Blame it on the Celtic


It is great having big game players, those who can raise the tempo to match greater challenges, Moussa was a classic of this genre, but watching the first half on Friday, the flip side of that mentality appeared evident.  St Mirren were in a big game, and showed it, Celtic were going through the motions.  I expect normal service to resume for Rosenborg on Thursday, but we better resolve this symptom before travelling to Perth on League Cup duty.

Hearts boss, Ann Budge, must have taken the weekend off to celebrate her team being top of the league, as she has allowed video of sectarian chanting by Hearts fans leaving Fir Park on Saturday to pass without comment.  Never slow to shine a light elsewhere, if she would rather not address this festering feature when things are going so well, you can be sure it is there to stay.

On John McGinn choosing Aston Villa over Celtic………  When he made his decision I wrote that after speaking to both teams, he went to Villa because he wanted to play first team football.  Unlike reports elsewhere, he didn’t move south because Celtic would not meet his wage demands (thinking in particular of Scott McDonald flogging this on Radio Scotland).

The player gave newspaper interviews to several Scottish Sundays confirming, “Playing regularly was the biggest factor in choosing Aston Villa over Celtic, says John McGinn”, as The Herald put it.  But that doesn’t fit the narrative, so will soon be forgotten.

Don’t blame it on the football.
Don’t blame it on the career advice.
Don’t blame it on the reality.
Blame it on the Celtic.  Lots of others do.

What’s the point of Celtic?

Winter is approaching, the time when the Celtic FC Foundation does some of its most important work.  It is also the time of greatest need.  I know the challenge ahead for those who work through the Foundation.  There is enormous poverty in our own communities.

I signed up for the Great Scottish Run, which takes place in Glasgow on 30 September, in aid of the Foundation.  I have not run as far as a Half Marathon in over a year, I ran a few miles short on Saturday before giving up.  But I know what those who will be helped by the Foundation will be like in December. Some things are worth the work.

We need to do something, otherwise what’s the point of Celtic?  We both know it’s not just about football.  Work on the big winter projects is already underway, if you can help by sponsoring me, please do so here.

Thank you.


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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    So we need proof that BR has selected targets yet no proof needed to demonstrate any list offered for the last two years, or where the named players fitted into that list, while they may have been on a list they could have been the last names on any list which would help support claims that the manager had problems evaluating the quality required, now who would want to do such a thing?

  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Wouldn’t surprise me if the CEO took that job just to get away from Res12 and create more delay.

  3. What is the Stars on

    Football as we know it now is the most corrupt sport on the face of the earth


    TV money dictates so much,


    A referee who gives a penalty that might result in a team like Real Madrid,Man Utd,PSG etc not progressing might find himself not getting anymore big games….maybe not,maybe I’m just paranoid.


    Managers Agents Chairmen getting kickbacks from transfer fees ??/Maybe this happens ,Maybe it doesnt but with so much money sploshing around I would think there is a fair chance that it does in some cases.


    Into these shark infested waters the Good Chip Celtic sails ….Ooh Aar me hearty lads,Land ahoy.


    If we dont catch our fish,it be the captains fault,If the ship goes down its the captains fault,If the ships gets home safe with a few fish on board its to the crews credit…Nothing to do with ole Captain Birdseye




    Certainly it was a job he was linked with before.


    As a fence sitter, sorry I can’t help it, not sure a replacement for PL would be anymore amenable about Res12.

  5. Gents,



    We have circa 33 first team squad.


    St Mirren have 24 .



    We have better, more valuable and better paid players in every position.



    Now tell me it’s Peter Lawwell’s fault and not the manager and coaches that we didn’t take all three points.



    We have no entitlement to win anything, but with the odds so heavily stacked in our favour the question must be asked.




  6. 50 shades of green on

    Have the hun fans wrecked Spain yet???



    On to Thursday and the borg are back in town, be nice to play them during our season for a wee change, instead of playing them just as our suntans are starting to fade.



    So no excuse on the fitness front, if it was me picking the team I would opt for 2 up front, imho we lose something from Eddie when he’s on his own, play him and Griff together.



    And please go back to 2 wingers or as they are now called wide midfielders ?.



    A 3 5 2 , and if could see your way clear to a few forward passes that would be great.



    So perhaps a team of.



    Cragie G.



    Back 3 of Dedryck Kris and the New boy fae EPL..



    Midfielders Jamsie, Ollie n Broonie CalMac, and Sinky.



    Griff n Eddie …




    The above defence would change for me if Jozo was/ is fit,





  7. Canalamar



    “he then sat back and spread the shite that the player would come for free whilst making up shite about Petrie would never sell to Celtic, to cover his arse if he failed’



    More wonderful insightful forensic analysis.



    As the man posted many years ago ‘ I think your’e on the wrong Blog ‘



    Hail Hail

  8. 50


    That leaves out KT, we were by far more effective when he and SS combined on the left, midfield is a problem do we need two sitters or pick a mobile midfield who will when we dont have tha ball press to get it back, in my opinion we lack physicality in there we have too many skilfull ball players who are unable to tackle.JF SS CMCG and Rogic, dilemma for BR I hope he gets it right and soon.

  9. 50 shades of green on




    See this picking teams lark its not all its cracked up to be. :-)



    Ffs ofcourse KT should be in, rookie mistake ( DOH).



    That would mean Sinky dropping out , because I cant see either Ollie or Scott not making it, getting KT and Sinky both in ain’t gonna be easy, and a 442 just wont work I think.



    Maybe thats why Brendan sticks with the 4231 ?.




  10. Eleven St Mirren men behind the ball .


    Getting to the bye line , get them turned, deliver half decent cross at pace .




    The problem being, getting to the bye line increases the chances of losing possession.


    Risk and reward.


    Better to watch.


    More effective than a sideway pass.


    And please, can we shoot from outside the box .


    Back to basics CSC

  11. Canamalar,


    It is entirely possible that a player’s agent, having been instructed to seek a transfer by said player, then approaches current club and informs them accordingly. What is a club then to do? Obtain best value, or dig their heels in? It is not as straightforward as it might appear. I do not have a ready answer unfortunately.



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