Easy and important acts


The events of this week will be scant consolation to the bereaved of Hillsborough, but it is nonetheless important that football paid appropriate respects, as fans and clubs across England did this weekend.

When Celtic offered to host Liverpool for their first game after the tragedy they took a step to demonstrate solidarity with the people of that city.  In presenting a wreath on behalf of the Celtic Movement at Anfield today, Peter Lawwell carried on the spirit of that week.

It’s often the easy acts which are the most important.

Loved the Scottish Cup semi-finals. perfect result-performance combination which allowed Super Salary, Glib and Shameless, Newco and fans of every other club in Scottish football to take something from the first game.

Seville – The Celtic Movement

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  1. Two reasons I dislike Liverpool they took my hero kenny and a year or two later saw Liverpool play St Mirren at Love St which turned out to be nothing more than a hunfest -the songs that night were a lot worse than what we criticise nowadays

  2. Kayal….



    Always loved Liverpool since August 1977…..my hero joined them then

  3. gordon64



    18:54 on 13 April, 2014



    Sorry, I keep butting in to your dialogue with TET.



    I too can do without reading more anti-Celtic stuff. I have a three options I think:


    1. Ignore it.


    2. Argue back.


    3. Ban it.



    I think number 3 is my least likely course and I probably won’t give it oxygen by implementing 2.

  4. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on

    Having studied Journalism and Communications in another lifetime, I can ensure everyone on the blog, that the nature of these “ex-Celic” pundits is to create FOCUS on their program, channel, station, wherever they are employed.



    The nature of the focus is not important, positive, or negative. It’s to to generate sensationalism, which in turn generates ratings in the form of those compelled to listen/watch.



    In summary our indignation, raging and disgust with them are only ensuring their success.



    To neuter them, turn them off forever.

  5. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    I said earlier that Nevin was an insignificant we shoite……if he actually DID say that was the best game he has seen this season (including europe) then he is actually a ‘silly blind’ wee insignificant shoite…”.

  6. squire danaher on

    Celtic Mac



    Rev McCurry’s antics were in a SPL match and if memory serves me right it was 2008 when it went to the wire at Tannadice



    While DU were the direct victims, make no mistake, we were the intended collateral damage.

  7. valentinesday on

    Ralston Row



    I was at the game at hate st,lots of hun types turned


    up, not many Liverpool fans,a Monday night I think.

  8. Scottish Cup Final … Could be field a few future Celtic Players between the teams.


    I fancy a Griffiths May partnership in years to come. A wee bit of Armstrong ZmcKay Stevens also a possibility.

  9. Kayal…



    Young Rye cried when King Kenny left us



    He was right to do so



    I didn’t know how good he would be at 27 years of age….



    Europe found out just how good……

  10. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    I’d like to see Liverpool win it. I like Gerard as a footballer and I have a lot of time for Rodgers, he’s worked a miracle in a short time at Anfield.



    I won’t ever be a ‘soulmate’ with any of their supporters though. Why would I they’re not Tims?!

  11. Valentinesday



    Was certainly midweek possibly a Monday sure pool won 2-0 and you are right it was like a Huns game put me off them for life

  12. Re. Liverpool FC


    When I was a kid I did not watch many games where my Legia was involved. I remember Liverpool becouse my older brother loved that team. He loved both Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush playing together for them.

  13. RE: Zombie fishing……He probably went night fishing and thought he had picked up a squid instead of what was going to be his entertainment whilst waitin for a bite…???

  14. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    My reasons are the same for wanting Liverpool to win



    Also I don’t really care for any of the other teams

  15. valentinesday on




    King Kenny played for Celtic res v Dunfermline,and then


    he was gone,I was 16……broke my fcuking heart.

  16. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    I don’t like any of them but because of a few individuals at Liverpool I’d be happy for them to win it.

  17. Nobody stole Kenny.


    He was happy to go and Desmond White was determined to hawk him to Liverpool who had just received big money for Keegan.



    White then had the brass neck to say that Celtic had got the best of the bargain.

  18. Tom Molach



    As I said a 1-1 draw memory is a terrible thing -thanks for link could see score and date but no match report I’m sure it was a full house as well though not quite as full as when we beat saints 3-2 in the Scottish now that was a game and a half

  19. Sep 23, 2013 08:00 By Colin Duncan, Kenny Dalglish 0 Comments












    KENNY DALGLISH is recognised as a Celtic legend but he had always dreamed of playing for Rangers. In the latest extract from his book, My Life, he reveals how he turned down the great Bill Shankly so he could make the Glasgow Cup Final.



    Kenny with the great Jock Stein


    WHEN I was 15 a Scottish scout came to the house and asked if I would come down to Liverpool for a few days with two or three other boys.



    There were trials on at night and they went well. They asked me to come back for another fortnight so I went back down.



    The other lads from Glasgow were a year older than me. I asked if I could play on the same night as them.



    Liverpool said: “But they’re a year older than you.” I said: “It doesn’t matter. I just want to play.”



    This was on the Monday, in August 1966, but they wouldn’t let me, putting me down for the trial on the Tuesday with kids the same age as me instead.



    Rangers were playing Celtic in the Glasgow Cup Final on the Wednesday night and I was desperate to get back up the road to watch the game. In the end I still played in the trial.



    In pictures: Kenny Dalglish returns to the Glasgow streets where he grew up to mark the publication of a new book celebrating his life



    Shanks and Reuben Bennett gave me a lift back to where I was staying in Liverpool, the YMCA, and Shanks said: “Would you be happy to come here?” I said: “I need to go home first and see what’s happening. I also need to go to West Ham on Saturday.”



    I got on the train on the Wednesday morning to Glasgow and made the match. Celtic won 4-0. I’d have been better staying at Anfield.



    I saw my first big football match when I was probably four or five. It was a European tie. My dad used to take me to Ibrox every week to watch Rangers. We would even go to reserve matches.



    Kenny Dalglish


    A few weeks after the trial with Liverpool I went back down the road to West Ham. Ironically they were playing Liverpool at Upton Park.



    The players were walking out the tunnel at about quarter-to two. The kids at West Ham used to sit behind the dugout and Shanks saw me.



    As I walked past him in the tunnel he shouted: “Kenny.” I went bright red and just kept on walking.



    So I went home knowing West Ham wanted to sign me as well but I was too young to be leaving Glasgow. Then Celtic came in for me and I started training there two nights a week. I was playing for the school team and Saracen Boys Club and doing okay.



    A boy I knew was playing for the YMCA and he told them they should have a look at me. That’s how I started to play at the next level.



    They had an affiliation with Arsenal. Ian Ross, who went on to play for Liverpool, had also started at the YMCA. He went to school with my sister.



    The YMCA was a really good club, so I was lucky to be asked to play for them. I left there when I was 15 and went to play for Glasgow United and signed for Celtic when I was 16. I played for a really good local team at Under-16 level.



    Two or three of the boys had become apprentices at Celtic so they asked if we could play them. I scored and they said they’d like to sign me.



    Jock Stein’s right-hand man, Sean Fallon, was on his way to the coast to take his wife for his wedding anniversary. But he made a detour to our house and left his wife in the car while he came in for a chat.



    You always dream of playing for the team you support but the most important thing for me was I just wanted to be a professional footballer. Fortunately I fulfilled my dream.



    When Rangers don’t take you, it’s not the end of the world. It just means that when you later play against them and score, it makes it a wee bit more special.



    Kenny Dalglish My Life, on sale September 25. Pre order now for only £15 (RRP £19.99) on mirrorcollection.co.uk






    Kenny Dalglish, My Life: Rangers link didn’t matter to Celtic, Lisbon Lions welcomed us in

  20. squire danaher on

    “King Kenny” the Liverpool legend



    Apart from an occasional appearance beforehand, let’s say his Celtic career started in the 1971-72 season



    We therefore had him for six seasons and the measure of his greatness was the hole he left behind when he departed.



    According to various contemporary accounts contained in club histories, he spent his last 2 seasons agitating for a transfer and had to be talked into withdrawing a transfer request after Mr Stein’s accident in the summer of 1975.



    He later took employment from David Murray.



    He was appointed manager of Celtic on a 7-year contract and entrusted the task to someone who he thought was good at running Newcastle under 19s. On rightly being sacked six months later he then had the audacity to sue the club for the contract to be paid up in full, a sum in the region of £5m.



    Aye, King Kenny the Celtic legend.



    Give me a break.

  21. The baby tatties went on the hob first.



    In the five minutes head start given to the tatties a half lemon was squeezed into a small glass and some virgin olive oil was added (finding a virgin called Olive is not easy – but I digress) plus a goodly squeeze of honey, whipped in a forkish frenzy to form the kind of dressing that wears a tux and a bow tie.



    Two fillets of salmon are placed on tin foil on a steel dish and drizzled with the above. Popped into oven @ 190 and left for 15 minutes to get to know the dressing better.



    The Santini salad from M & S comes with its own dressing, but benefits from the added remnants of the honey dew.



    Oven buzzer goes and the salmon and tatties join the salad along with some Dijon mustard and Branston pickles in a dance of the seven taste buds on the serving plates.



    Before serving, one slice of M & S corn beef is crumbled over the salmon to add that je ne sais wtfois and in ten minutes it’s all gone like “it was Magic.”



    Well that is what the wife said when I asked her how was dinner.

  22. G64-TM



    If you are happy with everything the board are doing fine.



    There are plenty out there who are not happy, and they have as much right to air their views as everyone else, no more no less.









    Son, thank you.




  23. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Whilst I was in the pub last night trying to prize the fiver out of Winning Captains, I received a text from a fellow CQN’er asking if I had seen Pat Nevin on Sportscene — and If I hadn’t the texter suggested that I shouldn’t watch it as Pat surpassed himself in terms of his comments and advised that it was “cringe of the scale stuff.



    I mentioned this to WC who immediately came onto the blog via his phone while I continued on talking to someone else about something completely different.



    Obviously there has been considerable debate and comment since.



    I still haven’t watched Sportscene — It is a programme I very rarely if ever watch even if we are on it but whatever Pat Nevin said — and more importantly what he didn’t say — doesn’t surprise me.



    I did not watch the Rangers v Dundee United match and have no knowledge of the detail of the play etc — but I gather it wasn’t a great match and a below par United still saw of Scotland’s newest team.



    Personally I had no real interest the match but I am glad United won as they are a better team, a better club and Jackie Mac is a good guy.



    However, back to Pat Nevin.



    If you read the interview he did with us then you know what he said. You will know that he said he would speak out against Sectarian singing whenever he heard it. You will also know that he has said very little since– at least to my knowledge. You will also know that I opined that he would not be asked about sectarianism or singing in any form at any time in the near future.



    The fact is that what Pat Nevin said to us is on the record. His comments were reported verbatim and how people view him ( I do not like the term judge him — I don’t like judging anyone really ) is entirely up to them in light of those comments and his subsequent actions and comments.



    What I am pretty convinced off is that BBC Sportscene and those who produce it will never raise the topic of sectarian singing at any time in the near future. The reason for that is that the topic creates controversy, has lead to complaints in the past and as a result the policy will be to just never mention it.



    Further, I am also aware that Mark Daly was told to back off and had to ditch plans on a third documentary re the events and the attitudes at Ibrox.



    In other words, The Rangers’ fans can sing what they like, when they want, and as loud as they want and you will struggle to get any kind of comment out of anyone on Sportscene.



    Now– whether Pat Nevin would like to comment on the singing I cannot say. What I can say is that from his own mouth he did say he would call it out and he hasn’t.



    Not only has he not commented via BBC Sportscene but to my knowledge he has not commented anywhere else — such as in a newspaper column or in any other interview.



    Each and every one of us is entitled to reach their own conclusion about why that should be.



    The important part from CQN Magazine’s point of view is that we DO have him on record — with his own words and expressed attitude there for all to see and for all to measure his subsequent actions by.



    I will leave you all to draw your own conclusions.



    However, of greater importance to me is the attitude of the BBC.



    By saying nothing, by effectively exercising the violence of silence, ignoring the issue and failing to report altogether — BBC Television is failing its licenceholders.



    There has been greater debate and discussion on Radio but that is controlled and influenced by completely different people.



    It may surprise many that WC and myself come from completely different political philosophies ( I am far more left than he is ) and we disagree on may things. For example I would interview Maurice Johnstone in an instant while David would not want to touch him.



    Again, I would want to ask him various things and get them on record.



    Personally I don’t take Sky because I am very anti the Murdoch empire and so I rarely if ever see any of their programmes. Similarly, BBC football — I watch neither Scottish or English games they cover.



    For any media outlet just not to ask questions or not to report makes a mockery of its very purpose. It is important that people in the public eye have their opinion and comments recorded and stored away — especially if they are going to be publicly trotted out by the likes of the BBC in the future.



    HT asked last night if Nevin had given us the name of the producer who passed the bum info into the studio on the day PN made his comments about the Celtic fans.



    The answer to that is no — he merely repeated what we already knew, namely that the producer passed the info into Rob McLean via the anchor man’s ear piece.



    We already knew the identity of the producer and what he had done — Pat Nevin merely confirmed that part of the story.



    I have a lot of time for certain aspects and parts of the BBC — however the omerta on sectarian singing since that fateful day is nothing short of scandalous and is yet another example which shows how and why certain things are not reported properly or accurately.



    The BBC has certain issues it has to overcome and understand before you are likely to get any kind of negative comment out of Pat Nevin or anyone else re sectarian singing — and that won’t happen in the near future.



    WC at times gets defensive about interviewing Nevin. Personally, I don’t think there is any necessity to be defensive as I wanted to get him to tell his story and to get his words down for posterity, have him explain what happened, circulate those words and leave him to stand by them in the future — or not as the case may be.



    What is important is that you guys get to read and log his stated stance — and so informed you are in a better position to decide if what he said was no more than hot air and empty promises.



    I am more interested in just why he has been quiet on the issue for some considerable time now.



    I have my suspicions.

  24. hamiltontim is praying for oscar



    19:11 on 13 April, 2014



    I have soft spots for certain Teams, Liverpool being one of them. Nothing really to do with Kenny as an individual. It was more based on how they played football in the late 70s into the 80s. They had some Players: Highway, Toshack, Keegan, Dalglish etc. Brendan is working to restore those days.



    My Soul Mates in football all wear green and white and support the Celtic.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  25. valentinesday on

    Ralston Row


    19:22 on


    13 April, 2014



    We won 3-2 after e/t,Johnny Doyle was fantastic,turned up


    a hour before ko,pandemonium,they said the crowd was


    27,000, bollocks.

  26. On the Celtic Liverpool connection


    My favourite is after we won the Big Cup.


    The only manager in Lisbon from English football


    was the great Bill Shankly.


    His words to Mr Stein after the game says


    it all about him, his background and his love of football.

  27. Squire Danaher



    Thanks for that er Squire! Remember Levene’s reaction, but for some reason thought it was a Cup Final involving the Damned, (not the band, the other lot), a reasonable assumption if you saw any of their finals in the Murray years.

  28. TET


    As a paying punter i am satisfied with the way


    my club is being run.


    Of course there is room for improvement.


    eg the handling of the GB and the minimum wage issue


    however overall we are doing okay.



  29. BRTH



    Always got the impression that I Smith took far too much pleasure in sentencing unfortunates for often minor offences.

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