Ronny wasting his breath


Ronny Deila is wasting his breath when trying to warn those who throw pyrotechnics that they damage Celtic’s reputation. That fact is already well established but is irrelevant to those for whom throwing pyrotechnics is part of their football experience.

There is a clash of culture here. ‘The Man’, whether that be Uefa or the Health & Safety Executive, forbids pyrotechnics at football, but the consequences are visited on Celtic, not those who bring the pyrotechnics. No one has been brave enough to put their name to the pyrotechnic culture and I suspect no one ever will.

The last 24 hours has been a huge success for this unclaimed culture; it managed to grab some of the little space alongside the David Bowie news on Radio 5Live this morning, and many other places, adding fuel to the fire, if you pardon the pun. Someone is glowing with an “I did that” sense of achievement, although, of course, he’d never say so openly. It will continue unless the consequences are moved away from Celtic.

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  1. In this day and age, and with a sensible hat on, we should be able to expect our fellow fans not to set off flares and smoke bombs. I personally find this wannabe ultras thing all a bit daft.



    We all know the media are chomping at the bit to pen negative stories about Celtic, why make it so easy for them?



    Some views expressed on here, by criticising smoke bombs and flares means you are somehow condoning years of tax cheating, bigoted singing at Ibrox, the complicit SFA and our weak board. All things we should be very vocal about but not used to deflect from our problems with fan behaviour. Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident and happens home and abroad. Is it the a terrible crime? No. As a club, could we do without it? Absolutely.



    I lived in Barcelona for a few years and visited Sevilla on a number of occasions. The warmth you receive because of the behaviour of Celtic fans is something I was always very proud of, I always cherished our good reputation. Why, oh why, would any fan want to damage that?


    Imagine you had 37-0 on your line the day Bon Accord won 36-0.



    But in another game…



    On the same day, 18 miles (29 kilometres) away in Dundee, Dundee Harp were also playing in the first round of the Scottish Cup against Aberdeen Rovers. Dundee Harp beat Aberdeen Rovers 35–0. The referee noted 37 goals, but Harp’s secretary suggested a miscount must have occurred as he had recorded only 35. The match official, acknowledging it was difficult for him to keep accurate details during such a deluge of goals, accepted the lower tally and wired the official score of 35–0 to the Scottish Football Association headquarters.[4]



    Dundee Harp full back Tom O’Kane was an ex-Arbroath player and persuaded the Dundee club’s officials to send a telegram to his former colleagues at Gayfield Park boasting of his team’s record breaking achievement. The Harp players and officials were not to know, however, that Arbroath had, on that same afternoon, actually gone one better against another unfortunate Aberdeen side. On receiving the Harp telegram, Arbroath officials took great delight in sending a reply boasting of the Angus side’s superior achievement. Both parties had a good laugh over the exchange of messages, each believing the other was playing a humorous trick. It was only when O’Kane arrived back in Arbroath on the late Saturday evening train that he discovered the truth. Locals were quick to tell him that the Arbroath result was no joke and Harp’s record-breaking claim was about to be lost. The following morning, O’Kane got up early and jogged the 18 miles (29 kilometres) along the coast to Dundee to alert Harp officials to the situation. The Dundonians now seriously regretted correcting the referee’s account of the goal tally.[citation needed]



    Fred Quimby



    I agree that the team on the pitch / management team have let us down as well but you can’t surely be saying that the board are blameless





    I always respect your views, but tell me, just what are the board to blame for?



    The only answer seems to be not spending more money to ensure CL qualification – how much?…and supposing we blew it anyway?



    There are so many legal minefields surrounding the Sevco fiasco and the conduct of the SPFL/SFA, that it would be crazy for Celtic to start ‘shooting from the hip’ as so many on here want it to do. The whole thing would melt into an ‘Old Firm’ fiasco, when, from being the innocent party, we, apart from winning the European Cup, have had sod all to do with all the crap.



    Look at the EPL – they all have plenty money and are spending vast sums, and yet it does not always bring unbridled success.



    The approach of the board will, in the long run, be seen to have been the sensible one – Ronny was brought in to give us a new direction – I am not one of his biggest fans (yet), however I do believe it was a innovative move, and may yet prove to have been an inspired one – hope it is Hail Hail!!!

  4. KJAM on 12TH JANUARY 2016 11:06 AM



    Do you honestly think that the reputation of Celtic fans in Barcelona, or anywhere else, a reputation that is based on the personal experience of the locals from their encounters with the travelling support, is going to be affected by some kids letting off a few smoke bombs in Stranraer?





    Yer Dad left a magnificent legacy behind. Your good self.



    May he rest in peace,and be as much beside you tomorrow as he was all those years of teaching you The Glasgow Celtic Way.



    Look after yourself,bud. And gimme a call please when you get a chance.

  6. you do remember calling me out with menace, and you have denied it till today, as I said your a pathetic old liar. So I think I can safely say you did physically assault the Celtic supporter who turned up at the brazen to try and reason with you, and you knowing their profe – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/ronny-wasting-his-breath/comment-page-18/#comments



    No no no, the me inviting you over never happened ,, but the what I thought was keyboard bullying did.


    And as for physical assault ffs your a drama queen, no one was Physically assaulted, you get the guy and his witnesses on here and let’s see if he said I physically assaulted him, instead of your stupid accusations, I notice someone on the other page has your number now, talk about an amateur, you get your stories from a Lidl bag?

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Cheers for the support on Res12. call me John if you want, why does it matter to you ?



    I actually give an alternative view to the old holy wullies, many of them behaved a lot worse in their youth yet are first in to condemn today’s youth.


    As I said many on here were given the time to mature, why is everyone so eager to remove that time from today/s youth ?



    I also said I dont agree with the pyro’s being let off at grounds nor by the way do I think we should be singing anything but Celtic songs but like the songs I’m not going to encourage anyone to destroy a kids future because they get boisterous at a football game supporting Celtic.



    As for the fines, I think we will loose a lot more money through mismanagement and bad executive decision making than a few quid on a fine here and there. As long as they refuse to take on those who impose fines for trivialities, while saying nothing about serious organised crime I’m not going to bother myself about their wants, its simply hypocrisy of the highest order to blame fans for trivial issues while ignoring serious organised crime.





    Aw f…!



    Ok folks. As of now I’m looking for sponsors for a beard-growing competition.



    I intend to get into the Guinness Book of Records for the longest beard in history.



    Because from what TET says,I need to keep away from the razor blades.

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    it all came back to you in a flash of rage, and now your trying your hardest to stuff the genie back in the bottle, yer and auld liar and you out. you remember fine well, there is nothing reasonable about you, you tried to be a bully when you first came to the blog to try and scuttle Res12, and your still try to be a bully now, no amount of backtracking or lying can cover that up.



    Everyone see’s you for what you are, a pathetic old attention seeking liar.

  10. Ernie Lynch –



    So we should behave aboard but not in Scotland?



    It also happened in Turkey very recently.



    When I lived and worked there, I remember a Catalan colleague making a comment about “naughty Celtic fans” when we were fined for “illicit chanting” versus Rennes in the Europa League.



    News travels.

  11. What has caused more outrage in the hun press….smoke bombs, or real bombs?


    C,mon, wake up.


    We are being assaulted by a black propaganda unit..


    Lidl bag my arse:)


    There is a pattern there, if anybody cares to look.


    Obvious diversion tactics to mask the corruption and bigotry of the sevconians.


    You dont have to be Sherlock Holmes to uncover it….its all there.




  12. it all came back to you in a flash of rage, and now your trying your hardest to stuff the genie back in the bottle, yer and auld liar and you out. you remember fine well, there is nothing reasonable about you, you tried to be a bully when you first came to the blog to try and scuttle Res12, and your still try to be a bully now, no amount of backtracking or lying can cover that up.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/ronny-wasting-his-breath/comment-page-18/#comment-2752335



    For the umpteenth time ( more porkies from you) I was behind res.12 from the off until the team was picked, you and Morrissy where the weak links, and I called that right from the start, and I was proved right, you flecked off……….work related or what ever…….. And Morrissy is nowhere to be seen, he did stand up at the AGM accepting the boards decision on a seceret meeting (at that time) they had, he read a fifteen second message from a sheet of paper, YOU are the reason res12 is going no where, give the res. A chance and step away from it.


    I mean ffs your on a blog here challenging people, because, your, a BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER guy than a 68 year old man ( which hasent been proved yet) and your taking on ..the…SFA/SPFL/SFL aye right good luck wi that.


    aw no.thanks for story about the old men.



    it’s my 70th birthday tomorrow and so I asked PAUL for a wee favour just for a day.i won’t be holding my breath.



    2 bob hardmen don’t you just love them.

  14. ROBINBHOY on 12TH JANUARY 2016 10:59 AM


    Canamalar or should I call you John? If you remember I sent my shares for you to use during the Resolution 12 situation.



    I don’t post much on this blog because I think it has descended into a forum for personal abuse, many feel the same so my thoughts on our team and board are shared regularly with my friends and brother who actually attend games to avoid conflict on here.



    You are one who it seems to me, goes out of his way to attract conflict on here, fill your boots, I don’t have time to debate endless nonsense on here.



    Robin did you even get a reply? I know i did’nt after offering him the same shares.



    The excuse i got on here was “i’ve got over 5 e-mail accounts” and it’s difficult keeping up.



    That kinda said it all for me, so i gave them to the Celtic trust who followed up with fantastic replys to my offer.

  15. BobbyM


    I also told the blog a few years ago about the wife of an official that got preferential treatment in a national hossi, she went private and it was paid by the same people,


    Away and buy yersel an electric wan :-)






    It could have been deducted from payments due, who knows.

  16. In this warped wee country.


    Dangerous devices sent through the post….are just banter…..and you only get 5 years.


    But smoke bombs….are criminally irresponsible.


    Ha…what a farce.


    The face of modern Scotland eh.


    Backward and bigoted to the masonic core.




    Scotland makes Twin Peaks look normal.





  17. Woooft…The stink of corruption and institutionalized sectarianism in Scotland, is enough to make you boak.


    But lets concentrate on a few young Celtic supporters…in fact lets jail them, and totally ignore the real problems in Scottish football.


    Aye…thats clever eh.









    I’m gutted at that. Celtic can dress it up any way they like,helping out another club in time of need,etc.



    And that’s a fair point.



    But they got the huns out of jail.






    And I’m f…..g sick of it.

  19. TGM



    I witnessed three young lads getting jailed on Sunday for throwing the three flares onto the pitch. Why the witchunt by the press? The perpetrators got lifted at the time.

  20. Burgas Hoops



    My shares were used yes and I sincerely hope that Resolution 12 reaches it objectives.



    Biggest sporting scandal in history maybe.

  21. My friends in Celtic,



    Carry on lads, boys will be boys. What’s the odd pyro and flare compared to what’s happening in Scottish footie.



    Celtic have loads of money. Cumon guys what’s a wee fine now and again.


    Sevco are worrserer than us.


    If you think that’s bad, see what we used to do.


    It’s not intimidation, it’s just a wee bit of banter.


    Our fans are angels, you just don’t understand.


    I cover my face cause I’m cold.






    Hail, Hail.

  22. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    ROBINBHOY. Fella after all this time do you really think any justice will take place over the goings on at Ibrokes ? While the support say there is no more Old Firm and they want it to stay that way.I am afraid the board at Celtic dont see it that way and im afraid it looks like we as a club are happy to resurrect the Old Firm. H.H.

  23. DD



    They have been punished…Id say thats enough.


    Cant seem to remember the same fuss when those huns sent NL a bomb.


    Where was the press outrage then?


    It seems to me, that the PLC, toe the hun press line.


    Quick to condemn some young fans who were out of order…fair enough.


    But silence on the Sevconian cheating and bigotry.


    Doesnt smell right to me….and its nothing to do with a Lidl bag:)




  24. A see Chris mclaughlin has moved away from his “I’m only talking about the football” stance


    In regard to the so called sectarian singing on Sunday.



    Heard from a few mates who watched the sevco game that a few of their usual anthems were getting sung with great gusto.



    Hail Hail.

  25. TGM



    Have the club said anything about the polis intimidation on the journey to Stranraer on Sunday morning. A mate’s bus got stopped and searched 3 times on the route.