Scot Gov wants to talk about Celtic, not the deaths


If you want to criticise Celtic for taking a January holiday while the country suffers and you have been stuck at home for 10 months, go for it, there’s acres of space below.  The football bubble is difficult to reconcile when people are currently falling ill and dying in such numbers, the optics are poor; Celtic, really?

But if you are responsible for setting the rules of the football bubble, like the Scottish Government are, you are responsible for what is permitted within that bubble.

If you gave specific permission for Celtic’s trip to Dubai, like the Scottish Government did, you and you alone have no right to issue PR statements of condemnation.

This contrasts with the Scottish Government’s congratulatory comments for Newco after punishing their players who broke bubble rules, a marked contrast to their reaction after Celtic punished Boli Bolingoli.

I get that this Government is a world leader at PR, that their leader appears to spend much of her day preparing and delivering her message of PR brilliance and that they effortlessly dig into Celtic without self-awareness.

And I know this is a lot easier than their day job, like deciding whether to send infected patients to care homes or not, running an education system, controlling a police force who witness sectarian crime without concern, and ensuring NHS hospitals do not have to issue statements of regret after poor cleaning-related deaths.

All this magnificent PR keeps eyes away from how that day job is being performed.  Scotland has a death rate higher than all but six countries in the world, including countries run by incompetent fools, like the rest of the UK – who we continue to shadow for inexplicable reasons – and the US.

Your government wants people to talk about Celtic, not look at the death count.  The former is embarrassing and the latter is worse only in Peru, Belgium, Italy and three former Yugoslav countries.  I am not part of this cult.

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  1. Garngad to Croy on

    The SNP have acted independently from the UK government on all of the Covid 2019 issues and yet again they have independently put the boot into Celtic FC. As a Celtic supporter it does not augur well for a SNP controlled independent Scotland.

  2. If Celtic followed the elite sport rules then I am delighted that the players went to Dubai and can get some warm sun training done, particularly if this helps rescue anything from the remainder of the season.



    Yes: the management and board should be dramatically culled / replaced but that’s another issue. I’m also totally sick of being let down by our board (eg Res 12 \ same club nonsense etc).



    Rather than cheapshoting about Celtic, the SNP Govt should explain why so many old people in care homes died because of their incompetence (and some of the unpublished Covid death figures from Care Homes are truly shocking). My Mum was one of them – she lived to a good age- but a sustained period of Covid enforced family visit restrictions triggered a dramatic decline. My Mum’s death certificate should have read – killed too early by the incompetence of the SNP Government-.



    How much has been spent by this Govt on paying off the malicious charges re The Rangers FC PC- plod- clottery ? Could this money have been better used in Care Homes rather than having been ring-fenced in anticipation of the multi million pound claims recently paid out on ? Not a difficult question.



    (I have no allegiance to any political party whatsoever. )

  3. No to selling Eddie and under no circumstances do Lawwell and lennon get the money to spend when he does go.

  4. BankieBhoy



    Hurting the club financially is the only strategy open to fans whether you can imagine it or not. Among those advocating withholding season ticket money today, I haven’t noticed any sleekits. If you’ve seen any yourself you could always call them out by name.



    The Board are not the club, Dermott Desmond is not the club. We are the club and if we think that the fastest route to bringing those in charge to heel is to hurt the club financially (reluctantly) through non renewal of season tickets then that’s what fans will do. It’s a strategy that will work. It will only be a short term one and when Dermott starts to see the writing on the wall and behave accordingly then the fans will return.

  5. Question


    Very sorry for your loss and your questions are valid, but, when tried to be pinned on these Sturgeon Freeman always come out with mistakes have been made learning taking place and enquiries come later.


    Regards plod and the malicious charges I have heard nothing from a group of non SNP MSP’s I contacted regarding this and the cost to the public purse and if those involved have been disciplined or sacked, nothing I wonder why?

  6. Big wavy… I’m just trying to find out the geniuses.who wanted Cocu… A disaster in Turkey (15 games) as well as Derby ….. How long would you give a new European deep thinking coach to get it right?? …. I remember Paul le guen…….. Theres Ian Cathro…. By all accounts very very good at his job…. Now doing a great job with wolves.. Apparently…… I’m quite open to change… Never had a problem with it…… I’ve hired and fired…… I now work in the adult support field….. I interview people with great CVs… Forward thinking well trained…. When it comes to hands on and dealing with situations…. They are totally lost… Way out their depth…… One didn’t like getting shouted at by service users!!!!!!… You might be getting my drift…. Managed staff has many variables and nuances….. If we change we can’t afford a f*** up…. Next season I’d argue is more important than this season as its straight entry into CL…… I saw enough on Jan 2nd to think we have the hun sussed with a few tweaks….. Could be wrong of course…

  7. Is it time for French Eddie to leave?



    31003…………………………………………..MIBBES AYE MIBBES NO!



    por cierto.












  8. onenightinlisbon on

    Much rather keep Edouard and get rid of the joke management team.



    Can we have a vote on that please Paul?

  9. Timmy 7….is she a racist?…… Wouldn’t have thought so…… She maybe just doesn’t like celtic very much?

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Looking for some advice.



    Think I might be suffering from Stockholm syndrome.



    Guy I didn’t even know invited me to a party.



    It was free so I thought “why not?”



    It was quite a big party and there were already people there when I arrived.



    Turned out to be good.



    He ran the party regularly – many of the same people were often there but new people came too.



    Then, the host said some things that irked me at one party.



    I stayed even though I didn’t enjoy it.



    Then the same thing happened again, only this time I disliked what he said.



    Happened again – this time I hated his words.



    And again – this time I loathed his comments.



    And again – this time I despised his views.



    And again – this time I found his stance abhorrent.



    Here’s my problem ….



    He is likely to host another one of these parties tomorrow.



    Should I go?




    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  11. I don’t have an issue with the team going to Dubai. I am confident they made this decision in the interest of the players and the hoped for improvement in on-field results. I hope they find the time to relax away from the vitriol being aimed in their direction from the ‘fan’ base, media and now Scottish government. If they come back and hit a purple patch of form, beating every team before them, it will have been a very worthwhile trip.

  12. VINNIETHEDOG on 5TH JANUARY 2021 1:58 PM



    Quite often I see you post about Philip Cocu. Not sure who argued for his case but they would be wrong as would two or three club chairman.



    Not as wrong as those, or as large in number who thought (and still think) Lennon is the man to win us 10IAR.

  13. Vinniethedog,



    I don’t know where you are going with that. History proves that when we paid a premium for a good coach/manager it has reaped rewards – O’Neill and Rodgers.



    Divert the cash from the CEO, make it an attractive proposition (old sleeping Euro giant seeks big change agenda) and aim as high as we can (and I’m not suggesting a Benitez or even Cocu) but someone well-researched and assessed who gets what we are trying to do – which is compete at a European level using every modern tactic available to us in this ever-changing game.



    No more alleged legends, mates of ex-coaches or other crony parochial nonsense. Let’s use this painful loss of Ten to fuel a good outcome next season. The huns on the up will invest. I fear we have blown the lot and will contract. I hope I’m wrong.




  14. Do you want to sell Eddir? Dunno depends whose going to replace him.



    Do you want Neil sacked? Dunno..depends who replaces him.

  15. Paul67 has had a whole number of posts deflecting from the mess made by the hierarchy. But when someone from the Government criticises the club it’s a big deal. When the Government has permitted it to happen by the rules it sets then it’s also hypocritical and cynical. When I logged on I expected it to be covered and I would have been surprised if it wasn’t .

  16. Here’s a poll idea.



    End amatuer hour.



    Sack Lennon?…………………………….Yes or No?

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    Sack Lennon?…………………………….Yes or No?



    Do you really need to ask?

  18. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    help ma boab – what’s the intention here guys?






    Gets more embarrassing every day.



    Sounding like a Club 1872 press release again.



    Another disappointing article from Paul.



    Pathetic Paul, pathetic.



    How’s the get rid of Eddy poll, coming along Paul?






    Biggest deflection since Scott Nisbet against Bruges



    Think you should be seriously considering jumping ship Paul



    CQN are at the forefront of this shambolic type of attention seeking



    Normal service is resumed, look a squirrel







    is it to get him to shutdown Celtic Quick News? why do we want that?



    Or, are we are just shooting fish in a barrel because we know Paul lets us say whatever we like about him and never retaliates?



    I don’t know the guy but appreciate the platform he has given us, he’s is always polite, he’s never done me any harm, all I know about him is he supports Celtic and runs this blog free to posters,



    yet every day we have a Q lining up to slag him off as soon as he posts a new article,



    Bad Manners in my book, eventually it will get CQN shutdown, maybe that is the intention.

  19. Is it time for French Eddie to leave?





  20. A lot of you are missing the point on this Dubai debate.



    And the argument that “the ends justify the means so if the teams come back and plays better it was worth it” is the kind of argument they make at Ibrox to do whatever they like.



    We made a rod for our own backs here, and worse than that, it’s an abuse of a priviliged position. It stinks to high heaven. In my mind there’s no justifying it at all. I had a flicker of concern last night that maybe we’d broken some rules, well we haven’t.



    But it was neevr my principle concern in the first place. What we’ve just done here is just plain wrong. We’ve exploited a loophole, like Campbell Ogilvie giving his Rangers shares to his wife so he could continue to climb the SFA ladder whilst being in the service of two masters.



    I understand that as long as loopholes exist they’ll be exploited. But we exploited this one at a time when millions of people are stuck in their homes and many are worrying their jobs and their lives are on hold and they can’t friends and family … our host here presents his lead article today as being about concern for the average Scottish citizen; our club couldn’t give a monkeys how this looks to the average citizen, it’s a two finger GIRFUY to every person in the country, a total abuse of football’s regulatory exemption.



    Nothing will make it right. We might have had the right, but it wasn’t right.

  21. Go tell the Spartim on

    I’d vote for Independence though it’s with gritted teeth as I fear being a catholic and Celtic supporter (they’re not the same for any hun lurkers) I’d be subjected to, at best casual bigotry from the government, to rampant sectarianism (like the Police, BBC, SMSM).



    There are no political groups I’d want associated with, certainly not the Tories, SNP and toothless red tories



    On matters Celtic, I’ll admit that I’ll be forgoing my season book that I’ve had since 1986, the PLC are an organisation I can no longer align with.



    Sell Eddie, absolutely NO NO NO NON



    Replace NL, PL absolutely

  22. BRAYSTREET on 5TH JANUARY 2021 2:46 PM



    The guidance was provided to SFA in November by ScotGov.


    It was duly passed on to clubs,


    Thats all.

  23. This season is a write off. Let’s prepare for next season.


    CEO Peter Lawwell should go now and should take head of football Peter Lawwell with him.

  24. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Yeah, quite astonishing, certainly has me scratching my head :-)

  25. Geebee so Cocu would have been a better bet than lennon in May 2019???… Wow…



    Big wavy… Cool…. But how long would you give him???…. Considering next year.. Is even more vital (in my eyes) than this..

  26. that’s the scum we’re up against this year, they’re loving it. But we should have been ay more prepared.



    Brandan Rodgers


    is a todgers


    he piffed off


    and left us


    in the ship



    now lennie has


    fugged it all up


    and the hun


    have stopped the ten



    come on lennie – one last go at the cheats – win every game



    Sack Lennon?…………………………….Yes or No?



    Do you really need to ask?



    You would think not. Banter years in full flow. We are the butt of the jokes unfortunately.

  28. If rangers had went to dubai… Would the government have mentioned it?…. Would they even have congratulated them for taking all the proper precautions??……. I’ll let others decide…

  29. Vinniethedog,



    Progress determines the length of his stay. Our philosophy as a club needs to survive him and be enduring, something that broke when Rodgers left. We need to be known for something beyond the cult of a leader and finally with any change, some of that might come with us as fans – I winced this year when posters would say Europe doesn;t matter. It does and should be where we aim – Scotland, with its very poor league, would naturally fall to us if we improved as a european team.



    None of this easy but a much better proposition to me than the increasing mediocrity we find ourselves in, sadly coming apart ion the most historic of seasons.



    Onwards and upwards







    If they were in Dubai I’d be writing the article I’m writing right now with their name on it.



    Whatever the government may or may not have said about it is immaterial to me; every single one of US would be condemning it, including you.

  31. onenightinlisbon on

    DOWNFORSAM on 5TH JANUARY 2021 2:56 PM



    I’m sure if you ran that poll amongst Sevco supporters we know what we would get….

  32. VINNIETHEDOG on 5TH JANUARY 2021 2:54 PM



    Do you come on looking to be argumentative or do you struggle with comprehension?



    Could you please tell me where I said Cocu would have been a good choice? Or even hinted at it?



    I’m just curious as to why you’re obsessed with the fact that Cocu was mentioned on here two years ago (as if that’s relevant) or why that somehow justifies keeping a manager that is failing dismally?



    And let’s be sure you’ve even got the right guy. Don’t forget, you came on to say Petrescu was a CL winner so it might have been De Boer or someone else other than Cocu. Wouldn’t surprise me.




    Sadly I think there is more of this sh*t ahead for us. We are a shambles from top to bottom. We have gone from the best coaching team since the Jock Stein era to this garbage.

  34. Garngad to Croy on

    James Forrest



    If Celtic had thrashed the Huns, would you be writing the same article ?

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