Co-op awards Celtic the League Cup Final


Really pleased the Scottish Professional Football League have awarded the League Cup Final to Scotland’s largest football stadium, Celtic Park.  We are now hosting the League and Scottish Cup finals, as well as the head of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

So with the Commonwealth and Scottish Cup gigs going to Celtic, why didn’t Newco Rangers get the other final at their 50,000 capacity facility?

Back in the days such certification existed, Ibrox was a Uefa five star venue, whereas Celtic Park was four star, but maintaining those standards takes, well, maintenance, which has not been a priority in some parts.  Celtic Park remains highly functional, and safe.

There is also the hazard of planning an event, even six weeks out, at a venue owned (cough) by a company which does not have bank credit facilities and who are broadcasting financial distress signals like some kind of insolvency Batman call.

These perfectly valid reasons are, of course, a mere distraction from the real reason, the Co-op Bank, which controls Glasgow City Council, is also able to manipulate league football in Scotland and decided to award the final to their partner organisation, while cutting their borrowing rate, by way of compensation.

Issue 19 of CQN Magazine is fresh off the press, 104 pages of great stuff from the CQN community.  10 men won the league, Dam Justice, the Celtic Foundation, and Brogan Rogan outs the difficult questions to Pat Nevin about his Cup Final comments.

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  1. Hail Hail CQNERS



    big nan 16:40



    Absolutely brilliant insight into the mind of an obnoxious bigot.



    Thank you for that post. Made my day.



    Hail Hail

  2. Pujol


    16:16 on


    5 February, 2014



    I’m not preaching anything I’m suggesting that in a gesture that was going to help everybody in the area that perhaps Alex Salmon hadn’t considered the nuances of stating “Northern Ireland” rather than some other term.



    Or perhaps he really was thinking “If only I could guarantee none of this water would get to those pesky Catholics”.

  3. Celtic mac



    No, not unclear to me. You’ll notice I only accused you of TRYING to obfuscate.



    You see, the subtleties of language are important after all.

  4. Steinreignedsupreme on

    may67 16:55 on 5 February, 2014



    “Anyone know why Philvis no longer contributes? I didn’t agree with his politics but enjoyed his wit.”



    Philvis is currently on his uppers with no access to the ole internet.



    In a moment of madness, after a three-day eggnog binge, he invested everything he had in Sevco shares.



    He can be found sitting in front of the old Woolworth’s shop in Coatbridge, asking: “Can anyone spare some change for a pot of caviar?”



    The moral of the story is; don’t think anything yellow.

  5. Are you all asleep today?



    We have a new poster innishcolly who opened his/her post with the word Ibrox yet nobody questioned his/her allegencies.



    Welcome innishcolly

  6. weebobbycollins on

    I have posted this before and I will post it again…I worked for the national broadcaster for many years. Some years ago Nevin told me he gave up supporting Celtic because he disliked MON’s style of football, a couple of years later he changed it to the ‘songs’ excuse…as regards the cup final incident, the OB director was a Celtic hating Jambo who told McLean to mention the sectarian singing. Some suggest he (director) heard it from an ambient mike, others, that wee Chic told him. Not sure which is true. Needless to say, I can’t be arsed reading Nevin’s opinions…btw, surprise, surprise…wee Chico is a hun/buddie but never a bigot.

  7. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    All he had to say was I didn’t hear the singing so can’t comment. For years on SSB that’s been the standard response when asked.


    You’re a Hibs fan now don’t worry about what the Centre fans think.

  8. Interesting and varied responses to the Pat Nevin interview. I would appreciate if those who have read it would tell me which of these broad categories they fit into:



    1) My feelings about Nevin have not been changed;


    2) I am more anti Nevin than I was before;


    3) I am less anti Nevin than I was before.





  9. I thought the reason Philvis no longer posted was because his Coachman had ran off with the lady who pops in every week “to do for” him. In its self not the reason, however it seems that his Coachman was also carrying on a secret affair with the wife of his Butler. The Butle’rs wife left to search for her paramour and the Butler has taken to his bed thus Philvis is now left to stare at a blank computer screen as he has no one available to switch it on for him. Simple enough reason really :-)

  10. You can always get it at the Co-op



    Grocer Magazine – Feb 2014.



    “It seems there is no limit to what you can buy at your local Co-op. World famous Celtic Football Club’s recent foray into the transfer market saw them purchase Leigh Griffiths from Wolverhampton Wanderers using their “co-op divi” gained by their many dealings with the Cooperative group, including banking and retail.



    The unusual transaction was made possible because both clubs work closely with the co-op. The group agreed to facilitate a transfer of Celtic’s “divi” into the midland based club’s account. In the past this would have meant an awful lot of Co-op stamp books being swapped, but nowadays it is all done electronically. Tim Ui Briain, a spokesman for the Co-op said they were delighted to be involved in the world’s first such transfer, but added as Mr Griffiths’ salary would be paid from the Glasgow club’s (15%) bank account, and Celtic would continue to earn a “divi” on each transaction, he didn’t expect it to be the last such transfer.”




    There is no truth that the Co-op slogan, “Here for you for life”, was coined with the bhoys in mind.

  11. Weeminger



    As much as I dislike and distrust Salmond, he is a very clever and astute politician. He knew what he was saying.

  12. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on



    17:17 on


    5 February, 2014





    16:50 on 5 February, 2014


    Aplogies if someone has already posted this:






    So, Alex Rae, recipient of £569000 EBT is lambasting those who took money out of his beloved club??





    They do not do irony do they?




    I chuckled at that too!

  13. praecepta


    15:45 on


    5 February, 2014


    Re: Nevin.



    I agree, you got this absolutely spot on.


    Not being funny here, that was very perceptive, of you!



  14. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on

    I might be losing the ole marbles here, but I honestly can’t think of a song sung at Celtic park that could be considered in any way sectarian? Plenty of songs about politics, etc but nothing anti-religious or hate-filled.



    Have there ever been any?



    It just strikes me that, if I had been asked what Pat was asked, I’d genuinely be surprised and scratching my head trying to imagine what the song(s) could be?

  15. Jungle Jim





    17:11 on



    5 February, 2014




    I’ve only read this page so far and it appears minds are made up or closed.

  16. hutchybhoy



    14:45 on 5 February, 2014


    Just booked up for Galway 26-29th of March, place looks busy as feck as i struggled to get booked into a hotel that week. Anyone know whats on that week? Thanks in advance HH



    Fholks just musta heard the Hutchybhoy was a coming to town. Gig sold out in a matter of minutes. Apparently local promoter is touting you as some kind of Scottish Chippendale!!!



    GB jamesgang

  17. natknow – supporting wee oscar @ 17:24 on 5 February, 2014



    “Cheer up Walter Smith/Ally McCoist/Stuart McCall…”



    In my opinion that is a sectarian song and shouldn’t be sung at Parkhead or anywhere else.

  18. the following is a rant at the tories, please skip on




    I am sick and sevco tired of Cameron slashing and slagging off any public body that moves. He destroys budgets and then when they’re stuck for money and can’t do what they could he slags the poor fuppers. After all the somerset crap , Cameron comes up with a 100 million extra for flood defences – where did he get that from ?



    finished, thank you.

  19. Natknow,



    “Soon there’ll be no Protestants at all” is one example. Foul and moronic but thankfully not a widespread sentiment.

  20. Superscoreboard ‏@ClydeSSB 4m


    We’ll be making a statement of clarification at the start of #SSB this eve regarding the #Rangers statement read out on last night’s show.

  21. Big Nan





    16:40 on



    5 February, 2014





    Re Nevin, I don’t know how anyone can be taken in by him. I haven’t seen his interview and don’t need to.



    No journalist worth their salt would react to second hand unsubstantiated rumour as if it were fact. The BBC guidelines expressly forbid it when it concerns criminality and this accusation did.



    He was at the CIS League Cup Final for BBC and never said a word when the bile being belted out was unbelievable. He is a rat.




    If you had read the interview you could not have commented as you did above as Nevin covers it.



    Ok you might not accept it but surely everyone is entitled to a fair hearing?

  22. The fact remains that had the song not been sung then the BBC men could not have aired their views. Don’t worry, I am not going to instigate a songs debate but there would have been no problems had there been no song.

  23. TonyD


    The next time you are in the ‘Brazen Head’, please give my very best regards


    to big Jian!



  24. winning captains


    16:34 on


    5 February, 2014


    Bobby Russell – game 12 is the 6-2 game.




    Thanks for that. That means that I have been to 12 of the 15. Missed the 5-0 St Mirren, ashamed to say I had given up the league that day. Bittersweet at the final whistle. Missed the 3-0 at Deedville in 2001, couldn`t get a ticket, watched it in a (mixed) pub I used to own. Was told by one of the barstaff that if someone acted the way I did when Lubo scored if it was still mine I might have put him out!! I said I would have given him a free pint. Anyone who knows me would say that`s taking it a bit too far. And the 6-2 game was watched at 4 in the morning (without Faron Young) in Fiddlers Green in San Francisco. What a day!! So 12 out of 15 ain`t bad but probably won`t be enough to enter the draw.

  25. eddieinkirkmichael on

    NatKnow – Supporting Wee Oscar



    17:24 on



    There have been add ons that were sectarian- “soon there’ll be no prodestants at all”.



    Roamin in the Gloamin?



    I can’t though remember the last time I heard either of the above, certainly they were both last heard pre Fergus.

  26. Auldheid


    It was to try to ascertain that type of thing that made me ask the question.Which option would you have ticked? So far only Bada has replied. Not much of a survey then but thanks bada!




  27. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    hamiltontim is praying for oscar



    16:53 on 5 February, 2014





    It’s only my opinion but Nevin lied about the Celtic support, CQN provided him with a platform to make excuses for those lies.





    I agree with you. When I heard he was going to interviewed before Christmas, I was quite interested to see what he had to say for himself but the longer I’ve had to think about it, the less I’m interested in what he has to say. He was keen to tell everyone that he had stopped supporting Celtic. I really don’t need to hear anymore after that. My interest in him has ended.