Profitable transfer fantasies


Neil Lennon did us all a favour yesterday by dismissing rumours that he was targeting a striker from Vitoria Guimaraes as nonsense this early in the transfer window. The guidelines are set for your summer ahead. As well as being nonsense, though, it is also profitable news fodder; just think of the amount of advertising which has been wrapped around this story.

What does this teach us? I reckon that the least informed contributions left on the CQN comments page are about as reliable as what passes for mainstream ‘news’. There is a good possibility that even the player didn’t know Celtic’s position on him until it was reported yesterday.

Celtic will be trailing up to 30 players at any point in time, all of whom will have passed one level of scrutiny, but at least 20 of whom would never pass all levels, even if a deal was possible. When players are being scrutinised the position of the club will always be to show courteous interest in proceedings. You and I know what this really amounts to.

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  1. podium?











    Good news, the wee man is determined to get into the guitar, he was talking about the technical aspects of the RHCP song Road Trippin, it was over my head but was music to my ears if you know what I mean. I know you and FFM will be delighted.



    He says this track will be quite easy to do on the guitar, I like his confidence and can’t wait to hear him play it, he is looking forward to the Roses big style as well.






    Schwervon, sounds superb. Cheers.

  2. summa of sammi….



    13:20 on 5 June, 2013





    How many People did the Ole Jungle Hold..?



    And What were the Chances that Ole SydneyTim and Ole KevJungle stood right next to Each other..?



    I’m thinking the Chances might be High.. 【ツ】



    Summa of KevTimSydneyJungleCSC



    Ps.. And How come l Luvs the 2 o them..:-(





    Few of our recent signings have been “trailed”



    I’m happy to keep it that way.



    In fact,I think the club may make confidentiality a deal breaker.



    I’m happy with that too!

  4. I think ‘turning a profit’ is part of the managers remit these days. No problem with John Park on the staff.




    well worth the constant refreshing!

  6. Kilbowie Kelt on

    KevJungle – Murdo…4-2…Ma best EVER night in the JUNGLE



    11:50 on 5 June, 2013




    ……Now, now -Bobby


    No need for cheap shots – Your (sic) above that M8 :)


    As I told you last week – your( sic) one of these Celtic fans


    who has been brainwashed into thinking that the garden


    is rosy – it’s not.







    You are either the bull-goose looney,…or you have the driest & most bizarre sense of the ridiculous ever displayed on any forum.



    Either way, your posts are a RIOT.



    Good Luck.

  7. leftclicktic on



    If you would have got two podiums in a row people would have been talking about you :)).



    and yiv never had that before :))


    hope you are well sir




  8. shoulder2shoulder on

    Any truth in ssn reporting that tony stokes has rejected new contract ? Hail Hail


    16 ROADS



    To be fair,I have no plans to do it in one hit-I just want to show off by getting back from all these places without screwing up my trains as usual.



    BTW,I’m in charge of the social and tourist stuff,he is charged wi getting his daft uncle on the right train home!

  10. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Lol – Bobby M – Nearly two in a row there mate,unlucky! :)



    Right time for beer,time for peace.



    I hope yous all have a great day.




  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    theoriginalsadiesbhoy-strange thing to say but i don’t know how Kayal didn’t get sent off just before half time v Killie that day.Don’t think NL has the same confidence in him now.

  12. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    B/Tim -sorry to hear about the setback.



    Never give up, never give in.

  13. Paul67



    I’ve been delighted with the signing policy since Neil took charge, building a solid young hard working team that have learned so much from an enormously successful campaign without a certain distraction, good riddance!



    as far as i’m concerned the dying breed that is the Scottish mainstream sports media can print as much pish as they want about who’s coming & who’s going, I’ll trust in the current strategy and wait for the official club statements.




  14. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Bobby M – The nephew will in the company of an absolute legend,that’s for certain.




  15. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    BRTH, I was planning on bringing my copy along to the golf day and asking you to sign it.



    It could be worth a fortune in years to come:-)

  16. I am always sceptical when the press start gushing reports about player(s) we are after. In recent times we have done a pretty good job on keeping things well under their radar & long may it continue. The only ones to benefit from press coverage are generally Agents trying to up the ante for both themselves & their player…as with the Balde rumours I thought best consigned to the bin (Apparently couldn’t even put a decent You tube clip together which is ominous)



    I’d like to see some unheralded players coming in, gives them the chance to prove themselves but I’d avoid the EPL & Championship – better value elsewhere unless on Bosman’s.





    Aye,canny have people talking about me and leaving others alone,haha!



    I’m magic,mate-yourself?



    Working the oracle to try for a day pass for my oul fella in September-he’s champing at the bit for a day wi Celtic fans in a different environment from his normal



    ie,Kilwinning or his house!




  18. leftclicktic on

    Seen on TSFM on Chuckles starting to move his shares.




    Hardly an escape plan, its a tiny proportion of his total share holding.






    From the prospectus Charlie has 5,000,020 shares therefore the 714,285 represents 14%.


    At the current price of around 56p a share that is £400,000 for shares he paid hee haw for.



    Maybe not a full escape plan but certainly looks at least like moving the stove to see if the ground underneath it is fit for tunneling.



    Remember he was showing the Easdales around Ibrox and there is mention of loose deals to get his shares. Don’t be surprised if more deals like this become public.



    Naw – Charlie boy had this all planned from day one and like all conmen all he needed to do was tell the marks what they wanted to hear.

  19. Ithink while the msm are speculating who celtic are going to buy, we are working under the radar.

  20. WeefratheTim on




    You must be feeling better than last night, you were on a real downer when txt. Chin up, it’s onwards and upwards from here.



    Weefra HH





    Constantly refreshing?



    How does repeated visits to the bar improve yer chances of a podium?



    Glass empty-back for the latest new article……

  22. Charlotte Fakeovers @CharlotteFakes


    My list of confirmed EBT subscribers, directly linked to RFC 2012, appears to number 83 in total.

  23. Blantyretim



    Read your post from last night. Nerve damage is common after an osteotomy. When the surgeon is correcting the angle of the leg, imagine him pulling all muscles and nerves across at a thirty degree angle after the portion of bone is removed, very physical thing to do. Creates tearing in the nerves.



    It can take a year to eighteen months to get repair and all feeling back into the damaged area. The feeling might never come back but you will recover fully and walk normally so don’t let it get you down.



    I have sufficient nerve damage as I had two osteotomies that I cannot “walk on my heels” anymore. Those of you who have no idea what I am talking about try it, my right foot “drops” to the floor because of nerve damage.



    Patience is a virtue and I know how frustrating it is but you will come through the other side. That I can promise you.



    Keep the Faith!




  24. starry plough



    13:15 on 5 June, 2013






    Not from the 90′s but you might get a lift out of this, from the hometown Bhoys Dominic and Harri…









    Thanks for the recommendation, 1987 the Sub Club has been going since, I’d love to hear mixes from the ole 1987/88 season.






    16 roads – Neil Lennon walks on water.



    13:19 on 5 June, 2013



    petec – this is the ultimate chief:









    Wow, that looks pretty good, great title as well. I always liked Sasha but was never convinced by Digweed, I may have to review that Snap decision I made decades ago, a quick scan and it sounds superb.



    Thank You.


    a ceiler gonof rust



    13:31 on 5 June, 2013


    BRTH, I was planning on bringing my copy along to the golf day and asking you to sign it.



    It could be worth a fortune in years to come:-)






    Wouldnae bother,mate-probably spell his name wrong…..




  26. The Token Tim on

    I DESPISE the utterly mind numbing and invariably pure bollox transfer speculation that is the close-season!!!






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