Tannadice perfect preparation for Champions League


I can remember a few comfortable wins at Tannadice but only when Celtic have played at their very best.  Even good Celtic teams have found Dundee United a handful for over 30 years.  Tomorrow will be no different.

I watched some of United’s League Cup game against Hearts on Wednesday, it’s hard to figure out where Peter Houston is taking them, but they remain recognisable as Dundee United, they are skilful and play a fast, passing, game.  In many respects, they are the perfect domestic opponent to face before meeting Barcelona.

The shadow of Champions League football will cast itself over Neil Lennon’s plans, even though the manager will understand the best preparation for a big game is to win the previous game, so Celtic will travel with as much urgency as they can muster.

We need a point to replace Edinburgh Hibernians (it is the modern style to use pre-liquidation names) at the top of the SPL, anything less would be unsatisfactory.

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  1. leftclicktic



    I heard him on the radio earlier, and wasn’t sure if I heard him say that, he did :>)



    He was good when he talked about Boocher though, saying that he can say anything about the cheats with whistles and nothing happens to him.

  2. leftclicktic



    20:12 on


    3 November, 2012


    Just seen this on TSFM :))




    Kilmarnock boss to report referee to SFA over ‘sarcastic’ remark



    “I don’t know what he said but it was something flippant and I


    will be reporting him to (head of referee development) John


    Fleming as well because I am not happy about it.”








    Hmmm…I’m no lawyer but I think even I can spot the flaw with this complaint.





    He also commented on Terry Butcher and how he ( butcher ) can make comments about referees and nothing seems to happen to him but when he comments he is pulled up. ( and how when butcher comments about having no penalty’s they suddenly get two in the one game) .



    Quite like this guy.

  3. leftcliktic


    I am appalled at the shameful audacity of


    referees being flippant.


    Let’s not bother about them being biased cheats like


    HD the sinister minister.

  4. Good discussion on Radio Nacional there about Peru Zaballa. Basque name, but he was from Cantabria and he made his name playing for Barcelona between 1961 and 1967. He had the honour of scoring league goal number 2000 for Barcelona.



    He also played for Spain, although only twice. He scored his two international goals in the same game, against Ireland at Dalymount Park in 1964. Spain won 0-2.



    After leaving Barcelona, he went to nearby Sabadell, who were in the first division. Towards the end of the season, with Sabadell threatened by relegation, they went to play Real Madrid in the Bernabéu. The Real Madrid goalie, Junquera, clashed with his own defender. He broke his cheekbone in the incident.



    The ball broke to Zaballa, on his own in the Real Madrid area with the goal gaping. He had no way of knowing what injury Junquera had suffered, but he saw blood pouring out of the goalie’s face and put the ball out of play. Sabadell lost 1-0. Real Madrid went on to become champions and Sabadell finished twelfth out of sixteen, one point above Córdoba, who went into a play-off to stay up (they succeeded, but finished last the following season). So all ended well.



    Before FIFA and UEFA knew much about these things, no less a body than UNESCO singled Peru Zaballa out for what he had done and invented the concept of a fair play award in football to give to him.



    Peru Zaballa died at the age of 58 in 1997. From the following season, the Spanish football authorities introduced the Zaballa Award for the player, team, club president (I know) or support that best demonstrates “exemplary behaviour” in the course of a season.

  5. estorilbhoy


    “Quite like this guy.”


    Don’t get to carried away with the bould Kenny


    Give it time,the mask will slip.

  6. Gordon64,


    Re Wednesday


    We need to get tomorrow out the way first.


    I expect a physical approach from Utd , as their manager will be expecting our player’s won’t want to get injured.


    However, once it’s out the way , I see no reason, apart from the obvious, why we can’t get something. In recent years we have beaten a lot of top teams at CP , manure, Juve, Milan etc, and whilst the stadium is no longer the Euro fortress it was, it is our job as supporters to welcome Barca, but then make the event as hard as we possibly can

  7. Sorry, just to correct myself. That game in Dublin was the only full international game that Peru Zaballa played.



    Fancy scoring the two goals in a 0-2 away win in your first international and not getting picked again. It’s not as if he was a Lisbon Lion.

  8. prestonpans bhoys on



    19:11 on


    3 November, 2012


    If memory serves (and I might well be wrong), Dundee Und beat us home and away in the 67 season.



    correct !

  9. macanbheatha



    20:30 on


    3 November, 2012




    “Quite like this guy.”


    Don’t get to carried away with the bould Kenny


    Give it time,the mask will slip






    Can only go on what I have heard from him since taking over at Killie, will let future behaviour influence whether my perception changes or not.

  10. Dundee Hibernians, I believe our opponents tomorrow are properly called.Chick Green said so any way.



    He also sees the Movember event as proof positive that we are returning to the styles of the times when DUFC were the Dundee Hibs and The Rangers were just Rangers.



    Ah well.



    Come on, what is it we used to be called again? Oh aye, Celtic……… always were, still are and as long as we keep shysters and con men, tax dodgers and crooks away from her, she always will be.



    That said may I congratulate Sevco on a win that must surely be some kind of record for a new entrant to the Scottish Cup. Well done. Well done indeed. A good cup run might provide them with the revenue they need to keep paying the players for a few weeks when the, ahem, season book money, erm, ah, ‘runs oot’…….. They’ll be looking for one of the SFL1 big boys in the next round so they get another world record crowd for the first time they have played yet another club. Brilliant. Must be great being a Sevconian right now.



    As for Celtic, same old same old playing Dundee Hibernian for the gazillionth time and then once more the dreary home game against Barcelona. I am so sick looking at Messi, Xavi and Iniesta, oh for some wonderful lower league journey of discovery………..

  11. Real Zaragoza have started the second half well in the Bernabéu, although Real Madrid are still wining 2-0, having scored twice in a minute in the first half.



    Glenn Loovens is doing well. Go on, big mhan.

  12. Real Madrid have done nothing in the second half. There is less time to go than I though, only 12 minutes. But Real Zaragoza have hit the post and created a few other chances.



    Come on the maños.

  13. prestonpans bhoys on

    Celtic Mac


    20:05 on


    3 November, 2012



    The mini huns are now, at last, living in the real world where you have to live on your own means. The never never land of their brothers is catching up with them as well, shame :-)

  14. CCB




    We will give Barca due respect


    and more than likely they will pass us of the park.


    But it’s Celtic so you never know.


    Still cannae wait.

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    and of course the perfect storm is “them” going bust again and the mini huns going down the tubes with them. That would leave the Tic and Hibs as number one and number two in the league…..

  16. Tallybhoy


    20:31 on


    3 November, 2012


    Is Norris the ref tomorrow?!




    Dont think so ,he was in charge of killie v ict today THANKFULLY,


    But I fully expect him in our semi final tie.

  17. Monday, Tuesday – Poppie Days



    Thursday Friday – Poppie Days (Wednesday is omitted due to Catalonian excesses)



    Saturday, What a day – working all week for you



    We’ll agree with whatever Philvis says, Poppie Days…



    Until Canamalar has his say



    Poppie Days!!!!!!!!!!!




  18. macanbheatha



    In all fairness to Sheils, he was the only manager who spoke up for Lenny when he was going through all the garbage with the bombs and bullits.

  19. Huge respect to the Barca players,


    They know a real football stadium and crowd.


    Bring them on.


    As for tomorrow.


    Who knows what we are going to get domestically.

  20. Evening Celts,



    People who respect those who died fighting for their country, honour them in their own ways.



    The zombie supporters use the time of remembrance to wear what is (in their eyes), badges of racial superiority.



    Sevco like the sectarian club (IL) that went before them, will use the remembrance period to gain favour with the hun hoards and remove some more small change from their pockets.



    That is all from me, whats to debateCSC

  21. prestonpans bhoys on



    20:46 on


    3 November, 2012



    Emailed you about Lisbon and a bevy………….

  22. gordon64



    20:48 on


    3 November, 2012


    Huge respect to the Barca players,


    They know a real football stadium and crowd.


    Bring them on.


    As for tomorrow.


    Who knows what we are going to get domestically.





    Gordon, fair dues to the guy commentating on the Barca game tonight, he referred to Wednesday nights game at CP and said although they have experienced el Classico atmosphere CP will blow them away for atmosphere ( paraphrasing ).



    Cannot wait.

  23. celtic_first






    Hey, no problem. I just caught your post after my dinner. Sounds crazy!




  24. TET


    Yes I know that but given his background I can’t help believing he’s a phoney .I sincerely hope I’m proved wrong and another one has escaped the “dark side”.Apart from everything else I think he talks a load of mumbo jumbo mún (p@sh)

  25. First time I’ve seen a 5th official make a decision that has been game changing.



    Juve (ahead from an off-side goal) penalised for a shirt pull on Milito (that the ref missed) – penalty 1-1 and game on.

  26. praecepta



    21:06 on


    3 November, 2012





    Was thinking that too, but good game pretty open for an Italian game.