What would Neil Do?


It all starts for real next week but, unlike most previous Celtic managers who finds significant interest in his star player, Neil Lennon is pretty chilled when talking about the player moving on.  I want to keep Victor, he reminds me of a young Keane (Roy), Neil will want to keep him too, but you have to wonder, what the manager would do with some cash to spend.

Only just catching up with CQN and the UK media, is anyone still interested in the big ball game?  Delighted to hear the man from Dunblane got his just rewards.  The excellent BBC documentary on him two weeks ago touched on issues you and me and not qualified to touch on here, but there is a great humanity story wrapped up in his achievement.

Our paucity of sporting genetic raw material is apparently untrue.  From a (temporary) distance it’s evident he has branded the Scots better than any grappling politician ever could.
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    I agree with other posters about your fishy tale.



    Outstanding stuff,mate.



    It really did make me wish I was there….



    Enjoy yer break,bud.

  2. Skylarks singing in the sun


    Something told me she’s the one


    When I looked down into her eyes


    I saw pictures of Paradise








    Re Vic.



    I only saw him in the flesh four times last season.



    Each time,opponents bounced off him,the ball stuck to him.



    Too many players in our recent past have been the opposite.



    His agent has burned his boats for him,but I will miss him,the team will miss him,and I wish him well.



    And I hope he fires his agent!

  4. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Would love to see big Vic at Celtic for another couple of seasons, we could build the team around him and do even better in Europe.



    But 12m is huge cash injection for Celtic.



    And we’ve seen with Kayal & Izzaguire recently that players stock can fall quickly. Most on here would have wanted 10m each for these two a couple of years ago. And since then both have had bad injuries and long battles for fitness.



    It’s a tough call, but from a footballing perspective I want him to stay!

  5. “grappling politician”



    How embarrassing was fat Alex Salmond yesterday?



    Grubby would be nearer the mark.

  6. Afternoon all.



    Hot here, ‘tho with a slight breeze.



    However the breeze feels like someone blowing a hairdryer in your face from six inches away.



    Need to go for a swim later – or possibly a paddle.



    Bring on the Germans!




  7. I think Neil knows to we’ll what will happen to any money he gets from Vic. Most will be put away to preserve peters bonus. And Neil will get a fraction of it when our midfield needs a Serious cash input. Neil has already said that he will have to go with what he has got


    It will really show what ambition our club has and what it thinks of if fans

  8. Bawsman


    12:20 on


    8 July, 2013


    “grappling politician”



    How embarrassing was fat Alex Salmond yesterday?



    Grubby would be nearer the mark.






    he looked like a bawbag



    well done andy murray



    world class athlete

  9. I take it a ‘big team’ will have to make a move soon for Victor before he gets cup tied by the Cliftonville games.

  10. I thought the club had already shown what it thinks of the fans by giving us £100 off our season tickets.



    Always the telly watchers who want to blow our money on a Messi….

  11. Our First Minister raises the Saltire when a Scotsman wins Wimbledon, big deal!


    I would rather see the Saltire flying than the heavily tainted butchers apron that’s for sure.


    Honestly, some of you guys need to take a close look at yourselves; I swear some of you are just dying to be offended, what in the world is offensive about Salmond weaving the Saltire? He’s our first minister, I want to see him pushing Scotland at every opportunity, he’s a proud Scot, so is Murray so am I am. Get real.



    Agree with earlier poster, The Leaving is sensational TV, highly recommended.





    IIRC,Celtic have a PLC board and a footballing board,and the make-up of both is different.



    Some people,of course,are on both.



    PL’s bonus is grade on the performance of the PLC.



    And that,I agree with you,is the problem.

  13. Afternoon bhoys from a very hot Crete. Any news on big Vic moving on Hoops. Anyone linked as replacements.



    Very hot way down south.







  14. If the worst that can been thrown at Salmond from unionists is that he’s fat, grubby and a bawbag, then I’m sure he’ll be quite content.

  15. Bobby agree mate. PL bonus should be team plus balance sheet performance. Not just balance sheet as it is now. Neil has virtually no midfield and the only midfield player we have is being sold without replacement 1st


    benjybhoy mul



    Salmond is a carpet-bagger,and a populist.



    His talent for the fought phrase and wee-man syndrome is being found out now.



    He is a one-trick pony,but no worse than the alternatives.



    Voting in Scotland,with the array of idiots available to choose from,must be how the US felt in 2000.

  17. Congratulations once again to Andy Murray on a sensational performance.



    I would also like to congratulate 17 year-old Gianluigi Quinzi from ITALIA, for winning the junior title.



    C’mon the Tallies!




  18. huskerpunk


    12:35 on


    8 July, 2013





    How about BANKER then?

  19. Afternoon all.



    Further to my rant this morning, I heard our First Minister being interviewed on Radio Scotland when I was in the car. He compared Andy Murray’s achievement to that of Chris Hoy and ourselves winning the European Cup. Fair play to him.

  20. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Benjybhoy mul



    Sorry, but Salmond showed his complete lack of class. For one, he broke the house rules by the size of the banner. He tried to upstage Andy Murray on his biggest day. He’s a clown and yesterday was a total embarrassment. I was in a bar on holiday, full of people from the UK all cheering and clapping everything Andy did and celebrating his victory. Andy was playing for everyone and also for himself. Salmond tried to make it political. He’s a tulip.




    I agree he is a populist, show me a politician that is any different?


    He’s getting my vote.


    I often wonder if I live in a differnt Scotland to some guys on here who support Labour and abhor nationalism, if Labour has been good for Scotland, how come we’ve got high unemployment, an NHS on its knees, lack of investment, areas that look like East Germany in the 1960s and a general lack of hope? Don’t tell me its down to the Tories, under Labour, Scotland was a sad basket place.


    Tell me Labourites, what former English colony would vote today to be ruled by England?








    New Zealand?



  22. Marrakesh Express on

    Paul 67



    Im need to contact jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants. (he’s got some info for me)


    Can you either give him my email or send me his?


    Thanks, I realise your restricted right now.




  23. benjybhoy mul


    12:46 on


    8 July, 2013





    You should have seen the place pre-1997?



    4% of kids used to go to Uni, now it’s nearer 40%


    People used to die on NHS waiting lists just waiting for a consultants appointment


    Massive rebuild of NHS infrastructure


    Massive rebuild of schools infrastructure


    Freedom of Information act


    Sure Start


    Minimum wage

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