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    I’d luv to meat u…,;-)) ??????????






    “Meat” you….did you mean “meet”?

  2. morning Jobo….if it’s a cold dry day….snow is sure ;-))






    way off the mark…..am no surprised…..jumpt to conlusions ;-))






    H H

  3. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Morning Bhoys a dark but dry morning here in Central Scotland a good win last night and another 3 points.I also got the score right one more win away from home before the winter break. H.H.




    Just like you did when you told me to “grow up” after I categorically caveated my post by declaring it was a copied and pasted comment from another site and then went on a tour of obfuscation.



    Sarcasm and facetiousness begets sarcasm and facetiousness. Condescending begets condescending and kindness begets kindness. Pretendy bad spelling… well that is a life choice.

  5. Morning all.



    Good victory last night.



    There seems to be a complete lack of interest among the supporters I know about attending the game on Saturday. I haven’t met even 1 who is going. In fact, most seem to see it as some kind of badge of honour about not being there.

  6. Another three points last night but i thought RC were poor with some of their antics on the park.



    No idea who the MIB was, and i dont really care. They are either masons, Bigoted prods or uncle toms.



    Tackles on Broonie were assaults, same with Forrest, and it was a penalty on Sinclair.



    Should at least have been one red card for that mob.






    You aint seen nothing yet, overdrive at the next game from these bassa’s !!!!

  7. KITALBA on 29TH DECEMBER 2016 4:54 AM






    ”A comment that followed your Scottish Female Sniper link:




    ‘The Irish had guts vision and bravery, far more than the stupid servile Scots.’







    A daft comment.



    It assumes that the Scots reaction to the Union should have been the same as the Irish.



    But why should it, given that the two countries positions and treatment within the Union were entirely different?

  8. I heard a comment last night that I thought was spot on. Celtic are now so dominant in games that refs are giving decisions in pity rather than deliberate bias. There is bias out there but this I thought was on the button. If there’s a 50/50, or a player goes down, award a free kick to the opposition. It’ll save a hiding, Celtic don’t make an issue of it, easy decisions. It’s seriously dampening the spectacle for Celtic fans but like fairness that’s not a consideration.



    Anyway, on to Saturday. Big selection decisions.





    Lustig Erik Jozo Izzy


    Forrest Broony Sinclair





    And 2 from Bitton/Rogic/Dembele/Griffiths will determine where Armstrong plays.



    9-0 Celtic.

  9. This Celtic team is playing with a consistency and professionalism that I have not seen in my lifetime .


    Martin O’Neill’s team was prone to the odd loss now and again.


    What Brendan has achieved in 7 months is incredible.


    He has a steely determination and attention to detail that has been adopted by the team .



    Long may it continue




  10. kitalba,



    you make yer own point…..



    Sarcasm and facetiousness begets sarcasm and facetiousness. Condescending begets condescending and kindness begets kindness. Pretendy bad spelling… well that is a life choice.



    I luv yer twistin of the English…..I get yer point….even to my detriment ;-))













    When read in full – for me -the comment was evocative but lacking in empathy – if you take Catholicism as the central theme in the post, it was after all the most repeated word… Catholic establishments have chequered histories too; lest we forget the past as we strive to influence the future.



    We all know what was done in the name of British imperialism but Britain did not have exclusivity over barbarism, whether in the name of crown, nor god.



    Simplistically, there are two sides to every coin, and I know that that simplistically that that does not explain the prejudices and agendas that mint each side of any coin.

  12. Ah, cheers.



    I think he’ll go Bitton for the height defending corners, with Armstrong advanced and Griff on the bench. Physically biggest team to start.

  13. Good morning from a very frosty north staffs – professional job last night and deserved 3 points.



    Scrape the car off then oot with the wife and grand daughter




  14. My friends in Celtic,



    Really can’t comprehend a Celtic supporter calling Celtic fans who want to watch their team at Grayskull: Idiots.



    £49 is far too much for any match, but ultimately if fans want to pay it , then it’s their choice. Personally I’ll watch it on the box, like the vast majority of Celtic supporters.



    Maybe that makes us all idiots.







  15. BBC WEATHER GIRL’S INSULT TO RANGERS; Protests as she calls Ibrox ‘Castle Greyskull’.




    Link/Page Citation


    Byline: By ROBERT McAULAY



    RANGERS fans flooded the BBC with complaints last night after a TV weather girl referred to Ibrox as “Castle Greyskull”.



    Blonde Kirsty McCabe, from Kilmarnock, presented the forecast on BBC1 just before 9am yesterday.



    After telling English football fans about conditions near grounds in London she turned her attention to the weather north of the border.



    But she sent Ibrox-bound legions into fury with her bizarre remark. She told those planning to catch the SPL game against Livingston they should “wrap up warm if they’re heading for Castle Greyskull”.



    Celtic fans use the phrase Castle Greyskull as a derogatory reference to the home of their big rivals.



    Last night a BBC spokeswoman in Glasgow said: “Several viewers phoned to complain about remarks …We are investigating the matter and will respond in due course.”



    Rangers fan Dave Stewart, 24, from Glasgow, said he thought he was hearing things when he listened to Edinburgh University-educated Kirsty read the weather.



    He said: “I thought I had misheard what she said but I replayed it and had to believe it. It’s a bit of a slur on Rangers to call Ibrox Castle Greyskull and not the type of thing you expect from the BBC.”



    A BBC insider said: “Rangers fans were ringing in by the dozen to complain. Most were furious she had referred to Ibrox as Castle Greyskull and were demanding an apology from the bosses.



    “But loads of people have been seeing the funny side as well.”



    Castle Greyskull was home of 1990s children’s cartoon character He-Man from the programme Masters Of The Universe.






    Weathergirl Kirsty McCabe started a rain of complaints’ Greyskull.. the cartoon.





    Drat, pesky link not working, the Huns have sabotaged it.




  16. a light insanity on

    I made a comment last night about there being a little bit of complacency on the blog over Saturday’s game. For some reason it caused another blogger “Tony Donnelly” to erupt into a series of questions about goalkeeping; the board; supporting etc… Can I just respond by saying that I only proffered an opinion? I don’t know what a blog is for other than that and hopefully I will be proved wrong by the team on Saturday. As for the poster Rhetorical – Really?

  17. Morning all.



    The Celtic bandwagon keeps on going after another victory which now sees us 16 points in front of the horribles.



    At the start of the season some deluded huns told us that they would be ‘ going for 55.’ At the time I was unsure if they meant points or goals.



    Now, as things stand Celtic has amassed 55 points and 52 goals. How marvellous would it be if we scored 3 on Saturday, preferably without reply? It would be BLOODY marvelous!



    I’m expecting to see thousands of placards with 55 emblazoned on them. I would like to think that preparations are being made as we speak.



    Intae thum Celtic!




  18. I’m not going to Snake Mountain on Saturday. I’m away with family and friends but even before that was booked and the latest incarnation for the franchise arrived in the top division I hadn’t been to Govan since 2008.



    We won 1-0 that day. Roy Keane and Neil Lennon bossed the game, Magic Zurawski scored the winner inside the first 20 minutes. Wayne Rooney and Alan Stubbs were behind me in the stand. It was a great day but……the price had escalated so much that I could no longer justify paying that price to watch a domestic game in Scotland. As I walked back to the supporters bus, my time visiting that ground was over unless the pricing changed. From my first visit, when Brian O’Neill scored a last minute winner to then, I had many joys but many horrible times. But that is football. Rough with the smooth.



    Haven’t missed it.



    The fans that are going are not idiots, don’t lack integrity or are ‘old firm’ fans. They are Celtic supporters going to support our and their team. While I have issues how some manage to get tickets, good luck to them all.



    I’m sure all will be at Albion Rovers after the winter break. (Tongue in cheek….)

  19. I thought that for 80 minutes we were in complete control last mainly as a result of the performances of Christie, Brown and Armstrong who dominated the middle of the park.



    We got slightly careless in the final period and even BR stated in his post match interview that he was disappointed in our ‘game management’ during that period.



    Personally, I’m just loving going to watch Celtic right now.

  20. Greyskull/SnakeMountain,



    truth is…….fluid…..99% of Tims are wrong….calling it Greyskull…..if there was a beauty pagent called Miss Appropriate……we wid all vote wrongly ;-))










  21. Prefer castle greyskull even if not the correct terminology.


    One assumes pricing for away support is a mutual thing?


    Watch on tele in sunny Murcia



  22. The Celtic end will be sold out on saturday with 7,500 mad Tims giving the guys on the park their full support.they will not care jot that this Monkey team are a new club.Its the venomous animals facing them,who have not changed one bit in over 100 years who they see as the enemy.Rightly so.Our fans have not had much to cheer about at Ibrox over the last 40 odd years,no matter what team was on the park.Saturday will be the day to let it rip.BR will see to that.


    I wish to God I could be there.

  23. If John James is on the money about the the engineers being complicit in a safety cover up at Ibrox then we have a very serious risk for all the fans.



    There has been too much noise about the issue for months and JJ is right to call out Stewart Robertson. As directors of the company they are liable for safety failings. Robertson would be wise to come clean on the matter ASAP.



    Celtic can also step up to the plate now and ask for an independent assessment in interests of all fans and put the issue to bed or make it transparent. Robertson would probably welcome this.



    JJ memo to Robertson and the consulting engineers who also did Murray Park etc is very clear about a cover up. His calling out of Billy Neilson the MD as a true blue who is a frequent visitor to the Blue Room at Ibrox and has been compromised is almost actionable.



    i don’t think we have heard the end of this before the weekend.