Time to circle the wagons


We all needed to get Tuesday night out of our system, but we must also put the result behind us and not allow it to bleed into the rest of the campaign.  Every game is important in the coming weeks, even the home cup-tie against Dunfermline, which in different circumstances would be viewed as an opportunity to exercise the squad.

Dunfermline, presumably AIK Stockholm, Hearts, AIK and Newco await.  We cannot afford to wallow in permanent introspective.  We need to get our act together and get on with it.

Five days ago, I was feeling good about the start to the season.  We had scored 12 goals in two league games, last season we scored seven in seven.  For all Neil made mistakes on Tuesday, he is not plotting behind our backs.  The manager, players and board will feel this as much as we do.  If things go against us in the coming weeks, you will know how alone we are.

Time to circle the wagons.


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  1. we never reached play-off round last year. Sold Dembele.. then lost our whole first choice defence.. Never strengthened but somehow we think we can qualify with much weaker squad (and manager)

  2. Paul67



    Cluj were a 100-1 shot in wage comparison terms it was David and Goliath, where we also beat the entire Romanian league.



    The sacrificial lamb is on the spit.

  3. Delaneys Dunky on

    Prestonpans Bhoys


    You could be correct PB, just seem strange to me. Could have been a typically Gallic gesture a la Cantona.

  4. No way Paul , circling the wagons ?? ….ADDRESS THE PROBLEMS ………Are we just to brush this under the carpet until ………..we get pumped by AIK ……or pumped at Ibrox…….. lets just cross our fingers and hope we get lucky ?

  5. Paul 67


    You are joking aren’t you, circle the wagons around people who have failed the support from the board room to the coaches and playing staff, predictable leader which again ignores failure on many levels, how can Celtic FC move forward when all these issues and personnel remain in place?

  6. My last post took me 2 attempts and 21 minutes to type , whats going on with this site , its all over the place ?

  7. We were all cock a hoop before Tuesday . There were major errors made which I’m sorry to say were down to the manager . But again I feel NFL should not have been offered the job full time . We are surely in the position to make an offer for a top rated manager/coach , after all Rodgers wasn’t here for pocket money . I can’t understand why if we need a player to improve a position within the team ,we don’t go get him , by that I know we can’t go looking at players well out our reach .but there are surely players out there who are within our budget . At the moment LB seems to be a problem area , personally I think we could have improved on the lad for a 3 mil outlay ,but he dons the hoops so let’s get behind him . Regards PL what in the name of god is this character up to , in as far as keeping the books in the black he does well . But in not sanctioning a spend he is holding the team back , his interference in team matters is also a disgrace . Maybe that’s a reason we can’t get a top notch boss ,he wouldn’t be allowed to interfere , big jock would have hunted him . Or vice versa for challenging him . Everything is all still to play for , make some changes ,buy the quality needed and watch us go . HH

  8. bournesouprecipe



    I’m guessing that Paul was waiting the dust to settle down, you know, from all those wagons er circling.

  9. AuroraBorealis79 on




    Who ever suggested NL was plotting behind our backs?



    Talk about conspiracy theories

  10. And another thing….:)



    As always, I’ve no truck with anyone advocating opening up two fronts to fight when we have historic records to hunt down and battle for.



    The huns want our House divided, the meeja and the trolls are agitatin’ for it.


    This Tim just wants players with Edd waard quality on the pitch doin’ the business where this season and the next it means the most…………

  11. Total feeding frenzy in the media after our result.



    Roared on by ex- Celtic players it must be said.



    When the Buns crash and burn,it will be Scottish fitbaw that’s mince.



    They are too scared to get personal with that mob.

  12. AB79


    I interpret that as Rodgers doing that when in charge, another dig at someone long gone.

  13. BSR………….



    Everyone, anywhere are dustin’ doon The Slump metaphors as we type…………….

  14. Perhaps the wagons should be circled around our goal? Got to be better (and cheaper) than some of our current defenders.

  15. Fred C……………….






    Packy B, has been in his usual top form…Walker ( sp) also.



    Haven’t the stomach to read the rest.




  16. If Peter Lawwell was as big a Celtic supporter, as some on here say he is,he would have resigned by now.

  17. GEEBEE1978 on 15TH AUGUST 2019 12:14 PM



    The bottom line is, if that Cluj squad had Lennon managing them and our squad had Petrescu managing us, we’d be preparing for Prague now and not them.






    Yes. That doesn’t excuse the board because he’s their appointment.



    But I don’t think we needed 20 million on a couple of players to beat Cluj. I’ll judge the window when it closes.



    We are two fullbacks short of a proper squad.

  18. AuroraBorealis79 on

    DESSYBHOY on15TH AUGUST 2019 1:31 PM



    Indeed it Could be.



    Had he said PL is not plotting against us tho….

  19. We have been beaten in Europe before, Too often. We have another chance this time and should take it. However, there is a chance we could get beat again.



    The Cluj game was our most important game and we should have fielded and not a team and formation not tried and tested.



    The club should spend the money received from transfers and sign players to replace the defenders we have lost. We still need a RB, LB and CH.



    Remember there is a transfer window and if we miss it then January is the next chance. January may be too late

  20. I think the underlying hurt of tuesday was that it happened at Celtic Park right infront of us.


    Of course we failed miserably at the same stage last year but we almost saw that one coming.


    Tuesday was right up there with the most painful days ever to be a Celtic fan.


    The loss of the previous manager last march and of course our best player last week never even came close to tuesday night for me.


    Losing to the newco on penalties a few years ago or indeed the couple of tragic displays at Ibrox last term also never came close to the anger and frustration of tuesday night.


    I get the sense from reading on here that my feelings are not exclusive.


    For me our whole season is now about damage limitation rather than eternal optimism.


    I am optimistic that we appear to be a very potent attacking force.Infact for all the failings every time they where asked a question in defence the attack almost did they opposite.


    Credit to them.


    But cant help feeling that the manner of the coaching and set up and reaction to what was happening on the park was as dramatic failure of irreversible proportions.

  21. Not much consolation but had we sneaked through against Cluj, it would have been a big task to eliminate Slavia Prague, based on their form last season.

  22. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve;-



    With regards to “Plotting behind our backs”, I think Paulus was obliquely referring to the BR ploy of playing Calum at left back against our friends from Govan.


    As far as circling the wagons goes, far better to drive them over the board who caused this farrago.


    Responsibility has to be assumed and the guilty pay the forfeit before any waggon circling can begin, with all the foregoing taking place in the public domain.


    Igne natura renovatur integra.






    I demur…Elhamed is making RB his own.


    Mibby another LB, yes.


    But then a midfield minder as reliever/understudy/successor to Broony. Having watched Cluj, teams will get real real physical with us.

  24. BIGBHOY on 15TH AUGUST 2019 1:38 PM



    Agreed. AIK may be a more difficult task than Cluj.



    The coach got it wrong on the night. Maybe he didn’t trust his options but we have to sort that in the next two weeks.




    Unfortunately ‘ the slump ‘ for very many, started in the dressing room showers in Hamdump in May.



    “ Told you so “ is prevalent in the current Celtic mindset, no amount of dominance satisfies some.

  26. No matter what your thoughts are on the Board,especially PL,you would have to be a bloody raving lunatic to think he did not feel that as much as us.He is a Tim,through and through.Apart from that,on a proffessional level,he has watched,£30 million not go into Celtic.Please,give me a break.Lots of things wrong,we know that,but lots of things right,the normal fan does not care about.Tough shift.If people really think the club is being run wrongly,have a look back our history.1 hour from going bust.Not “Happy clapping”,just the truth.Say what you like,about recruitment,we had a far superior team to Cluj on the park,and even more on our bench.


    I am not as despondent as I was yesterday.We have a great nucleus of players to get us through.


    What would you rather have,getting humped in the CL,by the cream,or having a crack at the Europa.The money is irrelevant.Would we not rather see 10,than the humpings.We still have plenty of money to strengthenbut as I said earlier,we must do it now.


    Dont take your eyes of the goal.Fek UEFA,fek Sky,fek the mental,EPL,we can make our own history,and keep our foot on the throat of the scum.

  27. QUADROPHENIAN on 15TH AUGUST 2019 1:43 PM



    I demur…Elhamed is making RB his own.



    Mibby another LB, yes.



    But then a midfield minder as reliever/understudy/successor to Broony. Having watched Cluj, teams will get real real physical with us.






    What happens when Elhamed gets injured or is tired? NL doesn’t fancy Ralston and we need Ajer at CB.



    We need a RB & LB for sure. I’d like to see a CM and CB but that might be too hopeful!

  28. Wanyama,still available on loan.Fully fit,ready to go,whats the problem.This is what I mean.Faffing about.

  29. TIMALOY 29,


    Yes ,as I said,we need 2 full backs.Not a fortune.You have a full back playing behind Boli,he is a weapon.


    Get it done.Also,Wanyama.

  30. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Immediate change of direction (á la auld heid of brth) or immediate change of personnel. Personally I would prefer the former. I think there is enought taleny in the board but are a couple of years behind realising the the effect of the change that super money ball has brought to lowly us.

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