Scouted, background checked and experienced, Ajeti should succeed


Negotiations for Albian Ajeti have gone on for weeks but as you and I have said often enough, it is important to get your first choice.  Too often we end up with a player from well down the list, who did not do enough to overwhelmingly convince anyone.  That is not the case with Ablian.

The player was scouted for a move last year before his ill-fated time in London.  He is known to the manager, who will have sounded out Mohamed Elyounoussi for an assurance on things that are not evident from the stands.

Having played over 170 games, he is also more experienced than many we have signed over the last decade.  This is why we missed out on him a year ago, he was caught on the EPL radars and West Ham made what was for them a cheap acquisition.

These factors make Albian’s prospect of succeeding at Celtic higher than most recruits.  It is a pity he will not have some game time this weekend; let’s hope he is fit for this month’s challenges.

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  1. JERSEYBHOYS on 16TH AUGUST 2020 7:39 PM


    ha ha ha – wee lenny get out of jail again. Cue the clique “i told you so” comments


    Nah, no get out of Jail card for wee Lenny, that is a reality check, for those nieve


    people out there, who believe the gobsh*te media in this Country, that their


    favourites, where going to run away with the SPL Trophy this Season, aye in


    their dreams, the great pretenders.

  2. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Very well said TOSB



    hehehe, has me laughin to meself



    Oh stupid huns


    Oh stupid huns


    How glorious is your Stevie G

  3. LAZYDYNAMITE on 16TH AUGUST 2020 6:35 PM


    In a small office in Queen Margaret’s drive as we type there is a desperate hun editing team desperately trying to make a princes out of pig for tonights sevco sportsound highlights…



    Is he in the new flats up there? :))) por cierto

  4. Good night all, & I bid you all, a pleasant Evening, until we communicate again.


    All The Best, & May God keep you all safe & sound.


    Go On The Bhoys, Hail Hail, YNWA, & COYBIG. Sincerely, AKBW1888.

  5. Gers y boy



    Neil has plenty of credit in the bank



    No need for any “git oot of gaol cards” for our Lurgan Legend



    Let’s see how Seethin Jeee gets his multi mullion strikers scoring … hope they aren’t taking lessons fae the “two” goal top striker ATG (Alfredo the great)

  6. Great result, club will be a good place in an hour or so.



    Cant understand the doomsday merchants we have 36 games left for gods sake,give JF a break unless you can replace with the same goal ratio.A CH and LB and we will be fine.

  7. The fact that newclub dropped points today does not change the fact that we were very poor against Kilmarnock.


    Let’s get our own game going first.

  8. LAZYDYNAMITE on 16TH AUGUST 2020 5:23 PM


    Zero chance of the huns not getting 3pts today.



    More chance of Rocket Ronnie not winning his 6th world championship.



    They will probably be good enough to get a goal or two in the second half but IF not they will be given a soft penalty or dodgy call to get them over the line…FACT





    Fact you say !!!😀

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Been out all day.



    Didn’t even know Sevco were playing.



    Think the new buzzword is ….



    ….. NOmentum.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  10. Thompson, McFadden and Kerr on Sportscene. What must Michael Stewart think if that trio are considered superior to him?

  11. Turkeybhoy 8.11pm



    Who cares … about got Fernandes to get a shot in target both halves :-)



    By the way that Bhoy Fernandes would be a half decent no 10 for Neil and the bhoys … although I do like Christie in there

  12. Congratulations to Ronnie O’Sullivan on winning the World Championship!


    That wee pep (not Pep) talk from Bertie made all the difference.

  13. Hot Smoked 8.18pm



    Michael Stewart still doing “Scottish football extra” on BT… pretty sure he has been on Sportscene as well, but I do agree with that you posted

  14. Steven Thompson and Faddy on Sportscene – brutal.


    That pair would have made the 1970 world cup final seem boring.

  15. GREENPINATA on 16TH AUGUST 2020 8:04 PM



    I underestimated the level of fairness in that referee today..best he could offer them was 3 or 4 minutes extra playing time to dig them out of a hole…his card will be marked by the secret handshake brigade.

  16. Now is the time to seize back the initiative & blow the doubters away.



    Let’s get a morale-boosting result on Tuesday & complete the signing of Duffy & a left-back this week.



    If we really want Toney, & he wants us, it will probably be a last-minute job before the window shuts – Fry & Anthony like the sound of their own voices.



    Oliver Burke? Well I did like him first time round – his pace makes defenders very wary of him – this creates space for others – Timo Weah would attest to that. He is a bit older and wiser & with doubts about Mikey Johnston’s ability to stay in condition, Oli may be a shrewd acquisition.



    Much expected of Sevco with their new batch of signings so enthusiastically ‘talked-up’ by the EBT media brigade – nothing is ever won on paper.



    So come on Celtic, we all need a lift, we can’t get into Celtic Park & are getting the runaround by the media, the SFA/SPFL & Sturgeon – make this Good News Week….& keep an eye on our own Hedgehopper, Griff – let’s make sure he stays anonymous – they are waiting for an opportunity to throw the book at us & today’s result may make them just that wee bit more motivated.

  17. For those reminding us that we were poor against Kilmarnock, no arguing with that. I don’t think Kilmarnock were as poor as Livi. They were miskicking the ball inside their on 6 yard line…..

  18. If an ‘indoor’ arena in Sheffield today was allowed one third capacity for crowd …please explain why it is not safe to allow at least the same in an ‘outdoor’ football stadium?

  19. AKBW1888 on 16TH AUGUST 2020 1:54 PM


    Lets face it Folks, we as a Club have too many outfield players, & not enough solid &


    natural defenders @ the back, a problem which has been going on, (ongoing) for quite some time now, which needs to be addressed, asap




    Yep. Most games we have our two centre backs and Scott Brown as the really only defensive minded players. The rest are on the offensive. A couple of quality defensive recruits would be great. Did Sevco draw today… I thought they won the league last week.

  20. Saint Stivs @7:49pm


    Thanks for that. I no longer dislike Ronnie but, in order to compensate, my dislike of Kent has grown.


    Perhaps surprisingly, I don`t have any dislike of Fat Alfie.I genuinely do not rate him as highly as some do . I justsee him as a sometimes petulant wee boy who lashes out when things are not going his way but a wee boy nonetheless.



    I find it hard to believe we will see this season completed so it really is vital that we do all we can in the League games we do play. For as long as we have this Coronavirus with us, Europe, for me, plays a secondary role to TIAR.


    Finally and FWIW, I cannot see the Coronavirus being contained. Only a successful vaccine will make a real difference.

  21. About the “games-in-hand” catch up …


    We lose SIX weeks due to 7 Scotland games and don’t have a free midweek until first week in January.


    Plus a Scottish Cup Final would put us FOUR games behind come January adding Livingston (away) to St Mirren (home and away) and Aberdeen (home), all assuming we have European Group stages to play.


    The next 20 weeks we will need a big, fit, strong squad to take us to January – and then a few new players to keep the 2 games/week going into the New Year !




    300 in at the Crucible today.



    Think the capacity is around 2500, so your maths are shite!



    (Only kidding!)



    But your maths are ….pooor!



    Hope you are good!

  23. Favourite Uncle @ 6:47 pm


    If those words were about Corkcelt, then you are correct. ; if they were about me, maybe not so accurate but thanks anyway :-)).


    Incidentally, are you still in Balornock or did you move to England?

  24. Philbhoy


    I did hear someone on telly the other day saying the capacity was 900. Maybe Lazy D heard the same comment.