Strict liability


Strict liability: if football fans misbehave in a stadium, their club is held liable.

This is the Uefa way and is how most European national associations conduct their business.  Not in Scotland.  In Scotland there is a belief that some problems are so entrenched, it would be unfair to penalise clubs, who do whatever they can to discourage fans from, for example, setting off flares.  Here, a club which does everything it can to stop an errant act is not held liable.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say some clubs fear strict liability.  Celtic cannot stop people setting off flares, they take steps to discourage it, so, the argument goes, why fine or otherwise punish Celtic?

It’s a cop out.  I’d hate to see points deducted, leagues decided, because a club was proxy for a strict liability offender, but everything else is on the table.  Clubs are poor at policing their own, there are in-built inhibitors which make doing so difficult.  Strict liability takes the issue out of their hands.  Stands will be shut, ticket allocations withdrawn, but almost certainly only once.

Flare carriers are the most difficult to police as they are the act of a small number of individuals, who are able to protect themselves [although not their club]by hiding in a crowd, but strict liability would end offensive chanting by thousands overnight.

For that, it’s worth it.

Only caught last night’s Motherwell game in highlights.  Newco looked like the Rangers I remember from the early 80s.  Despite being a mid-table mediocre outfit, Rangers were, and played like, a big team back then.  They attacked with all they had, but John Greig was often out-thought by the manager of a small club, who could organise a defence and break with purpose.

Football tactic students will be captivated by the second leg.  Do Newco go on the attack, and risk the same outcome, or do they learn to live within their limitations, hoping to tempt Motherwell beyond theirs?  The team which gets it wrong could lose by three goals.  It’s a good job Newco didn’t screw around with the ticket allocation, they’ll need that away end packed and energetic.

Thanks for all the feedback on the new issue of CQN Magazine, lots of great reading.

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  1. ExSlaemuirBhoy on

    Malky McKay wants to manage Celtic eh, did he want the job when flying high doon in engurland.


    God forbid


    Oh Ronny Ronny,


    Our club are on the verge of domestic dominance (if not already there) and all of a sudden this wan n that wan want the job


    F**K RIGHT OFF the lot of them, stay doon there ya racist cnut

  2. Colour Blind Bhoy on

    mighty tim supporting wee oscar


    Really pleased for Sean, you and all of your family.


    Hail Hail


    mighty tim supporting wee Oscar



    I’m delighted for Sean, you and your family.



    Just so sorry that he had to go through the travesty.

  4. Mighty Tim…



    Great news mate, I knew how worried you were and now your bhoy can move on in his chosen occupation.



    Goodluck to Sean in that, let me know where he does his training as I have family in the same game. HH YNWA.

  5. ExSlaemuirBhoy on

    mighty tim supporting wee Oscar





    17:42 on



    29 May, 2015




    Best news I’ve heard this year , must be a huge relief. Have a wee celebration with the family and try to place it all behind you all.

  6. the glorious balance sheet on




    Delighted to hear that your son was found Not Guilty of the trumped up charges against him.



    Hail hail.

  7. leftclicktic on

    mighty tim supporting wee Oscar




    “Sean was found Not Guilty this afternoon”



    To save me thinking of the right words


    YA DANCER will do for now,



    The Bhoy can now get on with his life


    a special mention to those who helped him also.




    Christine Grahame


    Get it right roon ye


    Kill the Bill

  8. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Mighty Tim, fantastic news about your sons case. This must be a massive relief for your son and your whole family.



    Will they be charging the police officers who lied?



    HH to you and the family

  9. let the people sing on

    few beers tonight, to celebrate the sterling efforts of our gallant ex-Celts last night – Mick, Pearson and Skippy – still too good for der Hun!


    great to see the suffering of the Orc multitudes and hopefully more of the same on Sunday, when Well finish the job!

  10. Mighty Tim


    Fantastic news for you all, magnificent.





    Ach you know ;-)




  11. MT,



    Great result.



    This odious act is an affront to so called Scottish democracy.




  12. Absolutely thrilled for the mighty tim family. It is absolutely disgusting that this family was put through so much stress and anxiety. Nothing can totally wipe out the days of worry but at least they got justice in the end.


    Enjoy this day mighty tim, please give my congratulations and best wishes to Sean.



  13. A sad and funny story .



    I was visiting a long-time friend in his care home this morning; he’s dying ever so slowly from the horrible Parkinsons+ disease, but is a helluva stoic guy with a genuine faith that keeps him going – as do my visits of course.



    Anyway he’s a right good Tim and before I went up to the home I downloaded the video of the Mullet chasing the ball and shouting after it. Before I opened it up I warned him that it wold make him chuckle/laugh (he’s on a danger of choking!). Anyway I asked him should I go ahead and he nodded and whispered ‘OK’.



    I pressed play and, as those of you who have seen it know, it just keeps replaying. I let him see it few times on silent then said ‘Here we go with the sound on’. If he could he would have pished himself. He actually hasn’t the strength to laugh, but he was as near it as he could be.



    Mullet, thanks for making an ill Tim happy!



    Oh, and he liked the post that said ‘McCall at last got to see Motherwell winning at Ibrox’.

  14. The Battered Bunnet on




    That interpretation of the stats is extremely narrow, misleading and serves the author’s purpose and little else.



    The majority of victims of S74 offences are public sector and transport workers – Cops, Nurses, Bus Drivers etc – whose religion is unknown to the perp.



    A more valid interpretation of the figures would conclude that the ‘direction of offence’ was the identifiable feature, not the identity of the victim, and one could perhaps attempt to extrapolate some cultural or sociological conclusions as regards offending patterns from there.



    To set the data in a little further context, since data started being gathered on Hate Crime – 2004/05 – 1 in 5 Scots from a BME community (Black or Minority Ethic) have been the victim of an religiously or racially aggravated crime.



    That is, 20% of persons with a BME identity living in Scotland have been the victim of a Hate Crime in the last 10 years.






    A “Hate Crime” is one where a relevant aggravation is added to the charge. Importantly, if no charge is brought, no Hate Crme is recorded. So, for example, if my neighour’s house is daubed with racial graffiti, but no perp is identified and thereafter charged, no hate crime is recorded.



    Given this, the 20% figure is undoubtedly under-reported.



    The equivalent Hate Crime figures against Catholics are little more than noise in the data. Attempting to extrapolate conclusions from the poverty of data is not only most likely invalid, it’s also commonly pretty disingenuous.

  15. emeraldghirl on




    Wonderful news. Hopefully you will all have a lovely celebration tonight and Sean can put this distressing episode behind him and get on with his life.

  16. Good Evening Champions



    I am looking for a bit of advice…



    Its my oul Da’s birthday next month and i was thinkin he would just love to have his name etched in stone at Paradise for all eternity



    So I’ve been thinking about buyin a brick with his name on it. (This will also give me and him an excuse to get over early next season to see it)



    Anyway, has anyone on here bought a personalised brick?



    I was thinking on one in the tunnel then i noticed there’s the option to buy a paving slab on the Celtic Way



    What would you advise?

  17. Burgas Hoops on

    ha ha the mullet say’s he feels like he’s gone 12 rounds with a heavyweight boxer.



    He wouldn’t last 1 round with either of the Kranky’s -)

  18. Just listening to the mullet’s interview on Clyde super scoreboard…



    “Undoubtably motherwells best away performance of the season” …



    I think the mullet forgets that Motherwell play premiership standard teams every week. What’s he base’ ng his drivel on.??

  19. mighty tim supporting wee Oscar


    29 May, 2015






    Great news, delighted for your son Sean



    A travesty you & your family had to endure this ordeal in the first place

  20. Mighty Tim



    Wonderful news regarding your son, hopefully he can now get on with his life and put this behind him.

  21. The Battered Bunnet on

    Beers and best wishes to Mighty Tim and particularly Sean after what has been a harrowing, unnecessary and frankly, disreputable court case.




  22. leftclicktic on

    Ernie Lynch


    Sorry for the late reply regarding getting to the doctors earlier.



    Yip I made a boo boo waiting and caused myself extra pain:((


    Though in my defence it was my 1st bout of Gout and I foolishly thought it would pass easily.


    Swelling and symptoms still there yesterday so got there in time to get proper tests done, tablets are magic (colcichine) once I am on top of it with meds I will return to trying other methods to prevent another attack,


    Thank you again for your advice .HH

  23. Why do the media continue to build Sevco up, as if they are some big mighty force…. New club, that finished third in championship, with keech players….

  24. Motherwell fan…… 950 Motherwell fans , out sang 50,000 zombies…


    Quite right mate, rub it in tae them.

  25. FourGreenFields on




    My wife and Bhoys bought me a brick several years ago , it’s in the ‘Seville ‘ wall . You also receive a certificate.


    If it’s in the tunnel you wouldn’t get to see it much .


    The paving stones are also a great idea .

  26. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Listening to the tranny in the car ….



    Andy from Motherwell ripping the zombies a new one .

  27. Mighty Tim & Sean



    YES, delighted for you Sean, and all your the family


    Can now get on with your life’s



    Hail Hail

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