Channel 4 look into historic abuse


Alex Thompson of Channel 4 News has been in Scotland working on a piece about historic child abuse this week.  This morning he Tweeted a photo of Celtic Park, adding the words, “Watch this space”.

While these matters happened decades ago, Celtic are still Celtic, and have a corporate responsibility for all that went before.  Fergus McCann first acknowledged what took place.  He setup counselling facilities and instructed an independent investigation into the actions of the club under the old board.  This happened 25 years ago.

There is no statute of limitation on victims coming forward.  Some only want to tell their story, to be heard and be assured that processes are different now.  Others seek financial compensation.  I don’t think there is a lot of money involved, certainly not for Celtic, who have insurance.

What happened was terrible, affected countless boys and went on for perhaps 20 years.  The club must act appropriately and responsibly.  The matter does not lend itself to dialogue on social media, or a running commentary through other media.  There is a process underway, I have no idea how long it will take, or if everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.

Historic child abuse is handled so flippantly by others it has become a football itself.  Much comment is sensationalist, “Watch this space”, is not a promising start.  This subject does not benefit from a drumroll introduction.

The subject is also most commonly reported about one club – Celtic – to the exclusion of all others.  It should be reported and those responsible held to account, but balance your reporting.  There are three Glasgow clubs under review for this matter right now, as well as the SFA.  Coverage mostly concentrates on the one that was first to react and offer help.

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  1. How can Celtic FC be responsible for Sex abuse at Celtic Boys club when we had no official links. ? We had no say in the running of the club or control of coaches. Players who were signed by Celtic from Celtic Boys club were treated to different from Eastercraigs or Harmony Row. We had a link with the Boys club as we did with Cherry Orchard in Ireland.



    I sense that there are people out there who smell compensation and others who wish to use this as a stick to beat Celtic with.

  2. Philbhoy



    The days are long gone when police would drop charges because a partner wouldn’t want to proceed after an alleged serious assault like this.



    The police seem to be blameless in all this, it seems to be a tragic story very much of our time.

  3. ADI_DASSLER on 15TH FEBRUARY 2020 6:40 PM







    Separate the huns….they av nothin to do with what WE have to deal with.



    They HAVE to deal with ther own.








    I would suggest child abuse in all its forms and wherever it takes place should be everyones business. Point is, lots of people are very happy to point the finger. If your gonna point your finger then 4 are pointing right back at you. To get to the heart of the problem there must be transparent and honest dialogue without the self preserving.



    So no dunn and neilly fall into the same category as the cunts at celtic boys club only difference is celtic fc did not employ those cunts, did not run celtic boys club and did not have any legal ties to said organisation. Ranger fc clearly did but have chased the victims.




    You are right in that others such as Scottish media wish to beat Celtic with a stick if they can.

  5. Canamalar 7.09



    No enough said about how people get to that place, never mind who they are



    So true mate sadly,it’s at epidemic proportions among our young..No future,no hope and in a world were I sit in UK and you in middle East a breakdown in personal communication.



  6. bigbhoy on 15th February 2020 7:34 pm


    ‘How can Celtic FC be responsible for Sex abuse at Celtic Boys club when we had no official links. ?’







    Because organisations can owe a duty of care to others with whom they have no official links.



    If you get knocked down by a bus, or slip on a wet floor in a shop you are entitled to claim compensation from the bus company or shopkeeper, even though they have no official link with you.

  7. Celtic are neither the Bus Company, nor the Shopkeeper in this case.


    Just saying. Not making any judgement, or even expressing an opinion.

  8. My wife’s cousin has a pub in cambuslang called Cheers,well he’s opened up a steakhouse upstairs called Coulotte Steakhouse.Well worth a visit,in my humble opinion 🍀😉

  9. Livingston FC






    | We can confirm that the game with @RangersFC has been rearranged for Sunday 16th Feb (tomorrow) at 3pm.



    As a club, we tried to rearrange for Monday night to allow the weather to pass & fans to make alternative arrangements but, ultimately, the decision was made by the SPFL.

  10. PHILBHOY-hi mate,Reading between the lines I think she had other issues,nothing to do with the boyfriend

  11. Ernie at 8.13,



    That has to be the most nonsensical post ever on here.”Organizations owe a duty of care to others,with whom they have no official links”Really!!!!!!.Well if the person who got knocked down got no joy from the Bus Company,they would be entitled to claim from Celtic?.


    I know this sounds ludicrous,but reading your post,its meant to be.Utter claptrap.

  12. If you get hit by a bus,or slip on a wet floor,there is an official link.Namely the bus and the floor.

  13. FAIRHillBHOY , 😉 hope you had a good time at euro Disney with grandkids, sorry for the holiday post

  14. Nearly 3 to 1 yer money for Braga to win on Thursday…



    If your going to bet , but responsibilly

  15. 3-5-2 Forster, Simunovic, Jullien, Ajer, Forrest, CalMac, Brown, Taylor, Ntcham, Griff and Eddie.



    Can’t see us changing a winning team although Elyounoussi and Christie are extremely unfortunate not to be in our starting 11.



    I expect us to switch up formation in the second half with an eye on Thursday. Hopefully we’ll be comfortable by that stage.

  16. The side story about Morelos is not fot for the internet and I regret publicising it.





    It won’t be made public for months or more probably years.





    It doesn’t reflect on us or sevco…. Just a bizzare twist.





    Think Hinkley, Reagan and Jodie Foster….. Please don’t rip the piss when i say that, just time to leave it alone.







    Mea culpa

  17. The concominant (!) benefit of Tav, kent and Arfield bottling it since the break is that we could win the Europa League.







    When we played Zenit last year it seemed that fans, players and management wanted the game out the road because we were in a title race.





    We will win the league with a bit to spare and with a world-class goalkeeper, captain and striker and another 12 top-notch players we can really go for a European trophy for the 1st time in 20 years.







    Anyway lets never lower ourselves to Traynor or The Sun’s levels.








  18. No lover of the Sun newspaper, however they disclosed the disturbing sleeze of Dereck Mackay which the Scottish establishment tried to suppress



    We must have a free press.

  19. Ernie Lynch



    If you get knocked down by a bus, or slip on a wet floor in a shop you are entitled to claim compensation from the bus company or shopkeeper, even though they have no official link with you.






    You’ve lost me here.



    A valid comparison would be a person on the way to the airport on a bus, suing the airline for slipping on the bus.

  20. very ironic, that the club born from the empire starving a people, won the empire trophy in 38. 80 years after its birth, and now lives on as the last parts of that empire finally break free,







    PictureThis Scotland






    Feb 13


    Tower of Empire, Empire Exhibition, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow. (1938) Pic: Britain from Above.



  21. If the work carried out by Alex Thomson is balanced and accurate, then he is only doing his job as a journalist. Nobody can have any complaints about a journalist looking at the issue of historical abuse. It is certainly in the public interest. It would be horrible to see the name of our Club dragged into the mud and nobody wants to give anyone a stick to beat us with. If he were to expose links between the Club and the Boys Club then we need to accept that reality and address it.