Wee raffle: two tickets for Tynecastle on Sunday


“We’re only here for the party”. Hearts fans taunted us with that on 24 May 2009, the final day of the Premier League season, the day Celtic failed to achieve four titles in a row. Most of those who travelled west that day will be in the stands at Tynecastle on Sunday. They will see a different kind of party.

Chances are, you, like me, don’t have a ticket for the game. There are no tickets to be had for Celtic fans, and unlike 1988, when a few of us paid our way into the Hearts end under similar circumstances, even that will not be possible this time around.

I might not have a ticket myself, but I do have TWO TICKETS for the Celtic end of Tynecastle on Sunday to raffle for Mary’s Meals, courtesy of Celtic sponsor, Intelligent Car Leasing.

You can enter here, for a minimum donation of £5. Please email me, celticquicknews@gmail.com with the word “Party” in the subject line to confirm your donation and entry. And include as many contact details as you think prudent to ensure you hear about your win (it wouldn’t be the first time someone didn’t catch their winning notification until after a game).

We win lots of leagues, but we don’t win them at Tynecastle too often. How sweet it would be to be there to celebrate and congratulate the team.

The good news is the competition is only open for two days, so there isn’t a lot of time to enter. If you donate after 22:00 on Wednesday – thank you – but your entry will not be considered.

13th Annual CQN Golf Open

This year’s CQN Golf Open will take place on Friday 28 July, again at our regular Aberdour haunt. It is always a magnificent Celtic occasion – and always oversubscribed. If you would like to attend, email Taggsybhoy, cqnopen@gmail.com

Beneficiaries of the night will be Walk with Shay and the Celtic FC Foundation, cost for the day’s golf, and evening meal and festivities, is £80, or £45 if you are an evening-only guest.

See you there……

Thanks enormously to Intelligent Car Leasing for their incredible support.  What a magnificent organisation to be supporting the club, and our charitable efforts.  Two tickets, competition only running two days, money going to Mary’s Meals, fill your boots!


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  1. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Word of The Day



    Obdurate /ˈɒbdjʊrɪt/





    1. not easily moved by feelings or supplication; hardhearted


    2. stubbornly resistant to moral influence; persistently impenitent:


    3. impervious to persuasion, esp to moral persuasion



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    obduracy, obdurateness, noun


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    mid-15c., “stubborn; hardened,” from Latin obduratus “hardened,” past participle of obdurare “be hard, hold out, persist, endure,” from ob “against” (see ob- ) + durare “harden, render hard,” from durus “hard” (see endure ). Related: Obdurately.





  2. Even better that The Munters on Munter Media were in meltdown after last nights result.Venom emanating from every pore.The world is not a goo place for them right now.Never mind,the appointment of “The Bib and Cone man”is pending.

  3. Revelling in the fact we here,are now back to two hours time difference instead of three.Far too long to wait on the game.The 3 O Clock kick offs were murder.


    Roll on Tynecastle.

  4. Great to see the Celtic contingent feature so prominently in a crucial victory for Scotland.




    I think our players benefit hugely from these type of high pressure games against better opponents . It’s great for their development, though I understand concerns about injuries/fatigue. I think the positives outweigh the negatives and their involvement in these games can help them reach a higher level.



    What a debut fromSA, take a bow son.


    Well done to BR and the coaches for their part in his development.




    I hope LG isn’t too despondent following his misses ( not his bird, I’m sure she’s lovely ).


    He did well to lose his marker twice and was unlucky to hit the post.

  5. Theresa May in Scotland today.That Theresa May that told the world before the Brexit vote that the UK should remain in the EU.That it would be folly to leave.That it would cost us jobs.That we would be taking an enormous gamble.


    Unless there are two Theresa Mays.

  6. It would seem that Kieran Tierney , our left back, is better at right back than any other Scottish player? The Danny McGrain similarities continue.Could we possible see a game at Celtic Park where Kieran is on the right and Izzy on the left? That would be interesting . KT and Jamesy on one wing and Izzy and Sinky on the other . The mind boggles at the possibilities !


    Let me see how this attacking, very Celtic team, would look:




    Tierney; Boyata; Simunovic, Izaguirre.


    Forrest, Brown, Armstrong,Sinclair.







    Looks good to me but I don`t expect to see such a line – up anytime this season.




  7. Here is the `article` BMCUW gave a link to:



    ” Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers failed in transfer market while Liverpool boss with too many expensive flops – Roy Evans


    Liverpool legend Evans has urged current Reds boss Jurgen Klopp to avoid making the same mistakes in the transfer market as Rodgers.





    Brendan Rodgers made too many signings that didn’t work out according to Evans (Photo: Alex Livesey)



    Former Liverpool manager Roy Evans reckons Brendan Rodgers was a failure in the transfer market while in charge at Anfield with a series of expensive signing flops.



    Evans says Jurgen Klopp must avoid the same mistakes as his predecessor if the Reds are to kick on next season.



    Rodgers, now in charge at Celtic , brought in 17 players in two summer windows at Anfield and while some – Roberto Firmino, James Milner, Nathaniel Clyne – have gone on to become mainstays, others such as Mario Balotelli, Lazar Markovic and Christian Benteke proved to be expensive failures.



    Evans hopes Klopp makes three or four “big signings” at the end of this season, in a bid to improve his starting XI.





    Klopp has already hinted that Liverpool will need to spend money if they are to challenge at the top end of the Premier League, and says plans are already in place to make additions come the summer.



    The German made six signings ahead of this campaign, five of whom have featured in the first team.



    Evans, who managed the Reds between 1994 and 1998, told the Liverpool Echo’s Anfield Extra podcast: “I think we’ve made some progress under Klopp. It’s never fast enough for supporters – supporters want things to be done overnight! – but since Jurgen’s come in, I like a lot of things.



    “I like what he says, he wants the fans to enjoy watching the game and the players to enjoy playing it. They’re massive parts.



    “This is an industry where, for me, entertainment is the main thing and results come along with that.





    “He’s getting there with his team. We’ve had a few chances to win trophies, but failed. But I do feel we are going the right way.



    “Hopefully we can stay in that top four, and that’s a big possibility, and then come the summer I hope he starts to make three or four big signings, rather than going the way Brendan Rodgers went in making seven or eight – and maybe not getting the same quality as a result.



    “That’s the way you have to go about it if you want to be one of the top clubs.”



    A repeat this summer appears unlikely, but he believes Klopp should not fear spending big money on the right player.



    “I don’t think it’s about spending the money, it’s about making sure you get the right player for your team,” he added.



    “Just because a player is available doesn’t mean you go and spend £15m on him just for the sake of it.




    Jurgen Klopp


    “The manager will work it out. Jurgen is a bright lad, but what he shouldn’t be frightened of is spending the money, because it’s not his, it’s the football club’s, and it is there to make you a better team.



    “Jurgen has spoken and said he is happy to see people come through the system, which we all are. Our favourite players are the ones we have seen go from kids to great players – Gerrard, Carragher, Fowler – but sometimes you have to go out and buy them.



    “I bought Stan for £8.5m, a record fee, and for the first 12 months he was worth the money.



    After that, not so much…”



    Roy Evans a legend? Nothing wrong with the guy but a `Legend`?


    Was the only point of this article to say something negative about Celtic or does the DR have a big Liverpool following?




  8. Morning all.



    Well, well well a negative Celtic story in the DR! What a feckin shock!



    An interview with Liverpool legned(!!!) Roy Evans. Who?



    Oh aye, the guy who in four years as manager of the scousers won one League Cup in 1995, and who later went on to manage the mighty Swindon Town…for six months!



    Complete and utter rag!




  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    “Unless there are two Theresa Mays.”



    Apparently, there are.






    Get in there , Jeremy.



    A no lose situation.



    Unless you`re Jeremy Corbyn.

  10. The following appears quite often when I access certain site ( ebay and my are the main ones ):



    ` Safari cannot verify the identity of the website : stag.blue.kai.com `



    I have Googled but cannot find how to stop this happening. Any ideas?




  11. Tallybhoy


    I know ! I only posted it because I didn`t want posters clicking on the link.





    Indeed he did manage my “local” team. For all of a month after I arrived!



    Met him the week before he left. In The Players’ Lounge.



    There are two bars in the ground. The Players’ Lounge and The Winners’ Lounge.



    He failed the membership for the latter!





    Fair enough,but you couldn’t copy the poll,which was the main reason I mentioned it. Their noses must be right out of joint at the 100%!




    Sorry, but I was’nt having a pop at ye!






    I was having a pop at that rag that continually prints anti-Celtic stories.



    I expect Brendan to point this out to them this week during his press conference.



    …or mibbes naw!






    Howzitgaun auld yin?



    Been rather busy, but will give you a bell later.




  15. Tallybhoy


    I didn`t think you were `having a pop` ; I thought you were agreeing with me !





    …..and I wasn`t having a pop at you !!


    Was the poll really 100 % ?


    Just showshow many Tims, unfortunately, connect with the Record ( I`m away to add my vote now!)




  16. anditsthepoleagain


    Thanks for that. Mainly, the posts were from people with the same problem but offering no solutions. One did suggest an opt out possibility. I have tried that and will see next time I log in.




  17. South Of Tunis on




    Last Friday night — Italia 2- Albania 0 – game played in Palermo .



    Game suspended for 8 minutes in consequence of flares / petardi etc being thrown about by fascist Ultras associated with Partisan Tirana called The Illyrian Elite ..



    There are some 800 k Albanians resident in Italia . Appropriately absurd Italian law means that if you have residence you are treated as a home supporter . Stadium was sold out – Italians / resident Albanians sitting together – no trouble – trouble which led to the 8 minute suspension came from the away section housing Albanians living in Albania ..Italy will be fined for inadequate security / Albania will be fined re the violent behaviour of some of their support



    Palermo Police Chief confirmed that there was violence between The Illyrian Elite and Black Block Palermo Ultras in downtown Palermo after the game . He also confirmed that said violence had been stopped by 5 men firing guns in the air . Those 5 men are assumed to have been Mafia ” soldiers ” .The last thing they want is plod on the street – bad for the Class A business, bad for the herb business and bad for the sex trade.. Law and Order Palermo style .



    Low 20s — sunny -way down south . . Today’s get oot and do something choons –



    7 ” – James Carr – Life Turned Her That Way ( Goldwax )


    7″ – Baby Huey -Listen To Me / Hard Times (Curtom )


    JJHS. 1012



    I know you weren’t,bud.



    Aye,it was 100%.



    Maybe you make a good point which the record should consider. They have been playing for years to their chosen demographic of the huns fans,but with that vote at 100%,it suggests they might have got that wrong.



    Nothing wrong with that,the industry has Ben living the longest suicide note in history since the turn of the century.



    Sold their souls to dot com and special interest groups. Lost their advertising to the former and the latter to bloggers.



    Then have the cheek to tell professionals how to run businesses,football clubs,and the country.

  19. My friends in Celtic,



    Noticed some comments last night about old Glasgow venues.



    A great Facing Book page for this stuff is the Glasgow Chronicles.




  20. AuroraBorealis79 on





    Theresa May in Scotland today.That Theresa May that told the world before the Brexit vote that the UK should remain in the EU.That it would be folly to leave.That it would cost us jobs.That we would be taking an enormous gamble.



    Unless there are two Theresa Mays.







    So you believe Theresa May shoild do what?



    Tell the the British People, who voted Democratically to leave the EU, that they need to their heads a shake if they believe she is gonna respect their wishes – because she knows better.



    A PM that continues with the will of those they serve even though it is in direct contrast to that of their own must surely deserve some credit.



    In that regard she gets a thumbs up from me.




  21. No mention of the committee, who bought players for Liverpool? Brendan said he wouldn’t have touched Balotelli with a barge pole.

  22. South Of Tunis on

    Good TV tribute to Gigi Buffon’s 1000 th professional game .



    Highlights / lowlights of his career including his debut for Parma aged 17 v AC Milan -2 great saves from Weah and Baggio ,.



    Man spoke of his reluctance to retire without having won the Champions League , his history of depression , his gambling and his decision to ” blow ” 20 million euros by donating money to a failing textile business . – ” it gave people work “.



    He chose to deal with his depression with therapy not pills — ” I wanted to be in charge of my destiny not be ruled by tablets” . . He also spoke of his dissonance re financial doping ruining football while knowing that people like him benefit from it .



    He turned down a huge money move to Barcelona because he didn’t want to leave his home town and the people he grew up with .



    A player !!!

  23. Good Afternoon!



    Here is something brand new.


    “Dave King: Reluctant Hero”





    And here are the weekend’s offerings:


    One about “How It All Went Wrong For Mike Ashley”





    And one about “Sevco’s Confirmed Plan To Dominate Scottish Football” https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2017/03/25/sevcos-confirmed-plan-to-dominate-scottish-football/

  24. Starry been having computer probs,so mostly been lurking, LET THE PEOPLE SING :))))))))

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