Sturgeon’s unsubstantiated innuendo against Celtic


Nicola Sturgeon, used her PR stage yesterday to posing a question implying Celtic were actively breaking Covid rules, which is clearly untrue.  The First Minister said:

“I have also seen some photographs, and I don’t know the full circumstances, that would raise a question in my mind about whether all the rules elite players have to follow in their bubble around social distancing are being complied with.”

This is a rhetorical device of those practised at manipulation.  Throw in an “I don’t know”, which technically negates what follows, but allows you to make any unsubstantiated allegations, even those you highly suspect to be untrue.

She has responsibility to set the rules and ensure they are monitored.  If she is unhappy with the rules she sets, she should own that responsibility.

This crisis is not a game.  Our First Minister used her position yesterday to throw unsubstantiated innuendo in the direction of Celtic.  Our political leaders need to be responsible when they make unsubstantiated comments THEY KNOW will stir up anger and resentment against a club who only hours earlier complained at not being protected from sectarian crime.  Cut the innuendo crap and find a better government that Boris Johnston’s to shadow, pretty much the entire planet is outperforming them both.

She is a clever politician who knows what she is doing and is taking us for fools.  I have no doubt how this played in the demographic she was aiming for.

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  2. Bob,



    Gallagher as a CH and we buy Laxalt for a cut-price deal. Oh and Eddie gets sold (source CQN poll).



    Could things get worse, I ask?



    Yep. The ‘extensive’ board “review” says : ‘Carry on Lenny’. Where do we get a copy of the review?




  3. I will add this never mid the hubris from here there and everywhere would our squad be allowed to mix with the public freely back in auld Scotia .



    I doubt it. The rules should not have changed a few thousand miles away. Now if any case of covid appears in the next 10/14 days in our squad ….we ain’t seen nothing yet. Re shit storm .

  4. Paul 67


    I’m sure Celtic will be robustly and openly be challenging the innuendo as they have done with


    Same club






    Hun referees





    Oh wait a minute 🤔

  5. Were it not for continuing the ole POYT thing I think I’d be out of this place. If any of you have a suggestions as to how I could still collate the votes and issue the results whilst avoiding this site I’d be happy to consider that. To think I used to hang on this sites every word; seems such a long time ago now. Harrrrumph!


    Aff oot.

  6. Through the rain on

    I don’t do politics but the important question is…… ‘How’s wee Nicola at crossing the ba?’






    If you think PL won’t make a statement you haven’t been paying attention




  7. JF


    This is about Celtic and the treatment thereof.


    It might not be what you want but it’s Paul’s site. Like most days on here discussions will take their own course.

  8. I mean I’m really enjoying all these anti-SNP editorials and all that; it reminds me of my days in Scottish Labour where they were the focus of more attention than the Tories, who Labour who happily climb into bed with when it suited them … just anybody but the SNP.



    I found that kind of odd, twisted tribalism boring back then. Nothing’s changed except the words of the song.



    You’d never think there were issues at our club which needed exploring.



    You’d never think that this was an all too easy to spot crisis of our own making.



    You’d never think that what we’ve done here is just wrong, morally wrong, setting a dreadful example and making our club look elitist and egotistical.



    Paranoid “this is what Scotland will look like when run by the Proddies” type garbage just makes us sound look the moonhowlers across the city.



    So Sturgeon was aiming for the redneck, hillbilly, trailor-trash unionist vote yesterday was she? When she’s already sitting on the electoral landslide numbers she needs? Risking votes she already has for ones she has no hope of getting?



    And Paul67 thinks she’s a smart politician? That’s the stupidest, dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard a smart politician do. Unbelievable.

  9. It’s just that I marvel at this stuff ….



    For nearly a year now, this blog has been morphing into the PR wing of unionism.



    I just find it … remarkable.

  10. Jobo,



    I value massively your efforts on the POTY work. Please hang around.



    I think this all stems from the strange paralysis the club has decided to opt for. We’re not moving forward, accepting our problems and giving us solutions to look forward to. And in this sh*tshow of a life for us all that would be a nice distraction to the real show – health and wellbeing.



    Just sayin’




  11. The Battered Bunnet on

    You should read this article. It’s an account of a shift in a High Dependency Unit in a hospital in (presumably) the London area this week. Given the trend in Covid-19 data in the past week, next week gets even worse.



    There is a contractual prohibition on NHS staff in England speaking to the media. The effect of this is that the public doesn’t understand how precipitous the crisis now is. We go about our day to day lives grumbling at restrictions and oblivious to the reality of this public health and human disaster.



    In Scotland, we have yet to see the wort of it. We have record breaking infection prevalence, capacity-reaching hospital admissions, but are as yet about two weeks behind London and the south east. It remains to be seen whether the earlier, more restrictive measures applied here will limit the catastrophe.



    On 16th December, the Dumfries and Galloway NHS area recorded infection prevalence of 19 new cases per 100,000 population in the preceding week. It was the lowest figure of any mainland area in the UK.



    Yesterday, just two and a half weeks later, it recorded a rate of 562. When Glasgow and Lanarkshire reached 400 in early November, the capacity of the NHS was breached. D&G along with Borders already exceeds this level, with Glasgow and Lanarkshire currently at 360 and growing fast. Scotland as a whole is at 293 (measured by new cases reported daily as of yesterday).



    This article describes the current situation on one ward in one London hospital, which, barring some unlikely series of events, we can expect to repeat here in the coming weeks. Those who read my posts will recall me referring previously to London in January as likely to be akin to something between March in Bergamo and winter in Hell. The article describes March in Bergamo.





    Please, Stay Safe.



    And if arguing over football training camps and government (over) reaction keeps you safe, carry on.

  12. Here’s one I made earlier …



    Celtic Climbs Into Bed With Ibrox Over Another Plan With No Prospect Of Success.



    Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse; our club is teaming up with the one from Ibrox in an effort to bribe cash-strapped clubs with a modest sum of money so we can get colt teams into the lower leagues from next season.



    Well, the saying in politics is that you never let a crisis go to waste.



    This Ibrox-led scheme clearly shows that neither Glasgow club has any intention of letting this one pass without trying to find something in it for themselves. And this is what they’ve come up with.



    Where even to start with how stupid this idea is?



    Back in 2018, this blog slammed a similar proposal, put forward by both clubs, as something reeking of Old Firm Inc.



    In June last year, this blog slammed the same proposal and the assertion, promoted by the likes of Barry Ferguson, that it would improve our youth players; I don’t believe that it would.



    It would, in fact, slow their development which should be based around skills and technique, and throw them into a battle zone.



    This is like a hydra; this idea simply refuses to die.



    Every time you chop off its head another one grows in its place.



    The fascination with it just won’t quit, and this latest incarnation is even more ridiculous because at a time when football in Scotland is creaking under the weight of too many clubs fighting for too few resources, the Ibrox proposal is to expand the lower leagues and introduce not only the two colt teams but four from the Highland leagues as well, giving us a bottom tier of 16.



    Figure that one out if you can.



    Whilst many of us still harbour doubts that all of our current senior clubs are going to make it out of this crisis in one piece, Stewart Robertson of Ibrox wants to raise four more to the professional game.



    Do you ever get the impression that these Peepul aren’t playing with a full deck?



    That their refusal to embrace reality is all-encompassing?



    Clubs have to vote for this madness of course, and Ibrox believes that with a modest bribe that would total about £1 million split between their club and hours, they can swing opinion behind this madness.



    The SFA and SPFL are said to be “sceptical” that it can win the needed support.



    Haha that’s one way to put it.



    The boardrooms at Celtic Park and Ibrox believe that because it’s opposed as a form of league reconstruction that the best way to do it is to start at the bottom … so our youth players wouldn’t just be playing blood and thunder football but our opponents wouldn’t even be professional players but shop workers, car mechanics, factory staff, police officers, teachers … in other words, people who play football as a second job, not their first one.



    And this is supposed to make them better footballers; muddy Highland pitches and games against part-time players. It’s another example of Celtic looking at things in entirely the wrong way.



    I don’t know if the motive here is financial; I don’t know if someone at Parkhead thinks this could be a money spinner for us, but I know it will not help our young players develop the skills needed to become first team capable, so it’s a proposal with no merit whatsoever.



    Obviously the fact we’ve teamed up with the board at Ibrox for this isn’t any better.



    I don’t know what they think they are going to gain from this either, although long punts up the park and physical battles for the ball are certainly more suited to their style of play.



    Added to that that the youth academy at Ibrox hasn’t produced a first team player for them in eons and maybe this represents a kind of last throw of the dice for their club on that front.



    But it’s just like us at the moment, at a time when the club already seems painfully and shockingly out of touch with our views that they’ve once again come away looking like Old Firm Inc. to push a dodgy proposal like this, which is doomed to failure anyway as even in the current form it will never muster enough votes for approval and especially not right now …



    I mean even the timing of trying something like this at the moment makes you wonder what planet folk are on.



    Our club does not have a strategic plan for the future.



    It has agreed to back this idea, with money as well, without thinking properly about the possible pitfalls of it.



    No technical director at any decent sized club would ever contemplate throwing its youth players into a meat-grinder in this way. I can’t even overstate how absolutely ridiculous it is.



    It’s another proof that big, big changes are needed at Celtic Park.

  13. I have previously noted. The board and many have said much about them. And this blog should be pointing out what I am about to say .



    They are just trolling us by it having a centre half in now. There should have been a list that was worked down and somebody in the door .



    With everything else that’s going on the fact we have not had/ got one incoming on first few days of window


    Is breathtaking in my own opinion if how the club is being run .



    We I hope are not waiting to sell before we buy I can see this on the horizon. We go to the worst Hibs team who can’t buy. Goal in the last few weeks beaten by many. And scrape a draw … I can almost forsee it .


    Mainly caused as we have no defence !

  14. spikeysauldman on

    James Forrest



    At some point Celtic Quick News does plan to write about Celtic, right?



    So Celtic being used for political grandstanding is not about Celtic ?


    it may not be the article you demand, but the rest of the bloggers, you/me included, can discuss whatever takes their fancy.


    we all know (think we know) P67s supposed ties with PL, but nobody can make him write/say what he doesn’t want to. If he did, what would you post about ?



    More than a Club ?



    I hate the discussions on here about whisky and wine and don’t get me started on golf but that’s CQN (life) for you.

  15. Paul67..



    Bravo. Point to anything other than the failings of the Celtic board. Or, as Bing Hitler would succinctly put it: the “Oh Fuck! An eagle!” strategy. The ultimate tactic to draw fire and attention away from the actual issues.



    Keep going Paul, what next to protect the indefensible? Shall we guess? Take a sweepstake? What’ll it be? “Plandemic”? or “Celtic were right to fly to Dubai, I can exclusively reveal on CQN that Covid19 IS A HOAX”



    Absolutely pathetic.




  16. spikeysauldman on




    do you have any in mind ? availability, suitability n costs ?



    some would say its not our job to identify them. some would say its not our job to set the timelines.

  17. Posters make comments and give their opinions on a variety of topics. Is Paul not allowed to do the same?



    Cheerio for now.

  18. Corky- back to the fitba, I was one who called for Mick McCarthy a few months ago, I can hear the moans from here…😆.Always been at clubs with a limited budget, look at happened to the teams he left,Wolves, Sunderland, Ipswich, almost immediately relegated.I get his 2nd stint at the Republic, not as good as his first,when he qualified for the World Cup, from a difficult group if I recall, I would put that down to a real lack of decent players, and experienced ones retiring. He would sort that backline out in a couple of sessions, or would get guys in who can defend properly. I think he’s done well out of football, and wouldn’t put up with an accountant trying to manage his squad for him.As I said, some will dismiss him out of hand,but I think he’s a realistic candidate.HH




    Well I could start by saying that Paul is on the record as saying that he often doesn’t write his opinions on this blog beause he believes it might have a negative impact on the club. I mean he said that not that long ago. If you’re not writing your own view and simply trotting out the party line, what does it matter whether you are doing because you were asked to or you don’t need to be asked?



    Look, there’s nothing complicated about this particular crisis. We did this to ourselves. This isn’t some part of a Big Bad Government Conspiracy. A lot of our own fans are absolutely appalled by what the club did here. Appalled. If you polled on this – and I’m sure someone will – you’d find the vast majority of people in Scotland are appalled. The optics of it are shocking, the complete disregard for public opinion is shocking, the thoughtlessness of it is almost breath-taking …



    We did this to ourselves. Every bit of negative publicity we’re getting we deserve. The FIrst Minister was directly asked about this yesterday; I watched it. She wasn’t going to bring it up, but she was asked the question and she answered it as many of us might have answered it ourselves.



    Nothing that she said was particularly controversial except when she made the assertion that someone at Celtic had said the trip was about”R&R”. Some of us talked about this last night.



    Well it happens that she was correct; someone did.



    And it was Neil Lennon, in the after match press conference at Ibrox.



    Another self-inflicted wound.



    We did this to ourselves. I cannot repeat that enough times. I refuse to criticise politicians for reflecting public opinion and the media for reporting the news. We did this to ourselves.

  20. Funnily to most people she’s playing a blinder…. Even to a lot of celtic fans….. I’d say that is mostly down to who she’s up against…… But we have a terrible record on covid infections and death……. But this outburst makes her look good not only to huns but the population in general….. If anything this government does well its gauge the mood…… Pity they weren’t on the ball with other stuff!!!!

  21. Celtic did not break any rules despite rest of Scotland trying to rewrite and backdate them.

  22. I see the Met Office have issued a yellow snow warning for Scotland.



    ‘Don’t eat it’.

  23. Every public pronouncement the SNP make about Celtic is negative.



    And every public pronouncement the SNP make about the huns is positive.



    I wonder what they’re up to.