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  1. having lost the league tonight, i just cant understand why anyone, anyone at all, is happy with that performance tonight.



    with the league being called we worked ourselves into an ubeaten position, matters not a jot.



    learn from your mistakes Frankle Kneal Lemon

  2. Stivs……..



    Keep it lit…………………









  3. Neil Lennon made four changes to the side the won 0-5 at the weekend and it might have looked too many for the Celtic fans watching on line.



    Tough watch as per normal in Paisley, where the tight wingless ground made it difficult for Forrest and the restored Taylor, to get the width for service to the new pairing of Eddy and Paddy, lose a sloppy goal and the signs looked ominous but for a quick recovery from Celtic with two headers from crosses supplied by Ryan Christie. Big strong SPL squad and rotation for 3 games inside a week will be best judged on Saturday at time up.



    Even when Celtic went ahead all Goodwin’s men stayed firmly behind the ball and Eddy’s missed penalty ( too near the keeper ) made for ia nervy ending where St Mirren were dangerous on the break, but Duffy and co swotted any danger, and it was three points in the bag, and job done



    Still prefer four at the back myself CSC



    M.O.M Shane Duffy

  4. Meanwhile









    Small Guy scores headed winning goal in one of those soccer tie things, but fails to win over the Aussie support.



    Not as good as Chrise Killen says another

  5. Absolutely Fred.


    Elhamed has done well, was poor tonight but so was Brooney, Taylor, James, Klimala, even Eddy, only outfield players I’d give pass marks were Duffy, Ajer, Christie &, CalMac.


    Frimpong impressed in his short time on pitch.


    We need to see more of him,


    Problem was tightness of game prevented Lenny from being too adventurous.

  6. is that a victory for Celtic?


    I enjoyed finding out at 10.01.work ended



    3 points onwards to our next game.









    take it easy.hope all works out on the health front




  7. You’d think by now some of our players would have the balls to tell Christie to jog on when it comes to free kicks and corners. They are consistently poor, bordering on atrocious.


    How feckin hard is it to float a ball into the box somewhere in the vicinity of three 6ft 6 teammates?



    Anybody up for watching the Sportscene highlights?




    It’s a “no” from me but I’ll catch it again on the 10iar video 😉



  9. Meanwhile in other news.



    ‘Joe Biden




    We can’t allow the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit.



    Any trade deal between the U.S. and U.K. must be contingent upon respect for the Agreement and preventing the return of a hard border. Period.’

  10. I am sure the Blackpool contingent of the blog could tell some stories of what an utter conundrem of a man Frank Carson was/is.



    I dont know if later in his life with UKIP stuff he was just taking the piss, but early on in there cant be many Belfast Catholics that joined the Paras.



    Anyways, I met him and his wife once, on a glasgow to euston train, the saddest day of my life to that point.



    he sat across from me, I was 21,



    he talked the whole time taking the rip out the poor woman. it wasnt nice.



    i could say worse, leave it at that.



    does he have a mural in belfast anywhere ?

  11. Go tell the Spartim on

    Poor game all round, too many changes to team and shape, 3 points, two goals coming from a goal down, missed penalty, match report done.



    However I’m no longer amazed at the sweetie wives and their amateur psychology, body language, or any other made up pish they can think of, to offer some insight into someone not having a great game, very few had pass marks so we must have 7 players not right, wanting away blah de blah



    Bed wetters doesn’t cover it

  12. Frimpong should be playing right midfield/wing back every game – he is a class above JF (who I like) and gives us the kind of gallusness that lifts the tempo. Use JF as a sub for a few games.


    Drop Broonie. He is way off his best level. Club captain or not, no one should be picked for sentimental reasons.


    Ntcham, Soro or Turnbull – not like we are short of alternatives.

  13. Funny, me and my mate were complaining that Forrest never even attempts to head the ball and five mins later he pops up with one of the best headed goals I’ve seen for a while



    He gets a lot of stick but my god he’s been around for a long time and scored some important goals



    His fist touch seems off so far this season but once he gets that back he should be ok

  14. Go Tell 11.58



    split the atom with your observation on 2nd paragraph of Celtic customers…







  15. If this form continues we will lose the league.


    The best we could hope for would be for TFOD2 to throw it away.



    Then we have the situation where we have brought players in.


    The only question now is who will be sold and when.



    The team is running on fumes right in front of our eyes.


    The coaching staff is paper thin and the CEO is only interested in his bonus.



    Going to be one tough season.


    How long is a medical matter.

  16. Kimala will do for me ,can’t criticise no service,French Eddie trying to beat the whole ST Mirren defence,and yes needs to play the same players that won 5/0 up at Dingwall.

  17. The whole team is trying to carry SB at the moment.


    He is well off the pace and not worthy of a starting place.


    The issue has been 3 years in the making.


    BR made efforts to sort it out.


    NL seems to be on autopilot.



    Horrible that his reputation is being trashed through a lack of puff.

  18. unquiet Graves


    state murder,collusion the glenanne gang



    it was on tonight 9.35.


    if you can get it on playback give it a view