What money Dave King has left, he should put on Celtic for the title


It is a little more than two months since there was angst over accusations of soiling sheets, and I remember the question, “Would you rather have lost the cup final and won on the 29th?”  Progress in football is not linear.  Even for the imperious (that’s us), it has regular defeats and disappointments.

We cannot cope in West Lothian, taking a solitary point from two visits, and lose concentration against Cluj and Copenhagen, but eliminate Rennes and Lazio, both flying high in top five leagues.  Step back and you see the big picture, a year on from Neil Lennon parachuting in as caretaker manager, Celtic are playing their best football in three years.  There is confidence in the future and hope of even better to come.

As a consequence of Tom Rogic’s late equaliser and the utterly hilarious disintegration of the ‘Let’s go’ manager at Ibrox, we can relax and enjoy the procession to that most remarkable of records: nine-in-a-row.  Whatever money Dave King has left to invest in Newco, he could do worse than to put it on Celtic to win the title.  His meagre winnings will be welcome when it comes to paying Sports Direct, among others.

Now it is all about St Mirren, our next biggest game of the season and a chance to go 16 points clear.  Bring it on.

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  1. I see Greg Taylor is getting slaughtered on many fronts.



    My opinion on him for what it is worth, I think his general game is decent. By that, I mean his defending, his passing (in the main), tackling, and energy to get up and down the left hand-side.



    What he most definitely needs to work on is his end product. His crossing bordered on woeful last night. If he flung over 10 attempted crosses, I barely remember a decent one.



    Neil Lennon played in a 3-5-2 Celtic system. However, he won’t need reminding how potent the left peg of Alan Thompson was.. Even Steve Guppy for that matter, knew how to wip in a good cross.



    Greg Taylor needs to invest whatever free time he has, in practising his delivery in to the box

  2. RUGGYGMAN – I am certain a couple of weeks ago Taylor was singled out by NL after a game for the quality of his crosses. He said it was a part of his game he had not seen before. Taylor has been staying behind after training to practice with one of the coaching staff so he is a work-in-progress but he is trying, that’s for sure.

  3. Philbhoy – When two tribes go to war, a point is all that you can score . . . .


    I think I’ll be off out too.

  4. I think Taylor is a good defensive LB but is struggling with what is an attacking LWB. He doesn’t have natural pace to skin a player and his crossing is actually ok (threw a worldie in at one point last night). So much of our play is attacking.



    I think the 3-5-2 is limiting James on the other side too and feels a bit more suited to Frimpong.

  5. Anyone seen the video on Twitter of the English lad and his dad that were in Ibrox last night (Thogden on You Tube). Video called “Fans turn on Steven Gerrard”.


    Anyway, I learnt something new – they sell Guinness in the Loudon Tavern.

  6. Any update on translationgate?



    Or have Sky outsmarted Peter Lawell on this one?

  7. Ernie



    What’s going on at that council Mr O Donnell works at up north?



    Who is the £ behind Darmer? Shoorly not a foundation or sumfin.



    6am q for wee Alex trial I hear.it incredible watchin the state swing into action,Assange like,a public trial too,lol.




  8. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Whither the cash strapped scrofulous coronavirulent hillbillies the day?

  9. Bognorbhoy, problem is that he is so consumed by his own self that he feels he has to drag the narrative back to himself and his chosen topic.



    He’s a narcissist. So he’ll keep baiting (trolling if you like) until he has pissed someone off that they answer.



    Logged out yesterday because of his constant drivel as other topics get buried.



    Don’t reply Mockingbird as I already know what you will say.



    On another topic, I’ve got tickets for the egg chasing in Cardiff a week on Saturday, hope they don’t call it off but I’ll still be travelling to see family regardless…unless they cancel flight.




    One thing to look out for when playing that formation is how dominant our left side becomes. It happened last night as well. Moi plays off the left, both Christie and McGregor are left footed and so find themselves keeping the ball on their left foot and moving towards that side of the pitch. Eddy likes to drop deep, primarily to the left. Add Rogic into the equation and one side of the pitch becomes very congested.



    I think that it is also part of the reason that Forrest drifts out of games. There is a lot less support on the right and he can’t play 1-2s etc. Look how effective Forrest became last night when moved to the left wing. There he could link up with McGregor, Rogic, Eddy etc and he got a lot more joy out of the full back than Taylor.



    On account of the above, I would be inclined to include Ntcham in our line up as he is our only right footed attacking midfielder.






    I’ve noticed how much we use the left but could never put my finger on why. Great point.

  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    After pocketing the cash from the Europa League, what happens if the Huns suddenly can’t field a team due to the CV?



    They’ve nothing else to play for so why not scupper the league?

  12. Team for Saturday, I would like to see Forrest and Brown rested :






    ——-Bitton Jullien Ajer————–



    Frimpong C.McGregor G.Taylor


    ———–Christie Rogic——————



    ———-Griffiths Edouard—————



    Would like to see Klimala or Bayo off the bench.


    And if passed fit, and re-introduction for O.Ntcham

  13. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Lovely BD, if those london cnuts were going to CP, they’d be called plastic paddies – enjoy the pain scuzzers

  14. Criticism of Taylor is a bit harsh imo, he’s only starting to properly settle into the team and has done OK up to now.



    It’s probably the first time in his career he’s played three games in a week and three very tough games at that.



    I’m not saying he’s the answer and I think Lenny should look to bring someone in the summer (getting rid of Boli)



    But, currently, he’s still the best Left Back at the club

  15. Paul67 et al



    ‘So who is gonna have to play Easter?’


    ‘The Celts!” Revenge for Boavista!

  16. glendalystonsils on

    I agree about Taylor , it’s a big step up from Killie to Celtic so let’s cut him some slack while he works on his crossing .


    Interestingly , someone mentioned Steve Guppy earlier . Like Taylor , he lacked the pace to get past the full back but he could bend in a great cross without having to get past his man . GT could do worse than study some Guppy videos and work on the technique.

  17. RON67 on 5TH MARCH 2020 3:05 PM


    The Scottish Cup semi-final between Hearts and Hibernian will be at Hampden Park and will be shown live on BBC One Scotland on Saturday, 11 April. kick off at 12:15



    Celtic and Aberdeen will be the following day at 15:00.



    The winners will meet in the final on 9 May – two weeks before the Scottish Premiership season ends – to allow Hampden to be readied for the Euro 2020 finals.



    Ron are you sure about the end of the SPFL season? I thought ‘trophy day’, the last day of the season, was on Sunday 17th. May.



    Ave Ave

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I thought we got more out of Forrest, when moved to the left,and Frimpong added some pace and trickery on the right when he came on

  19. Glendalystonsils



    I do see that quite regularly as a negative attributed to Taylor, that he can’t beat a man. He doesn’t have a trick etc.


    However I don’t know many full-backs that do. Even if you watch the 2 lads at Liverpool, much of their success, is their assists. Which fundamentally stems from the quality of their crossing. Both Robertson and the lad on the right, have tremendous engines. They are up and down the pitch with ease. Their strengths beyond that, is their delivery.



    I think if Greg Taylor nails that, then he would change perceptions over night.

  20. CELTIC40ME on 5TH MARCH 2020 2:51 PM


    Cutting out the cup games against non-Premiership sides is a fair adjustment. That would mean its 41 goals in 14 games vs 28 in 10.


    2.92 goals with versus 2.8 goals without.


    Comparing goals in European competition is as you said pointless. He was only able to play one game so it’s not a suitable sample size. It isn’t fair to compare results in Europe to results in Scotland.


    I don’t think it gives much weight to your original point “but we’ve scored more goals this season when he’s not started than when he has.”


    I think it speaks well to Frimpong when you compare the quality of opponent. The sample of 9 games without Frimpong included only 3 games against the top 6 while the sample of 14 games included 7.

  21. The huns and many in the Scottish media seem to think Celtic are trying equal the 9 in a row by the dead club when in fact we are going for a double 9, a 99 with a flake.

  22. RUGGYGMAN on 5TH MARCH 2020 4:51 PM


    Team for Saturday, I would like to see Forrest and Brown rested






    I’d be delighted to see that team.



    Think there is a decent chance we will see players rested before Ibrox.

  23. Is that 12 year-old in jail yet?


    Has the brake-tampering private eye been Charged?


    Has the Morelos translator been identified?



    Oh, how quickly these headlines are cast aside.

  24. TIMALOY29 and The hands can’t hit



    Good points about our tendency for the left.



    I’ve felt for a while the men in black also seem to favour our front left position (running diagonals) and frequently get in the way. We should use them when we are hitting a brick wall defence by knocking the ball against them resulting in an unchallenged drop ball which can be like a free kick with Ajer and Jullien moved forward. Got a feeling men in black would soon get out the way.

  25. Re James Forrest, he was more effective late in the game when he was pushed further forward, when he is the WB he often faces up to two from the opposition, wide midfielder and full back.



    Also have a look at his pass to Eddy for the equaliser, great run by Eddy yes but a beautifully weighted pass from James that made it easier from Eddy to do his bit.

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