Sturgeon’s unsubstantiated innuendo against Celtic


Nicola Sturgeon, used her PR stage yesterday to posing a question implying Celtic were actively breaking Covid rules, which is clearly untrue.  The First Minister said:

“I have also seen some photographs, and I don’t know the full circumstances, that would raise a question in my mind about whether all the rules elite players have to follow in their bubble around social distancing are being complied with.”

This is a rhetorical device of those practised at manipulation.  Throw in an “I don’t know”, which technically negates what follows, but allows you to make any unsubstantiated allegations, even those you highly suspect to be untrue.

She has responsibility to set the rules and ensure they are monitored.  If she is unhappy with the rules she sets, she should own that responsibility.

This crisis is not a game.  Our First Minister used her position yesterday to throw unsubstantiated innuendo in the direction of Celtic.  Our political leaders need to be responsible when they make unsubstantiated comments THEY KNOW will stir up anger and resentment against a club who only hours earlier complained at not being protected from sectarian crime.  Cut the innuendo crap and find a better government that Boris Johnston’s to shadow, pretty much the entire planet is outperforming them both.

She is a clever politician who knows what she is doing and is taking us for fools.  I have no doubt how this played in the demographic she was aiming for.

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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    TIMMY7_NOTED on 6TH JANUARY 2021 1:47 PM



    This place is reeking with paranoia, I could make a few subtle changes to some wording and it could be any old hun site.





    Yet Here You Are

  2. onenightinlisbon on




    Totally agree – deflection is all that this is.

  3. CM @ 2.18



    Franco is still with us — he is their Banquo’s ghost.


    It shames supposedly civilised Europe that he got to strangle democracy.


    If we had supported the Republic there would have been no WW2.



    Consequently I would rather invade England waving a red flag than bunk up with Spain.



    Franco’s police vs TFOD rabble — tough call but I would support the socialists in the fight.


    So my vote would go to the semi house trained within the TFOD support.



    Politics before religion.

  4. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    MADMITCH on 6TH JANUARY 2021 2:24 PM



    If the DFM had said No instead of Yes, when asked if Celtic would be allowed back in to Scotland, then I would definitely take much more interest in Politics :-)

  5. MadMitch on 6th January 2021 2:35 pm



    Politics before religion. – Something new to me, one of your points I agree with.



    ‘Ernie, SNP would have been defunct after serving its purpose if we in Scotland had voted yes in 2014 so WTF are you talking about?’







    I suggest you go away and check what SNP policy is for themselves should Scotland leave the UK.

  7. bluegrass celt on

    Ernie, I’ll just come in here and read your views instead since you’re so politically astute regarding Scots politics. Thanks for the advice though 👍



    Ernie, I’ll just come in here and read your views instead since you’re so politically astute regarding Scots politics. Thanks for the advice though 👍







    Fair enough. It’s just that when you post stuff that’s factually incorrect people might think you’re a fool. But if that doesn’t worry you that’s fine.

  9. Anyway. Any news on new players or how the club is going to address the mess it’s in on and off the pitch …!





    Did not think so





    We seem defunct of ideas and leadership on and off the pitch .

  10. The Huns were caught out at Arfield(suppose )Celtic Fan Birthday Bash in the West End of Glasgow by 2 Coppers who told there Superiors who told Dr Leech that everything was ok ,he then informed Sturgeon that he commended the police for taking swift actions against two Sevco Players,next day she on the media praising Sevco and The Police ,which was big cover up and lies,incidentally the same two players have been told they have no future at Sevco,so guys you have been made scapegoats ,go on spill the beans I dare you ,and tell what really happened at Arfields Birthday Bash.

  11. For the record — I think we can still finish top of the league this season.


    We will not win the league — they will throw it away.



    They are a very limited team that know they are very limited.


    However confidence brings its own rewards.



    Mel Sterland scoring 6 or 8 goals for the TFOD in the late 80’s tells what it can deliver.



    Issue now is how do they respond — if their form goes it will not diminish it will snap.


    However we have a huge amount of work to do and I fear at the top we have given up.



    What changes will be made to the squad — who comes / who goes?


    What changes will be made to the coaching staff?


    What changes will be made to the exec level?



    The gap is 10 points — if we cannot do our part then we don’t deserve it.


    The alternative is crowds of 30K next year and a financial implosion.


    Knife edge so we have to do something.

  12. Gene



    I heard Duffy was being shifted to Notts Forest. I have no idea if that is true

  13. MadMitch,



    The gap is 19 points and 22 goals, so typically 20 points. It’s our kind of hubris as a club to have bagged the 3 games in hand. We need to turn up and win them, all high pressure cup finals.



    I’ve seen nothing to suggest we have the ability to do so but live in hope that Dubai has given us super strength capabilities to turbo charge our players out of their relative slumber.




  14. BOB on 6th January 2021 3:06 pm



    We seem defunct of ideas and leadership on and off the pitch . _ Exactly BOB 100% correct.



    And thats the reason why we need a strategic review and not just sacking the manager.

  15. Turning to football for a second, our results vs sevco in all competitions, since season 2016 / 17 have been



    (Celtic score first, for ease of reading)






























    0-2 *













    I included an asterisk to highlight a game which has been called a ‘dead rubber’ on here. Most recently last night.



    Viewed in context, it was possibly a sign of a turning tide.



    In my mind, dismissing games in such a way is similar to calling the current gap 10 points, when it is 19 and we have 3 games in hand.



    We urgently need to admit where we are and get our respective fingers out to avoid the huns going on a run of league wins.



    I admire the KTF attitude of many, though it must be cognizant of the facts at hand.



    Where do the board see the club in 12 months?

  16. bluegrass celt on

    Ernie , let’s not get personal now. And no, I don’t think anybody thinks you’re a fool regardless of what you post . 😉

  17. privacyprivacy






    Celtic News Now


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    YOU ARE AT:Home»CQN BLOG & Comments»Scot Gov wants to talk about Celtic, not the deaths



    Scot Gov wants to talk about Celtic, not the deaths 426




    If you want to criticise Celtic for taking a January holiday while the country suffers and you have been stuck at home for 10 months, go for it, there’s acres of space below. The football bubble is difficult to reconcile when people are currently falling ill and dying in such numbers, the optics are poor; Celtic, really?




    Primis Player Placeholder



    Premier League records 40 new COVID-19 cases, highest in a week



    But if you are responsible for setting the rules of the football bubble, like the Scottish Government are, you are responsible for what is permitted within that bubble.



    If you gave specific permission for Celtic’s trip to Dubai, like the Scottish Government did, you and you alone have no right to issue PR statements of condemnation.



    This contrasts with the Scottish Government’s congratulatory comments for Newco after punishing their players who broke bubble rules, a marked contrast to their reaction after Celtic punished Boli Bolingoli.



    I get that this Government is a world leader at PR, that their leader appears to spend much of her day preparing and delivering her message of PR brilliance and that they effortlessly dig into Celtic without self-awareness.



    And I know this is a lot easier than their day job, like deciding whether to send infected patients to care homes or not, running an education system, controlling a police force who witness sectarian crime without concern, and ensuring NHS hospitals do not have to issue statements of regret after poor cleaning-related deaths.



    All this magnificent PR keeps eyes away from how that day job is being performed. Scotland has a death rate higher than all but six countries in the world, including countries run by incompetent fools, like the rest of the UK – who we continue to shadow for inexplicable reasons – and the US.



    Your government wants people to talk about Celtic, not look at the death count. The former is embarrassing and the latter is worse only in Peru, Belgium, Italy and three former Yugoslav countries. I am not part of this cult.







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    WISHAW TIM on 6TH JANUARY 2021 11:57 AM


    Cosycornerbhoy! 😂! Actually was on way home from work! Quiet so finished early! Cheers



    MARSPAPA on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:01 PM









    When we’re allowed to socialise eventually, it will be much needed .





    oooh can imagine the hangover just now .







    Regarding the FM and her anti-Celtic stance , she might be left with egg on her face as the SFA are not taking her requests any further.







    As for vaccines and the amount getting done , they are all liars so nothing would surprise me



    ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:05 PM


    P8DDY on 6TH JANUARY 2021 11:46 AM







    I would be wary of using the evidence of Glasgow to draw conclusions about poverty and mortality rates as there seems to be a consensus that there are factors other than deprivation involved, ‘the Glasgow effect’.







    I would agree that the SNP did not invent poverty.







    I would though question what measures they have taken to alleviate it.







    Furthermore I would suggest that the only political party that has ever done anything to alleviate poverty has been the Labour Party, for all its faults.



    CORKCELT on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:05 PM


    Some here were calling for Mick McCarthy as possible replacement for Lenny.





    I think Mick is a decent enough Manager,





    Well Mick went to Apoel Nicosia & has been sacked this morning after 9 games in charge, they lost last 4 games,





    Changing Manager midstream doesn’t always give you the results you want.



    PAUL67 on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:14 PM


    new article posted.



    WISHAW TIM on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:19 PM


    MARSPAPA! Can’t wait for a day out ! But beginning to think we will never get out of this ! I know they are all liars, but they should be held to account, especially when we are all losing liberty, jobs being lost schools closed, but every day she gives her party political broadcasts! FFs get the vaccine moving surely it has to be a priority now ! Take care big fella!



    P8DDY on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:33 PM









    I would be wary of using the evidence of Glasgow to draw conclusions about poverty and mortality rates as there seems to be a consensus that there are factors other than deprivation involved, ‘the Glasgow effect’.







    You may have a point – causation doesn’t equal correlation. However – the ‘Glasgow effect’ is pretty much entirely made up of drivers and definitions of poverty: low income, poor environmental situation (for example: land/air pollution), poor housing, low access to healthcare, poor diet.







    All of these things have happened, historically, under Labour’s historic watch.







    I would though question what measures they have taken to alleviate it.







    And I would agree with you – but that deviates from why I took Paul67 to task. Paul67’s point was nakedly political and pointed the finger at the SNP for Covid mortality. The SNP haven’t been in power long enough to address the historic issues (not that I particularly expect they will BTW).







    The worst thing about Covid is the cynical politicking – the notion that people try to profit off the back of 10’s of thousands of deaths is shameful – especially when it’s done in such an opaque and sneaky way as Paul67 engineered. And it’s not like he doesn’t have form for this.







    Furthermore I would suggest that the only political party that has ever done anything to alleviate poverty has been the Labour Party, for all its faults.







    Increasing inequality and privatisations would suggest otherwise. For example, Labour privatising IT in Glasgow, in Edinburgh and in the Borders doesn’t strike me as a party trying to reduce poverty. Nor does the many and varied nepotism schemes employed by Labour – for example in Coatbridge and Airdrie. I’d suggest that Labour in Scotland have been a force for evil – enjoying the fruits of, and promoting, sectarianism and inequality.







    Maybe things were different back in the day, but ultimately, Labour have done little to address the core issues around inequality and poverty – the drop in Child poverty during the Blair years is to be lauded, but it was little more than window dressing – because it didn’t tackle the structural issues, and income inequality rose under their watch. The average worker in the UK has increased their productivity by more than 200% since the 70’s, yet in that time there has been a constant drip drip drip erosion of unions and workers rights. And at the same time earnings at that level have stagnated whilst earnings at boardroom level have sky rocketed.







    In the 80’s 7% of the people controlled 87% of the wealth. That figure has gotten worse, not better. Shamefully, the wealthiest 5 families in the UK have more money than the bottom 20% of the population. 5 families with more money than the poorest 13million. It’s appalling. And ALL parties have failed in that regard. Each and every one. Debating who’s best is like two bald men fighting over a





    This was posted on previous article. 7 hour time diference sure screws you up




    FESS19 on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:51 PM


    Haven’t read all the posts but it seems like TET & James Forrest are in BIG discussions with all and sundry. Lots of hits, good for Paul67’s blog. Thank you Paul67, James and TET





    Now for the Dubai trip. How many of our Celtiic players been under pressure for 4 years to continue winning trophies evey time and not allowed ONE defeat in that time. That is pressure!





    Well done bhoys enjoy your pint you deserve it, come back refreshed, fit and rairing to go put some pressure on the currants.





    Celtic getting pelters for going to Dubai for training, can you guys around Dunblane get some photos of Andy Murray training before he goes to Australia to show what we should be doing.







    Have The Rangers International plc complained about one of their players being blatently manhandled by one of the SFA officials yet, maybe I missed that in the SMSM ;-))















    Gene on Sturgeon’s unsubstantiated innuendo against Celtic


    BOB on Sturgeon’s unsubstantiated innuendo against Celtic









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  18. Madmitch



    I posted my rangers scores before I saw you make reference to a 10 point gap.



    The gap is 19 points (and 22 goals)



    We are averaging 2.26 points per game which would give us 6.78 points for the 3. I’d agree that 7 points is realistic.



    Another option would be taking our last game as the best indication. However, we lost the last game and failed to score a goal. So maybe not

  19. Uncle Jimmy on 6th January 2021 3:21 pm



    My main issue with the board is that they don’t have a 12 month plan, or even a one month plan except in the financial sense. Then the plan is detailed and serious.



    If by some miracle they do have a football plan we’ll be the last to know.

  20. Timmy7



    I suspect you’re correct.



    We should have a 5 year operating plan. We should have key milestones within that 5 year plan.



    However, a glance back a few years, and a review of where we are now, suggests we either dont have a plan, dont have a clue, or dont have a prayer.

  21. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Madmitch 2.22pm.



    Interesting points.



    For me the main thing governments and the SNP in particular will take away from this Covid era is how easy it is to govern the population by fear. Once they grab power, they will never cede it.



    ‘Dictatorship of the stupid’, indeed.

  22. Timbhoy2 , you would give your vote to the greens 😳 as well giving it to the Snp then ! As wee paddy never votes against her !

  23. For me the main thing governments and the SNP in particular will take away from this Covid era is how easy it is to govern the population by fear. Once they grab power, they will never cede it.



    ‘Dictatorship of the stupid’, indeed.






    Thanks for putting us all right, that’s me giving up the voting its a mugs game.

  24. BW @ 3.17



    We have a second rate manager and a lazy / selfish / disinterested squad.


    If you are happy with that then we are in trouble.



    If we want to win the league then we need to win our games in hand.


    They are not a good team but they are an effective team.


    We need to challenge them at the very least.



    What is the alternative?



    Watch the early birds walk away with their winnings?



    There is no hubris just a demand that we perform to our abilities and beyond.

  25. Regarding vaccine………….it’s the same over here ,we have no idea where or when to get one, at the rate that they are given it will take more than 20 years to inject the population of Ontario…….it’s a joke.