Why Morgan was bought now instead of on a pre-contract


What’s the difference between Celtic signing Lewis Morgan now, then loaning him back to St Mirren, or simply signing him on a pre-contract agreement to join the club on 1 June? Primarily, it is about the player’s training regime.

Celtic are paying St Mirren for the privilege of telling them how Lewis should train, what dietary rules he should follow and what developmental objectives to prioritise. He will train, rest, eat and sleep according to guidelines Celtic set out.

The cumulative effect of sports science is difficult to quantify, but it forms the basis of much of what the technical staff do at Lennoxtown.

NEW! The CQN Podcast: A Celtic State of Mind (EP28) with former Celtic director Tom Grant

A Celtic State of Mind presents its 29th instalment of insightful discussion around the culture of Celtic Football Club, the city of Glasgow, and fans of the reigning treble-winning Scottish champions.

Paul John Dykes and Kevin Graham are joined by Celtic’s ex-director, Tom Grant, who offers a fascinating insight into the running of the club in the 1980s and 1990s.

Tom Grant explains exactly why Celtic refused to complete the Mo Johnston transfer in 1989, and lifts the lid on audacious efforts by Billy McNeill to recruit Peter Beardsley and Steve Bruce.

Tom Grant also dissects his relationship with Fergus McCann, and the impact of the ‘Celts For Change’ movement in overturning the ‘family dynasty’ board in 1994.


Jim Craig made two of the three goals in the 1967 European Cup Final. There’s a great wee video below for you to enjoy. Get Jim’s new Lisbon Lion Diary – Right Back to 67 from CQNBookstore.co.uk and you will receive a signed copy from the man himself plus a FREE copy of That Season in Paradise – Ten Months of Celtic Heaven signed by fellow Lisbon Lion Bertie Auld! Simply order Jim Craig – Right Back to 67 and the second book will be sent automatically.

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  1. giving my feckin age away here, the one o clock gang ,charlie sim, jimmy nairn, larry marshall i think was the only one celtic minded.hh.

  2. Kevjungle @10.20,


    you do know that Ryan Christie has played a number of times for Celtic?

  3. Fairhill Bhoy,


    good to see you canny figure out how to post music links,


    means i can keep reading the blog a while longer

  4. I hope Tom Grant is not going to get an easy ride. The Grants and Whites did not bad out of Celtic. As custodians they were worse than useless. Hh

  5. Fairhill Bhoy,


    all good mucker thanks,


    jealous of you jetting off to Vegas this year,


    mrs gb told me i canny go back for 3 years,


    wee ppi claim paying for a week in Lara Beach in march though so


    looking forward to that

  6. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Some posters condemning the club for signing Lewis Morgan?



    Virtual Insanity it is.




  7. Gordybhoy 64-jetting of ?my stepdaughter and son in law with two granddaughters loved it there last year in Lara beach,you need to stop stuffing your money under the mattress:-)))

  8. ” The game….. ( nervous pause shouting heard in the car park crowd, fans saying…. shhh shhh )



    The game is over……… The Rebels have won ”



    main door celtic park ages ago CSC

  9. Big Packy



    This thread is a tale of two Kennies. :o))



    Also, ref the One O’Clock Gang, my uncle Tommy Adair was the guitar player with the wee band that played on the show. There were at least two Tims when they went on air



    Great player in the Barney Kessel style.



    His great grandparents brought the family over from Belfast in 1919ish and they lived in Duntocher for many years.






    Tony Rome



    Thanks for that info on the Govan Fair. To the best of my knowledge none of my extended family live in Govan now. All scattered to the winds now. Initially to Corkerhill, Priesthill, Castlemilk, Faifley etc now five contiments instead of five schemes.




  10. Wish all those with poor health a speedy recovery and a grand 2018.



    Regardless of opinions.




  11. Fairhill Bhoy,


    was in Lara Beach last year,stayed in new hotel Trendy Lara,


    going back to same place for wifes birthday

  12. Sister in law tells me tonight she attempted to buy Two season tickets for next season for brother in laws 50th and was told “sold out. Put your name on the waiting list” kevj’s missing 30,000 is not happening soon…..

  13. What is the Stars on

    Gary Howlett played for Brighton,in a Wembley cup final against Manchester United at 17.


    30 years later he played against me in an over 35 amatuer league game.


    I marked him. He left me for dead and scored 2 goals.


    Not a lot of people know that.

  14. As a serial lurker I’ve always scrolled past Kevjungle posts. Mostly due to the writing style it must be said. However, the content appears to me to be more objective than I first realised….to the point of wondering about thems influence….the obligatory ‘are you a hun?’. In essence, I think Kevjungle is calling it in a reasonable way and would like responses of the more informed on this site to consider this. Just asking.

  15. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 6th January 2018 8:39 pm





    I have tried to “moderate” my reply that was deleted. I hope you get it.



    2 things



    1. You forgot the prime directive. You forgot to take into account the American Stupidity ratio.


    Its quite high. Penny will never drop. They dont care. The Republicans represent the anti “pick your epithet” party. Thats all they need to know.


    The fact that he’s a Russian money launderer is neither here nor there to them.


    2. When the party’s official doctrine is #1 above but that their real doctrine is to facilitate


    corporate tax robbery i.e. that they have no real ideology other than a corporate front, then great pretenders like Trump can hijack their party. However, as long as he can remain the forefront puppet while they empty the treasury they’ll keep him.


    When he can no longer facilitate corporate tax robbery they’ll impeach him and replace him with Pence who will be far more malicious.


    Trump is a thick uneducated bigot Pense is just a bigot. Either way Republicans win.




    Does this scenario remind you of anyone?

  16. Blhade on 7th January 2018 2:45 am


    That is correct. In my opinion KevJ is definitely one of the good guys.

  17. Why are we debating past Scottish World Cup squads?


    In 1958 when Scotland qualified for Sweden the squad of 22 was whittled down to 17 so that SFA execs could take their wives and family members on a freebie. Move on. Nuff said.

  18. Knock, knock. Who’s there !


    Jelly and Ice cream !


    Jelly and Ice cream who ?


    jelly believe me now and Ice cream if you don’t let me in !

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