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  1. Clueless, gutless, as weak as water in the tackle as well shocking defending and finishing. Something I’ve noticed this evening is how boring our play is, we’re boring to watch really boring. I’m not sure I ever remember that emotion watching Celtic, all sorts of emotions yes, but bored, never I am now.

  2. ST TAMS on 21ST APRIL 2021 9:24 PM







    just scroll by.







    Like I do with you







    you scrolled on by, by replying to the post,






    i really did laugh out loud.



    i wont scroll on by actually, your boring ever game every day, every blog, same crap over and over.

  3. The only team to beat the Huns this season and weve done it twice ;) Well done Ghirls

  4. I quite enjoyed what I saw of the women’s game there. The skill level isn’t amazing but everyone gives it there all.



    We hit the bar in the last minute too.



    Also the manager seems a right character. He’s absolutely delighted with the result 👍🏼

  5. 1-0 to the ladies team, should have been 2-0, hit the bar in the last seconds, pretty entertaining stuff

  6. dembele should have been on earlier – he’s the only one getting crosses in and has a bit of gallusnues – Celtic otherwise have been so one dimensional



    Wee sleekit Collum,could have sent Calmac and Turnbull off very easily,and gave them a penalty.


    Nothing to do with the Ref tonight.

  8. I know the season ended in October but fair play to Celtic for saving the worst for last




    If we’d been in a title race he’d have sent them off. He’s no friend of ours