Celtic missing the sugar in our tea


On the back of Saturday’s result and performance, I didn’t see that draw coming last night. The compensation is that after some better performances and results, evidence remains that we are far from the finished article.

After failing to score I often look for Kris Commons, who has been the sugar in our tea for much of the last five years. For a period, he crafted openings than the rest of the team put together. Injury and illness restricted Kris to five league starts since Christmas, only (also injured) Tom Rogic comes close to being as effective through the middle.

There are simply not enough of the squad likely to pitch up with a goal.

Once Erik Sviatchenko went off injured, the lack of scoring threat was not the only concern. Let’s hope he’s back for Motherwell on Saturday – and partnering Charlie Mulgrew. Motherwell are on their best form in years, five wins-in-a-row. We’ll need to win all the personal battles at Fir Park.

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  1. ——




    KEVJUNGLEon 7th April 2016 10:04 am




    C’mon the Mighty Trolls….



    The ‘Sons of Light’



    It’s like Tumbleweed Quick News


    withoot thum!










    You Know WHO…



    We Like Our Saspirillas…



    Shaken…Not $TIRRED….




    An’ Oor ButterMulk Dainties…



    Warm & Freshly Baked




    Licenced Tae Thrill…



    All LADIES of the World…!




    An’ Licensed Tae Troll….



    But Ever So GENTLY..??







    An’ Licensed To Carry….



    In All 50 States*….



    (Soon Tae Be 53….BTW! )



    Do You Know that the Johnny -7 Magnum is the MOST POWERFUL Handgun Known tae Man..






    We Have Classical Features…



    Dontcha Know…



    Conforming To The Golden Mean



    We’re BIGGER than BECKHAM ..In China..



    Dontcha know’



    The “New Alexander The Great’…



    They Crie Us….



    Statues Of Us Shakin’ Haunds Wi’ Wee Jinky….



    Goin’ Up All O’er The Shop….



    Say Whit Ye Like Aboot The Chinese…



    But They Admire A Guy Who Builds YUGE Beautiful Walls…



    That Ye Can See Fae PLUTO…



    Oan A Clear Day…



    An’ They Know Ye Need Borders…



    Tae Keep Oot Them Free-Loading SFTB Subversive Types (Codename : Ena Sharples BTW)




    & Yon Subversive RIFF-RAFFs fae Blantyre.










    Oops…The CLIQUE hiv had Us Logged Oot…






    CQN’s Ain Andrie Solzhenitsyn….



    So Ah Am…



    We hiv such a COMPLICATED Password..



    We need help fae Bletchley Park…



    Tae get Us logged Back In…



    Tick the ‘Remember Me’ Box…?



    No Such Luck….!



    It’s a CONSPIRACY..!





  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    For those that want to look the other way and pretend they are not being cheated…..Your prayers have been answered….you have got your beloved huns back, well done.


    Prepare to be shafted forever.


    Im sure the SFA and the huns will be happy that you helped to prop up the ‘BIG LIE’ and chipped in a few quid to the Rangers fund as well.


    Its great for thems when they can cheat with impunity…..and get Celtic fans to pay for it.

  3. The hand of God on

    Giggsy made a good point at 1042 regarding the jungle and the atmosphere at games .I loved the jungle and it always created an atmosphere at games.However back in the early 80s a crowd of 17000 against St.Mirren was considered as being good i recall being at sectional league cup games against Dunfermline,Arbroath and Brechin where the crowds were around 4000.All this got me thinking was our own Kev J a big game specialist…mmm….i believe so.

  4. For those who look towards the SMSM, the Huns are not back, it’s a new club pretending to be Huns, RFC died, it’s a tribute act, although some in here just love doing the SMSM job for them.

  5. The Huns died in 2012, a new club are pretending to be them, so that’s CFC fault? We can’t stop people from thinking, and neither can CFC, grow up and stop being childish, they died as long as you know it, I REALY don’t care what people think.

  6. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Does not matter what they are called…..To me its the huns…old club or new club.


    And you are all giving them carte-blanch to cheat….by paying to see them at Hampden.


    A whip-round for cheats and bigots.


    Im not paying to see hun refs and a hun team.


    Thats not football…..its just cheating.


    Feck the old firm, and all the old firm fans.

  7. Dear Tony you love to talk of facts and opinions and agenda. But you ignore your own agenda against the Celtic trust and Celtic supporters generally instead saying nothing but stupidly warbling on about how great a Celtic supporter for you.



    Now here is an unfortunate fact for you. Peter Lawwell is a member of the sfa board. You know the guys who make the decisions about how to promote their racist agenda. You know the ones who did the 5 way agree,end. You know the ones who promote the big lie.



    You know. The ones who hold the power.



    He sits on that board and has presided over worsening cheating, corruptio on and racism.



    Meanwhile Celtic are getting flip usher down the toilet.



    Make you proud of agent Lawwell does it Tony?



    Or will you go into your old I don’t care I’m a Celtic supporter mad it’s my opinion that being dumb is the new clever?

  8. Y NOT67



    Everything we win is supposedly without value now.


    They have been trying to drum it into us for years now in an effort to undermine anything we win and take the joy out of it.


    Unfortunately some have bought into it and do nothing but moan n groan and just do not seem to get any pleasure out of Celtic.


    Well, its worth the same as it ever was though.


    They are spewin having to watch us do it and thats why they try to undermine us.


    Sure, we could be better and probably every single one of us wants us to be, but i will be savouring every win, whether it is a scrappy 1-0 win or not as long as we finish Champions…..that will do for me.

  9. Macjay



    “Since when does an opinion ( see above ) become an “assertion ” ?



    What in your mind, differentiates an assertion from an opinion? Both are statements with no evidence attached. Have you no evidence for your “opinion”?




    “You compare different coaches in different leagues on a statistical basis.


    AND on that spurious comparison come to a conclusion about their relative merits.”



    I compared them on a statistical (evidence) base and on a subjective basis (Their press and CQN evaluations as guru and diddy respectively). No statistics were harmed or tortured in either the (more) objective or the subjective comparisons I made.



    What is “spurious” about using evidence and back up arguments? Are opinionated assertions a superior way of establishing accuracy. I thought the comparison there was between opinions and sewage orifices, of which every one has, at least one.





    “The horse is dead.”



    Stating it is so does not make it so.



    Aff oot noo- the multi posters are back to declare that everybody who disagrees with them is a Marxist. Bless!

  10. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    This Board are better at financial management than their predecessors ( Kelly’s Whites) but they are a 100 times more detached from the fans.



    The management team are naive and IMO poor but there have been worse ( Barnes, Macari)



    The team is one of the poorest collection of players I’ve seen- but there have been worse ( 1980s/ 90s)



    Cheating by the authorities is probably no different that previously- in the digital era though there is more scope to be caught out… And crucially be exposed.



    The footballing world courtesy of TV company money has moved away from Scottish football. We are a minnow nation.



    That said and accepted…



    One thing that all the current players , managers and Board have enjoyed that their predecessors never did and most likely their successors will never experience is the luxury of a one horse race- a league with no team remotely capable of matching Celtic budget. If you like a free hand to gain distance.


    As for the changing landscape of tv football it was a known dynamic .



    We needed only average leadership and planning to ensure we put clear green water between ourselves and the rest of Scottish football. No amount of authority cheating should have been able to offset our advantage.



    Yet here we are 4 years later, having had some additional unexpected bonuses ( sales of players for £millions) no further forward, hoping and praying we scrape a league title.



    Some still view this as success. I don’t.




    I’v no doubt our day will come, nothing we have won can be devalued, thems on the other hand? Time is not on they’r side.

  12. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Old Firm begging bowl for the Huns.


    Yeah…thats right, help the very cheats and bigots who have been shafting you for years….by paying to see them at Hampden.


    Its a fecking disgrace.


    Quite prepared to overlook the obvious to fuel a stupid wee fantasy.



    I never liked being cheated by the first mob of fecking bigots, and im not goint to stand and watch these fecking sevco reptiles start that all over again.


    Feck off with that tired old bs.


    Sick of it.




    Stand up against the cheating….or feck off

  13. There are some on here who seem to forget that there are court cases coming up against Sevco, and people in places affecting the out comes of these cases need to keep their powder dry or they may find them selves in trouble, CFC being one of them, but try telling the malcontents that?

  14. It would seem to me that some in here are mischief making trying to get CFC in trouble, there first mistake is thinking CFC are daft and will fall for it, never gonny happen, if the enemy isn’t doing well, why try helping them?




    Having been posting for years that in THEIR absence Celtic should be hoovering up every domestic trophy in sight.



    Just hasn’t happened.

  16. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    How many times have we been shafted by these cheats.


    How long are we going to put up with it.


    We have all grown up with it.


    Its time to put an end to it…once and for all.


    Id rather put principles first.


    We should stand up against the cheating….whatever the consequences.


    Stand up against the cheating….or go and watch Rangers.


    I know what my choice is.


    My conscience will be clear.

  17. Scrolling through CQN is getting faster & faster. Used to scroll by certain individuals now just get a quick flavour of a page and on to the next one.


    Hopped through the last few pages of old thread and the 11 pages of this thread in a few minutes and spotted only one post that made a slight impression. There were probably other decent posts but the wheat got thrown out with the chaff.


    I’ll stick around & join in with the football chat when ghuys are minded to talk about football but nothing here for me at the moment so ooofff ooot. Bye.

  18. Y NOT67 on 7TH APRIL 2016 12:13 PM


    There are some on here who seem to forget that there are court cases coming up against Sevco, and people in places affecting the out comes of these cases need to keep their powder dry or they may find them selves in trouble, CFC being one of them, but try telling the malcontents that?



    The problem is that some of us believe that regardless of the outcome of the court cases, the Celtic Board will come out with a sanctimonious ‘Let bygones be bygones’.

  19. An Teach Solais on

    YNOT67 at 22.13h


    Tony, that is very true and hopefully our Board will act in due course but the signs are not good.


    They could have issued a statement that would not prejudice any forthcoming trial.


    Is there not also a possibility that the litigants may not be, ahem, persuaded not to proceed with the case.


    I may not always agree with you but admire your perseverance in upholding your views. HH

  20. Y NOT67 on 7TH APRIL 2016 12:22 PM


    There is no Rangers, they died in 2012



    In your dreams.





    Heard that term aimed at Tims unhappy with the impotence of the club’s hierarchy before.




    “Stand up against the cheating”



    You’re in the wrong country for that sort of thing mate imho.



    The huns are back, deal with it. The whole structure of 17th century scoddland is geared up for them did’nt you know?

  23. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    I want the whole stable cleaned…from top to bottom.


    The SFA, the Referees in the secret society, and the bent sevco directors.


    Get them all out.


    We cannot allow this anymore.


    Its over.


    FIFA, UEFA, SFA Corruption must be tackled….or football is finished.


    We cannot allow the SFA to run football like some bigot Mafia.


    Do not pay into that corruption


    Dont do it.


    Principles are more important than a one-off farce against the biggest cheats in football.


    Do not Legitimise the cheating….just dont do it.


    Show a bit of solidarity with your fellow supporters

  24. All it would take for PL to come out with one anti Sevco statement, about how he REALY feels and the sheet would hit the fan, and there are many in here who would not think twice about putting the boot into him along with the Huns, and the SMSM, I wouldent trust a few in here I’m telling you if we ever get in any trouble, to many infiltrating Huns in here. And PS GIRFUYs.

  25. Ah Tony.oundont want to talk about Peter being on the sfa board eh. Too busy licking his feet?

  26. QUONNO on 7TH APRIL 2016 12:24 PM


    Y NOT67 on 7TH APRIL 2016 12:22 PM



    There is no Rangers, they died in 2012




    In your dreams



    No fact, but you believe what you like.

  27. Ah Tony. You got a wee list of those infiltrating Huns? Always remember you liked your wee lists didn’t you.



    Had to change your name on the blog as well but you can’t reinvent yourself for long can you. Back to attacking the Celtic trust and propping up racism.

  28. And what’s wrong Tony? Are we too afraid to stand up to bullies in the media and Scottish football now?

  29. Last week I posted the text of a letter I sent SFA on March 15th concerning their plans for dealing with expected sectarian and racist behaviour at next Sunday’s Scottish Cup semi final.


    In the absence of a reply, I sent them a reminder a couple of days ago.


    It appears that they do not even have the wit to reply to the effect that they do not deal in hypothetical situations.



    Come next Sunday there will not be much hypothetical about the situation.

  30. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    So now its that old one again.


    We better no upset the cheats and bigots eh.


    Feck of with that.


    If they cannot live with the truth…thats their problem


    They are cheats and bigots…..helping them out with money, isnt very clever.


    Call them out.


    Im quite happy to stand on principle against cheating…..and lets see who comes out on top.


    Never fear the truth.

  31. Neganon



    You saying I’m a racist? You’ve been warned about that before, you crossed the line again, I’ll be reporting you to the blog owner, I did warn you.

  32. What’s wrong with pl being on the sfa board. Well Tony let’s put some thinking together. Your rightly say the sfa are corrupt, cheating etc but one of the chief decision makers is your pal Peter. Ergo Peter is part of the cheating and corruption.



    See this joined up thinking thing. Quite good isn’t it?

  33. SPFL News on Twitter claiming that Sviatchenko is out for the season. That’s a big blow if true.

  34. An Teach Solais on

    Don’t think that character assassination or pejorative personal comments against a fellow Celtic supporter helps anyone’s case.


    We should be supporting or opposing views without descending to the level of the FF board.


    IMHO. HH

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