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  1. mike in toronto on 13th December 2016 10:13 pm









    … Their flush is as busted as their roof connectors.







    Talking of which have Celtic received any assurances on that front? Have they asked for them?














    JPT’s answer to that question was posted by VFR recently … and I am paraphrasing but the gist of it was ‘there are processes in place to look after that and we have to trust them’…. just like there are procedures in place to deal with contracts and cheating … but the same people that we are supposed to trust to tell the truth about the roof are the ones who lied about the cheating … and the same people we are supposed to trust to make sure that they are telling the truth, are the same one who let them lie (its xmas time, so I’m being charitable)! about the contracts/EBT! you couldn’t make it up!




    Exactly. Its like dealing with the Martians from Mars Attacks. You think you are dealing with folk who think along the same ethical lines only to discover they ARE alien.






    Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  2. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    3 points tonight was the important thing – and another clean sheet!



    43 points from 45; 44 goals scored and 12 conceded. Not a great performance but sufficient. The type of game we drew last season.



    Great wee cameo from Craig Gordon where he got the high pass back, controlled it with his chest and dinked it out wide. At the start of the season he would have panicked and hoofed it anywhere! The BR was is working!





  3. Turkey Bhoy



    That’s a fair comment about Moussa not facing this type of defence, too often.



    Someone else mentioned the absence of Jamesie and Scott Sinclair.



    When you add Kieran’s situ, that’s a lot of chances out of our game.



    Celtic have been a little more staid, slower and cautious, that was particularly obvious tonight, when recycling the ball. Frequently we were very deliberate in retaining the ball, passing it back when there was a forward ball on.



    Seemed to be by design, perhaps the outlet provided by the trio of injured Celts had something to do with the way the game was played.

  4. I don’t think Moussa did enough tonight in terms of his movement. He is capable of working harder. Griffiths movement was outstanding, he never stops. The dynamic of the team with 3 at the back at home isn’t quite right. We lack width that we would normally get from the full back areas. Hopefully Sinclair is back for the weekend as well, we miss him.

  5. Evening all, two bits of good news today. One got 3 points while playing not particularily well and Two I got the all clear from the hospital re my prostrate cancer, got my discharge papers just regular monitoring so as you guess I am one happy bunny. Many thanks to all those who offered prayers and wished me well and thoughts to all those who are still battling away against this hellish illness, good luck to you all. Many thanks. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  6. Thought tonight was the first time we really looked as if we were missing Scott Sinclair. The formtion did nothing for us, we are much quicker and fluid when playing 4231 but with our two main wide men missing can understand why the manager tried something different.


    Saturday will be interesting without Brown, hope it’s not Bitton that replaces him, we were comfortable at the back tonight until he came on and gave the ball away and put us under pressure.

  7. Just home fae Paradise. Good 3 points against a well organised team. Liked their number 10, tidy wee player. Thought Patrick Roberts was a delight to watch tonight. Bring on the Dundee!

  8. Bada



    His team Rayo OKC, let all their players go last week.



    Seems a strange set up, with the Spanish team Rayo Vallecano, providing a lot of “material” for their US franchise.



    Strange in the respect of Rayo Vallecano’s socialist basis.

  9. GARY67


    Agree about Bitton.


    He almost cost us a goal tonight wit his typical unwillingness to take responsibility.


    Gave the ball to defender who was under pressure rather than take it on himself.


    This led to a break and chance for them.


    I just see no reason to pick him.

  10. Gary67


    I agree re the formation, tho many won’t, but they are of the dinosaur clan imo :-)


    Seriously tho, the 4231 works for us big time, I think many have been blinkered by the fact that Ronny favoured the 4231 system so they all think that two up front is the answer, I despair when I read that, there are times when we actually play a 1-1-9, but the system isny two up front so it’s pish, it’s no the Celtic way…… :-)



  11. Talking about Sevco Sheep Tarts results don’t surprise me



    Home Sevco win 2 out of two



    Away lost 2 out of two



    Last season think they won all


    home v the only decent teams in league


    Hibs n Falkirk






    lost 4 out of 4 to Hibs n Falkirk

  12. TeT



    “Dinosaur brigade” FFS, who is it that stays in a cave again eh ?



    Fred Flintstone …..




  13. HT



    How was Rod?


    You picked a good night for a night aff the Celtic.


    Thanks again for the ticket for Firhill.


    Had a great night on Friday.



  14. Dena ,hoping all goes well with B. Take care.



    Through the course of a season we will always get games like tonight.


    Seemingly that’s 30 matches so far this season. More than satisfied with 3 points.



    Hebcelt. Delighted to hear the positive news. Nice one.


    Lastly , one of the most crazy ,mad , and fanatical Tims I know won the Paradise halftime windfall. Night all. Roll on Saturday. HH

  15. DD



    It was great. I caught one of the balls that he kicks into the crowd! Minx’s Christmas sorted!! :-)

  16. Bugger. If the huns are deducted 15 points for lick-wad-ashun they’ll still be in the top half of the league. How shit is that?

  17. Goooooood evening CQN


    And a Very good evening for the Bhoys who got another 3 pts :-)


    A better evening for Hebcelt – delighted for you


    And will be an even better week for Dena 29 and young B by end of this week with the positivity of prayer



    I actually enjoyed the game tonight, knowing we probably needed a 2nd goal and Hamilton would get a chance with Crawford Allan as ref, so a full 93 mins of focus needed






    Hail Hail

  18. great news hebcelt.



    thought hamilton were well organized and we needed more width.


    two up front not working.imo