Celtic missing the sugar in our tea


On the back of Saturday’s result and performance, I didn’t see that draw coming last night. The compensation is that after some better performances and results, evidence remains that we are far from the finished article.

After failing to score I often look for Kris Commons, who has been the sugar in our tea for much of the last five years. For a period, he crafted openings than the rest of the team put together. Injury and illness restricted Kris to five league starts since Christmas, only (also injured) Tom Rogic comes close to being as effective through the middle.

There are simply not enough of the squad likely to pitch up with a goal.

Once Erik Sviatchenko went off injured, the lack of scoring threat was not the only concern. Let’s hope he’s back for Motherwell on Saturday – and partnering Charlie Mulgrew. Motherwell are on their best form in years, five wins-in-a-row. We’ll need to win all the personal battles at Fir Park.

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  1. Big Peat of Islay on

    From the BBC on the huns promotion…



    With the club mired in debt, Rangers entered administration and then liquidation in 2012 under the ownership of Craig Whyte – who has since faced criminal charges over his stewardship at Ibrox – and had to re-enter the Scottish football pyramid in the fourth tier.



    There is just so much wrong with this I wouldn’t know where to start. The tapestry of lies that has been woven by the MSM is one forr the textbooks.



    Murray? Re-enter? Stewardship?

  2. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Not the best of times last night. Little spark in the team and the train out of Dundee ran late so my connection had gone. Night ended on the midnight train to Garscadden, not Georgia.



    Certainly not the worst of times. Cheered me up this evening to notice the starry plough cap and badges I’d ordered on the siopaeirigi site had arrived through the letterbox. Thanks, Caolan.



    On we go, to 5IAR.

  3. eddieinkirkmichael on

    WC I’ll have to take your word on the K C hitting postage stamp time after time last night. I must have went to tiolet or something as I didn’t witness it.


    The usual Hun like fans had a field day last night. We hit post 2 times and also had 1 on 1’s yet the usual suspects on here say we were rank rotten, the only thing that is rank rotten is their support, or lack of it for my team. Why don’t you all just f@@& off back off……….

  4. Big Peat of Islay on




    FFS pal, it’s all about results, at the end of the day. Results.

  5. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Winning Captains, I asked a couple of weeks back why you were mincing around, you’re still doing it.



    Is this Celtic Quick News or Celtic 5 aside pals News?





  6. ——



    Woke Up Fer Ma Nurofen Gel




    An’ We’ve Lost Yet Anither Leghend…






    Tae The Grand Ole Opry-In-The-Skies..



    Dylan’ll Be NEXT..?



    Lang May His Flag Fly High Above The JUNGLE….



    Alongside Those Of His Good Compadres….




    Willie Nelson….An’ Kev J.








    Okie Fae Muskogee (Twinned Wi’ Blantyre)







    Pancho & Lefty








    Ah Reckon He Widnae See Eye-Tae-Eye Wi’ Oor Greetin’ Faced Marxist Frien’ Fae Cambuslang




    If They Had A SKWERRR-Go Doon The Big Bellshill Roundabout….



    Wi’ Maggie McGill Haudin’ The Jaikets…



    Who Wid WIN….?



    Ma Money’s Oan The Side-O’-The-Angels….



    Merle Wiz A HARD,HARD Man…



    Who Could Pick Up A Bar Of Soap Maist Elegantly….



    Efter A Stretch In The GAOL…





  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    Quaint terms from Okie


    Okie , who I believe were the butt of jokes like Newfies and Van Der Merwe.


    White lightnin`.


    Pichin` woo.


    Old Glory.


    Leather boots are still in style for manly footwear.

  8. Good very early morning from a dark and drizzly East Kilbride.



    Last EK report for a while – Cala de Mijas bound.

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    April in the South of Spain.


    Can`t be bad.


    Enjoy yersel and Buen viaje.

  10. So not only am I on the plane to Malaga but I find I’m seated nrxt to Kelvinbhoy and family.




  11. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    I hope you continue with your weather reports. Malaga should offer more cheering reports than EK to offset the fact that East Kilbride has a better beach.


    I, too, am off to Andalucia this morning. Mine though, is the one in Glasgow for a meet up with my sister 0:-)



    Cheerio for now,



  12. Fan input on the board. :-



    As an ordinary fan it is my opinion that this would result in cliques, secrecy and division.



    Again it is my opinion that groups such as the CT would have ” their ” man/woman onboard and they would be privy to decisions and influence that the ordinary supporters would not have access to.



    I understand the need for secrecy in certain decision making, but judging by the divisions I have witnessed on CQN recently surrounding secrecy only reinforces my opinion.




  13. Big Peat of Islay on

    Scott Brown…““Every game is huge for us, but these three games could kick the season right on. Three points at Dundee will be huge for us because we could go seven points clear. We have an early kick off on Saturday and by the end of that we could be 10 points clear.”



    Why doesn’t the whole team just shut up and do the talking on the park? Bloody primadonnas.

  14. I never bother to read players` comments re forthcoming matches. They all say more or less the same thing. “We`re going for the win” etc

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIG PEAT OF ISLAY on 7TH APRIL 2016 8:46 AM




    Why isn`t he being INSTRUCTED to shut up ?


    You`re right. They should be.


    From the top down.



    Although that won`t curry favour from our own who demand ” STATEMENTS “

  16. Warburton- his team have played 32- lost 3 scored 83 and conceded 27 against a collection of clubs over which his team have enjoyed massive financial superiority.



    Result- He is declared a managerial success




    Deila- his team have played 32- lost 3 scored 76 and conceded 24 against a collection of clubs over which his team have enjoyed massive financial superiority.



    Result- He is declared a managerial failure.




    All for a goal difference of 4 goals

  17. Have the team gone forwards or backwords sine RD took over the massive financial superiority?





    It’s more than 4 goals that’s difference.


    40,000 empty seats ‘is’ the difference.


    So, a wee word of advice….


    drap yer Celtic View types of smoke-screen-spinning


    naebdy is being fooled anymore.


    Should follow yer clique-mandate and, start e-mailing


    former posters to start posting again coz, CQN is going


    to end up like Celtic Park ‘died’….no kid-on ‘died’ like


    Rangers but, ‘real-died’….don’t say ye wurny telt sonny.

  19. KevJ you keep on rattling on about 40,000 empty seats, can you produce evidence for this precise number. There is no doubt there are empty seats just curious as to how you arrived at this particular number. H H Hebcelt





    See when the park is less than half full which is, more often than not – I round it off to the nearest ’10’ mark.


    Lawwell does the opposite….he spins that there were 46,000 at the game when it clearly is nowhere near that figure(Saturday apart) and, ye know that I canny produce the evidence so, stoap being an arse and ‘deal’ with the ‘real’ issue….where are all the missing fans and….more importantly, who chased them ?



  21. Just spotted something about BBC shortbreads Pacific Quay HQ.


    Apparently its leased for a cool £100 million from an un-named company based in the Cayman Islands.

  22. Hrvatski Jim on



    In KIrkintilloch there`s nae Tims and I`m sure you`ll wonder why.




    I really will have to take this up with members of my family. Imagine going to Celtic matches for >50 years home and away when you’re not really a Tim. They must all be infiltrators and I have never realised. Gutted.

  23. KevJ



    “don’t say ye wurny telt sonny.”



    Thanks for the advice but I’ll source mine from the non-tabloid swallowing sector, if you don’t mind.



    You act as the CQN ambassador from Planet Tabloid.



    Never mind! Over the course of the next two weeks, your heroes, McGhee and Warburton, will both be put to the sword and you can jump onto another rock, pretending that you have never championed, at one time or another, the qualities of every other manager and duff player in the SPFL.



    You remember advising us to replace Fraser Forster with Cammy Bell, don’t you?

  24. Kevj thanks for your usual courteous reply, so really it,s just your opinion and a guesstimate. Glad we got that sorted. Have a great day. H H Hebcelt





    Reduced to casting up.


    That means….ah’ve goat yer number.


    Don’t deal wi the point


    jump onto – whataboutery…


    very SMSM-hunlike.


    Not that I’m surprised….folk who operate


    from within a clique, do so for one reason


    they’re cowards.



    I’v been at Celtic Park at one of these so called fans meetings with the club, and you are bang on, it’s all seceret, I happened to say the next day on here what they where talking about, and a certain person from the CT posted I shouldent be posting that? I said it was a fans meeting, why not let the fans know? I’m a fan I was there I heard what was said, and I’m passing it on to Celtic fans as that’s what the meeting was about?


    Get this straight, the ordinary Celtic fan is NOT represented at these meetings, and most don’t even know they go on, it’s by invitation only (I kid you not) GB, CT, CSA, Irish CSC, University CSC, of which I have no problem with, but I have to add, none of these groups speak/spoke for me, so your right the ordinary Celtic supporter has very little say on what goes on, I buy my season ticket I speak for myself and I’m not a member of any of the above associations, fan representation? Aye for a selected few.

  27. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HRVATSKI JIM on 7TH APRIL 2016 9:26 AM





    In KIrkintilloch there`s nae Tims and I`m sure you`ll wonder why.






    I really will have to take this up with members of my family. Imagine going to Celtic matches for >50 years home and away when you’re not really a Tim. They must all be infiltrators and I have never realised. Gutted.





    You obviously missed my sarcasm …………….. Related to the news story below.



    And my reference to an old song………………………


    The Corries








  28. JIMCON



    “Celtic v Raith Rovers 15,491 for starters



    It used to be 46000+ week in week out”




    Aye, we usually get the early rounds of the league cup quoted.



    Here they are from the MON era of huge crowds:-



    2000- Raith 4:0 30k


    2001- Stirling Albion 8:0 <30k


    2002- ICT 4:2- 35k


    2003 Thistle 0:2 <6k (Firhill)


    2004- Celtic 8 Falkirk 1 24k


    2005 Falkirk 2:1 25k

  29. Kevj I will indeed ach maybe you’re not as bad as some on here make out. H H Hebcelt

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