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  1. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Arsenal really know how to blow leagues around Christmas time.


    Masters of the Festive Flop.


    Wenger oot shoorly


    Same thing every year. It’s a mentality thing.

  2. and leicester lose another …. I think they have now lost half of their league games this season ….. will Ranierir win them their league, and get them to a decent place in the CL, but get them relegated and/or get fired …. all within 12 months?!



    what a rollercoaster ride!

  3. Still perplexed how Griff was given MOTM. Admittedly he scored but also he missed a couple of easy chances. Apart from the goal he did heehaw. Paddy was the only player causing the Accies real problems. Big Moussa seriously needs some time on the bench.

  4. Evening



    Just heading home after the dullest 90 I have been at this season. Hamilton did well in terms of organisation but there was little of the zip we have usually had this season. Thought Broony came on to a good game and wee Patrick did well in the second half until we stopped giving him the ball. Never looked like not winning but not a game that will be talked about in years to come.



    Still the table looks good.







    I felt Moussa did ok.


    He is young.


    The recent loss of Sinclair has cut down on service to him.


    We are not creating as much since his injury.


    But Moussa showed how selfless he is tonight to set up Griff.

  6. Don’t see why we are getting perplexed about the results of Sevco v The Sheep v The Hertz They will beat each other in their home games as they are pretty much at the same level.


    Sevco may well beat us later this month, their survival may depend on it and we will be at the fag end of a gruelling fixture jam ( some of it our own doing).


    The league is won, I take no pleasure in stating the obvious. I detest showboating like that.


    I cannot join in with the “10 in a row” chants for fear of hubris smacking me in the gub.


    We will likely be champions before Easter. That will do for me, providing we do not see that as a job well done.


    Enjoy the good times fellow Celts.

  7. 30th game of the season, and it showed. By the time the team have beaten the huns they’ll have earned their break in Dubai

  8. Match stats



    Shots on Goal


    Celtic 15


    On Target 2


    Hamilton 5


    On target 2



    Good job LG was playing then. or it could have been 2 each.



    … Their flush is as busted as their roof connectors.



    Talking of which have Celtic received any assurances on that front? Have they asked for them?






    JPT’s answer to that question was posted by VFR recently … and I am paraphrasing but the gist of it was ‘there are processes in place to look after that and we have to trust them’…. just like there are procedures in place to deal with contracts and cheating … but the same people that we are supposed to trust to tell the truth about the roof are the ones who lied about the cheating … and the same people we are supposed to trust to make sure that they are telling the truth, are the same one who let them lie (its xmas time, so I’m being charitable)! about the contracts/EBT! you couldn’t make it up!



    Fan-a-tic @9:55



    .. to be fair to LG … (and remember, I didn’t see him today…. but I dont think it is necessary to make this point ….and I could just as easily be talking pish, even if I had watched the game)…



    I think that, because he has lost his starting spot, LG is trying to hard to score every time he touches the ball …. but, going on last season, I thought he blended well with his teammates, and I would NOT have described him as selfish (as far as strikers go) … but I think this year he is perhaps trying to do too much himself when he gets his chance …. and I can sort of understand why…. he isn’t getting many chances, so when he does, he thinks he has to score with every touch to maintain his place for the next game … if he relaxed and played his normal game, he would probably end up better off…. but that is easier said than done …


    I think most of us would probably do the same as LG is doing if we felt that our job was on the line ….



    I think I might be conceding our NB debate, pal…. so I have to find another one that I have a chance of winning! So, LG it is!




  10. Had the misfortune to hear Hamilton Assistant Manager Rob MacLean on Radio Shortbread last 15 minutes tonight…..truly embarassing biased stuff….

  11. Over the season there is going to be below par performances,the important thing is don’t turn 1-0 into 1-1.In MON’s first season I seem to remember a few 1-0 victories.Three points gained ,now move on to the next game.

  12. soukous … I agree that we cant win every game …. but we still have some way to go if we want to make a mark in europe next season …. and we cant play the same torpid ( I didn’t say turgid this time! woo hoo!) game that is all too common in our SPL games … other than winning the T (sorry, cant say it), we need to use the league like it is practice for next season …. next season’s CL starts now.

  13. We are a club playing in the Champios League, why is it reasonable for our fans to use, he is still young, as an acceptable reason for a poor display. I don’t think it works for me. They are well paid professionals, deliver, no he is still young excuses, imo.



  14. LMCbhoy …. I agree … if you are good enough, you are old enough! although I might just be jealous because no says that about me anymore …. :(

  15. THE EXILED TIM on 13TH DECEMBER 2016 9:57 PM,



    Thanks for that.80% of the time its OK,but my Internet here can be a bit iffy sometimes,so I never know whats to blame.I only took it to watch Summer.

  16. Given the number of games, we were bound to have a game like tonight when tiredness would begin to show.



    Good use of the squad is now important over Christmas.


    Sinclair and Forrest returning from injury will be a huge lift.

  17. MiT


    Prob is we can’t use the SPL for practice for europe, teams in europe don’t play the way scoddish teams do, hence our major problem.


    In the main we are up against teams that want to stop us playing, in europe they have dreams of beating us, night and day mi amigo, night and day.



  18. Just back from watching one of our flatter performances. Hamilton hung on long enough to have a good chance to equalise with 4 mins to go. Thought their wee no. 10- Redmond did well- if he could find a better pass in the last third- he’ll be a decent player.



    Mikel and Paddy tried hard. Rogic joined in now and then and Stuart and Broony and Simunovic made an effort but no one was really on song.



    Good to pick up 3 points and survive a wee warning shot about complacency

  19. Thought wee Paddy was outstanding tonight. His workrate and pressing first and foremost was brilliant and he deserved more from some of the chances he put on a plate. Great to see his overall game evolving.

  20. Doc at 10.15



    No arguments here. Always a results man me. An erse in the row behind me – posh seats- moaned all through the game made my mood even less sunny than usual.




  21. TET … I dont disagree entirely, mi compadre …



    but, in europe more teams play a tighter defence with a counterattacking style…. so, sounds not entirely dissimilar to what we were faced with tonight (but on a clearly different level) ….



    and, without any more european games, this is all we got ….. so BR is going to have use his magic/charm/brains/whatever …. to find a way to use these games to improve us . that is his job.



    if not, Brendan out!



    (sorry…. that one was for WITS!)






    You make a very good point about Griff.


    Last season when he carried us to the title he had a period of games were he took everything on his shoulders.


    He started taking ridiculous shots and never passed to anyone.


    Think someone had as a word as it was effecting the team.


    He is a very skillful player with vision but he has to realise that the team is his first priority to be fully effective.

  23. Some being a bit hard on dembele.Forgetting he is learning his trade.Thats why he is with us.He set himself fantastically high standards with his early goals,especially against the Monkey mob.His run for the goal tonight is his trademark.This will be a completely new thing for him playing against packed defences most weeks.


    Have a bit of patience with the boy,all strikers have wee spells.

  24. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Good. 3 points. Well played the Glasgow Celtic, Brendan and the Bhoys.



    I’ll be very happy if we grind games out like that till January. Winning.



    Ridiculous schedule of games we’re in.



    Thanks to the updaters and Lymmbhoy.



    Hail Hail!

  25. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    FAN-A-TIC on 13TH DECEMBER 2016 10:34 PM





    You make a very good point about Griff.








    His delight ( relief ? ) with his goal at the weekend would tend to reinforce your analysis.

  26. MiT


    I did say in the main :-)


    I do agree tho that against the lesser euro teams they will play a similar game to what we are up against week in week out, it’s down to the man to sort it, he gets paid the big bucks and I fully expect him to produce .


    I think given a decent draw we can expect CL footy next season, if the suits indulge Brendan I expect it, this season has sort of done for him as he is so far a head of what most expected, our ambitions are possibly a tad high for the future, but if we do somehow fail, I for one won’t be calling for his head, many will, there have been a few rumblings tonight for a shoddy show and we won, imagine if you will failure….Oh Ffs !!!!



  27. Fan-a-tic … back to agreeing again! I like it.



    I wouldn’t be too hard on LG .. he is only human, and since he joined us, I think he is probably the most improved professional at the club (he was always talented, but since he joined, he really knuckled down and showed that he can grow up and be a good pro) …. plus, as you say, he did us a more than a few favours last season….



    so, if he makes a few mistakes/errors in judgment, I think he (as much as any player) has earned the benefit of doubt from me.



    have to run for now ….



    have a great night lads (and Dena!)

  28. Macjay …



    last point before I( have to run …



    I laughed when I saw the video of the goal today ….. (and thank you to the poster who posted it! sorry, I forgot who it was) .. really appreciate the lads who post them!!!!!!.



    It was like, after LG scored… there was a pause, then he sort of grabbed MD again and held on to him …. like he was thinking, ‘as long as I keep hold of MD, Brendan has to keep playing the two of us! !) ….. looked like he was holding on to MD for dear life!



    made me laugh!