sent a letter to all First, Second and Third HNL clubs, First and Second HNLŽ clubs, and First and Second HNML clubs, urging all players from defined risk groups (athletes with a personal or family history of cardiovascular disease, athletes with a specific cardiovascular result after a clinical examination, athletes with previous episodes of weakness or excessive fatigue that are not in line with exertion, athletes with dizziness or unexplained loss of consciousness and chest pain, etc.) after standard cardiac treatments, and underwent genetic testing as part of the project.


    At the end of the letter, Dr. Primorac congratulated Denmark on advancing to the round of 16.



    “It was tough for all of us to watch the recent scenes of Eriksen after he collapsed in the first half of the 2020 European Championship match between Denmark and Finland. The most important thing now is that he is well and that the medical team has done everything to stabilize his condition. However, the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the leading scientific journals, points out that in about 40% of cases of sudden cardiac death, the cause remains unknown. Therefore, I believe that genetics and other OMICS disciplines will play a key role in better understanding the mechanism occurrence and the prevention of these tragic events.



    In our comprehensive model of sudden cardiac death prevention, in addition to standard cardiac tests, we placed special emphasis on the analysis of 294 genes associated with conditions that lead to sudden cardiac death. Therefore, as part of the project, we want to help colleagues from the Danish Football Association in searching for the real cause of cardiac arrest that happened to Eriksen, to optimize his treatment, but also to determine the possible existence of mutations associated with conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death,” concluded Dragan Primorac.



    To follow the latest sports news in Croatia, follow TCN’s dedicated page.


    To learn more about sport in Croatia, CLICK HERE.

  23. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    ‘Christie can determine his price’.



    As I mentioned last night, he’s now pretty much worthless – after an appalling season for Celtic playing for himself, he had the Euros in his back pocket to put himself in the shop window. Alas he was hooked at half-time in the first match never to be seen again.



    Aberdeen’s his level, but there’s no chance he’s leaving Celtic for another SPL club, none could match his wages. A free transfer or token sum from a Championship club is probably all we can hope for now.

  24. I would guess that there are many reasons why Scotland`s record is relatively poor but feel three letters are at the root of the problem:




  25. Talk of developing our young players


    Is there an U-18 league in Scotland that our youths play in ? Know they played Against European teams ( infrequently)


    Is thee an U-21 professional league team set up where players can be developed ?


    Again believe we have playing teams on an irregular basis in U.K.


    And is there a reserve League set up – ooops no, a deceased club pulled the plug on that one



    Not to worry a season in the lowland league will sort this out 😡

  26. Totally agree with Gene and Big George’s fan club. Clarke is an assistant manager at heart and has had to “manage” a shocking state of affairs at a national level and at least made them competitive. However against England and last night , players were getting in each others’ ways when we did go forward, which shows a lot of the players either don’t know each other yet or Clarke doesn’t know how to get the best out of them. We shouldn’t forget that Robertson, McTominlay and Tierney have only recently established themselves in big English teams playing at clubs who must win every week. Celtic players are raised in that mentality too. That is the winning combination Scotland needs to aspire to, an Anglo Celts mentality.


    Because, it was on the highest stage, in his native Glasgow , when the chips were down, when Calmac hit the shot that was heard around the world…with his right foot!

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