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Scottish clubs, including (original) Rangers, opposed the imposition of Strict Liability on clubs for offenses by their fans as long as the club concerned had undertaken all reasonable precautions to discourage and prevent those offenses.

In other words, if a club warn fans what is unacceptable behaviour, and confirm they will be banned from your stadium if they indulge, the club will not incur any punishment. As we know, it’s different in European competition, where clubs are held responsible for fans’ transgressions.

This is all fine and well, but it’s a moot debate after the Scottish Cup Final riot. Hibs and (Newco) Rangers may well have taken all reasonable precautions ahead of the game, but that changed for Newco immediately thereafter.

The statement defending the Newco fans taking the law into their own hands on the Hampden pitch that day is the opposite of undertaking all reasonable precautions. In fact, it was incendiary. I have little doubt it contributed to the actions of Newco fans in the first few months of this season, who appear to wandering around Premiership grounds ready to settle perceived scores.

Justification by Statement has continued. It’s now a pattern. The question for the SFA disciplinary panel, is whether they condone clubs encouraging fans taking the law into their own hands, as consistent with reasonable precautions, when deciding on actions by visiting fans at Celtic Park and Pittodrie.

It’s not. In fact, it’s dangerous and will lead to increasingly alarming situations until those setting the fires are brought to account. What happened at Celtic Park and Pittodrie was bad enough but far more serious consequences could lie ahead if this clarion call for Direct Action isn’t faced.

The players will still be buzzing from Wednesday night when they take to the field at Dens tomorrow lunchtime. We could blow Dundee away in a wave of effervescent football, or we could struggle to get heads out of the clouds. We’ve witnessed both scenarios before.

Jimmy Johnstone

You’re in for a treat tonight, the Jimmy Johnstone documentary is on BBC Alba at 9:30, on what would have been his 72nd birthday. It’s a brilliant journey into the life and family of an extraordinary-ordinary person. I thought I’d known all there was to know about the Jinky story, but I didn’t realise he was decades ahead of the game in terms of fitness and training techniques.

Brain injury

We have a special article out today, written by SunnyJim, on brain injury in the game (and a whole lot more). We re-examine a blow to the head taken early in the 6-2 game by Fernando Ricksen, who like Jinky, was struck by Motor Neurone Disease.

The game has a responsibility to its players, which means we all need to become educated in some of the risks.  Read the article, you’ll learn something significant about an incident you are very familiar with.

The Celtic Foundation has had a great boost already from all those who are doing the Great Scottish Run on Sunday on its behalf. Dozens of Celtic fans have been sponsored by hundreds of fans, raising thousands of pounds.

This will be the last you hear from me on the subject before the off; if you can help, here’s the place.

Thank you, and thanks to everyone who has already contributed.

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  1. vfr800a8 on 30th September 2016 12:25 pm




    Chairbhoy on 30th September 2016 12:15 pm







    I don’t see the UCL being a midweek competition in 10 years time. I see a new UEFA League developing with clubs from all over Europe forming the top tier with probably a 2nd tier and promotion/relegation and possibly play-offs from the national associations to get into the 2nd tier.







    I think Celtic will be invited into an 18-20 strong top-tier with games played over a 3 day weekend.







    This is (obviously) purely conjecture on my part but TV money is dictating where and when football is currently being played; I think that will only develop further.







    We will wait and see.







    FAC the Act








  2. Tobago Street on 30th September 2016 12:25 pm



    Vfr800a8 . . . Or do we play Griffiths instead of Roberts?







    A possibility but I reckon BR will want some game time for Roberts



    FAC the Act




  3. I’d quite like to see Celtic put out a series of ‘bait’ statements, just for a laugh.



    See how many times/how long we can keep the Huns ragin’ and responding to some cheap jibe with yet another boolin’ club tirade from Jabba’s pen.



    Jumpy Monkeys just can’t help themselves.

  4. vfr800a8 on 30th September 2016 12:32 pm



    Come on, where ur yeez?





    Luckily I appeared – you were one more post from tunring into Delia Smith…

  5. Jimmy Johnstone day.


    Memories that spring to mind,standing halfway up the terracing behind goals at the Johnstone 2 v them game


    May 1967Bit of bother between the Lenny gang and some others literally feet away.Any way the wee man had


    a great game and with two goals sent the Celtic support home a happy crew.Almost 50 years since that game



  6. Paul67, the fact that the SFA have continued to ignore The Rangers justifying their own and their fans abhorrent behaviour by selective statements taking everyone but themselves to task is indicative of the fact they have no intention of punishing The Rangers. To sanction them would involve fines most likely and it is common knowledge that would have a pretty devastating effect on The Rangers’ already parsimonious state.



    Instead, we will continue to be subjected to their disgraceful missives on how no-one likes then and they do care.



    Allied to that, we have the Magic Twat bleating on daily about how hard it is for their new players to bed in. They only had 2 new players in the line up for their latest defeat at Pittodrie; Celtic had 3 new players against Kilmarnock and we won handsomely.



    I wonder what the fall-out will be if they don’t get a result in the minor Glasgow Derby tomorrow; and when the get pummelled again in their 4th Glasgow Derby on the 23rd October; that will be a record of 3 defeats and 1 draw from 4 meetings?



    What I do know is that it won’t be a sporting response from them!



    FAC the Act




  7. Sandman on 30th September 2016 12:36 pm



    vfr800a8 on 30th September 2016 12:32 pm



    Come on, where ur yeez?






    Luckily I appeared – you were one more post from tunring into Delia Smith…




    Ah, but I’ve no’ been on the cooking sherry yet!



    FAC the Act




  8. Hi Paul67,



    Why is it that Clubs operating from Ibrox seem to continually bring down Scottish Football… okay sometimes they manage to drag others in, maybe Hibs, maybe Aberdeen, us, the Footballing Governing bodies or the Countries Judiciary but there is one common denominator.



    To have someone in our game (or even the Scottish Government) that can stand up and do something about this.



    As a person once said who would surrender not… it’s the 2000lb Guerrilla in the room.



    VFR800A8 @ 12:26 PM,



    Ah! I see where you are coming from now and I agree.



    My thinking… the UCL will either morph into a Season long weekend League or th ECA will do it.



    If you are right and this happens within the next ten years we are in a good place, personally I thought it would be well underway already, it’s just if it keeps dragging on.



    The gaps, in funding terms, for Clubs is expanding, we’re doing fine under the circumstances but…



    Hail Hail

  9. Wee Shay bhoy has had a seizure and is in hospital in Tenerife! (Family holiday) Hoping the poor wee guy gets better soon. Keep him in your prayers guys

  10. The fact that sevco can act with impunity shouldn’t be a surprise.



    After all our own club colluded to protect this racism institution.



    I read pails article on the Scottish govt looking to pass a law on strict liability.



    You have got to hand it to the snp. If they can’t subjugate it’s minority through its institutions it will now seek to do so through the law.



    Ask yourselves a question. In a country that allowed rangers a racist signing policy and which has subjected Catholics to racism for well over a century, in a country which invented the OBFAC and admitted it was to criminalise Celtic supporters. What do you think the outcome of strict liability would be?



    Celtic park closed for a couple of rubber dolls hanging from rafters (nice to see dawn raids in Scotland over such wanton criminality) or Ibrox closed for singing no Pope of Rome.



    I don’t think you need to send your answers on a postcard.



    As much as I enjoyed the game on Wednesday I am reminded constantly over the betrayal of our board on corruption and that we have all effectively legitimised it.



    So I guess we can’t complain when it comes back to bite us?

  11. NEGANON2 on 30TH SEPTEMBER 2016 12:56 PM



    Agree with most of what you say.


    However, THEIR obnoxious signing policies were in place long before the SNP came into existence let alone power.

  12. Agree with a lot you say Neg, but it is the Labour Party, with their pretend Catholic sympathy whilst simultaneously endorsing Protestant racism for nearly a century, which is the root of Scottish sectarian problems.



    That and fat Huns

  13. Neganon



    I follow your logic. However the issues you have with the hunnery getting away with it for years was under the rule of Labour and Tory UK national governments and then they still got away with it under a Labour Scottish Parliament with regards their singing, violence etc.



    It wouldn’t matter if the country was ruled by our PLC board. they’d still get away with it. Aye, the OBAFA is nonsense and should be scrapped but no matter what has been said our PLC board were right behind it at the start along with their QC at the time and were part of the makeup of the initial stages of the formation of the Act before they came out against it. They should never have attended the first meeting with Salmond and the Huns in the first place and told them there and then who they needed to look at.





  14. Quonno yes correct. This isn’t just about the snp. It’s about the country as a whole. Not however that it is the snp who are passing laws to subjugate the minority. That is a relatively new development no?

  15. If a club responds to every situation with bluster, bombast and a frothing mouth then they become a laughing stock. Even that club’s own fans will eventually grow tired of cringeworthy playing to the gallery.


    Jabba is many things, but he is not stupid…so, why does he think he can solve every situation with a ridiculous statement? Oh yeah, I remember…the considerable underclass of the Sevco support lap this stuff up. Davie Hay did say that Jabba was an excellent problem solver…



    Regarding the Dundee game, I think some squad rotation is called for. I think Kolo, Lustig and Brown could safely be rested. I think the others that are available to come in can do a job, plus they need game time. I would also start Griff instead of Dembele…just in case there are scouts at the match ;)

  16. MOONBEAMSWD @ 12:50 PM,



    It’s actually quite frightening how much influence these poeple have in Scotland.



    I saw and read comments on the aftermath of the game at Pittodrie on Sunday and Mark Warburton’s unedifying outburst/interview… I’m sure he was asked what he said when he harangued the referee and he replied – that’s between me and the referee and will remain so – or words to that effect.



    Now, when his SFA charge arose I went looking for this quote and couldn’t see it or read it anywhere.



    Not really a big deal, but what was rather sinister was that each newspaper and site I visited had the same Mark Warbuton quotes… verbatim.



    See the thing is, if it was actually what he said and was delivered in the manner that he said it… all well and good, you would say each reporter took notes and transcribed them onto their article (incredibly accurately;).



    But it wasn’t, it wasn’t what he said, it wasn’t how he said it…



    So how come a sanitised version of his outburst ends up in every report I read… wrong; in verbatim…



    JUST lazy journalism… we can hope.



    But it’s very dudious, very dubious indeed.



    Hail Hail

  17. As I posted on here yesterday what about starting with both Griff AND Moussa tomorrow?



    A hat-trick each?




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