MSPs feeding on distress


“The Club reiterates its sincere sympathy, regret and sorrow for those affected.”  “The Club is very sorry that these events took place.”

So read a statement by Celtic on historic child abuse allegations concerning Celtic Boys Club, issued on 26 February, before two consecutive items on Channel 4 News, in the latter of which, Alex Thomson said, “To date, not a single football club has issued a public apology.”

The broadcast actually carried the Celtic statement a few moments later.  That feels unnecessarily crass, Alex.  Several clubs have failed to issue a public apology for historic child abuse, only one in Scotland that I am aware of, issued an apology.

Celtic are not, as accused by Channel 4, silent on the matter.  They have now issued four public statements.

Celtic have been or are in dialogue with police, lawyers and victims.  As far as I am aware, they are the only Scottish club to have paid compensation to victims – this is all on record, Alex, payments made to victims – on record.  On-going dialogue – on record.  Public apologies – on record.  They are just not speaking to you, which is not actually that important.

What Channel 4 News authorised was vile attempts to reduce child abuse to football banter by Adam Tomkins, Tory MSP, who after Copenhagen’s win Tweeted, “Not the best week for Celtic, then….. #SorryNotSorry”

When it was put to James Dornan, SNP MSP, that Celtic and Celtic Boys Club were not linked, he responded, “It’s a complete nonsense, all the evidence suggests… that the Boys Club and the Football Club were intrinsically linked.”

Where is this complete nonsense coming from Mr Dornan, because here is what Celtic wrote: “although Celtic Football Club is a separate organisation, we take these extremely seriously because of the historic contacts between the two organisations?”

MSPs are feeding on distress.

What happened is vile and caused untold damage to the lives of many victims.  No amount of money will properly compensate for what happened, but sensitivity and diligence is required.  So too is responsible and accurate reporting.

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  1. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Steven screw up has lost the dressing room or some key players in at least- I don’t know who could manage sloth but sg can’t and alfie’s off due to a ‘disciplinary ‘ matter.

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    9.23 today FF.



    “If fear or self-doubt enters any of their bodies today then they are not worthy of the Jersey.



    They should be warriors breathing fire from inflated lungs after Wednesday.



    Destroy them Rangers.”





    Oh aye .

  3. With regards to Jozo ,yes he had a bad game , with very costly mistakes . I for one hope he is in the team tmrw . If he is not then he will be getting singled out . We had others who didn’t perform ,but you can bet your bottom dollar they will be in the team . And when we go to the Victorian lavvy we will need all the big guys we have ,as they will get plenty opportunity to lob high balls into our box ,with fouls given every time a tackle goes in on one of there string . Our European journey is over ,it’s gone we have another treble to win , let’s take care of what’s in front of us now .HH

  4. The Scottish Cup Final takes place before the end of the League season. Potentially we could have a quadruple treble in the bag before we lift the 9.

  5. Another example of how remarkable it is for Celtic to continue picking them selves up game after game and their relentless trophy haul.


    Anyone who tells you how easy it is…ask stevie g?



    I was apathetic towards our euopean exit in midweek because for me the relentless thurs/sun fixtures was likely to effect us at some point.


    Even amazing highs in europe can cause domestic hazards.


    If memory serves me correct a few days after beating liverpool 2 zero at anfield in the quarter final of the UEFA cup in 2003 we went to inverness in the cup and lost badly.



    We can now focus..focus..focus on what lies in the history that lies in front of us.


    A beautiful season this is turning out to be

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Maybe the wee fat mule was doing his bit on helping finance to support the clumpany, with an arse full of sweeties.

  7. Anyway, anyone any thoughts on team selection for mañana


    I will give mine, but I am always wrong.






    El Hamed Ajer Julien



    Broonie. Cal Mac



    Frimpong Christie Taylor



    Eddie Griff



    D. :)

  8. Just had an enjoyable scroll back on the darkside. Among the hundreds if insults that they were throwing at their beloved team, the one that really made me smile.



    *** and that Colombian half wit can f**k off too.

  9. Jimtim – Jozo is a liability and a disruption to the consistency of team selection/formations



    Personally and not because of the other night, I would get shot ASAP



    Only my opinion



    D. :)

  10. I wonder if radio shortbread will spare 30 secs at HT in the wee live game to talk about their beloved sevco getting humped oot the cup?


    Seemed like they gave it 15 secs on FT at tyncastle.


    Penalty shoot out must have been happening at st mirren [after 9mins] ..!

  11. Thank fek no chance of another game against the manky mob this season…..that’s if we get through this tie


    of course .hh

  12. jimtim on 29th February 2020 7:59 pm



    I’d say that Jozo will definitely be in the team the morra.



    As Neil said this was a massive chance lost but hey we still have so much to try and Win this Season.



    It has been a crazy week for sure.

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    FF 3 mins ago.



    AIPPLE said:


    Has our fearless leader spoken yet?




    The pope?





    Mebbes oor AIPPLE ?

  14. Live Sportscene is boring as fuck



    How the hell has Rob McLean held down a presenter/commentator role. Hunbelievable



    Well I probably know how tickling knuckles I suppose. Boring Bassa



    D. :)

  15. Jimtim – Petec – Jozo probably will be in the team mañana and maybe the best thing to get clubs interested in him.



    D. :)

  16. hahahahaha oor Aipple is fishing in the durty waters …got a wee bite when he asked if they had had a shot on goal?



    wee Hun came back with 1



    smiley and he wis right thing







    Think I am rumbled.



    I did get away with this post the other night when the were chatting about the BBC.



    “That said, let’s not punish all the other sides of the BBC that are important. We need the animal documentaries for the kids to learn about how we are felling forests and what life is like in the jungle.”



    It’s the small things in life.

  18. Aipple …am thinking there must be a cure for this Coronavirus to be found in that Gene Pool…




    smiley get awe the wee Huns tested now thing







    It’s a weird place. Was jumping between there and online updates, Good lady out shopping, me chuckling at my laptop.

  20. CHANTY



    Fat Charlie was booted by Slippy for staying in Columbia and missing training. Slippy said he wanted players on the pitch that where prepared.



    Came back to bite his wee Scouse arse. Prepared. Ha!

  21. Greegs n Tav selling the goal


    Kent is fekin murder


    Alfredo hates Sevco


    Alfredo hates slippy


    Big George Adamson… It’s just a shame


    Colonel Arfield-bad injury


    Jack Ryan… Sare leg… Oot


    Defoe… Done






    To be fair tho…. That Stewart Greg is a player and no mistake..



    2 wins in 5 days and it’s Yo Ho Ho.




  22. “chuckling at your Laptop”…..I take it you were not following debits on your good lady,s Credit Cards !!!!



    smiley shopping is fun to watch thing




  23. bbc radio shortbread spent about 30 secs disscusing rangers in the half time of the dons game.



    Oh dear


    some editorial hurting going on.


    We all know where the story is tonight.