Channel 4 look into historic abuse


Alex Thompson of Channel 4 News has been in Scotland working on a piece about historic child abuse this week.  This morning he Tweeted a photo of Celtic Park, adding the words, “Watch this space”.

While these matters happened decades ago, Celtic are still Celtic, and have a corporate responsibility for all that went before.  Fergus McCann first acknowledged what took place.  He setup counselling facilities and instructed an independent investigation into the actions of the club under the old board.  This happened 25 years ago.

There is no statute of limitation on victims coming forward.  Some only want to tell their story, to be heard and be assured that processes are different now.  Others seek financial compensation.  I don’t think there is a lot of money involved, certainly not for Celtic, who have insurance.

What happened was terrible, affected countless boys and went on for perhaps 20 years.  The club must act appropriately and responsibly.  The matter does not lend itself to dialogue on social media, or a running commentary through other media.  There is a process underway, I have no idea how long it will take, or if everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.

Historic child abuse is handled so flippantly by others it has become a football itself.  Much comment is sensationalist, “Watch this space”, is not a promising start.  This subject does not benefit from a drumroll introduction.

The subject is also most commonly reported about one club – Celtic – to the exclusion of all others.  It should be reported and those responsible held to account, but balance your reporting.  There are three Glasgow clubs under review for this matter right now, as well as the SFA.  Coverage mostly concentrates on the one that was first to react and offer help.

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  1. How can a waterlogged pitch that is deemed unplayable Today ……be okay to play on 24 hours later when even MORE rain etc is forecast ?




  2. It seems like a sensible decision to rearrange their game for tomorrow. Hopefully we get the 3 points and pile the pressure on them.

  3. Two excellent posts from Ernie Lynch on the child abuse scandal. (see above.)



    Speirs in the Times named former Celtic directors as being aware of abuse at Celtic. He implied that these two were complicit. This was real character assassination as paedophiles have to be masters of deception. Part of the abuser’s repertoire is to cultivate a network of ‘normal’ friendships. Friends like these minimise the chances of detection.

  4. Bada – feck. I know as well booked a table in our pub from 11am 😂🍺😂🍺😂 for me and the bhoys.. What a plonker I am.



    D. :)

  5. In the Huns haste to get their game on tomorrow…wouldnt it Be funny if at least Two hun players got injured….and they dropped MORE Points ? LOL



  6. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Well done AT, get the criminals. Btw, abusers would want you to confine your torchlight to one club. Can I also point out that abusers have often been abused themselves and deserved to treated with justice humanely. Watch your tabloid instincts AT!

  7. Between the moment their game was postponed and the time it is scheduled to be played, the forecast is for heavy rain, light rain and showers.By proposed game time, the wind is forecast to increase by 10 mph to 50+mph.


    Everything should be fine, then.

  8. Cheers Bada – if anyone is in the vicinity of The Howgait (formerly The Lee) at Townhead, The Glasgow one mañana and wants to watch the game in the company of a few bhoys from the Garngad you are welcome to join us.



    COYBIG – I wonder what team Lenny will put out.



    Will it be the same as Wednesday ?


    Will he rotate?


    Will he try his team that he hopes to play on Thursday in Copenhagen?



    On the theme of Copenhagen 2 of 6 tickets obtained, any spares going????



    D. :)

  9. There are 2 issues re the child abuse issue one does the Club have a legal responsibility and secondly does it have a moral responsibility


    Only the Courts can decide on Legal responsibility, if individual Directors knew does that make the Club as a PLC legally responsible? I doubt it but as I say it’s up to the Courts to decide,


    If they decide there is a Legal responsibility then that is that, The Club will have to pay the victims the compensation they are awarded,.


    If they decide otherwise then it is open to the Club to make a ex gratia payment and I think most fans would welcome that.

  10. looking at the postponed then rescheduled for tomorrow game you would think they didn’t care about the fans…

  11. Thought the huns had 50,000 seson ticket holders, so there should be very little paying at gate as they have already had the money from the gullibles.

  12. If this upcoming report by C4 is focused on Celtic it completely misses the point on how widespread child abuse is and where it takes place, I hope this is not the case as it is far too serious a subject with a lifetime of mental health and behavioural problems for the victims.

  13. Paul67 et al



    We could ask St Patrick’s Academy why the change of name in 2018? Celtic BC were formed back in 1965/66 (as and yet change their name over 50 years later. Was it the fact that several of those involved with the BC were facing sex abuse charges in court? Jailed too. Did Celtic FC in any way influence the decision?


    Some, like me, always identified the Boys Club with the Football Club, and anyone who ever played against them would be in no doubt that they were playing a team linked to Celtic. That said the key word here is ‘Club’, a word that seems to have had a varied life in Scotland, (England too if you realise why Sheffield Wednesday FC were never prosecuted over Hillsborough), in recent times. Celtic FC did not form Celtic BC, and seek to maintain that what existed is what I would call a policy of separate development, despite close and cross links at coaching and even board level. Too much to hope now that had things been dealt with differently, when they could have, others may have avoided pain and suffering. We, as a Football Club, failed to look out for young players hoping to play for our Club. Scotland often has its’ own definitions and its’ own language, some more apposite than others, including this one, culpable, but that is the one that applies here.

  14. prestonpans bhoys on




    I would guess some mud slung at the club will be in order however if any lawyer thought Celtic were culpable then someone would have attempted to sue by now.

  15. prestonpans bhoys on 15th February 2020 4:22 pm






    ‘I would guess some mud slung at the club will be in order however if any lawyer thought Celtic were culpable then someone would have attempted to sue by now.’






    And would you have applied the same reasoning to , for instance, Jimmy Saville?

  16. Preston, As far as I know there is one Test case being taken.


    I imagine nothing will happen until that case is adjudicated.

  17. More chance of it off….their pitch is shite anyway, heavy rain will cut it up,might suit Livvy better

  18. Although both the BBC website and their Teletext (?) showed, in their SPL games for today, the Motherwell game as being postponed but not the Huns` game. Anyone know why???

  19. Badly worded but I am sure you know what I am asking !


    Why was the Hun game not shown as having been postponed? Were they hoping that , if they kept it quiet, thousands would still turn up and buy pies and Bovril?

  20. nice to see Glasgow finest giving up their family time to allow a game to go ahead at such short notice.

  21. I reckon the pressure to get the FoD game played is due to the limited opportunity to fit the game into the calendar before the split. If Rankers win next round of Europa Cup they will have no free midweek until end of March.


    They also still have St Johnstone game to fit in.


    Livi game would have no where in the calendar unless they crash out of Europe.



    They also have 30,000 pies that won’t keep.



    The Onlooker

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    I’m assuming no one at the bigotdome checked Glesga’s weather for 2morra😱 not a lot better than today. Would be even funnier if it was cancelled again, even if it goes ahead, it will be in some state for Thursday

  23. I know it`s a few days ago now but I just remembered Steven Thompson`s comment the other night re Morelos` disallowed `goal`.Thompson said something along the lines of,


    ” The `goal` should have stood. I know Morelos had both his hands on the back of the Killie player and pushed him but I don`t think it was enough to disallow the `goal `” !


    See what happens when Michael Stewart is not there?

  24. The Onlooker



    `Livi game would have no where in the calendar unless they crash out of Europe.`


    I assume `unless` was a typo and you really meant `until`. ? :-))



    I honestly cannot see them getting past Braga.