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Newco’s narcotic-type dependency on ever-more-creative PR was illustrated on BBC Radio Scotland last night by Michael Stewart, who highlighted ludicrously false attempted murder stories fed to the newspapers, followed by rushed and selectively edited TV interviews when the truth became apparent.

Meanwhile, every other football club in Scotland goes about their business, where PR prepare information ahead of games, like any normal entity.

On this occasion, two Celtic season ticket holders (quite rightly) reported to the police an incident, observed only by a handful of Celtic fans, by another fan at last month’s defeat.

Celtic fans’ abhorrence of intolerance is commendable, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  The club cannot cut across this with denials or deflections. Others have exploited that police report shamelessly, but that is Gutter Life.

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  1. Paul 67,



    Am I interpreting this correctly.



    After weeks of looking for evidence of racist behaviour towards Morelos they have finally unearthed, coaxed or whatever two supporters who will do the establishments bidding.


    Let us see the evidence, because it seemed very hard to find.



    Meanwhile what has happened to Morelos for his provocative and sickening gestures to our supporters.


    The ” evidence” wasn’t hard to unearth, it was on camera witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people.



    They dragged 9 ( yes 9 ) of our supporters into a court for hanging a sex doll.


    Misjudged: yes.


    Mistimed . Certainly, given a very sad suicide.


    Mischievous. Yes , more high jinks and immature rather than evil and criminal.



    A high profile player giving throat cutting signs to supporters or dollgate.


    I know which one was the more provocative and I’m still waiting on the perpetrator and 8 of his associates to be taken to task.




  2. Sky Sports have removed the video in which their translation accused Celtic fans of screaming racist abuse.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    Sky sports need to publish a correction and an apology . Any repeat and it’s time to get the lawyers involved.

  4. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ DAVID17 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:00 PM



    “Shved has not convinced Lenny, Kennedy or Duff. Its that simple. Frimpong was so good in training he was thrust into the first team. There is nothing sinister going on here. Shved isn’t cutting it.”



    Maybe, but was anyone under the impression that Morgan was cutting it?




    Separately, good statement from Celtic. Sky are in a difficult position. Unlike the Boyd incident, this isn’t one of its ‘analysts’ going off-piste and letting their partisanship (read: bitterness) shine through. This is doctoring the translation of an interview to create a false perception designed to tarnish Celtic’s name. Good on the board for calling this out. Celtic should not let this lie.

  5. Big Wavy – cheers I know they are trying to get a cousin in Spain to purchase them.



    I think out of the 6, 2 have tickets.



    Cheers and enjoy






    D. :)

  6. CELTIC40ME on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:21 PM


    what a horrible poisonous bunch



    That’s what a lot of Us have been saying on here about most of the media


    in Scotland they are totally bias towards we all know who & their so called


    scandel is totally negative stories about our Club which is so untrue with false


    allegations as well they should be exposed along with Jaba Hub (Jim Traynor)


    where we all know who he supports as bias drivel we are talking here about


    a so called bias Journalist who has been sacked before & has no credibility


    whatsoever his so called hidden agenda should be exposed @ every


    opportunity/turn that is what it boils down too a bias false/fake Jounalist


    who has no neutral & fair credibility whatsoever

  7. SOUTHSIDE on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:48 PM







    Yes it appears the ‘unspoken’ was finnally spoken.!


    I like Michael Stewart even more if that’s possible.


    He is no celtic fan…he is just a man who refuses to tow the party line.



    All quiet on the Tom English front?…..probably too busy covering his beloved rugby or running scottish football down on the irish sports ‘off the ball’ program……[which he does regularly]



    @ DAVID17 on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:00 PM


    “Shved has not convinced Lenny, Kennedy or Duff. Its that simple. Frimpong was so good in training he was thrust into the first team. There is nothing sinister going on here. Shved isn’t cutting it.”


    Maybe, but was anyone under the impression that Morgan was cutting it?



    Lewis Morgan got a run of games in the first Team Shved has not had a run of matches


    in the first Team so therefore how can he be fairly judged

  9. are we about to see Sky added to the list of the anti-rangers conspirators?



    No doubt Sky sports wouldnt worry too much about the embarrassment from this but they could be a very dangerous enemy



    They seem to have completely forgotten that they’re a football club that needs to win games

  10. Go back ten years and more and the esteemed Jim Traynor was the big baws at the bbc scotland.


    If any caller to his phone in program ‘your call’ or any other hack even hinted that he had his head stuck up David Murrys arse they got scalded like a foolish child.


    Fast forward all these years and has Mr Traynors career since the bbc proved just how balanced and impartial he was back then.


    FFS even Chick Young of all people called him out famously live on air for his pandering to rangers f.c



    Get in there Michael Stewart…legend ……but unfortunately i have to say this….be very very careful Michael Stewart…there are some serious dark dark forces out there who have the power to encourage their braindead followers…….ask neil lennon

  11. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Another interesting point from the Morelos interview.



    The narrative regarding the throat slitting gesture has been that it has been misinterpreted and that in Colombia it signifies something (in this case, the match) being finished. We all know this is nonsense and yet they are still pushing this narrative. Look at the final line of what Sky published compared to what Morelos said.



    He is not defending the gesture. He is bizarrely stating that it wasn’t racist. Meanwhile, Sky are publishing the Traynor prepared PR.



    “QUESTION: A lot has been made of the two gestures, one in the game against Motherwell and the other against Celtic. Can you explain why those were made?



    What Sky said:



    “First, I’ll talk about the match against Motherwell. We were winning a very important match.



    “I scored a very important goal and I celebrated. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.



    “If you look back I have done this celebration at home and away matches. In the match against Celtic we were winning in added time.



    “I fell down. Whether that is simulation or not is up to the referee.



    “Afterwards it was very frustrating to hear the crowd screaming at me. They were saying offensive and racist words.



    “I wasn’t trying to instigate or incite anything. I just wanted them to stop.



    “It was sort of a symbol that says, ‘Come on guys the game is over! This doesn’t need to continue! I understand that you criticise me but now it’s over.



    What Morelos really said:



    “First I’m going to talk about the situation against Motherwell.



    “We were winning an important game.



    “And I celebrated as I always do in Ibrox, with my fans and the Rangers people.



    “The gesture I made wasn’t meant to offend them.



    “I have always celebrated like that. But yes, it wasn’t a gesture to offend anyone.



    “And then against Celtic, we were winning 2-0.



    “I don’t know if I fell or whatever but I wasn’t trying to win a penalty.



    “The referee decided to send me off. That’s fine, that’s his decision.



    “But the gesture I made wasn’t racist.”

  12. glendalystonsils on

    For once I believe Alfie , that his throat slitting gesture was not racist . He was threatening all of the Celtic fans in that stand regardless of race , colour or ethnicity.

  13. ART OF WAR on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 4:38 PM


    What are the odds? Hun monkey leaves my team in work….only for a new one to start yesterday.


    Quote: “David Murray saved Celtic in 1990!”


    ” Celtic got us demoted to 4th division!”


    “We’re welcome all over Europe!”


    Where do you even begin? This is his 2nd day her FFS!!!!!!



    David Murray saved Sellick aye what a load of crap for every fiver they spend we will


    spend a tenner & Sellick got us demoted to the 4th Division crap they went bust to


    get out of the debt they where in & EBT’s aye what a Tax fidel tax dodgers was old Co


    & The Mighty Glasgow International Rangers are Welcome all over Europe aye make


    that remark in Spanish in Barcelona peeing publically all over Les Ramblers rioting


    in the same City back in 1972 rioting in Villareal in Spain & that’s his 2nd Day the


    person in question is on Zombie Drugs with his mind full of bias bullshit nah don’t


    let him into your Work Team he is off his head on a bias illusionary mind set in other


    words he is aff his head

  14. Once a respected journo at the Glasgow Herald stable


    to living off scraps from the great man’s table….


    Rolling in the gutter…..belonging in the mire…..tail between the legs like a dog for hire…




  15. !!BADA BING!! on 4TH FEBRUARY 2020 6:01 PM


    Can we bin Sky Sports, and do our own TV deal…..



    Yeah good suggestion Bada Bing but no Celtic TV & Gerry McCulloch


    he is a rubbish commentator that counts down every second in Celtic


    matches in other words his commentry is crap & the Celtic TV Picture


    Quality is crap ffs even Sevco & Sheep TV is better than Celtic TV


    We want quality not crap quantity

  16. At last a statement worth reading. Not before time.



    What size of microphones will now be placed in front of our support to ensure Sky can report on any inappropriate shouts or songs.



    Remember they have form if I remember rightly NFL at St Mirren park a few years ago.



    Be on your guard.




  17. bbc sportsound have just opened with a full editorial apology to james traynor ……also it appears michael stewart has been axed from tonights show…


    I have now turned it OFF

  18. The Battered Bunnet on

    Morelos was interviewed by Craig Slater, Sky’s Formula One presenter, and a Mr Nobody in terms of Scottish football.



    To the best of my knowledge, Morelos has never given a TV interview in Scotland, other than for the club’s own internet platform.



    Sky list 57 current “Football presenters, commentators and pundits” on their website, none of whom are Craig Slater.



    The translation and transcription of the interview bears no relation to what Morelos has said. He has been hung out to dry here.



    Meanwhile Craig Slater disappears back into the anonymity of the close season in Formula 1.



    The SPFL’s major broadcasting partner has framed a top player at one club accusing another club of racism. The likelihood is that the whole thing was set up by that club’s PR. It’s not just a disgrace, it’s openly corrupt.



    And Scottish football can do absolutely nothing about it because the clubs are beholden to the Sky dollar.



    What a midden.

  19. Shortbread continues to Day 2 ,re trying to get LG done,aided by McFadden and Ferguson, shambles of an organisation

  20. Shortbread throw Michael Stewart under bus right away and Ferguson says Griffiths stamped on my son ffs

  21. Celtic need to ascertain which Sky sports person decided to pursue Morelis and sanction the interview.



    Also, who did they speak to at Sevco to get permission and who translated the Qs and As.




  22. Can you imagine Stein or McNeill’s reaction to the nonsense currently being proffered by lard-ersed, pea-brained, sycophantic tossers like Traynor, Jackson, Ralston et all. They would have been cowering in the corner as big Jock tore them a strip. He dealt with real sports journalists in Scotland ( yes we did


    have them back in the day) so ornamental, talentless, clowns like that shower would have been meat and drink to Jock, Billy or Martin O’Neill, whose willingness to litigate had them permanently in fear.



    Fair play to Michael Stewart for showing some courage and offering straightforward, plain speak, opinions.



    Good Celtic statement tonight to Sky , an organisation, I suspect, on the cusp of losing a significant number of Celtic supporting subscribers probably at the end of the season.

  23. It is very sad to think that Sky sports will be the only place to watch our games next season onwards.


    I can’t boycott because I already do.


    Their coverage is mince regardless of any other angle they have against us.



    As for bbc shortbread?……would they have backed up Michael Stewart more if he was from a different gender?


    I think they would have.


    The bbc are lost in so many ways ..not only their sport.


    The ibrox club have even banned their main sports hack and got away with it.


    Time for celtic to follow suit and keep their media activities in house.

  24. Use to money we have in the bank celtic.


    Refuse to allow sky sports into celtic park.


    The tv deal will be in tatters whilst we will be taken to court for breach of contract.


    So what


    rip the tv’s peanuts anyway

  25. As I mentioned the other day, BBC Scotland is a hun shop through and through. It’s no surprise they’re bending over to appease Traynor, and at the same time allowing their pundits to make serious and false accusations about Leigh Griffiths – this is after an SFA panel of referees etc. reviewed the incident and decided no offence had been committed.



    Where is Leigh’s right of reply tonight as McFadyen and Fergusson are given free reign to traduce? Where is the “fair and balanced” coverage about this incident? Is it only considered a breach of editorial policy if James Traynor phones up to complain about something? Spineless cocksucker.



    Glad to hear the government are considering not prosecuting anyone who does not pay the BBC licence fee. Hopefully it leads to a massive reduction in their funding and the closure of BBC Scotland Sports department. An disgrace of a publicly-funded regional operator that deserves nothing but contempt.



    Pardon my French…