Hearts first of 5 big games left


Fixtures between now and the end of the season fall into two categories: games between Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts, and the rest. Aberdeen and Celtic each have to play Hearts home and away, while the only remaining fixture between the top two will take place at Celtic Park.

Despite the last minute turn-around and Aberdeen’s collapse two weeks ago, we are still very much in a title race which a reversal tomorrow would illustrate. Aberdeen don’t play until Sunday, so, as with two weeks ago, they will have to sit on wait on Celtic’s result. Derek McInnes will have marked this game out weeks ago as one he needs Celtic to drop points in.

Celtic have a settled look about the side. The goalkeeper and defenders have settled into good form, while a fully fit Brown and Bitton anchor the midfield. With Leigh Griffiths up front it’s the three places behind the striker Ronny Deila has to make decisions for.

Kris Commons enjoys playing against Hearts and has not been exerted by international football, he should play. Unlike Tom Rogic, who will surely sit out after his trip to Australia. Your guess is as good as mine as to who will play on the flanks.

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  1. So many Tims, so, so many, real Tims, so confused, so conflicted, no answers, no explanations, no caring, no compassion, no understanding of others morals,…






    Like the quiet of a betrayed rebels coffin.



    Lots of coffins. Lots.



    Lots of fathers whose bones are now dust but whose fight has not yet been won.



    It is quieter above ground than below ground.



    They went harder than we ever lived.



    And we live on in denial of our obligation to their life long sacrifice and we justify it how.



    I can’t. I live in shame of being a coward.



    A self-professed Celtic Coward and I hope I never meet my father again in my shame of silence after what he did for me and mine.

  2. Team for tmoro






    Lustig. Erik. Mulgrew. Tierney



    ————Brown. Bitton——————–



    —-McGregor Johansen. Mackay-Steven —







    Depending how the game is panning out, Rogic must be given 35/40mins, if the game still needs to be decided.

  3. Jamesgang



    Absolutely…. I was going to compare him to an Alfa Romeo for the same reason.


    But he does look like a Zara kinda guy

  4. It’s amazing how short some memories are.


    Biton is in bad form with injuries and a European hangover to blame.


    If we had qualified for the CL the biggest contributor would have been Big Nirlo.


    An equaliser in Iceland extinguished the temporary fear of exiting Europe altogether, after Stjarnan had taken a shock lead.


    He was excellent away to Qurabag, guaranteeing Europa League football.


    Again produced the goods at home to Malmo.


    Who forgets his disallowed goal that should have stood in Malmo? Not me.


    Martin ONeill said of Aiden McGeadys chances off making the plane to France, despite poor form all season, his last minute goal in Georgia was so important, I don’t forget that, he will be given every opportunity to make the squad.

  5. And right now, we need more Volkswagen golfs.



    Audi, bmw, Mercedes would be nice obviously.



    But at moment VW Golfs over Alfa Romeo’s



    Bitton, take heid

  6. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Bhenjybhoy Mul, thanks for posting that link about Dexy’s.



    Kevin is a one off in the music business and has never hidden his pride in his Irish roots.



    From the front cover of Searching for the Young Soul rebels, the lyrics in Dance Stance/burn it Down to Nowhere is Home to me from One Day I’ll soar.



    Knowledge of Beauty/National Pride from Don’t Stand Me down is a particular favourite.

  7. Canamalar…



    Maybe we should do what the yanks are doing and protect jobs by putting a tax on the cheap steel coming in.


    The Chinese were caught out doing the same thing with oil extension pipelines, selling them cheaper than they were making them for in order to shut down plants in the USA, the yanks got wise to it and have now dealt with it, unlike our Tory mob, that probably have their bank books enhanced by turning a blind eye to it.



    The Tory party vetoed any increased tax on cheap imported steel from China.



    I’m at the moment watching more and more work being subcontracted into my work from China, God knows what our clients would think if they knew it was cheap inferior Chinese steel used and manufactured from their growing into turbines and power plants!



    It’s all about the money.



    Btw… The company I work for is USA owned.

  8. Hearing Boerigter in the squad and likely to start, on the insistence of Lawwell who has one more window to sell him.



    Absolutely unacceptable if true.



    Breachingthenooncurfew CSC


    KITALBA on 1ST APRIL 2016 6:46 PM






    viva la Reading train station Celtic Supporters Club






    Awaiting your return,big fella!

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Where do you think the Tory money is invested, they don’t need kickbacks they only need to make sure they keep making it harder for British companies to compete and the money will keep rolling in.

  11. Thunder Road on




    Might need to read back properly as i just quickly read through the pages. I thought i saw a few comments about him without paying any heed to who said what so my comment wasn’t aimed at you in particular(although it probably has been if you were the only one that said anything!)


    He has came in for a bit of stick lately(sure ive read stuff) and perhaps quite rightly so as he has not played well recently and has made some poor decisions.


    In his defence id say he is not a defensive midfielder, but a playmaker, the fulcrum and works the ball to everyone around him. He plays in that holding role but his strengths are in dictating play and picking passes. Id say a huge responsibility of his play is to move us up the field and into an area where the attacking 3 midfield players are then the ones to do any damage.


    He can chip in with the goals too though and he has scored some great goals for us.


    I wonder at times if he has to try to do too much to try to create something(kinda like our centre backs having to step up into the midfield to join in the play) and sometimes takes himself out of position in an effort to do so when things aint going well(perhaps more experience and mental toughness could help)and can run himself into the ground, leaving himself both physically and mentally tired?


    You are right that he does get the wrong side of his man and can cause problems in that respect and he really needs to add a bit more discipline/nous to that area of his game, but sometimes i think that comes from him getting tired and sloppy.


    Maybe if we were more clinical and incisive some of our games would not be on a knife edge and he wouldn’t be under the same pressure to try to make something happen.

  12. RC…



    That photo of the van minded me of my way down to Manchester for the joke rapid game…ps missed it on the back. :(

  13. RC



    You have the rarest of talents of making everyone smile!



    HH jamesgang

  14. My experiences of Hearts as a football club is one of respect.


    In ten years of involvement with the club I never experienced sectarianism once.


    My experiences of Hearts supporters is a whole lot different, with a sizeable amount some of the worst supporters I’ve known.



    One Hearts player I would be interested in for Celtic is Jamie Walker, he turned down Celtic when he was 15, when Celtic offered 100 grand, he has the ability and is one for the watching.

  15. Ruggyman,



    Just hold a minute there sir……………unacceptable comments about Alfa Romeo!!!

  16. Canamalar…



    I know that, the bassas are always five years ahead.






    Wouldn’t like to say where on here.

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Roy C



    Is a P67 plant…….. And a very good one



    Bring the blog back to Celtic…….. The matter what Celtic you support



    3pts the morra Ronny will do for me

  18. Park Road 67 on




    I”ve had many a Guiness in Byrne”s and Kehoes , also good pint in Sheehan”s HH !

  19. What is the Stars on

    Park Road


    3 good pubs you just mentioned



    Nearys and Grogans are 2 other good ones around that area ( Grafton Street )

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