Biton and the holding position


I was discussing Beram Kayal during the week, specifically how he was keeping Victor Wanyama out of the Celtic team before that ‘tackle’ from Rangers’ McCulloch put him out of action for months.  The player has never recovered his form but has never had a sustained run in the team either.

Nir Biton has made the holding position his own in recent weeks and, as a consequence, we’ve watched his form improve.  News that he picked up an injury when playing for Israel against Slovakia last week, which is likely to disrupt his appearances for weeks, has come at the worst possible time.  If he is to make this position his own, he needs performances between now and the end of the season.

Young players especially need games to reinforce their craft and build confidence, as well as to ensure fitness.

Just less than 24 hours until the Friday noon deadline for bids on bottle No. 1 of a limited edition (291 in total) of Craigallachie Telford’s Bridge, in a wooden box and presentation cardboard tube, whit an authentication certificate. The current highest bid stands at an incredible £425.

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Seville, The Celtic Movement, launches tomorrow (rumours suggest I might get my hands on mine today).

“”Claire, where is my passport?” I was frantic now as I pleaded with my wife. She must know I thought. Claire, my wife of twelve years, suffers my trips away to support Celtic without a single moan. Not this time though as Claire would not give me her blessing to go on this trip telling me that our bakery was now at critical point, busy and with too many European away days this year they had taken their toll.”

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  1. !!Bada Bing!!


    13:13 on


    13 March, 2014


    As some wag has just tweeted, there are three players in Scotland with double barrelled names.













    Taken over from Boyd-pen.



    Does anyone have the stats for the number of penalties and oppo red cards for them this season? Must be another world record surely?

  2. David Murray looking across to Munich and thinking: there but for the grace of God, er the SFA, go I.

  3. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Man stopped me there and asked me did I know where Bishopbriggs was? I had to tell him no but I knew him when he was an altar boy.

  4. Someone belonging to an establishment team getting sent down for tax offences-it’ll never catch on

  5. By the time SSB airs tonight the story will involve tax eveasion and His Holiness…



    off oot…

  6. The Token Tim on

    Aw FFS! Both my horses down at the first fence…..



    Honestly i give in .






  7. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Thats why I gave up gamblin 12 years 5 months 3 days 5 hours and 6 mins ago!!!

  8. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on



    Thought provoking & memory stirring posts of those terrible nights 73 years ago.


    I am one of those lucky enough to have survived it unscathed & to still have vivid memories of its horrors.


    Man’s inhumanity…………

  9. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Were you up at Lennoxton on Sunday?? Saw a T T T number plate on a green car there.

  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma


    13:04 on


    13 March, 2014



    Re my earlier post on Clydebank and the related bombing of Dresden — The raids on Dresden on 13th and 14th February 1945 is and was one of the most barbaric acts I have ever heard of.






    For me the dropping of nucleur bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki trumps even that!

  11. Proudbhoy.





    I can why Aiden would think the rangers were ‘demoted’ as opposed to liquidated. Can’t imagine he was bombarded with info about Scottish football whole in Russia. Nor would a glance at Scottish MSM websites have told him differently.



    They place at ibrox. In blue. With their legend as manager. And with many of the same squad, initially at least. I know the difference. Folk on here do too. But many fellow Celtic fans would see trying to differentiate in this way as semantics.



    And the non rangers general public def still see them as one and the same.



    And in many ways they are. Same colours, same fans, same ground (for now!), same arrogance, same dislike for paying tax, same jingoistic unionist fervour.



    I guess I see this period as a quiet time where A&E depts, our players’ limbs and the fabric of our stadium are spared the consequences of their immediate presence. But they (in this generic form) will be back. Soon (tho not as soon as the SFA had hoped), too soon for my liking. And then we’ll be back to having to be better than them to equal them and their honest mistakes.



    My son’s about to turn 9. I’ve loved getting him into football in a league without that kind of team. Wish it could be forever. But sadly not…



    As for the Maestro. I respectfully disagree as a fhan and someone who still had to live in Scotland. But I see where he’s coming from as a player.



    To answer your question. I’d always prefer them not to exist or be in a league near us. But if we ever meet them, hammer them. Every time.



    Meeting for me. 1 sleep to go….



    HH jamesgang

  12. The huns to be stuck in lower leagues for next 5/6 years or to be in top flight getting hammered each time by us ?



    Which would u prefer… Tough choice.



    Wheather we like it or not they will also exist in some way with the help from mr oglive and his pals.



    And of course the defeaning silence from the celtic board :-(

  13. The Token Tim on

    Jude 2005,



    No mate wasnt me. But if i did have a TTT reg plate, it would be on a green car!






  14. (last night’s) LIBERTADORES ROUND UP



    For those of you who haven’t already reached the conclusion, predicting results in the Libertadores (at least, at this stage) is like trying to nail jelly to the wall. Another night when ah got tanned. Five games, NONE predicted right.



    So here’s a wee overview of how they went and I’ll gee ma last chance (this week, at least) verdict on tonight’s games later.






    Independiente de Valle (Equ) 2 Botafogo (Bra) 1


    Botafogo could blame the pitch (which was bogging), the Peruvian referee (louwpin), the altitude (2,800m) or whatever, but at the end of the day they’ve nobody to blame but themselves for this defeat.



    At 1-1 the match looked winable for fogo then they had two players red carded, the ref lost control of the game and the final 15minutes became farcical. To be fair, Inde’s last minute winner scored by MOTM, Sornoza was a 25yd screamer. To cap the night off it had rained so hard, the dressing rooms were flooded too.



    ‘fogo now face Inde again at the Maracanã next Tuesday, think I’ll go and watch that one.



    San Lozenzo (Arg) 1 Union Espanola (Chi) 1


    The “Pope’s Eleven”, San Lorenzo, started well in this one and seemed to be comfortable at 1-0. However, instead of pressing to kill they game they settled into a possession game and let Union back in to get a deserved equalizer.



    Maybe now San Lorenzo will be looking for divine intervention for their trip to Chile next week?



    Flamengo 2 Bolivar 2


    This should have been a walk in the park for ‘mengo. It wasn’t. They huffed and puffed thru the first half against a lesser skilled but better drilled, Bolivar team. Second half was actually quite good to watch, with Bolivar scoring first, then silencing the Maracanã when they equalized to make it 2-2 with ten minutes to go. ‘mengo’s total lack of central defence being key to both goals.



    Bolivar, clearly delighted with their “Bolivian teams don’t do well in Brasil” bursting result, will be a different team next week and I’d expect them to be very dangerous on their home turf. On the other hand, ‘mengo have several injuries, including key midfielder, Carceres who looks to have fractured his shoulder and won’t be looking forward to their trip to La Paz.



    Nacional (Par) 2 Atl Mineiro(Bra) 2


    Atleticó Mineiro (the Galo) looked to be cruising this one, with 2-1 and only a few minutes left on the clock. Then they gave away a stupid penalty and paid the price. Galo are strong in midfield/up front but don’t have a recognised left back and desperately miss the defensive leadership of longterm injury worry, Rever. That being said, with two home comes now to come, Galo look good to qualify from this group.



    Zamora (Ven) v Santa Fe (Col)


    Another upset with Zamora recording their first ever Libertadores Group stage goals and victory. Never saw this one, but apparently the first half was pretty dull with both teams playing a more adventorous game in the second half. Zamora’s Juan Falcon scored both their goals (one pen) to keep their slim, Libertadores hopes alive.

  15. jamesgang



    13:46 on 13 March, 2014





    Good post.



    Thanks for that

  16. the unthank road on

    Ernie Lynch


    That’s a cracker! Obviously the SA authorities need the cash more than the German ones????

  17. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Read Aiden’s interview.


    Reeked of lazy journalism. Neil should try out the Premiership as he has won everything in Scotland.


    The English top league has been called the English Premier League for years now.


    Aiden may have said some of the things attributed to him but it has been dressed up to suit the newspaper agenda.




  18. Did anyone else see KevJungle’s last post ever at 9:39 this morning?



    Didn’t cause any stir at all.




  19. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Yeah I saw it. Quite sad about it to be honest. May not be everyone’s cup of tea but stood his ground on what he believed. Just cause his opinion differed from mine at times I didn’t fall out with him over it. His aff oot banter will be a loss too.




  20. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Good day from a somewhat overcast Dumbreck, must be something to do with it’s proximity to Mordor.


    Shameless post here in praise of a fellow CQN’r Paddybhoy 1888 :-)). Just had some tyres changed and an MOT carried out on my daughter’s car (she needs to clean it out!) at one of Paddybhoy’s outlets. FIRST class service provided and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone needing tyres/MOT etc. He’ll be at CQTen tomorrow night, and you can find him here:



    34, Mid Street, Bathgate, EH48 1PS



    Brucefield Ind. Est., Livingston, EH54 9BU



    5, Liggat Syke Place, Broxburn, EH52 5NA



    17, Main Street, Bainsford, Falkirk, FK2 7PQ

  21. livibhoy – god bless wee oscar



    13:55 on 13 March, 2014





    There was an excellant and successful campaign to get roll of honour into top 40 in charts



    Id love to see something similar that would discourge our fans and players current and neutral from buying or speaking to the media . In particular the daily record.



    Encourgae everyone to use celtic social media for info and for players to interact with fans.



    Given the treatment the msm has givn us over the years im surprised celtic dont tell there players not o speak to them.



    Every few months they twist interviews and quotes to make it sound like a certain player wants to leave.

  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    NL on Virgil van Dijk speculation: “A bit premature as he’s on a three-year contract here. I would guard against that.” (MH)p

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Neil Lennon speaking to media: “Stokesy a wee bit of a doubt with an ankle knock. Nir will be out for 4 weeks.” (MH)

  24. Livibhoy



    When I got my copy of the CQN Annual I was looking at the names at the bottom of each page.



    I checked last years and the number of ghuys who don’t post now is huge!



    A shame.



    Andalthough KJ wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea I’ll miss him too!

  25. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Times change. The fact that the blog is still populated and their are still quality postings and banter. People may yet return. Life goes in cycles.




  26. The Token Tim on

    2 fallers at first fence in the first race…..bounce back with the winner in the 2nd.



    Ahh Cheltenham dont ye just love it???






  27. Livibhoy



    Agree, still a shame.



    Interestingly, KevJ has jacked it in and we huvny heard fae TD67.



    Have you ever seen them in the same room?




  28. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    Ps, the endorsement above is also for Pat McGinley @ Farmer Autocare who I see was mentioned on the previous thread ( I was busy getting my tyres/MOT done then).

  29. Ah Miss the Sevco.



    Ah want them Back.



    We miss the Competition.



    Maks sense tae Me.






  30. Jude


    I was very aware that mine fell at the first 0:-)


    I backed two in the next race and redeemed myself….. first and second in a photo finish.


    Obviously, mentioning it on here jinxed Oscar Whisky so I don`t want to mention my other horses, Beneficient & Dynaste in the 2:40 and Annie Power in the 3:20 .




  31. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Sevco have never been in the top league in Scotland.




  32. What happened to Kev J, how long is he away oot for…… is he away oot and knows he’s no coming back.!



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  33. kojo



    14:19 on 13 March, 2014



    Aye….! We’ve got to live amongst them..




  34. Paul 67



    I saw Biton and the Holding Position at the ole Burns Howff….what a waste of….(you know the rest)



    Kit Kat (just the two fingers) now finished, back to work

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