The Patrick and Leigh Show


Whenever Leigh Griffiths and Patrick Roberts were on the ball last night, Lincoln Red Imps sensed danger. Both could control instantly, control with little space and disorientate defenders. Leigh and Patrick aside, the rest had an excellent first half. Passing was crisp, accurate and fast.

The shape of the team, with variously Lustig, Brown, Tierney and Shevchenko operating in a moveable back three, allowed players to find space between Red Imps’ 5-4-1.

These games are not about impressing anyone, they are about getting into the next round, but the tie was over by halftime, allowing Celtic to step the pace down, and Red Imps to show that they were more than they appeared to be in the first half.

Stiffer tests lie ahead, when more will need to perform at the levels of Patrick and Leigh.

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  1. I also like the look of big Dembeli with Leigh playing off him. Worked a few times and I see this being a great partnership and source of goals in the Scottish Prem.




  2. 50 shades of green on

    Liked the way last night when one of the back 3 carried the ball forward Broonie stepped back to cover.

  3. MADMITCH on 21ST JULY 2016 11:40 AM



    From previous unfortunately as it stands each and every one of games could have the largest tv audience in the world and it would make no difference, as it’s actually about potential audience. We’re hampered by Scotland’s population more than anything else.



    And as long as UEFA are beholden to the ‘big leagues’ it’ll remain that way.



    If ever there’s a breakaway by European ‘big’ teams we might then get involved based on our actual audience. I wouldn’t hold out too much hope though.

  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    For those of you who have said they may give the Azores a crack one day.



    At all costs, avoid the Angra Garden Hotel on Terceira. It’s three star rating must be on a very shoogley peg. Tired, tired rooms, overstretched staff, rubbish breakfast.




    Generally our accommodation has been excellent, and I can recommend Hotel Ponta Delgada on the Island of São Miguel, and strongly recommend the Vila de Madalena on the Island of Pico. This place was a lovely modern guest house run by a dedicated woman, who could not do enough for us. She even gave us a wee momentous gift on departure. The views were outstanding and breakfast was great. Really good coffee, well appreciated after the previous day’s cheap beers :)




    Just got an email from young Miss Hunderbirds who is hoping to hear back about a flat in Denniestoun for her second year at College. I had a flat in Cumbernauld Road when I was a sponging student (hello TD) it was ok then. Anyone got any pointers on living there today?




    Result was everything last night. Well done to coaching staff, players and fans.



    Onwards and upwards :))))





  5. what was a little worrying last night was that when the imps reverted to a a well structured 5-4-1 in the second half we didn’t manage to score



    but we did create a hatful of chances and i think dembele will give us options though the middle that we’ve been missing for a while

  6. Paul 67 Et Al,



    Leigh Griffiths performed well. Agreed.


    However against better opposition his missed chances could prove very costly.



    Yes it is always good to make the chances, but a better finishing ratio is required.



    There is scope for improvement and he has the ability and the necessary commitment to do just that.




  7. In my opinion Patrick Roberts is the most exciting player to hit Celtic Park since goodness knows when. I just wish we could keep him. Well done Ronny or whoever for getting the extended loan.

  8. 50 shades of green on

    Bollards, looks like am going to miss most of the first leg.



    So do I tape it and keep away from the score or do I listen whilst driving.



    Beginning to feel like an episode of the likely lads already.



    5 bloody hrs time difference, f’n sheep slaughtering basses.

  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Momentous = Momento





    Angra Garden itself is lovely, really well laid out, stunning in fact.



    Angra Garden Hotel, no, no, no, no………….. No





    ,Hi, hope you’ve informed young miss Hunderburd that the area she looking to get a flat in, is infested with knuckle draggers, who have parades at least twice a month, just saying :))

  11. WEEMINGER on 21ST JULY 2016 12:32 PM



    Why has the TV potential audience got to be confined to the Scottish population.



    To reitterate , the last Celtic v Sevco game was beamed to 54 countries.




  12. The obvious weakness in Roberts’s game is his tracking back and tackling. I was pleased to see that he attempted it on a few occasions last night. During the SC Semi Final he let the opposition full back get forward with ease. He’s young and developing so this side will come.


    That being said, going forward he is really exciting to watch and is never shy to take the ball on. He also seems to know when a simple pass is more appropriate than trying to skin a defender.

  13. 50 shades of green



    f’n sheep slaughtering basses.






    Aw yeah, do you think they will slaughter another goat before the game? Remember the uproar that caused?



    Masons were up in arms about a perfectly serviceable goat being wasted.



    The local Carribean population of Astana enjoyed the curry though, as would I have if I was there…

  14. HEADTHEBALL on 21ST JULY 2016 12:36 PM


    In my opinion Patrick Roberts is the most exciting player to hit Celtic Park since goodness knows when. I just wish we could keep him. Well done Ronny or whoever for getting the extended loan.






  15. GREENPINATA on 21ST JULY 2016 12:40 PM



    I’m not saying it does, I’m saying it is and it won’t get changed by UEFA because it suits the ‘big leagues’ as it is.



    If they moved to a model whereby the paid out money based in actual tv audience on the night, too many ‘big teams’ would end up losing out.

  16. BMCW


    I had just a few minutes at the corner but managed to say hello to a few posters – and long missed lurkers – great bunch as expected.





  17. GREENPINATA on 21ST JULY 2016 12:40 PM


    WEEMINGER on 21ST JULY 2016 12:32 PM



    It would be interesting to compare Celtics viewing figures,if we get to the group stages,with others.

  18. Hunderbirds



    Dennistoun is a great place for a student , close to the university and easy access , transport , to the whole city . Alexandra parade around the park is lovely , the closer you get to Duke street in my opinion not so nice .


    Yes plenty of old school orcs but a much more diverse area than years ago.


    Not great for pubs the parade is a dry area but as I said its so easy to get anywhere in the city

  19. 50 shades of green on

    DAVIDOPOULOS on 21ST JULY 2016 12:47 PM




    Was it a goat, I thought it was a sheep, either way both are good in curries:-)

  20. great if we could negotiate another years extension for Paddy.Would still be a kid when going back to City,but would have great game time,and hopefully,plenty of European experience under his belt.

  21. Sooooo…….when did we sign Shevchenko, and why in the name of the wee man are we playing him in defense ? ;-)


    Professional, accomplished performance last night. It was all about the result and securing a place in the next round.

  22. Hunderbirds…



    Dennistoun is pretty busy. Nice Italian – Celinos. They are trying to make it the west end alternative.



    Don’t know about hun walks.

  23. A pacey defender with a considerable leap for somebody shorter than 6ft tall, St. is one of Dutch football’s hottest young prospects, and even showed his Justeversatility last season by playing in holding midfield too




    St Juste,reported to be the next VVD.In our price range.Could be a great buy.

  24. 50 shades of green on

    DAVIDOPOULOS on 21ST JULY 2016 12:58 PM



    50 shades of green




    Yeah, actually it may have been a sheep. My memory of it is a bit woolly.






    Awe naw we are in for an afternoon of sheep jokes now :-)




  25. With Patrick Roberts playing the way he is, is there any chance Man City could call him back early? They have a new manager, and he may have plans of his own for young Paddy!


    How solid is the contract, anyone know?

  26. 50 shades of green on

    DAVIDOPOULOS on 21ST JULY 2016 1:05 PM


    50 shades of green




    Ewe started it.






    LOL minted mate minted.

  27. thetimreaper on

    I note John Hartson called the Red Imps a pub team last night. As far as I’m concerned the likes of him can keep well clear of Celtic Park. We showed our class as a club in showing them the utmost respect including our manager refusing to label out defeat to them an embarrassment and our fans applauded them off the park last night. We are a high class club, John Hartson ain’t a high class guy.

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