Wind of change set to blow through Lennoxtown


There appears to be nothing more than a desire to move-on behind Johan Mjallby’s decision to leave Celtic at the end of the season but it leaves the original four man coaching team of Neil Lennon, Alan Thompson, Mjallby and Garry Parker reduced down to two.  The management team needs to be rebuilt.

Assistants do more than just put the cones out and get players go through their paces.  They are an extra pair of eyes and ears, at the side of the field and in the dressing room.  When they are most effective, they are a source of learning, bringing improved techniques and ideas into the club, forcing the manager to reconsider established practices.

Strip some of the greats of their productive partners and they proved to be prosaic underachievers; Cough without Taylor was a sorry sight.  By contrast, Ferguson played the assistants’ game perfectly, swapping them every few years to enhance his stock with fresh flavour.

Alan Thompson was not directly replaced but irrespective of the speculation which constantly surrounds the club, a wind of change will blow through Lennoxtown this summer, filling the gaps in the original four man team.

If you’ve wondered about getting involved with some of the charity events surrounding the club there is a perfect opportunity coming up.  The Foundation is having a badge day at the Dundee United game on Sunday 11 May.  This is an important opportunity to anchor the ethos of the club to its roots by engaging thousands of Celtic fans in the simple act of buying a badge for charity.

All monies raised will go towards supporting those afflicted by homelessness in the Glasgow area.  I volunteered to help on the day and offered to put the word around, over 100 bucketeers are needed.  If you want to help, all you’ll need to do is turn up early for the game, wear a hi-vis vest and hold a bucket, but I can assure you, you’ll enjoy it.  Email the foundation with your name and phone number: cfcfvolunteer@celticfc.co.uk .

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  1. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    I’m not sure if he would be a good number 2 or if he wants to be a manager in his own right. Looking at his record though it is pretty impressive.


    I was always dissapointed that Willie McStay wasn’t retained. Could he be tempted back? In our history the McStays have paled a huge part in the club. I thought it was great that Willie was still around. Great record at Sligo and a brilliant reputation with the youths.


    There are plenty options. It’s a very attractive job but only one man’s opinion really matters and I suspect that Neil Lennon has his sights on his target already.




  2. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Moonbeams WD. Rooting for Wee Oscar. Voting ‘YES’ on the 18th of September. Kano’s yer man.



    Hugh Keevins is available but I suspect he will take up Jabba’s old role at Sevco FC.




  3. Livibhoy 14;42,



    You make several good points, but it also highlights the issues in placing a No 2.



    It would be excellent to get a coach with the tactical nous to make us competitive in Europe. But is someone with that expertise going to be happy to play assistant in Scotland? As you say John Collins or Steve Clarke is a great No 2 for instance.



    Also is Lenny going to let someone come in and change the set-up and tactics – he may well be open to someone to bounce ideas of but I haven’t seen any evidence of this trait so far.



    Still with three League Championships and a few notable scalps, including Barca, he may feel open to the idea.



    Like you with a good No 2 like Houston already on board it might be a clear cut decision.



    Hail Hail

  4. Paul67,



    I do hope we seize the opportunity. Neil’s choice of back room team was very contextual at the time (new manager and keen to have a familiar bunch around him) but he clearly has grown in stature and maturity.



    I’d like to see us go after someone with a more forward thinking (diet, tactics, need I say continental) manner to help us evolve. Not sure what fishing in the same pool of the MON team gets us development wise.



    Still hoping the arrival of a prolific striker, baby eating centre half and a number 10 with feet that can spot a pass in an instant isn’t being distracted. Think we’ll cash in on one of the number 2s we have and find it hard not to stop Forster from leaving for big bucks.



    Future is bright….

  5. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    I think we are already competing in Europe. Some would say punching above our weight. It is tough to lose a spine of the team and even qualify. That was a great achievment this season.


    I think a number 2 has to bring something. If it were just someone who will nod and agree with Lenny they would be as well apppointing me. They have to bring someone in who will contribute. I think a player of international standing who has played in Europe is a decent start. If they have coached there all the better. If they can speak different languages than that helps. Do they have good contacts? That can help with players and other aspects of the game.


    Ultimately Neil Lennon has to think that the guy is up to it and he is going to improve things without upsetting the current team and the way they work at the minute.


    I do suspect Houston will move into the coaching set up but could that prove a risk with him not being roundly accepted by the Celtic support? If Houston takes the Thompson role which was never really filled it leaves the Number 2 role to be filled by someone with the remit described above.


    I am merely rambling. I have never coached at that level and have no idea what is required for a No2 role. I can only put up what I think to fill a very quiet day!



    Hail Hail




  6. I occasionally post about my tipple for the evening (malt whisky).



    Recieved some decent bottles for my birthday, however, last night I opened a bottle of Highland Park, the basic 10 or 12 year old……………and I didn’t enjoy it at all!



    It needed, in my opinion, too much water to make it drinkable.



    Is my palate developing a taste for the good drinks in life or………why would I find a bottle of malt unpleasant?

  7. lionroars67 13:36 on 23 April, 2014





    13:29 on


    23 April, 2014



    When you are angry – your world is always very small.



    Just invade and colonise it makes the world smaller…………….no borders





    Mine was an emotional perspective, but I agree.



    No borders and while we’re at it….no flags at the old Olympics/Commonwealth Games feeding troughs.



    They are just an excuse for supremacy/jingoism/chest thumping/cultural validation.



    Winnersandlosers CSC

  8. Johan Mjalby reminded me of the young Bjorn Borg – both looked like Viking warriors. and both were great winners, always fighting to the end.



    I wish Johan the very best in his career and a welcome back to Celtic park anytime.



    Re succession – I have never been in favour of the model where the management team moves in and out of clubs. Inevitably, it leads to a lot of turnaround of playing staff (at a cost to the clubs) and often to changes in styles of play, not always for the better.



    The Liverpool “boot room” model was one of the most successful ever and I will be interested to see if Celtic have succession planning from within lined up or if this will mean a different approach.



    Sparkegirl’s comments above about continuity ring true to me. We need people like John Clark in our club to anchor the Celtic way for new people. People who come from within and move through the playing/youth development/coaching/management roles. and instil our values and way of playing at all levels. This is our connection with the past, present and future.



    An internal appointment may not grab the headlines but who cares about the headlines?

  9. Would rather see John Kennedy involved with the first team than someone like Peter Houston.

  10. Agree with Paul67 that it is time for an overhaul of our coaching staff / methods. Will it happen ? No, but we can dream.



    The Assistant Manager needs to be someone that the players respect – someone with a successful career in the game. We should take the opportunity and bring in a former front player, someone who can coach our forwards and make them into better players. When you watch Suarez and Co., every week, it’s their movement more than anything that causes defenders problems. I used to be a centre half so I know what it is like to mark someone who never stands still – nightmare. Our forwards need to learn that there is more to forward play than putting the ball in the net.



    I think the Assistant Manager is only a side show to the main event. What we need is an advisor to Lenny. Someone with a winning CL pedigree who can teach Lenny and the team new methods and a new style that will help us compete better in Europe. There is no challenge to Celtic in Scotland and we are not going to improve unless there is change. We can afford to take a few risks as we build a style (not a team) for the future. When you have a style and a method, the players are temporary. Sure there’s always room for a superstar or two in the team (I have seen a few in Celtic colours – Jimmy, Kenny, Lubo and Henrik), but they are few and far between. Jock Stein showed the way long before his time, turning a few good pros into world beaters by adopting a style and a method. We have not seen that at Celtic since then. We live and dream.

  11. thezombieslayer on

    Mc stay would be my first choice and maybe a long term replacement in the years ahead :)


    But what about a cheeky wee bid for davie moyes Wont have to pay him much now hes a very rich man with loads of spare time on his hands ;)

  12. I’d rather see some of our signings more involved with the first team than anybody else, apart from our own young players that is.



    How much did we squander or Rafael Scheidt? He’s at least infamous, more than can be said four quite a few more of our invisible expensive signings.

  13. Steinreignedsupreme on

    tonydonnelly67 13:34 on 23 April, 2014



    I don’t remember Jock Brown running to the media to stick the boot into Celtic after he left the club. Unlike so many others, who supposedly support Celtic.



    That would suggest he is not sleekit, or even that he is bitter towards Celtic despite the fact some of our supporters simply did not like him.

  14. The old “aye wur awe jock tamsons barns” I heard it many, many times in Canada, said when some one heard your accent, fellow Scott’s would say it, I’ve never said it in my life, why? Because normally when the person who sais it hears your surname is, Donnelly, Murphy, Dogherty, or O’Donnell, you are no longer considered as one of Mr Tamsons DNA , trust me, I been there an seen it. Kinda along the lines of wut school did you go to.

  15. Philbhoy



    take the lid off it and leave it aside for at least three hours, get the air into it



    (an old boy from Oban gave me that tip)

  16. Listened to the podcast of Jock Brown on Celtic underground he came across quite well although thought he was a bit big headed.No love lost between him and Murdo McLeod

  17. steinreignedsupreme



    15:49 on 23 April, 2014


    tonydonnelly67 13:34 on 23 April, 2014



    I don’t remember Jock Brown running to the media to stick the boot into Celtic after he left the club. Unlike so many others, who supposedly support Celtic.



    That would suggest he is not sleekit, or even that he is bitter towards Celtic despite the fact some of our supporters simply did not like him.





    That’s prob. Because you never heard him commentating on Setanta sports when it first came out, bitter bitter Hun if ever there was one, the North America Celtic Supporters Clubs told Setanta they where pulling the plug on the Celtic games if that little bassa was doing the commentary, Setanta binned him, and all was well. And that’s a fact.

  18. auldheid



    10:28 on 23 April, 2014



    Coincidence is quite rare when two unlikely this occur in conjunction, usually there is a connection.



    Something has given the SPFL leverage to persuade the SFA that change is needed, it is purely speculation on my part, but it doesn’t seem such a big leap to connect this and Res.12.

  19. Geordie Munro on




    I agree with most of your points.



    As ttt said earlier, it’s survival of the adaptest. Ok I made that word up.



    But you mention suarez and Liverpool. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a former striker on their coaching staff.

  20. traditionalist88 on

    Anyone who clocked Jock Browns face the day Celtic stopped the 10(bear in mind he was still a Celtic employee at the time) as he sat a couple of rows behind Jinky would be able to tell you at a glance who the Celtic man was and who was the imposter.




  21. Steinreignedsupreme on

    tonydonnelly6715:54 on 23 April, 2014



    If Brown was a ‘bitter, bitter Hun’ he would never have taken a job with Celtic in the first place. Bitter people do not work for their rivals under any circumstances.



    And Brown’s match commentaries have nothing to do with his role at Celtic. The fact remains he never took the media shilling to have a pop at our club when it did not work out, even though he was offered the opportunity.

  22. Philbhoy



    All malts apparently, I drank an Oban recently that had been ‘aired’ and it was one of the best I ever tasted. Tried myself on Sunday with a Glenmorangie but after three hours most of it had disappeared…..I can’t remember if it got better towards the end.



    No reason it shouldn’t be the same for blends, he seemed adamant that the first thing you should do with a bottle is take the top off and leave it.

  23. Dontbrattbakkinanger





    11:34 on



    23 April, 2014



    As well as settlers many Highland [presumably Catholic] Jacobites were sent to the American colonies as slaves after the failure of the ’45 rebellion.



    *in the Maritimes in Canada a lot of Catholics have what we traditionally call non-Catholic Scottish names and that is primarily due to the Highland Clearances where Catholics fled not only to Atlantic Canada but also across northern Europe propping up the Catholic religion in the likes of Germany and Poland.



    Likewise in Ontario, especially the rural areas there are non-Catholics with Irish names, this is mainly due to Daniel O’Connell and the Catholic Emancipation Act where the billy dodds fled the country.



    One of those was ogle gowan from Wexford who set up the 1st grand lodge in North America. His family home was eventually owned by Sean McBride and I believe is now a monastery…there’s karma for you.

  24. skyisalandfill c'mon wee Oscar on




    I would guess that as a relatively big selling malt HP would be bottled in quite large runs, decreasing the likelihood of a rouge cask. May I be so bold as to suggest that I give you a second opinion on your bottle.



    Best of luck to big Dolph.



    John Kennedy for me as a new No.2.




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