Beaton threshold on kicking, stamping and the rest


We deservedly lost at Ibrox on Saturday, so it would have been inappropriate to apportion any responsibility towards referee John Beaton, for the free reign Newco player Alfredo Morelos had to kick Scott Brown, stamp on Anthony Ralston and assault the genitals of Ryan Christie during the game.

These things occasionally happen in football (although seldom in such quantities) and are picked up by the SFA review process.  What is exceptional about these circumstances is that the review process is unable to act as the referee claims to have witnessed each incident and determined no action was worthy of a caution or more.

Beaton will have mitigated his decisions with some or other explanation, perhaps with “It wasn’t that bad a stamp” type comment.  This is how the process works.  The system is rightly designed to protect referees and allow them latitude to make decisions, including the occasional mistake.

It is not always easy to view common assault for what it is, in fact, it is easy to get carried away with an occasion and raise your threshold for such matters.  It is only human to be affected this way.  But this is bad refereeing.

Beaton could have taken the easy route out and claimed he missed one or more of the incidents, each was off the ball, after all.  That would have allowed the review panel to dispassionately decide if such attacks are to be prohibited, or encouraged, in our game.  Instead, he affirmed that in his view, there was nothing in Morelos behaviour worthy of a caution.

I have no idea what Dedryck Boyata said to earn his red card from John Beaton against St Johnstone earlier this season but I defended the referee’s decision that day.  You have to trust match officials to competently carry out their duties.  Do I still trust John Beaton’s views on kicking players, stamping, genital punching and the like?  No.  His views and significantly out of line with mine.

I don’t see a conspiracy in what happened this week, just a referee who was not up to the job.  A good referee would have cautioned Morelos for the first incident (kick on Brown).  This may have prevented the more serious attacks on Ralston and Christie, but the Newco player was not even spoken to after any of the incidents.

These are not easy games to officiate but this was not a game full of controversy or incident, only one player and one referee lost the plot.

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  1. Delaneys Dunky on



    It wàs on a lonely New Years Eve, as the shades of night came out


    A lorryload of volunteers àpproachsd the border towñ.


    The leader was a Limerick man



  2. Hot HOT SMOKED on 4TH JANUARY 2019 4:40 PM.


    That was certainly never my intention.


    I’ve read my post back and I didn’t mention religion.


    It’s not someone I would.


    I used Willie, because I couldn’t think of any, obvious, Celtic supporting ref and because Sevco fans think he supports Celtic.


    Anyway it was just an analogy, to point out how if any ref was Celtic supporting, they wouldn’t get away with what Beaton thought was acceptable


    I guess we are on different wavelengths about it.


    Hail Hail



    @ CELTIC40ME on 4TH JANUARY 2019 4:12 PM




    “the approach he takes to all things Celtic is unique, measured, considered and informed. I know this makes him unpopular”




    I think it’s a stretch to make the claim you have.



    I know you do. I disagree, obviously. It seems to make people very angry that his measured and informed approach takes him to conclusions that don’t fit in with the general narrative, but his opinions are not only his own, but also backed up with intelligent argument.



    There’s something strange about a blog where the owner publishes articles and then gets attacked by people in the comments section. I know it’s the internet in 2019 but it’s a bit bizarre IMO

  4. Hopefully the statement is our opening shot,and not another enquiry which won’t be followed up.IMO we should have questioned why Beaton has contrived to avoid any retrospective punishment.

  5. Bada Bing 5.19.


    That’s my thought s too.


    The statement is a start but we have to follow it through.


    We are ” surprised ” in a few statements but don’t take further action.


    Hail Hail

  6. Right Celtic, sort this after the transfer window. Talk of Burke on loan isn’t good enough. Spend some money and win this league.

  7. What about the club statement on the betfred semi, stating that our supporters were being victimised by the decision.. Never heard any more about it.


    I just hope this is not another throw away comment, but they actually keep us informed of what comes of any talks about Cheatin Beaton.



    D. :)

  8. a)January transfer window is a notoriously difficult time to bring in quality


    b)Summer transfer window is a notoriously difficult time to bring in quality



    Choose according to type of rain currently falling outside Celtic Park.



    For cold rain, choose b


    For very cold rain, choose a



    HH jg

  9. I very much welcome the Statement by Celtic. Obviously Celtic have to use diplomatic language & can’t simply say the Ref is a cheating Orange Bassa. However it is a public shot across the bow of Beaton and one would hope that the points are further pressed home when they do get to meet Maxwell & Fleming.


    Was the Celtic response a result of the general anger felt by Celtic Supporters?. I suspect it was.


    I posted earlier my unease with Paul’s leader and this Statement only underlines how out of touch that Leader was.


    I accept it’s Paul’s Blog and he can say or do what he likes and if any of us don’t like it we can eff off but we know he is a huge Celtic Fan so why all the pussy footing about.


    Beaton’s refusal to put a stop to the thug’s antics wasn’t poor refereeing it was blatant cheating & deserved to be called out on both the Leader & the Blog.

  10. We should call out every incident. There’s 2-3 per match ffs!! Doing it now after getting played and booted off the park by sevco can be portrayed as soft lads with sour grapes.


    The SFA fix is in. We need to beat it off the park and on it. The board doesn’t fill me with confidence on either front!



    HH jg

  11. Celtic plc should stop being surprised by the cheating sfa and officials.


    Call it out for what it is.


    If an official saw all incidents and deemed no punishment necessary then he is clearly unaware of the rules of the game and not competent enough to officiate.


    That is the statement that should have been made.

  12. Corkcelt 5.28.


    I agree, the PLC must follow this through to its conclusion now and keep the support informed.


    Is it just me? Should anything be read into Fleming not been given his name in the statement. Normally I would expect the para below to end with his name.


    Maybe, I’m reading too much into it.



    In the meantime, we have requested a meeting with Scottish FA Chief Executive, Ian Maxwell, and the Association’s Head of Refereeing.

  13. We all know what we are up against, nothing new really, two things, I really expect the board to step up on a number of fronts and then win this league and really let them know by celebrating like never before !!

  14. I keep going back to Beaton’s straight red to Boyata for mouthing off. A cup semi away from home with the score 0-1.



    Had Celtic publicly called out that ludicrous call, Beaton may have thought twice about cheating again. Instead we didn’t even fecking appeal it !



    Beaton’s card is marked now and I welcome that.

  15. Those reminiscing about the McCann /Farry affair should consider the outcome before lauding the bunnet so much.


    This contributed greatly to why the cheating continues unabated.


    There was never a public admittance of cheating by the sfa and this should have been a primary demand.


    McCann accepted compensation but nothing has changed because he allowed the proven cheats to buy silence and with the complicity of the mssm it was brushed aside so well that no-one outside the best wee country was aware of this disgraceful episode.


    Even more shameful was the fact that Farry retired with a lucrative pension so he was rewarded by serving the wishes of a corrupt organization rather than being punished .

  16. glendalystonsils on

    I hope Celtic prepare their own video evidence to take to this meeting and include in it , the Morelas elbow into Christie’s face . Perhaps they could also ask for clarification on why ‘Red Card!’ Ross thought it permissable while Simunovic’s more accidental one was not.

  17. Fan a tic


    Neither was Dallas, he was given second in charge of refereeing at UEFA by his pal Collina, wouldn’t surprise me to see him back in Scottish football within referee development at some poiint. Another reptile.

  18. Well said Celtic, it won’t change the result, but the refs/ sfa response was just plain arrogance and needs called out.


    Beaton/sfa will say nothing or just that he didn’t have his best game and these things even themselves out.

  19. CORKCELT on 4TH JANUARY 2019 5:28 PM



    I think Paul is secure enough in his beliefs to post that he didn’t believe there was a conspiracy at work and mean it.



    There’s quite a few of us out there who think the same, although we’re not all bold enough to post it on our blog and face the backlash :)

  20. Bada @ 5.19



    I think the statement does that or at least attempts to,



    and we therefore call on the Scottish FA to allow the referee, John Beaton, to explain these decisions publicly as well as any match officials involved in other similar circumstances.



    The SFA rules on referees explaining decisions are flawed, and I reckon its a good legal starting point we’ve chosen by asking why Beaton cannot be made to’ explain’ how he could come to what everyone else knows and recognises as an ‘inexplicable’ conclusion.



    We can hardly ( though we’d be tempted to ) say you’re a cheat, and we know you are.



    As others have said it’s a start and better than the ICT handball that everyone else saw bar the SFA.

  21. Scottish FA Chief Executive, Ian Maxwell, and the Association’s Head of Refereeing have invited Celtic to attend a meeting to discuss all and any issues they have on 12th of July 2019 in the Crown Bar (Lounge) Bellshill.




  22. Corky


    IMO, Paul’s leader today was a speculative one to gauge the opinion of the blog and the support in general, it didn’t go down too well hence the statement.


    I could be way off the mark but I very much doubt it.


    and we therefore call on the Scottish FA to allow the referee, John Beaton, to explain these decisions publicly as well as any match officials involved in other similar circumstances.





  24. Delaneys Dunky on

    Daddy was a bankrobber, but he never hurt nobody. Aĺl he loved was tò lìve his life and he ĺoves to steal your money


    Fuck Queen Elizabeth

  25. DAVID66 on 4TH JANUARY 2019 5:16 PM agree that something should be said, but best statement is one that improves our lot on the pitch




  26. Enjoy!???



    Letter sent to Ian Maxwell regards latest.


    Postby Joe O’Rourke » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:05 pm



    Below is a letter sent today to Ian Maxwell with regards to the latest shenanigans from the SFA. it’s really getting to the stage when we must ask ourselves how long we can put up with the cheating within Scottish Football, all for the benefit of one club to the detriment of all the rest.



    Mr Maxwell,


    The last time I wrote to you regarding most match officials and their competence, or rather lack of it, and why they were not allowed, or willing to explain their decisions, you never replied, so I don’t expect a reply to this letter either.



    I remember an interview on television given by the late Paul McBride QC about 7/8 years ago, he said “I think officially today we now know the SFA to be the laughing stock of world football, the decisions are incoherent, they are on the face of it thoroughly dishonest, and I never thought they were biased or prejudiced, now hearing what they have done today it’s very hard to escape that conclusion”



    That statement was made after the disciplinary hearing following the famous fall-out between Neil Lennon and Ally McCoist, but it could also have been made after the latest decision concerning Alfredo Morelos. The whole disciplinary system within the SFA reeks of Arrogance and Dishonesty, and that is a view held by many ordinary football fans, and you are now part of that process.



    Why all the secrecy? Why aren’t officials allowed to explain their decisions after a match? Why do the former referees who sit on the Disciplinary Panel remain anonymous? What happened to the promise of Transparency & Accountability? If these people are truly impartial then why should they not be named? Strange how jurors at the High Court can be responsible for one or more people spending the rest of their live in prison, but they are not afforded the option of anonymity, except in extreme cases, I don’t think we can class a football match as an extreme case.



    If match official John Beaton stated that he saw all the incidents involving Morelos and deemed that no action was required, then he is either a “Liar or a Blatant Cheat” or Both, quite a number of former professional footballers saw the incidents and stated quite clearly action should have been taken on at least two occasions, I wonder what your opinion would have been if the incidents had happened last season against Partick Thistle, instead of this season against Celtic.



    I was advised when you started your role at the SFA you were a decent and honest man, I was happy with that assertion, well I think that I have changed my mind on that now. I thought anyone would be an improvement on your predecessor, but I’m afraid by your silence and inaction you are just the same as Mr Regan.



    Last Saturday at Ibrox Stadium the Celtic Supporters attending, and the watching television audience were treated to two hours of Bigotry & Offensive chanting by the home fans, a lot of it directed at the Greatest Manager in Scottish Football history, the late Jock Stein. There was also extremely offensive banners displayed regarding Big Jock, which must surely distress any of his family watching.



    The other main target of the morons appeared to be Leigh Griffiths, now anyone who doesn’t have sympathy with another human being with fairly serious medical issues, I would suggest those people are less than human themselves. The whole match was the worst I’ve experienced in terms of offensive behaviour, and let me state for the record that the best team won on the day.



    The most annoying thing for me and many others, is that not one single word of condemnation has come from you or anyone else at the SFA/SPFL. The whole watching football audience must now believe that type of behaviour is acceptable at football matches in Scotland. I’ll quote Paul McBride once again “The laughing stock of world football” well done Mr Maxwell, Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency, the Missing Ingredients from Scottish Football.



    And finally Mr Maxwell, I note that there has been no update on the progress of the Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal appointed to examine the circumstances surrounding the awarding of a UEFA Licence to Oldco Rangers in 2011. I would just remind you, that the Resolution 12 people will not be going away, let’s hope it’s not another whitewash or cover up.





    Joe O’Rourke,


    General Secretary,


    Celtic Supporters Association.


    42 minutes ago

  27. Good statement from CFC, a start, and about time. Now keep the foot on the jugular, please.

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