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    Dinnae dae that,put needles through your eyes instead!



    You not ‘golfing’ today?

  2. Morning all. Belated Happy Christmas and advance best wishes for the New Year. I was, and still am to an extent, in favour of the RD appointment, but I am having doubts. Absence of the projected high-pressing game, players not employed in their best positions, running out of steam after 70 mi utes, and the worrying incidences of injuries are all of great concern. Concentration, awareness, decision-making, movement, anticipation, corners/free kicks, throw-ins, attacking the ball instead of waiting for it to arrive, letting the ball bounce before inevitably losing it, playing the ball out from the back instead of hoofing it and losing possession, passing to a team-mate rather than the opposition, basic defending instead trying to be clever,pulling out of tackles (aka bottling it), winning defensive headers. I guess that’s about it, maybe I’ve missed a few things? Oh, and yes, playing with heart and soul and in a forward direction to thrill the supporters, not by winning every match, but at least giving best effort to do so. Ach, well, onto Dundee next, here’s ….Ronny!



  3. I don’t deem the late equaliser as bad luck, (just to be clear) I class it as rank stupidity, fouling the man when he is standing with his back to goal presenting no danger. Bring him down and all of a sudden you give them a lifeline. Some guys in that team carrying big egos and high opinions of themselves. James F should apologise to every one of his teammates then his management team. He is often guilty of giving away cheap free kicks and doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes.

  4. Thought we started really quite well yesterday. Some nice passing and movement. But no clinical finish to build on the momentum.



    And into the game came the hertz.



    First two goals were nice finishes but poor defending.


    Goals 3 & 4 were unstoppable. Had Commons scored the late equaliser no one on here would be mentioning the wee deflection or the keeper’s positioning.



    Unlucky with the injuries.



    Beyond stoopid with the free kick that JF conceded at the end.



    A team that feels much more likely to concede a late goal that get one….



    A team that will scare few either through incisiveness or mettle.



    I’m longing for RD to succeed. But the progress im seeing is in a backwards direction. Hate to say it.



    HH jamesgang

  5. A sunny -18 degrees -way down south .



    Yesterday ——Another shambolic performance from a team that increasingly looks an absolute mess . – lack focus , lack attention and concentration , pass the buck , make schoolboy errors and start blowing out their arse around the 60 minute mark..



    My Hertz pal was miffed that his self admitted poor lot failed to beat what he thinks is a very poor Celtic team.



    Off oot -Marrakesh for New Year . Hope to be nowhere near an internet connection – So — Best wishes re 2016 to all !

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    What exactly do you mean ?


    Are we going back the way we came ?




    Going forward, backwards ?




    Are you no sure ?.

  7. Paddy Gallagher



    The ball deflected into the net, it didn’t go directly in, that was bad luck, the tackle? Was daft totally agree with you, but my point was you can’t blame RD for every single action the players do, cmon ?

  8. the glorious balance sheet on

    Tony Donnelly67 925am



    You say that we play 15 games more each season than any other team in the league. This is not the case.



    This season we have played 6 European qualifying games; the same as Aberdeen. We have then played 6 Europa league games that Aberdeen did not.



    So its 6 more games played than Aberdeen. While not ideal, it’s something that we should be more than capable of handling given the vast advantage we have in terms of financial resources, squad size, training facilities etc.



    If you are an optimist you would point to the one point advantage and the game in hand and say we’re top of the pile and so we are handling the additional workload fairly well.



    A pessimist might be more inclined to look at our league results against the 2nd and 3rd placed teams in the league – one win from four attempts – and the longer term run of 3 wins from the last 9 games and argue that we are in a rut 18 months and 3 transfer windows into our manager’s tenure.



    Whereas a pessimist trying to find some grounds for optimism might well argue that there’s no point worrying about us playing more games than the rest of the league by dint of European competition next season as on current form there’s no chance of us qualifying for the Europa league far less the champions league!

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Joe Filippis Haircut on 28th December 2015 10:04 am Good morning Bhoys O.K. so you want Ronny to be fired so just who would you replace him with ? it would be very likely another low grade manager I have noticed some say Stubbs just what has he done in management ?




    Probably the same “experts” who wanted some of the following when NL left:


    Moyes – since been sacked.


    McNamara – ditto.


    MacKay – ditto.


    Lambert – ditto.


    Clarke – ditto.

  10. There is some relation between lack of consistency and inconsistency in selection.



    I don’t have the stats but when was last time we fielded same team two games in a row?



    Yesterday we couldn’t even finish first half with team we started with.



    Teams develop over time as individuals in it learn to play with each other as result of well playing with each other.



    In my playing days I played best with guys who knew my runs and I knew theirs.



    So a factor in “no improvement” has been constant change and the answer to that problem isn’t more, it’s less.



    When I left CP last weekend for the first time I thought we might be in reverse but yesterday was an improvement and if you take the forced changes into account a big one.



    With regard to recent run of results every team can experience that. Aberdeen did but did not dump their manager and look to have some consistency and fight back although even at home they dropped points.



    When building a team my bunch of guys went from being gubbed in double figures to losing by a lot less until one day against the team perennialy propping up the league we got a draw. After that it was more of same but gradually we started winning consistently when surprise surprise we played a settled side.



    So I’m not for changing manager unless we change the develop and sell policy which of itself means you get poor performances by being cyclical in nature.



    I enjoyed the match yesterday so much more than last week because of improvement, the lack of which is oft cited by many whose experience of managing or managing a football team I have no idea of.



    But that’s me. A patient good finder and I thank God for the gift of patience, it provides all the time in this world for good to be found.

  11. Canamalar



    Backwards mate. And I’m very sorry to say I’m now pretty sure!






    Beyond the minutiae of unlucky touches and the unsettling changes through injuries yesterday (both of which I readily accept) I think we’re much less than the sum of our parts in terms of talent and resources.



    We should demolish opposition in the spl and be a tough nut to crack that’s respected in Europe. Neither applies.



    Hate to say it.



    HH jamesgang

  12. the glorious balance sheet



    I’m basing it on a run in the SLC and SC all the way to the final, but as I always say, the negatives are there all you have to do is find them, if that’s what your looking for of course?





    Fair point. But there are inevitabilities in life. Death. Taxes. If yer a football manager,the sack.



    Practically all the legendary managers have been sacked-or ‘mutualled’



    But again I will state that I don’t want Ronny sacked. But I do want him to manage.

  14. TONYDONNELLY67 on 28TH DECEMBER 2015 10:55 AM


    Paddy Gallagher


    The ball deflected into the net, it didn’t go directly in, that was bad luck, the tackle? Was daft totally agree with you, but my point was you can’t blame RD for every single action the players do, cmon ?



    I agree mate – look at my previous post!





    Two , yes two deflected goals for them and James Forrest committing a totally needless foul on a man with his back to goal posing no threat whatsoever. Luck can’t be challenged but stupid schoolboy errors have to stop.

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    So Auldheid,


    Are you saying it’s his inconsistent team selection that’s the problem ?

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Is that backwards, backwards ?




    Backwards, forwards ?



    Oh it’s a fine pickle we’re in.

  17. BMCUW



    It is a crap strategy but why embark on it if there were other options?



    What is happening to Celtic is happening to what were big clubs world wide.



    Liverpool, Man Utd, Aston Villa, Notts Forrest, Ajax, Bruges, Milan etc etc.all previous European Cup winners or finalists.



    It’s caused by football economics driven by TV money.



    We will find our level and like the above clubs will have to learn to enjoy it or be miserable. :)

  18. We same to be stuck in the debate involving the two camps of is your glass half full or is it half empty?


    The reality is whatever glass your looking at the contents are flat. No sparkle and not appealing to the eye. Do we need to change the whole pub decor and staff including the management or are we just needing to get the sparkle back. The best players and teams I have been lucky enough to watch all had one thing in common.


    They all looked liked they were enjoying their football.

  19. the glorious balance sheet on

    Tony Donnelly67 1106am



    What I’m looking for is balance, not negatives. It is BS to say we play 15 games more than all teams in the league.



    As I said, 6 games more played than Aberdeen this season. Aberdeen are normally a good bet to get far in the cups and indeed have gone farther than us on a few occasions in recent seasons so you’re onto plums if you’re looking for us to pick up an additional 9 games over them in the two cup competitions.



    You also point out that Neil Lennon got to the last 16 and say it’s all about luck. Does that mean that ancelotti and Guardiola are no more than lucky managers and super Sally was simply unlucky? Is messi a lucky player and Scott nisbet was thwarted from the Balon d’or only due to an outrageous run of bad luck?



    Luck certainly is a factor in football and Ronny was unlucky yesterday in us incurring the 2 early injuries. But you could argue that he has also benefited from outrageously good fortune in his Celtic career eg the Legia Warsaw player registration lifeline.



    Ronny is not some cursed individual beset by bad luck at every turn.



    The big book of excuses is getting more of a hammering as this season progresses.

  20. PADDY GALLAGHER on 28TH DECEMBER 2015 11:21 AM



    Well to be very honest I thought we where giving Hearts a lesson on football up until our first injury and it unsettled us, same as the second injury did, because at that time you had five of your starting lineup standing on the sidelines, it does make a difference when your not at full strength, it has to, but as I said, sh.t happened and you have to deal with it,.

  21. Is there something wrong with me or am I the only one on planet Celtic who could not identify with the so called Celtic team that drew with Hearts. I really don’t know what is going on but I remember my roots and as life goes on my roots that were once married to Celtic’s… well today, I look at the club, at the players, at the team, at the board, at the contempt for our club and cultural ethos, and I think to myself…. this is not what I grew up with, this is not what I hurt and cried for. We live in diametrical worlds with my hope – your coin. and my faith – your coin, and my emotional investment -your coin, and my pain – your coin, and my interest repayments, not your concern – your coin.



    Somebody has stolen Celtic and in as a proxy poxy sub, hey ho! and away we go… with a muppet theatre as a wind up. It is a wind up folks… a wind up. Don’t fret, they got me too.



    Your children are going to love the joke, as are your grand-children.

  22. GivehimthemoneyPeterCSC on

    Nae luck yesterday with the last minute deflected equaliser, however a draw was a fair result…(Gordon had a cracking save)



    We are really missing broony in games that have a bit of bite…johansen tried his best on this front but the yellow killed his tackling game which is not his strongest point. Forrest is shocking in tough tackling games but did better than usual



    Ciftci is the worst striker I’ve seen in the celtic top for a while…no movement, slow and looks overweight,,,the real crime is that we only have carlton cole on the bench as a replacement….whose idea was it to let scepovic go? Ronnie, I think not



    The manager picked his strongest team yesterday and didnt have much choice with the subs although I would have been tempted to use scott allan instead of GMS who does nothing when he gets on….

  23. It’s all a bit doom and gloom today!



    I still think Ronny will get us playing consistently good football. Not so easy to defend at times, but I hold my faith in him.


    I think we are in transition, taking a while mind, but it’s a big transition, notice the difference in players being signed?



    The bigger issue for me is the leadership from the club.


    There isn’t any.


    We are rudderless.


    People like Mr(behave yourself)Bankier should be heard more often, defending the club, leading the club, the support, and not allowing us to be attacked without defence.


    We will always be attacked, it’s a matter of whether, and how we defend, or just play the victim card.


    Glib club statements aren’t much of a defence, nor do they give leadership, nothing to unite behind.


    Focus on that, and we might see some unity in the Club.



    I hope Christmas was a good time for you all, spent with the ones who matter to you.

  24. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Or we could learn to enjoy being miserable.



    it maks sense tae me, and it maks sense tae Mo.


    Another thing which doesn’t help is when we face refereeing like yesterday.



    As we do frequently.



    Hammer throwers,one booking and SEVEN fouls.



    No wonder we canny score wi a set-piece from the training-ground.



    Update the legendary-mythical?-dossier,do something about it and protect your employees in the workplace. Same as every other company in the country is charged with doing.

  26. Afternoon Timland from a warm and sunny hun free mountain valley.


    Awe Naw posted this last night, the best post of the night and not a single reply, that I found very strange.












    Boyata ……injured








    Mc Gregir








    not match fit after long term injury




    GMS …not match fit after short term injury


    Stokes ..mothballed



  27. I’m glad Bosman wasn’t the miserable sort. Bosman was a fighter who actually thought, feck I am a fighter, let me fight for the right to be equal… TO BE EQUAL.



    If you don’t agree with how the big leagues are favoured then just withdraw your fodder, the game cannot survive without your fodder. Let them blow themselves….

  28. Bottom line…



    we scare the shit out of ourselves every time an alternative is suggested.



    We are FODDER and we know we are.

  29. Well that’s H ( Hugo ) & H ( Honey) had their morning stroll :-)



    TD67, apologies for snapping earlier, it is frustration with thinking we all listen and pay attention to the MSM, my comments come directly from wanting to see the best Celtic we can, at what we can afford, absolutely no influence from MSM, only from what I am witnessing.


    Yes injuries disrupted our team yesterday, but with our squad we should still be strong enough to win games in the SPFL when ahead in the game twice ? And as for our subs, all 3 would get a game in any other SPFL team – yes


    We have by far the best squad of players in the SPFL, yet from what I am watching we do not have the best team ? I struggle often to see us playing cohesively as a team ? Yes we had a good 15 mins at start yesterday, then when went back into our shell,


    How often do we need to see players being played in positions which does not suit them ?


    Yet we persevere, why, are the management team watching different games, are they not seeing the failings in structure, or set up ?


    I will continue to support the team and management whilst in their positions, but this is not nice at the minute


    Doc, rudderless again :-) team management is like that :-))



    Hail Hail