Scouted, background checked and experienced, Ajeti should succeed


Negotiations for Albian Ajeti have gone on for weeks but as you and I have said often enough, it is important to get your first choice.  Too often we end up with a player from well down the list, who did not do enough to overwhelmingly convince anyone.  That is not the case with Ablian.

The player was scouted for a move last year before his ill-fated time in London.  He is known to the manager, who will have sounded out Mohamed Elyounoussi for an assurance on things that are not evident from the stands.

Having played over 170 games, he is also more experienced than many we have signed over the last decade.  This is why we missed out on him a year ago, he was caught on the EPL radars and West Ham made what was for them a cheap acquisition.

These factors make Albian’s prospect of succeeding at Celtic higher than most recruits.  It is a pity he will not have some game time this weekend; let’s hope he is fit for this month’s challenges.

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  1. Shane Duffy is not an Elite Center half but is a very good one all the same., He would be the best center half in Scotland by a distance and brings leadership attitude and a will to win , we sign him keep Eddie we win the League .

  2. STBF FR11 & OK



    I have long given up trying to “win the hearts’ and minds of SNP voters – you can’t debate with a cult.



    However the time will come when in desperation, SNP will ask their followers to drink the ‘Kool Aid’ – Swinney & this diversionary tactic, and possibly the Salmond enquiry, will make that day sooner rather than later – let’s wait & see who the thirsty ones are.



    The Salmond enquiry & its fallout may also ensure that another deflection story is wheeled-out. Will football still be the fall-guy, I don’t see why not, it’s always THE headline-grabber in Scotland.



    What do you think will be the next punishment meted out to Celtic, if let’s say, Griffiths, as is his trademark, decides to fall out of step? It will be a “red-card” according to Sturgeon. Will it be points deduction? The Ibrox camp-followers are already ‘on message’ there & there’s no shortage of platforms on offer.

  3. The Scottish Government have nothing to do with the way Football is administered.


    Their role is Public Health well being and if any Industry are breaking the rules, the Government are totally correct in telling said Industry to get their house in order or we’ll shut you down.


    In relation to the Football Industry, it is over to the SFA on setting the rules & the sanctions,

  4. Hairlike spaghetti @4.11



    Seriously? You are on here attacking posts for pro-Union bias but you don’t have a side? Come on?



    And if you are being coy about what a McGlashan is – watch Absolutely again!



    I don’t actually know who or what was deleted but it won’t have been because it attacked a pro-union position.








    “Who knows whether Leitch and Priestley initiated the proceedings?”



    Well I know and you should know too.



    Prof. Priestley is an Education academic- he has no business or interest into wading into issues of epidemiology. Prof. Leithc has every right to advise on issues of medical responses to COVID but, as a trained scientist is not interested in sanctioning two football clubs while letting Kilmarnock play on after they were exposed.



    You are correct in saying we don’t KNOW what the Government role was but we do know that, after they used football as a punchbag, The football authorities cancelled matches that they had not moved to cancel before. I think it’s a fair assumption to see hte hand of government operating here. You have to suspend a lot of disbelief to think that the SFA and SPF came to this point voluntarily and unprompted.








    You may have given up on cult thinking but do you realise you are driving people into the arms of said cult with your unique charm offensive. A Black Flag operation could not do it better.

  5. Corkcelt



    Do you think no other industry had people drinking in non-social bubbles in pubs?



    Do you think no other industries had people holidaying in Spain or in countries where they should not be?



    If you do not believe that, why has no other industry been threatened with being shut down? Pubs and restaurants were not shut dowwn (apart from in Aberdeen) even though it is there where the covid gets the chance to spread.



    The football authorities had not intended to cancel the 2 matches on the 12th August or our match today. They had explicitly cancelled only one game and that was te Hibs vs Dons game when 2 Dons players were tested as Covid positive.



    Yet, a day after a meeting with the government , their minds changed by magic? I don’t think so.

  6. Sftb



    I thunk the govt were correct but they should have cancelled killie game & potrntially CL game.IMO this has been allowed to manifest itself as the rules weent in place from Day 1..rserve games, bounce games…whatever else games.




  7. Adi Dassler



    If they cancelled our game but not Killie’s then the government are NOT correct.



    The Government are blatantly pursuing a Yellow Card warning sanction ; thay are not using science or scientific advisers to justify this.



    And they have not used it for any other industry but football (and, to a lesser extent, Doric pubs).



    Read the signs!

  8. SFTB.


    I have no doubt that individuals are breaking the rules left right & centre.


    It so happens that Sports people are high profile & when they do step out of line it’s front page news.


    A responsible Government are bound to act.

  9. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    Good Evening SFTB



    Have you spoken with Jason Leitch about our Saturday morning 5s yet? Fair need some exercise.







  10. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on

    JHB on 15TH AUGUST 2020 5:05 PM


    STBF FR11 & OK



    I have long given up trying to “win the hearts’ and minds of SNP voters – you can’t debate with a cult.






    The majority of Scotland are following this “cult” including many of those that followed the previous “cult” of the Scottish Labour party without question, because it was what their parents and grandparents had done



    Does that not say something to you?







  11. Why is it always the case that those who profess to be more “Catholic” or “Irish” than anyone else on here are always without exception wrapped in the Butcher’s Apron?

  12. The internet is suggesting that Stuart Christie has died.



    He had an interesting life.



    I’m not sure if rest in peace is appropriate for him, but will have to do.





    ‘The majority of Scotland are following this “cult” including many of those that followed the previous “cult” of the Scottish Labour party without question, because it was what their parents and grandparents had done







    Does that not say something to you?’







    What it says to me is that class consciousness has given way to identity politics.

  14. SFTB FR12 & OK



    I know what I stand for & I express it clearly & without fear, or favour.



    If hearing the truth drives some in someone else’s arms – c’est la vie.



    Anyone who thinks that the Scottish Government is not now ‘up to their knees’ in Scottish Football’s affairs, is quite frankly wrong, or, has other motives.



    SNP have lied about Scotland being the best nation in coping with Covid – Scotland is the worst in the UK, & second only to Belgium, as the worst in Europe.



    SNP lie day & daily about there being “no Covid-related deaths in Scotland since 16 July”. National Records for Scotland show 39 Covid related deaths in the past five weeks.



    Any administration that can lie to people during a pandemic, will not be put off lying in football matters.



    Someone mentions that the Scottish Government is “totally correct in telling us what to do” because they are responsible for our health.



    Were they totally correct covering up & lying over Nike?



    Were they totally correct when they emptied 1200 of the old & frail from hospital where they were receiving treatment, to die in concentration camp petri- dishes called care homes?



    They lie because they don’t care about people, all that moves & drives them is independence – if ever achieved they will then piss off “job done”, leaving a bankrupt & impoverished Scotland behind in their rear-view mirror.

  15. Celticrollercoaster



    Of course there was a slavish loyalty to Labour in Scotland. They used to say that if you put a red rosette on a donkey, it would get elected.



    However, the Labour Party fought & won all the major socialist battles if the 20th & early 21st centuries. I could fill 3 A4 sheets with the rights & benefits put on the statute by Labour in only a total of only thirty years in power in two centuries.



    What in the name of God has the SNP ever given the working class? SNP were born out of fascism. There is not a left-wing marker in the DNA of the SNP – never has been. They wrote the first Famine song in conjunction with the Church of Scotland. The Church apologised years ago, SNP never have.



    Name one substantial & life-changing policy that the SNP have ever espoused, let alone enacted, that was targeted at the ordinary working person?



    The majority of the SNP’s new converts couldn’t live without Labours Tax Credits.

  16. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on




    I will give you two for starters…



    Free prescriptions and scrapping of university fees







  17. HOT SMOKED on 15TH AUGUST 2020 2:47 PM





    Thanks for that.



    As Turkeybhoy said, what rule did Celtic and Aberdeen break?



    hi jim/mike/tb.as far as I make out.:-)



    – Celtic and Aberdeen enter into agreement with Scottish govt to play football during a pandemic.- means at least season can start –


    but within the confines of a sporting bubble ie operating outwith the.rest of society but within a bubble to enable the game to take place with a stricter testing/cleaning/spacing regime- a conflation of football and govt rules



    I would also assume Scotland’s European reps are signed up to these under the sfa and uefa





    from my rough grasp


    The dons8 broke those bubble protocols by Gathering in groupings outwith those laid down ,hence by their actions they bring afc as well as themselves under question from the Scottish govt



    bolingoli….. (clears throat of expletives:-)


    like the dons8 he knowingly broke the rules- so is subject to penalty as a footballer hence in same way afc get done for their 8 we will get done






    bolingoli broke UK law last week


    he did not.quarantine for 14 days coming back from his Malaga meeting.


    Jim the 14 day quarantine law takes precedence over any bubble agreement made between Edinburgh and Hampden.


    It must be adhered to regardless of when the player was tested,and what ‘bubble’ regime exists(ie to allow football to go on.


    It is due to this bit of stupidity by boli we could be a target from Hampden as embra has shown the game a yellow



    only my very rough understanding of covid law filtering down to football during these times.



    hope your all well









  18. Flying High up in the Sky


    We’ll keep the Union Flag flying high


    Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer


    We’ll keep the Union Flag flying here

  19. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Just wasted precious minutes of my life watching Squibs v Murderwell.



    Tony Watt. I wonder if he has the self awareness to realise what could have been. I assume he doesn’t.



    How much would thon chap Boyle cost to give James Forrest competition?



    Centre back/left back, centre back/left back is all I read.



    Where’s the competition for Elyanoussi and Forrest?

  20. Where’s the competition for Elyanoussi and Forrest?



    Frimpong, Mikey J, Dembele and hopefully a newly acquired Scott Sinclair / Paddy Roberts lovechild :)

  21. QUONNO on 15TH AUGUST 2020 3:18 PM





    I all my eighty years, this is the first time I have heard of a political party indulging in cronyism,




    Just a few years younger but I’m with you there, Quonno. Never heard anything to the contrary.

  22. Ex Celt – Jason ‘Climate Change’ Denayer looking quite solid.



    Dembele quite low profile, though.

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