Greenock MSP credits Sturgeon’s attack on Celtic for Newco action


In August, after Celtic suspended and fined Boli Bolingoli for breaking isolation rules, Nicola Sturgeon postponed two Celtic games and took the opportunity at her daily press briefing to grandstand on the issue, condemning “privileged football players…. incapable of living up to their responsibilities.”

Earlier this month, when Newco suspended and fined Jordan Jones and George Edmundson after police action, Sturgeon took a completely different course.  She made no comment instead allowing her Government spokesperson to support the club:  “We commend Rangers [sic.] for taking such swift and decisive action in this instance, to protect the rest of their squad and wider public.”

Until now, no one from the SNP has been prepared to answer questions on why their leader was prepared to stick the boot into Celtic, postpone their games and grab a microphone to declare it, then praise Newco for acting in the exact same way after a rule break.

Yesterday, Stuart McMillan MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde, wrote to a CQN’er with this nonsense:

“What the First Minister is recognising, is that as a result of the Scottish Government’s response to the Celtic and Aberdeen players’ breaches, the SFA and Scottish football clubs have taken a more robust approach to ensuring their players follow the COVID-19 rules in place for them, and where a breach has occurred, clubs are prepared to take swift action.

“That is why Rangers were commended for their recent response.”

They are giving Nicola Sturgeon the credit for the reaction of Newco – which is a fantasy – and they are even claiming her banning of Celtic games was responsible.  He did not care enough, or seem to notice, that Celtic and Newco were treated differently.

Sturgeon screwed up.  Her gut reaction to the Bolingoli breach was to rush to the podium and vent, when Jones and Edmundson she drooled support at Newco’s same reaction to Celtic’s.  Celtic were an easy target but she should have said nothing if she was not prepared to treat other clubs (or just club) the same way.  This is your Government.

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  1. It looks very unlikely I will get into Celtic Park this season.



    How will we generate our income for season 21- 22 ? There must be a contingency plan.

  2. Retirement, the thing is most probably at this stage you will have been working every single day of your life, be it in Education or Employment – lets say 50 years – so most of us will have spent the last 50 years on the wee hamster treadmill going round and round. So then you stop one day and just put your feet up? No chance. A 50 year habit ids not going to be broken in 3 months, 6 months even 12 months, but irt can be broken, you just have to be patient and as was suggested earlier have a plan of what you might want to do on any given free day,



    Taking another job and just carrying on working – well you are just feeding the habit and will probably never ever retire – but hey ho if thats what you want…..

  3. Dont contact your MSP it is an office worker who replies,in my opinion so the MSP cannot be held accountable for the reply, contact your list MSPs on, they work for you, very simple process

  4. If we used a private jet to get Eddy and Barkas home last month, surely we can do the same tonight for McGregor, Taylor, Griffiths, Christie, Stevie Woods,and Bitton…..el Hamed is suspended, so hopefully he is back already.

  5. Nicola Sturgeon. I listen to her most days and you think – she seems to be a reasonable person. But then I’m thinking – is she really running the show? I have this gut feeling that behind her there is a bunch of hard core Orangemen out to do us harm And this example of her rushing to the podium to condemn us whilst one of her lapdogs praises them just reinforces that belief. Sorry Nicola – thats how the cooky crumbles.

  6. ROCK TREE BHOY, in the words of a ghuy who posts on here and used to post on sentinel celts, might have got this wrong, im sure k will tell me, get the orange lodge out of football and scotland fix football empty hampden , might have got it the wrong way round its an age thing😎

  7. UPTHEHOOPS on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 1:44 PM


    What I do find interesting though is the number of Celtic fans who defend the SNP at every turn against the club. The SNP have never been a friend of Celtic and never will be in my opinion. Whether or not the now seemingly inevitable future Scottish Independence is the Land of Milk and Honey many believe it will be is not really the point. Celtic will still be regarded and treated as 2nd class. It’s just the way Scotland is. It is certainly not the welcoming nation to all the SNP ridiculously claim it to be.




    Not just defend the SNP but become attack dogs for the party. Every time even the mildest criticism of the SNP is posited on this blog a group of Alsatians with piles descends. And I must say that some of their sexual allusions should be nowhere near a blog read by children.



    My reservations about Scottish nationalism are based on two premises: independence will promote insularity – a very pronounced Scottish trait; and we’ll end up even poorer. The SNP’s own Growth Commission admitted that.


    I have no quarrel with SNP members personally. Surprisingly, they can be very likeable.

  8. P67 seems very irritated at the difference in treatment between us and the huns.



    I think that’s fair enough and he’s within his rights to call it out.




    For any SNP supporter reading the blog – my humble advice is to vote for a party, don’t support them.

  9. SNP, sricrtly no papes, alex salmomd is a giud hearts supporter, aye right, like chic young is a giud st mirren supporter FFS get a grip ,

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    !!BADA BING!! on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 3:49 PM


    ☝️sorry for the football post…



    Most welcome, SNP/Labour/Tory quick news…….ffs

  11. ERNIE LYNCH on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:53 PM


    AN TEARMANN on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:46 PM







    So you hate the Tories.



    ÷÷÷ Hate is to hard a term.a continious dislike maybe from birth more or less.worked with plenty of them





    You hate Labour.


    i dont.i dislike betrayal more.


    Who or what are they?


    what do they mean? stand for?


    Sur keev- what is that shambles bout?


    bedding murdoch/offshore banking- wtf are a so called socialist° party doing there?



    You don’t vote SNP.




    no policy.windae hinging populists,nearly up there with murdochs rentboy Tony


    no land reform- put chair of land reform to duke of buccleuch.ffs fox in chicken house


    no econ policy,puts Gordons pal from embra bankin sector(name escapes me) oversees econ reform post covid.



    Are you a LibDem?


    as hot smoked says you have a dry sense of humour…be serious ffs😁



    its incredible how much time you laboury fake socialist types need to put people in a box


    i will go in the free opinion box


    so i guess i wont ever be like tony and be middle class eh




  12. BIGJOCK67 on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 2:44 PM


    I think Paul67 is letting his hatred for the SNP and Scottish independence get in the way of his Love for the Union. This week alone he has attacked a decision that was never made concerning Mohamed and Kristoffer, and now telling us, that wee Nic has taken the credit for the govt’s reaction to newco.




    This is complete bluster from Paul and directly in conflict with the serious moto of his website, which states “CELTIC NEWS, NOT LAZY JOURNALISM” but it’s fine to be Lazy when it comes to politics.




    Paul, you will do better to stick to Celtic news from now on.







    I’ve finding it hard on here to distinguish between Daily Record, The Scotsman, Follow Follow or ( insert any Unionist outlet).


    If only Paul was a bit more vocal on Pistol Pete’s stance regarding the corrupt SFA. You know, like how he used to do?


    I think the good old fashioned journalist has flown the nest and been replaced by a right lazy one.


    You’re like a stuck record Paul.


    Get back to what you were good at 🍀🍀

  13. lets all do the huddle on

    very sporting of the Covid virus to consider not infecting anyone for a few days over Christmas so families can congregate indoors and stuff their faces full of turkey and give each other shitey pointless presents



    sounds like its not such a bad chap after all



    what a farce, the governments arent interested in putting measures in to get rid of the virus



    they are just bumbling along til a vaccine coming out with irrelevant gestures that will have no effect on numbers, and if they do the christmas thing then will almost certainly cause a major increase



    bah humbug

  14. Bluegrass Celt



    “I’ve finding it hard on here to distinguish between Daily Record, The Scotsman, Follow Follow or ( insert any Unionist outlet). ”



    Another one who finds SNP criticism hard to take.



    Since you quote BigJock67’s post with approval, maybe you would address my 3 pm post which shows that your charge (repeating Big Jock67’s charge) is based on a false reading? Bigjock67 , strangely, refused to address it



    Did a memo go out from SNP HQ to tell their Celtic fans to get on here and beat up Paul for something he, explicitly, did not say?

  15. garygillespieshamstring on

    No statement or comment comes out from the Scottish government without it having gone through scrutiny by a team of analysts who assess the impact it might have on public opinion of the FM and government.



    Even the wee asides in the answers to the press at the daily briefings are scripted.



    Not sure about the eye rolling and scowls but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  16. Let’s all do



    “with irrelevant gestures that will have no effect on numbers,”



    I think their efforts to promote regular hand washing, social distancing, to promote mask wearing and reduce crowd gathering, have all had an effect on numbers- as can be seen by the relatie success of Lockdown 1.



    What has had the adverse effect on the numbers has been trying to get the economy going again too soon, and people’s behaviour change as they have become less willing to tolerate these measures.



    The initial Government lead by the Trumps, Bolsinaros and Johnson/Cummings of this world was wholly inadequate and poisoned the necessary message but, even they, are less to blame for the recent numbers than those among us who have not been careful enough in spreading the disease.



    We like to believe the pretty lies :-



    The disease is fake


    It isn’t as deadly as it is being painted


    A cure is just around the corner we might as well start getting back to doing the usual


    We’re being asked to do too much


    Nobody’s really bothered about it anymore



    All of this has led to the recent spikes in almost all countries (Well Done OZ! BTW- a country that did not mess about with half measures).



    We brought this on ourseves and we will have to live and die with the consequences of our casual attitudes. You can’t blame Boris or Nicola for over-sized house parties or for the anti-vaccine movement or the “mask is too much bother for me”, or, frankly for the young person’s feelings of invincibility because mostly they bounce back easily from the infection.



    This one is down to us.



    Aff Oot! (actually to another non-computer room)

  17. British nationalism most definitely Bad, English nationalism a bit like the British version, Scottish nationalism is bad, but at this time only exists amongst a very small portion of the Scottish population. The vast majority of the voters who support the SNP are Independence for Scotland supporters not nationalists, they just want the Scottish people to get the government that they vote for, not the right wing version those voters down south continually foist on us. This is why I think your point is wrong.

  18. Well at least you have managed to miss out on the sectarian depths you plumbed last time around Paul, which would be progress of a sorts. Would be if your invective was based on what actually happened rather than on the lazy journalism you now prefer to indulge in, then again why let the facts get in the way. Of course that may appeal to some on here, but you would do well to consider why a Celtic player is currently playing in Turkey and not in the east end of Glasgow.


    What next, a petition and a chorus of ‘Free Boli Bolingoli”?

  19. Compare and contrast.



    Celtic : Named, shamed and banned for two games. Bolingoli who did not test positive, kicked out of Parkhead immediately.



    Margaret Farrier: Just spoke at PMQ’s. Broke just about every Covid 19 rule after testing positive and putting people in danger. Still a member of the SNP.



    “Rangers” : Players broke Covid 19 rules. “Rangers” commended by SNP government.



    When will the penny drop for some.?

  20. SOUTHSIDE on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 12:15 PM



    Maybe Celtic should say something



    sometimes amid all the guff/flannel and nonsense posted (inc me:-) there is a small one line post that splits the atom.


    the above from Southside is an example.





    Showing leadership and then we debate argue and support.


    alas its headless chicken time.get the pitchforks punchin with nowhere to burn.



    our club should be writing to the scottish govt.making representations,why is it left to an individual cqn’r(kudos and respect anyway)



    not that the snp are a healthy diversion from Res12 now Res11 or the upcoming agm


    i look forward to that blog




  21. Governments are easy targets in this pandemic – mostly justified. Of course they put themselves to the electorate every few years.


    The SFA and the Celtic board (in the main) don’t.

  22. prestonpans bhoys on




    I used to work in private office many moons ago and the press officer did not work alone then and in this digital age most certainly not now.

  23. MMccartney,


    That would be my point of view as well.


    I reckon most people who vote for the SNP are people who support Scottish Independence and as the SNP are the only party backing Independence , they vote for them by default.


    What is needed is a Scottish version of Sínn Féín, who put forward a left wing alternative whilst also backing Independence.


    There are 2 separate Independence parties in Catalonia, it is a little bit surprising that the SNP have been given such a clear run in Scotland.

  24. Like I say. Just wish Paul67 would quit all the SG bashing and get on with what we are all here for.


    We’ve all got different political opinions on how we see Scotland’s future. However, dropping a wee Nic grenade in every now and again turns into a slagging match. It’s becoming more like click bait on here

  25. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Political choices in Scotland are a bit limited


    Vote SNP – you are a HUN


    Vote Labour – minimal to no difference


    Vote Tory – likely to be a waste of a vote



    On a serious note politics in Scotland is a shambles



    BTW A Scottish Golf Course owner just lost an election in the USA



    Bored without Celtic playing




  26. Greenpinata



    “Rangers” : Players broke Covid 19 rules. “Rangers” commended by SNP government.



    Sevco we were told via their partnership with SMSM launched an immediate investigation, into the circumstances.



    How did the investigation fair?



    What were the findings?



    Were the two players suspended found to have been acting alone?



    Did they report its findings to Scottish Government?



    Did they report it to the SFA/SPL?



    If not, why not?



    We should be told CSC

  27. GREENPINATA on 18TH NOVEMBER 2020 5:40 PM



    Compare and contrast.



    @@@ what?


    Celtic getting done over by scottish establishment!


    that my friend has been consistent since a meeting in St Mary’s in 1887@@@@



    Celtic : Named, shamed and banned for two games. Bolingoli who did not test positive, kicked out of Parkhead immediately.



    Bolingoli was kicked out for breaching UK immigration and quarantine law.He got fined in the civil courts for it.He done all this days after the UK govt imposed a 14 day quarantine.


    it is easy to stick to the wisnae positive narrative.That dont count.


    He broke the law,scottish re covid and uk immigration/quarantinea law.His testing status would have been calamitous for Celtic if he was positive..ever included that in yir ‘what if that didnae happen



    Margaret Farrier: Just spoke at PMQ’s. Broke just about every Covid 19 rule after testing positive and putting people in danger. Still a member of the SNP.



    i agree with you example or leadership shown by anyone in govt



    “Rangers” : Players broke Covid 19 rules. “Rangers” commended by SNP government.



    see top point it has always been so.


    its just a different political sway from laboury labour/tories since that meeting at St marys



    When will the penny drop for some.?



    The penny dropped a long time ago.only the party in charge that are shiting on Celtic has changed.That why it should be Celtic voicing


    not certain people from a support intentionally divided by our board.


    let them speak out for once



    hope yir good mate and keep oot o they dodgy aberdeen pubs lol 😊



  28. Bluegrass agree P67 has amnesia over Lawwells catalogue of failures ; however he is 100% right to call out Sturgeon regarding Celtic. She knew what she was doing in both cases and she played for the orange vote. Noted.



    Her recent track record is poor. Care home deaths, following BJ in a late lockdown when the virus had been around for 4 months, lack of PCR tests and PPE, school exam fiasco, amnesia / lying over salmond, China deal etc She has never had a real job and apart from free prescriptions has delivered zilch. The cult think Independence is a done deal. Not under her she is a serial failure ( and will sell her soul to get more huns on board). She will never unite people around independence—- Westminster leader Ian Blackford has a better chance.



    So well done on P67 on calling out the tartan hun ; just wish you had the integrity to call out Lawwell for the damage he has done to the club; especially the appointment and as far as I hear ongoing support for our sorry excuse of a manager.

  29. Am I really to believe that the Nationalist party are courting the Orange vote by “punishing Celtic” ?



    Seriously ? some think that is what is in play here ?



    how big do we consider the “orange vote ” to be ?



    Is it a block vote that swings any type of elecetion in any way,



    If attacking celtic / catholic schools / independence is such a crucial vote winner then why are the DUP not putting candidates up ?



    I despair when i read some of this, think for yourselfs for goodness sake.

  30. I fully agree with Paul67 Leader. Yet again those in power at Celtic FC are struck DUMB !


    In recent weeks, it was left Neil lennon to question why celtic wre treated different than those other KLANS…sorry…Clubs.


    That was/is a Disgrace.



  31. For a bit of fun, on google search engine home page today (where they post a daily image of an inspirational person from history) click on the image, where, that person’s name will be revealed.



    Made me laugh 🤣



    Surprising answers to







    “Who is the most skillful player at CP?”




    A few years ago I and some mates were in the presence of Tommy Boyd for dinner and Drinks at Celtic Park a couple of hours before a Champions League match….Whish we won 2-0.


    My mates and I asked Tommy ” who was the best player that you played with at Celtic…we ALL thought he would say…Henrik ?


    He didnt…He said ” PAUL MacSTAY…Immediately without a second thought.



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