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Well done to the thousands who turned up for the Jock Stein 30th Anniversary game at Dunfermline yesterday. Money from the match is already helping refugees through the British Red Cross’s Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal.

The club site this morning reported David Miller of the Red Cross said, “Celtic FC Foundation and their fans’ support will make a real difference to the refugees and communities affected across Europe and in neighbouring countries. Thank you for supporting the appeal.”

We have a great auction coming up this week for hospitality at the Dundee game later this month, all funds going to the Foundation.  Look out for it.

I was sorry to hear of the passing of Ralph Milne yesterday. Ralph was one of the outstanding talents of Scottish football when he won the league with Dundee United in 1983, a day after his 22nd birthday.

His scored the goal which won the league, but the memory of his chance in the European Cup semi-final, a year later away to Roma, still induces regret. 27 years later Roma would admit to bribing the referee for that game, as they progressed to the final with a 3-2 aggregate.  A few years after winning the league the writing was on the wall for Ralph’s career.

I watched him playing a student team on a public park, telling the incredulous English person I was with about Ralph’s European Cup semi-final exploits three years earlier.  He then floated around the English lower leagues before Sir Alex Ferguson signed him for Manchester United.  Fergie remember the Ralph we were all amazed at from the 82-85 era, but by then (1988) Ralph was a a shadow of his former self.  One of the game’s greats became one of its parodies.

Weekend at Bernie’s

Kick back and give yourself 20 minutes to have a read at Weekend at Bernie’s, recently published by the Hostile Monkey blog. In the light of last week’s court appearances it is a fully referenced, line-by-line, assessment of the “same club myth”, detailing six areas instances of the debate:

The Lord Nimmo-Smith Commission Argument
The European Football Club Association Argument
The UEFA website argument
The Advertising Standards Authority argument
The BBC Trust Argument
The SFA Registration Argument

It’s worth bookmarking for future reference.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Charlie followed Muller inside and wee Shaun left right back alone


    Can’t blame Mulgrew for that


    Marsh more at fault imo

  2. They are a championship/SPL team up against the best team in the world.



    Its a mismatch, Scotland doing well to make a game of it to be honest

  3. Half Time in Dublin no score. Ireland showed a small bit more urgency in latter part of half but overall uninspiring and I’m not too confident.

  4. Thats an extremely brave performance from Scotland,



    Totally outclassed but kept coming back for more.



    Amazing stuff really

  5. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Mutton and McCarthur are having a good game ..



    LG on for the anonymous Fletcher, plse

  6. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Watching the game on Fox Andy Hinchcliffe summer idiom with john champion commentating


    Actually enjoying their analysis



    Hun clown in the studio though


    Jim White of USA, yes he is Scottish and mentions sevco at every chance

  7. Knowing Scotland’s luck they will scramble 3rd place and…………………….



    draw Holland in the play-offs!

  8. I heard he was dead on

    Scotland are still in the game because they have hearts a million times more than their German counterparts.



    They have little or no skill but they are hanging in there.

  9. Marrakesh Express on

    I can see the Krauts upping the gears and scoring 4 or 5. Too much class. Hope I’m wrong though.

  10. Scotland are obviously outclassed.


    However they are putting up a fight at least.


    Both goalkeepers can’t be pleased with their performances.


    We don’t pose a threat from our striker.


    Maybe Gordon will bring on Fletcher in the second half replacing Peter Brady.

  11. I heard he was dead on




    Holland are practically out of the tournament.



    The Turks are in front of them and will likely finish 3rd there



    I can see the Krauts upping the gears and scoring 4 or 5. Too much class. Hope I’m wrong though.




    Krauts?????? You been reading yir ole Commando comics today? :O)

  13. I heard he was dead



    I know – but it’s almost a cert that Scotland will draw the highest ranked side in the play-offs!



    Lucky White Heather :-(

  14. Ian Joyce is American from San Diego – spent a bit of time in the lower leagues in Scotland -hence his love of DeidCo