Mourinho and pleasures delayed


For those who like their pleasure delayed, there is something wholesome in the wider awakening to the traits and abilities of Jose Mourinho.  The Portuguese inherited a squad at Porto in 2002 that would achieve great things there and elsewhere, notably against Celtic in Seville a year later, then against Monaco in 2004, but Mourinho’s principle contribution to results was his indulgence in the game’s dark arts.

Later in his career he would achieve while out-spending competitors, or by ‘parking the bus’ while still outspending most.  His temperament has always had a question mark over it.  Never has he won a league after his second at a club, by then, the impression of brilliance has always unravelled.

He made a barbed comment aimed broadly in the direction of Brendan Rodgers last week, although the Celtic manager was not mentioned, before picking on his own squad this week.  All will serve to divert attention from the fact that his spending is eye-watering and comparable to anywhere, but he will never get close to Manchester City.

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  1. Many thanks for the considered and varied responses to my post this morning re Celtic taking “ownership” of their part in sex abuse of youth players.



    Even the mild criticisms and corrections I received were put forward with kindness, consideration and a desire to educate me.



    I often express the view that the manager of our club should never read or, at least, pay heed to the varied and contradictory selection, tactical and transfer advice that is offered on here by our frustrated Mourinhos but, on htis occasion, I hope the club have heard and listened to the continuing pain and damage that the activities of Torbett, McCafferty and Cairney have visited upon this club and its associates.



    And I hope they listen to VFR’s suggestion in particular.

  2. I’m pretty sure Stevie Clarke wouldn’t even consider Sevco and not because of any tenuous Celtic connection.


    As someone posted earlier he is a clever guy who has been around and he’ll see through the Level5 pash and know they’re toxic and not just skint now but also heavily in debt.


    More importantly though he just isn’t the kind of guy to leave his 2 brothers’ football team in the lurch like that.


    Kilmarnock would take decades to recover from a blow like that.



    I’ve always said Brendan will do his 5 years in Scotland and I think Stevie Clarke will do 3.



    How slow are international breaks?

  3. Once upon my time I participated in and later became a team member of The Begining Experience, a peer ministry founded by Sister Josephine Stewart for people he had lost a partner through bereavement, separation/divorce. The idea was to help folk move through the stages of grief in a non judgemental environment of peers.



    Whilst having had a happy unabusive childhood myself, I was quite surprised at the number of participants, who in telling their stories, revealed abuse from a family member or near family.



    What I then noticed was that such abuse, whilst physical at the time was a life lasting abuse of the spirit. I called it soul theft, so I class it as the worst of offenses one human being can conduct against another.



    It was no wonder many participants were there because of a failed marriage, they were incapable of the real love that comes from our spirit/soul and could not offer to their partner what they had lost as result of the abuse.



    It is very difficult to accept we are loved unconditionally, much of our religious up bringing requires tests to be passed and judgement either external or internal of whether we have passed the test.



    The last judgement will not be an external one, it will be the same one we make on ourselves every living minute of every day, but when the living stops, make the last judgement one that is based on loving self as we are – perfectly imperfect in God’s eyes.

  4. Delaneys Dunky on



    The more I converse wi good Tims the better I feel. My head is just about out my arse. Lonely place up there. ;)

  5. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    BRTH, I cant commit to 25th May at the moment. I may be doing a tour of some North Sea assets and wont know for sure until a couple of weeks before.



    Would like to be there but understand you need to punt the tickets asap.



    Glad you liked the dram.



    I,ve a very nice bottle for you to raffle, need to talk to you about that. I,ll bell you when I get back fro Spain.





  6. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on




    Yes full vegatarian option available and i will note him down as such.



    Look forward to hearing from you when you are chilled.



    For anyone else going to the Lisbon celebration on 25th get yer money in soon!



    Still around 80 of the 500 seats available — remember we may well be celebrating a double treble as well.



  7. Watching Barrow v Hartlepool in the National league – texted my son and told him this is what Port Vale have got to look forward to. – unless they get a win or two.

  8. The SFA not answering the questions from Phil are typical of their attitude of people holding them to account and answer relevant questions, now if you wanted a ticket or a strip the answer would be immediate, they have probably looked at this, know that the information would incriminate people and have kicked it into the long grass of someone else dealing with it who never gets back to you. How on earth can the game move forward with these people in charge?

  9. Although I will not attend a Sevco game, I did try to purchase a ticket when I got home after 6 pm tonight. I have been able to give away my ticket before and hoped to do so again


    Celtic sent an e-mail to my home pC at 10.43 am this morning. As someone who attended all 3 previous rounds, I was eligible to buy. I tried the online link within the e mail but it only offered a variety of match tickets that did not include the SC semi-final. So, I tried the number and was taken through all the options and pre-recorded messages at 13 p a minute with your own server charges added. Eventually, the sold out message was relayed to me but it was not advertised Online nor at the start of the process of pressing the option to apply for SC semi-final tickets. And they will still be collecting cash from people who are unaware that it has sold out.



    So advertised at 10.43 am. I get this info after 6 pm and they are already gone. I can console myself with the thought that I was not going anyway but I do not have a ticket I can pass on to anyone. Sorry.

  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    gene on 21st March 2018 8:04 pm



    In which case they would have been right opposite the Butchers where wee Joe Fitzsimmons worked a few years later.



    Good people in White Street.

  11. DD,never had a ST due to work, but able to make more games now, good to see you are posting and the support you have had on here,you know I am only just up the road if there’s anything I can do to help,take care mucker, look forward to seeing you soon

  12. Dessybhoy


    I don’t think the sfa are under any obligation to answer any questions from journalist.



    The compliance officer’s report has a gestation period of a blue whale.

  13. Why raise the child abuse issue ?


    Did Fergus not “hammer” the issue – at the time ?


    Why bhoycott the SFA, and then give £££££millions to Celtic PLC, who are either afraid of, or, are in the same bed as, the SFA ?


    Oh, and look for a…..”Celtic are making moves to retrieve the necessary information, from the SFA etc, blah, blah….”…….just in time for season book renewals!


    Sorry for not being a holy Joe, but thoughts and prayers are offered for those in need.





  14. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    A Ceiler Gonof Rust on 21st March 2018 8:11 pm



    Noted. I will stick a couple of tickets aside anyway just in case.



    VFR – do you want me to book a table with Fredo for the 31st at 1pm? Say for 8 people?

  15. BRTH


    I used to visit my great aunt in chancellor st then my grandad in white street most saturdays till I was 10 or 11



    great days

  16. oldtim, you okay, if id just emptied a full bottle of whisky id feel a LOT

  17. Delaneys Dunky on



    Your post this morning was thought provoking indeed. You set up a day of honest posts. I am glad you opened up a box today


    The honesty has been refreshing on here


    Bravo T



  18. Re my previous this poem used to be on the Internet with a graphic presentation and theme music from Bagger Vance. It was very uplifting as a package but the words still resonate.



    You Are a Miracle



    You are a child of creation



    A reflection of God



    No one can steal your beauty



    Or reduce your worth



    Unless you let them



    ~So don’t let them~



    You are a miracle of God’s love



    ~A miracle~



    Never look at yourself and see anything less



    your life is not a random stroke of chance



    you are part of a sovereign plan



    loved into existence for eternity



    let the fire in your soul live and love,



    laugh and leap for joy



    and for the short trip you walk upon this earth



    you are the light of the world



    Author: Terri McPherson Buckley

  19. Lionsroar67


    Stop lying about in Hospital Beds and start using that new free bus Pass(we smiley thing)

  20. BRTH



    Did you know a family from that area called Fox. They are my cousins.



    One of them married to a senior member in your old profession.




  21. Delaneys Dunky on



    Thanks pal. Which shop are you in these days? Noticed the Second Ave shop is out your hands now.

  22. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Old Tim 67



    Glad you are feeling well, just stay away from those flipping stairs

  23. mike in toronto on

    SFTB ,,,,



    A question … not a dig ….(I trust that I dont need to say that to you, but it makes me feel better if I do) …



    Why should Brendan not listen to our opinions on something as mundane as football tactics, but the Club should listen to us on something that as important as the abuse scandals?



    Most of us have played football, and see it every week ….



    Hopefully, considerably fewer have had experience with the sort of abuse we are talking about.



    Knowing you as I do, I am expecting a well thought answer …

  24. Oldbhoy,


    Celtic Trust AGM in Celtic Supporters Club, London Road, at 12pm on Saturday 24th March.



  25. DD ,moved on to Milngavie and the Drum,holding out for redundancy now if the truth be told,hope something comes your way soon pal



    Sent you details on messenger re-gardening work, mind tell them I passed on his number.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  27. BIG PACKY on 21ST MARCH 2018 8:21 PM


    oldtim, you okay, if id just emptied a full bottle of whisky id feel a LOT



    I want to go to bed now, but if I go now I’d probably wake around 3.00am,so I’ll hang on for an hour more,although my heads a bit fuzzy now.




    There’s no way I’d go near the stairs,I’ll be lucky if I make it into the Bedroom.Just going to open another bottle for a hot toddy.

  29. Delaneys Dunky on



    I give Celtic money for my seat in the auld Jungle because I support our team


    Have done for nearly 50 years. You should try supporting us Kev. It is magic pal.

  30. ” o’ wad some the giftie gie us,


    tae see oooorselves as


    ither sleekits


    see us…”

  31. OLDTIM67, as long as your okay, might catch up with you one day, is it the blane valley, apologies if wrong ,drinks are on me.hh.