Spending big money in France


Christopher Jullien was 26 years old when Celtic paid Toulouse €8m for him four years ago.  We paid PSG even more a year earlier for Odsonne Edouard, then 20.  It is France, not England or Japan, that Celtic feel confident enough to spend their highest transfer fees.

Compared to England, Germany, Italy and Spain, Celtic possibly see better value in France.  €8m would get you little more than a huge gamble in some of these markets.  The possibility of returning to France for a player valued in the same bracket as Christopher and Odsonne, who matches our age and development opportunity profile, makes a lot more sense than picking up players on Kieran Tierney’s wages.

The English FA responded to a mistake in the Manchester United – Wolves game by their Video Assistant Referees last night by the Head of Refereeing apologising to the Wolves manager and suspending both VARs.  They acted in a similar fashion last year.

Mistakes happen, referees and VARs are fallible, it is unnecessary to pretend otherwise.  The SFA would walk VAR technology off a cliff rather than hold their hands up to a mistake made in review.

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  1. Great win against Sweden today. Amazing to think a few months ago half the Squad made thenselves unavailable for this World Cup due to a dispute with the Federation.

  2. If Spain’s Women face England in the Final, they have a grudge t0 settle as England eliminated them from the Euro Cup with a dodgy goal that should have been disallowed.

  3. From Previous Thread…,



    BIG JIMMY on 15TH AUGUST 2023 12:18 PM


    !!BADA BING!! on 15TH AUGUST 2023 11:34 AM





    Big Jimmy- could be used in different ways,very simple,could probably be built into a watch,which is used for goal line technology, but the MIBs will want to stick to baby steps for us.










    Maybe they will invent a Watch that tells MRS BRRB of when BRRB goes to within 100 yards of ANY PUB ?






  4. Top story on BBC News is all about that CHUMP…TRUMP.




    He is facing a TOTAL of 91 Charges, some Federal.


    The latest 13 Charges are from GEORGIAS Courts……including at least one which is under the Georgia RACKETEERING Laws, that covered Organised Crime. This Charge alone carries a possible jail term of 20 years.



    I hope that I live to see the Day WHEN they LOCK HIM UPand throw away the key .. How I hate this CHUMP….TRUMP.



  5. SFTB,



    Damn the machine. I will live in analogue bliss in the hope that it gets this one wrong.



    France is a good market & Julien and Edouard where head and shoulders in a talent bracket above what we had. His name will be an easy meme generator for the MSM and if we do secure him it will put to an end the ridiculous (and imaginary) pursuit of KT, who resides in a land of milk and honey we can only dream of.



    Lots to do. Let’s hope we get it done csc











    I used to go out with a girl called Philomena. By jove, she could drink




    Back in the 1980’s I nicked aboot with a wee Burd named ” FLORENCE” for a very brief time. She was a Machine !


    She had the voice of an NIGHTINGALE…..


    My mates called me ANDY CAPP.





  7. BBC site today –



    “Ex-Rangers captain Barry Ferguson believes Michael Beale moving Danilo into a more central role rather than wide on the left was a masterstroke.”



    A masterstroke to play him in the position where’s he’s spent 90% of his career, rather than the one where he’s spent 3%. On this basis my decision this morning to put my underpants on _before_ my trousers should also be considered a masterstroke.

  8. bournesouprecipe on

    Transfers you say?



    Only the prices have changed and whilst Celtic are busying in the background some fan noise is calmed by the man picked and paid to do the job. Allegedly in the huff, Reo Hatate cost Celtic a humble £1.4 million and earned himself a ‘bona fide’ four year contract, our minimum fan demand (if he goes) becomes £15 Million after a short two years service.



    I’ve no idea why in 2023, we’re comparing PL prices to equate to Celtic when one league is recently valued at £18 Billion, and it’s not ours. That’s the filthy rich Tory UK for you, running amok beside record number food banks. A country where it was down to Celtic to rebuild legalized football economics, after the succulent lamb years of Tore Andre Flop and Daniel (administration day) Couzen.



    Celta Vigo with half of Celtic’s turnover can seemingly buy and pay more to our established CB because they have more La Liga TV money to spend than Celtic can ever hope to get via the halls of Hampden.



    We pay real supporters money to buy players and we’re excluded forever from obscene SKY funding . I hope it’s being spent carefully and the next Ajeti or Barkas is as far away as the floating pitch. Fully expectable marquee signings are no longer loans, and at least threaten the ‘legitimate’ Scottish record signing price of Odsonne Eduard.

  9. By Jove…..I did it again.



    SPAIN v SWEDEN…I had the Correct Score of 2 – 1 with the Bookies at odds of 17/2.


    This is after my very profitable weekend of my Fitba Correct Scores Predictions, which I had on the SPL SUPERBRU.


    Ive ALWAYS followed my SUPERBRU predictions with Cash on at the Bookies since day one.


    I feel a wee bit sorry for SWEDEN.


    I had a SWEDISH BURD for a while ( We are still very good friends).


    A very LIBERAL Lady….but she MUST have been the UGLIEST Burd ever to come oot of Sweden ?


    On our very first date ( Before our first Kiss )……SHE told me how LIBERAL the people of Sweden are….My God…she wasnt kidding.


    I am out of breath even thinking aboot her….What a GAL !





  10. GENE on 15TH AUGUST 2023 12:37 PM


    Has Gustaf Lagerbielke landed yet






    C’mon doon mate and make our Day.



  11. According to MSM, big Lagerbeilke only ‘flies in’…



    No jets for our wonder kids :(




  12. The Green Brigade would love us to sign him!



    One Quentin Merlin


    There’s only one Quentin Merlin


    One Quentin Mer -er -lin


    Hail! Hail!



  13. BADA:



    Re digital measuring:



    Aye, how easy would that be? I’m really surprised UEFA or FIFA have not introduced something like that, por cierto

  14. SFTB on 15TH AUGUST 2023 12:05 PM



    Even allowing for the ridiculous nature of Scottish Football reporting, that article is something else.



    This bit might not seem the worst of the article:


    `Ryan Jack and Connor Goldson were both absent on the weekend, most likely resting for the clash against Servette.`



    But `most likely` ? Truly dreadful.

  15. bigrailroadblues on

    Hot Smoked


    Those two dumplings get plenty of rest when they’re supposed to be playing. 😉

  16. BSR


    “Celta Vigo with half of Celtic’s turnover can seemingly buy and pay more to our established CB because they have more La Liga TV money to spend than Celtic can ever hope to get via the halls of Hampden:



    Whilst I agree with your general sentiment, Spain`s 47,000,,000 population makes a difference !

  17. BIG JIMMY re: Trump



    Things will get scary over here before they get better. Already finding people armed to the teeth with guns and explosives ready to carry out Trumps work. Next 12 – 18 months may very well bring some extremely dark times.



    In other news, Monday is in the bag!

  18. “BIG JIMMY on 15TH AUGUST 2023 12:20 PM


    Maybe they will invent a Watch that tells MRS BRRB of when BRRB goes to within 100 yards of ANY PUB ?”



    BRRB is ALWAYS within 100 yards of a pub.

  19. SONSOFERIN on 15TH AUGUST 2023 12:44 PM



    That made me laugh !! Excellent .



    Apart from your humour, the comment by BBC is yet another example of how desperate they are to promote THEIR team ( and another example of why I so dislike negativity about our team even when the actual point might be fair).

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