Scot Gov minister cheap attack on Celtic fans


You know what happened.  Celtic fans celebrated our league win in the city centre on Saturday.  In contrast to the carnage that visited the city a year earlier, there were no serious incidents and, by Police Scotland’s own statement, there were only minor issues to deal with.  Forget the facts, that’s not the impression some people want to give the world about Celtic fans.

We can speculate that the Herald/Times journalist who yesterday wrote on Twitter, “Glasgow’s city centre has been left in a total state this morning. Broken glass, cans rubbish all over the place. It’s worse than my pics can show” was motivated to a specific end.

The four photos which accompanied his Tweet showed overwhelmingly tidy streets.  Streets that appear tidier than on any average Sunday morning.  As far as smear attempts go, this one was laughable.  If you cannot find photos of “rubbish all over the place”, don’t put photos up showing the opposite!

A year ago, Scottish Government minister, Patrick Harvie, criticised Newco fans for their trashing of Glasgow and received the kind of backlash you would expect.  Like a self-seeking politician, he was itching to show equivalence yesterday.

Responding to the laughable Tweet showing tidy streets, Harvie, declared, “I don’t care which football team wins anything, or whether someone else behaved worse last time or not. Trashing the city centre, and other behaviour I saw yesterday, is unacceptable. Show some respect for your city and the people you share it with.”

This was a deliberate attack on you and me by a government minister to satisfy his own ends.  Harvie and his cabal are not even ‘green’ in the political sense.  He publicly celebrated his First Minister buddy when she failed to call on the Westminster government to scrap the Cambo oil field.

Harvie even went after Greenpeace, when they had the temerity to criticise the Scottish First Minister, surely a unique moment in ‘green’ politics.  If he cannot convince Greenpeace of his green credentials, you have to wonder what his motivations are (note: it appears to be transgender politics).

A deliberate act of throwing Celtic fans reputation under the bus without any justification is appalling behaviour for a government that should always act impartially, not seek false equivalence.  Celtic fans will no longer sit back and be abused like this by a low-rent ideologue.

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  1. Nor for the first time we have these closet supporters of anything anti celtic opening their mouths without engaging their brains,I know that football and politics should not be mixed but a serious thought must be brought to bear whenever an election of these bufoons come around and we Celtic supporters should turn out en mass to ensure they are not elected so their cushy little well paid job goes out the window.

  2. Eintracht also played at Hampden in the European cup final against Real Madrid.

  3. SB67 @ 3.39



    We should be a £100mill T/O team every season at the moment.


    We should be planning to be a £200mill T/O team by 2030.



    Unless we think big we will be left behind.


    Best dressed man in Cov is no accolade at all.



    We desperately need to rebuild the Main Stand.


    Just a case do we replace it with 8/9K better seats.


    Or do we “build back better” with more seats / better facilities and a non football / matchday presence?



    I think we have to think big — and match our support.

  4. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    AN TEARMANN on 16TH MAY 2022 4:11 PM



    Click bait oh look



    Click bait oh how do we respond



    It’s Click bait shoite



    A title to celebrate and alls a worry to the troll team is wanting answers to a CH who played less than one half.








    Well I posted a question about a centre half who played less than one half – but haven’t a clue what your saying, and not for the first time, I find nearly all of your posts so much mumbo jumbo and usually scroll straight on past, apologies if you are referring to some other poster, but if not, explain yourself please.

  5. Cannot believe that people are getting their undergarments in a twist over CJ.



    He is a superb footballer — fast / skilful / can produce a pass.


    He is an over emotional defender — one good game followed by one poor game / easily ruffled.


    He was over priced at £7mill — like far too many signings with PL’s paw marks on them.



    Consequently if he goes then he goes.


    We need a new starting CB for next season.


    Make that 2 if CCV wants to try his luck in the EPL.


    Another 22 year old like the original VVD would be perfect.



    Failing that we could always go for AR for our new LB and JD for our starting CB.


    AR only has one season left as a starting LB for L/pool.


    JD seems to dot from team to team.



    Find a new VW style DM and VR would not be favourites against us.

  6. Toaty Trumper @ 4.11



    Pure frontier gibberish — are you on the sauce already?

  7. Excellently put Paul.



    Maybe Mr Harvie could be better employed helping to clear up the circumstances around the overspending and negligence surrounding the building of new ferries in Scotland, although he probably thinks folk should swim over to the Hebrides and reduce their carbon footprint.



    It really is time for a new party in Scotland…THE WORKING PARTY.



    Glasgow Herald journalists/mouthpieces have been doing hit pieces on us since we started

  8. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Harvie got hunted for this on Twitter. Quite right. He’ll know the difference if, God forbid, the huns win on Wednesday (I happen to believe we’ll be having a 2nd street party to ourselves in a week).



    A word on the journo. I’ve played 5s at Goals in The Drum for the best part of 20 years. Mixed crowd of Tims and huns. but he is genuinely a Thistle fan. Goes to all their games. Actually a lovely lad. The story itself was a crock of merda though. I must ask him what team his boss supports….



    I was so proud of our fans on Saturday. Best trophy day I’ve ever had apart from 98. Atmos in the stadium was immense and in the city before and after. Only love. Contrast with the hateful, scummy behaviour that their culture produces.

  9. IniquitousIV on

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I did not see Julien behind the Championship Board when Callum lifted the cup, or in the dressing room champagne celebration afterwards. Has anybody any idea where he was?

  10. Rock Tree Bhoy on



    “Carter-Vickers is now quoted by Foobtall London as saying that ‘we’ll see’ when asked whether he would be signing for Celtic permanently.



    “I’m just enjoying today at the moment. We’ll see,” said Carter-Vickers, seemingly non-committal right now”





    He’s for the off if he gets any EPL interest.

  11. JHB &MM



    As a guy with the name Mick who attended Our Lady Of Lourdes School who was looking for a job aged 15 in 1959 you don’t have to tell me anything about the discrimination in employment at that time.


    JHB you seem to be living very much in the past. In Scotland The younger generation from an Irish Catholic background have moved on. lots of them got themselves educated and hold down pretty responsible jobs and run business’s The Discrimination in the past you talk about has come under Westminster rule. The British State has always had a divide and rule policy throughout history. Ireland was a victim of this policy for centuries and as descendants of the Irish Migration to Scotland in the 19th and early 20th century we suffered the same religious and racist discrimination that most people in Ireland had suffered for centuries.



    In my opinion these days are coming to an end. Scotland is more or less a secular country with freedom of religion for all supported by all the main political parties. We shouldn’t judge all of the people of Scotland in the same way as we judge a section of the crowd of football supporters of a team in the South West of Glasgow.


    I would have been happier forgetting politics today and concentrating on the great title celebrations but Paul can’t resist wearing his Labour Party anti Independence views on his sleeve.


    As far as The SNP conniving with the Tories to bring down a Labour Government what a load of rubbish. In 1979 when the Labour government lost a no confidence vote in Parliament the Lib Dem ‘s, SNP and Crucially Gerry Foote of the six counties SDLP Party voted against the Callaghan led Labour government. This came after the winter of discontent when most trade unions were out of step with the party which they naturally supported and financed. To say this was all down to the SNP is a distortion of history. At that time I was a member of the Labour Party and an active Trade Unionist


    Sorry for maybe boring most of you with this Post but I’m afraid I’m sick and tired of the misinformation posted By both JHB and Mad Mitch when it comes to politics.


    HH and onto more Glory with Big Ange and his exciting Celtic Team

  12. Tom McLaughlin on




    Jullien was definitely on the pitch for the lap of honour. He was filmed smiling and joking with team-mates.



    Given his lack of game time over the season, did anyone really expect him to be jumping around and celebrating like Jota or Kyogo.



    Two years ago Compper was slaughtered on here for waving at supporters during his lap of honour.

  13. Christopher Jullien, in my opinion, was finished as a top level footballer when his knee was badly damaged against Dundee Utd.


    The procedure he had to undergo and the length of time he was out just confirmed to me my fears for his future football career.


    The knee will never be the same.


    Top level football nowadays is all about pace and athleticism and it would take a miracle for the knee to stand up to that in elite football.


    He played one game for us, where he came on as a sub, and he looked like he was towing a caravan.


    Celtic paid a lot of money for him but will get nothing back in return.


    I rated him. He was the best defender we had on the books at the time.


    I imagine he will go back to France in the summer and struggle badly to find a club unless he signs for a club on a trial basis.


    Sad, but, as we seen with John Kennedy, these kind of incidents are not uncommon.

  14. ‘Anyone in the East Kilbride area wanting a pallet?



    Maybe madden would take it as his contribution to the 12th july bonfire . Maybe pick it up when he gets back from Seville ,

  15. MMcC @ 4.51



    You don’t understand post reformation Scottish history.


    There was never any need for divide and rule in Scotland.



    All the Tories did was weaponise the rampant religion based anti Catholic sentiment already present in Scotland for over 300 years for their own electoral advantage.



    Back in the day the Labour Party offered the Catholic community in Scotland a political voice.


    The 1918 Education Act made it easier for political accommodations to be made.



    It was a political voice they shared with working class Protestants who had collectivist / progressive politics and a middle class who wanted a fairer / more inclusive society.



    The Tories used the Catholic strand to this political coalition to energise a reactionary element of the working class to join their privileged / class based / rural core votes.



    A couple of times it worked but it started to fail after 1955 / Coronation bounce.



    Labour became the largest / most effective political party in Scotland because it managed to keep a common front across its three main strands.



    Three legs to the one stool that lasted up until 2014.


    It has now fallen apart and we are a poorer society for it.

  16. MADMITCH on 16TH MAY 2022 4:32 PM


    Find a new VW style DM and VR would not be favourites against us



    What has a German car got to do with Celtic and players to sign?

  17. TMcL @ 4.58



    Please read up about Scottish history.


    Specifically Scottish history after the Reformation.



    You might learn something.


    In fact you might learn a lot.

  18. L14 @ 5.08



    You are funny — no really you are.


    Your ignorance of our history does offer a more sombre tone to the proceedings.



    Not Good.

  19. MADMITCH on 16TH MAY 2022 5:10 PM


    L14 @ 5.08


    You are funny — no really you are.


    Your ignorance of our history does offer a more sombre tone to the proceedings.


    Not Good.




    You come on here and want to make a point, but your statements become unreadable because no one but yourself knows what most of the capital letters stand for.


    At first I thought you were trying to be funny, but you continue with it.


    If people don’t understand what you are saying then it defeats the purpose.

  20. LAMBERT14 on 16TH MAY 2022 5:22 PM


    MADMITCH on 16TH MAY 2022 5:10 PM


    L14 @ 5.08


    You are funny — no really you are.


    Your ignorance of our history does offer a more sombre tone to the proceedings.




    Read up on our history, eh?!


    It goes back over 130 years.


    Your comment doesn’t make sense.


    Where do you want me to start?


    Brother Walfrid? Oh tha’ts a BW.

  21. Tom McLaughlin on




    I know a great deal more about Scottish history than you do.




    Do you think they`ll know I am not a True Blue if I say my highlight was coming back from the dead?

  23. TMcL @ .27



    Knowledge and understanding of Scottish history — unfortunately you don’t know or understand enough.



    If you did you wouldn’t be agreeing with MMcC and his comments regarding divide and conquer.



    Anti-Catholicism in Scotland was not an invention of the Tories — no matter how much you want it to be / how much easier it would be for you to explain your current Scottish political outlook.



    Consequently like away but just remember in doing so you are shouting your ignorance from the rooftops.



    You are not dealing with plooky youths anymore.

  24. L14 @ 5.26



    Our history might go back 130 years but your understanding seems to get a bit hazy around 2012.



    Look up who was playing at DM and was making us a force in the CL.


    Once you have refreshed your memory it will all start to make sense.

  25. Onion bears


    Har Har


    Fair play to the Spanish press


    2 insults to the cheats at once

  26. Well I posted a question about a centre half who played less than one half – but haven’t a clue what your saying, and not for the first time, I find nearly all of your posts so much mumbo jumbo and usually scroll straight on past, apologies if you are referring to some other poster, but if not, explain yourself please.




    If you read back a blog or two to you can read my opposition to your silent lathering of soft racism,you know the one you thought you had last word one,same blog anonymous trolls like you were outing yourselves.that one



    Now I ask why would a Celtic fan come on and be all faux worried about julien when we have won a title.


    Your part of the jimmy bell worms,


    Like jhb was,division,uncertainty,speculation in Like a rat.spread unfounded fear and speculate in a way an 80s meeja student would be embarrassed bout


    Juliens tail was posted unsourced.Tom then provided source.the source was the same click bait shoite your now posting of CCV,hurting hun scum meeja.


    And your lying about scrolling past otherwise I wouldn’t have wasted 5 mins reply to you



    And remember do read back a few blogs.


    It was racism and soft racism I was talking of amid your own mumbo jumbo acceptance of it.

  27. JHB on 16th May 2022 2:15 pm



    Make America Great Again



    Get Brexit Done



    Get rid of the Protocol



    Use political slogans to spread prejudice CSC

  28. Mad Mitch


    You seem to think you know more about history than anybody who disagrees with you but some of us fancy our chances at taking you on. I’m sure we’d bore some of our fellow posters to death.


    you’re point about the Labour Party linking all the working class people regardless of religious or no religious beliefs is sound. My break with the Labour Party came in 2004 after Blair connived with the Neo Cons in the US to invade Iraq. That wasn’t the only reason but it was the last straw.


    Anyway lets drop the politics and agree that this Celtic team are looking good with hopefully even better to come.