Commons future beyond 2017


When Kris Commons’ new contract expires in 2017, he will be the same age Lubomir Moravcik was when he joined Celtic as a 33-year-old in 1998.  We now mock those who mocoked Celtic for signing the Slovak genius.  While this may be Commons last contract, if the player applies himself as professionally over the next two years as he has since arriving at Celtic four years ago, his twilight years will continue to be effective.

He is our fulcrum.  When you write Celtic match reports these days you find yourself sampling your Commons notes, whereas pretty much everything of note the rest of the team does is recorded.  He is not the most industrious and will not feature high on many recorded metrics, but he’s the archetypal Moneyball footballer: an over 30 and apparently the wrong shaped marvel.

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    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    11:53 on 6 February, 2015








    Wee clue when I said Bristol City though!!

  2. Great news that KC has signed for another two years. Feels like we are building a bit of momentum under the new management team.




  3. Love these quotes from GMS:



    GMS “I feel a bit stupid — Stuey Armstrong is doing a law degree in his time off and I’m doing keepy-uppies.” “I still do that to this day if I have a day off. I just go to the park myself with a ball and practise.”




  4. corkcelt


    10:30 on


    6 February, 2015


    up over goal. I’m not being complacent, we have to be ever vigilant. I know what is happening in my parish and I am confidently saying, that the child protection code instituted is thorough and comprehensive. I am not foolish enough to believe that in a Church of over a billion that there are not bad apples, of course there are. However there are thousands and thousands of great people inspired by their Catholic Faith, working at every social level, at home and abroad to make a positive contribution to their society. There is no praise or acknowledgement for all those people, who are the real Catholic Church. Yet some people feel its OK to make a jibe such as the Catholic Church is full of paedos. Well its not, and I for one will stand up for my Faith.






    Super corky, and i will be standing right beside you.

  5. We’ve had a great transfer window, I was sad to see Kayal leave but apart from that very happy and with Commons staying a few more years it’s looking brighter than the summertime.



    However we’re in for a very tricky game tomorrow, our toughest test in the domestic cup this season.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Spot on, Paul. Playing football at pace isn’t always about players moving quickly. It’s also about thinking quickly and moving the ball quickly.

  7. Delighted with the window and this is the icing on the cake.



    We would have been far poorer without KC.



    Happy Friday all.

  8. Armstrong, Commons, GMS and Young Duffy …



    My guess is all will do well. I know less about Duffy but I’m hoping he’s a good Bhoy.


    Training ground will be great with GMS and Commons strutting their stuff.


    My guess is GMS will emerge the fans favourite in the coming year. People pay money to watch folk


    Like GMS…

  9. I really dont know sometimes,the Celtic support seems to be full of the permanatly offended,always moaning,alwaysbitching.For me the last few years have been fantastic,watching the huns die,to see them in the state they are in has been just brilliant.My uncles who took me to the games as a kid are all gone now,they would never have believed that what has happened would be possible..i feel lucky to have been here to see it…have the rules been bent to keep them afloat ,yes they have ,yet still they are in agony,and me,i revel in it……..untill some of our support start acting like we are the Biggest club in the country,then we will never move on……..Celtic run Scottish football,Glasgow is Green and White… learn how to WIN…..

  10. Neganon



    But you’ve nothing to support your argument. In a matter of seconds I was able to find and consequently post for you a statement by the Church which clearly opposes the OBaF Act.



    I’ve also directed you to the minutes from the original JAG meetings where the Church’s opposition is obvious.



    As yet, I’m still awaiting anything that would call this into question.

  11. Neganon



    “But you’ve nothing to support your argument. ”




    If I had a pound…

  12. Let’s talk football .. Preferably Celtic.


    I’d like pereto principle applied 80% Celtic – 20% Sevco….



    It often feels the other way around

  13. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Bobby M – Thanks for the wee yarn mo chara.



    Monkey murals are pish by the way.



    See ye next week crazy man.




  14. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    Great! Finally a leader article that just talks about Celtic! (And a good article too! They are mostly all good articles, but I much prefer it when they are just about Celtic!) I suppose 1 out of 5 this week is OK; though 2 out of 5 next week would be progress in the right direction! :-)



    Yours in Celtic,




  15. Hamiltontim


    12:15 on


    6 February, 2015





    Commons is this Celtic team’s Lubo.





    Kinda hear what you are saying………….but that’s a bit of a stretch for ma heid HT :-)

  16. pedrocaravanachio67 on




    Aye, nae politics….wummin aye, politics naw….



    Anyway gave you noticed wee Nicola’s been showing a bit of leg recently, an no too bad either.



    ACGR’s a big softie, his persona on here is no really him !!!!!

  17. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Our chances of winning the treble this season have increased ten fold, now that Kris Commons has committed to cause.







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