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  1. I thought frimpong was a bright spark tonight and tracked back and made a nuisance of himself. So he honest have many assists? ok, how many goals or opportunities are created through 2nd, 4rd, 4th phase passes AFTER he gets the team 50yards up the pitch with his pace.



    I was delighted to have him in an advanced role.



    We need 2-3 players in the side who’s ability is defending. moving Bitton and Ajer into midfield also adds some physicality in front of the defense.



    We need to hang on until January – then hope the players we bring in are actually defenders and can hit the ground running.



    Our lack of leaders / talkers / shouters at the back for me is a basic basic management mistake

  2. TT @ 10.50



    You’re absolutely right of course but he also signed Thommo who also had a bit of dig about him at that time and not forgetting the peerless KOK who was already in the squad. The point I’m trying to make is that Martin signed “proper” defenders and it made a huge difference to our team.

  3. anyone on here talking about organizing the team to defend better is talking absolute dogs blocks!! WE DONT HAVE THE PLAYERS – GET IT ??



    Lennon / Rodgers etc ASKED for defensive players – Hammon and Lawell bought risky projects and took a gamble on one or two others.



    This is nothing new!



    So stop trying to turn donkeys into race horses





    You can’t blame Celtic Plc for trying. Same source sez we reached out further to Marshall in the summer. Wasn’t interested in returning to Scotland in a playing capacity other than to play for Scotland.

  5. Why are we not giving Conor Hazard his opportunity in goals .


    Liverpool played Kellacher in goals last night.


    We are going to end up another Shay Given here.


    Another thought Soro and Ajey in mid field HH

  6. This knock the January transfer window nonsense on the head. It’s a squirrel – let loose by Lawwell to stem the rebellion.



    P67 duly delivered it and today told us to settle for no injuries in Milan – regardless of how bad we were. The same man last week wrote on this blog about how Ross County was the more important game than Sparta Prague. We promptly embarrassed ourselves in both.



    Try as Lawwell’s PR machine might – there’s no dressing up how absolutely gash we are playing. This is the worst run of form I can remember in supporting Celtic.



    We have a huge squad of players, international defenders almost to a man and we can’t defend.



    Our shape, our tackling, matching the runners, corner kick and free kick defending is all over the place.



    17 goals conceded in 5 group stage games is beyond bad.



    The league will be over before January should Neil Lennon be allowed to stay in his post.



    The most annoying thing about losing the league this season is that we can have zero complaints- we threw it away and refused to even give it a real go by sacking Lennon.



    Lawwell and Desmond need to follow Neil Lennon out the door. Neil will go when the league is lost in a few weeks at most.



    Lawwell will go when season ticket renewals collapse.



    Desmond will take a lot of shifting but he must be chased for the long term development of Celtic.

  7. I think Lenny is playing his ticket


    Why is he not using his subs proactively.


    Giving Kilmala 5 mins is absurd.


    Who are the mugs in this game between Lawwell and Lennon





    Mr Lennon is managing with what dignity he’s left with. Any player that gives his all in training will have his chance before the transformation.

  9. Neil Lennon utterly deluded in his post match interview. He is incapable of logical analysis of a game, regularly uttering a stream of nonsense. I am coming to the conclusion he has no idea what is wrong, or how to rectify it, and is now completely out of his depth. Has anyone informed him we are now the proud owners of the 7th worst ever all time defensive record (out of 570) in the Europa League, and we still have one game to go?!

  10. Give Neil Francis Lennon some credit. He’s holding the ship before the transformation can be put in place. Celtic are in a sane financial shape. Behind the scenes der hun is squirming and creaking, the bough’s breaking. King’s the first filthy hun rat in their going concern midden to jump ship.


    Hold yer fire til you see the white of their eyes / der hun sticks.


    Everything to play for so long as we stay within 15 points of der hun come the transfer window.




    Der hun is about to find out what happens when trying to chew a bite too big for their hun mouths.


    ps. I only ever smoke Cohiba Novedosos La Casa del Habano on special occasions.

  12. Neil was given a free hit tonight by the board. Result did not impact his tenure as manager. He will be given the opportunity to achieve the quadruple treble. i watched the game. great start but the defence . again were porous .weak. El hammed is not of the standard required in his position .Ajer too skitsy . None of our signings have shown to be consistently good enough.


    Our heads drop when behind. As has been to frequent this season. . Soft underbelly.


    Our team has no physicality or aggression. Broony is done so his dependable steel has gone.


    The moneyball folk have their plan worked out.


    PLC is priority.


    Bank balance is master.


    Bring back Celtic !!!


    Please ??



    Anyone that’s played the game knows what dat was all about tonight. Players fired up by the adrenalin of the occasion and whatever sense of belief you have in yourself and respect in a manager.


    Didn’t take the opposition long to figure us out. You only get so many breaks all out in attack.


    See 2-0 up 20 mins in, throw em a hammer. NFL kept counsel.


    Neil Francis Lennon has a managerial transformation process to get though. It has to last as long as the transfer window with whatever pride he can muster in himself and the players.

  14. HENRY


    If you are banking on Der Hun going bust, it is not going to happen. Should lightning strike twice, the SFA have changed the rules pertaining in 2012, so that another administration and liquidation will not mean loss of Premier League membership. And you know the tragedy? We secretly went along with it.



    The way things are trending, they will win the league, with 2 qualifying rounds to get the Holy Grail – the CL Group Stage. They have not lost an El qualifier, home or away for 3 years, and stand a good chance of making it, with £30M in earnings. You know they will spend that on players, so their chances of winning the SPL next season, and automatic entry into the Group Stages, are much higher. From a huge position of strength, we have disgracefully allowed ( nay, encouraged via the 5 way Agreement, and denial of Res 12 ) an 8 year old, bankrupt zombie club to overtake us. Shareholders MUST ask questions of Peter Lawwell about this abrogation of fiscal responsibility at the pending AGM.



    Celtic plc are sorting their short keepings out. The plus in this scenario are individuals that have looked inwardly and in a position to change fortune.


    As for selling everything he’s got before the shit hits the fan. Not for no reason. UEFA financial fair play are a slow clock ticking and turning. King’s being asked questions he wont answer. The guns are being pointed at Rangers International FC….who are they?


    The transfer window is an opening for Celtic and a closure for Sevco.

  16. Papped off every single time I look at another site. What is the point of the ‘Remember me’ box?




    My sign on name is PONEILL on FF, pm me and I’ll give you the password.


    ps Please dont add to the thread “Why do so many Protestants send their children to Catholic schools?”

  18. HENRY


    King is a crook and a conman. His 13M Odd shares are like confetti, realistically worth around 1p each, or possibly less. If he sells them at 20p per share to the gullibillies, he will garner £2.6M. His £5M loan to Sevco is gaining him an usurious £400,000 a year in interest, and must have something (I know not what) guaranteeing it. I don’t think there is anything significant underlying King’s sale of his shares, other than greedy opportunism.

  19. HENRY


    Just saw your 2:51 post. Not sure I understand it. Your not serious about posting on FF? And why would I want your password? Guess i’m missing something.


    Off to my kip now. I’ll check the site tomorrow morning. ( I’m in the US of A )




    Nothing significant in UEFA’s FFP questions Rangers International FC have refused to answer satisfactorily?

  21. I am content with the Celts performance.



    It was a dead rubber but a few players showed Great character, others are overplayed because they are Essential.



    It is a perfect storm for Celtic to fail. Right here Right now.



    Never Forget Time is eternal.




    The Almighty, well he, pens quite a clffhanger.



    End Times peeps.



    Not read the jibber jabber but I’d also say Free Big Jimmy.



    Wee Jeremie is exciting and is Gonnae rock.

  22. I Am the Biggest Sinner ever.



    The Book of Isaiah is lengthy… nout like the New Testament.



    Honeythief has mixed whilst Blogging to the Hardcore, i mean Afro Left.






    Arrogance is real Downfall.



    Humble is the Greatest.

  23. HENRY JOY.



    The Internet is full of sh!t.



    I Believe Celtic will get 10.



    I’m embarrassed by how Celtic are not competing in Europe.



    That is not Neils fault IMO.