Gerrard throws Morelos under the Lamborghini


Just six days after Steven Gerrard pondered if his team had the “bottle” to mount a title challenge, they were unable to overcome Aberdeen at home.  Were it not for Sam Cosgrove having an off day, all three points may have travelled north after the game.

Gerrard’s reaction was typically selfless, “We’re definitely doing something right in terms of the team organisation [trans: I’m good at my job], but I think individuals in it today let us down a bit by giving big chances away [trans: it’s the players fault].

Having absolved himself of all blame, Gerrard went on to throw Morelos under the Lamborghini, “The biggest [chances]were obviously one in the first-half, Alfredo should put Ryan Kent through on goal and the second he should have taken the chance that was presented to him with a fantastic ball by Connor.”

This is not a positive sign.  Good managers are strong enough to open themselves to criticism in order to protect their players.  This guy sounds like he has self-doubts.  Not without reason.

The weekend’s action ended in typical fashion with the champions stretching their lead to seven points, albeit having played a game more than the also-rans.

Credit to Hamilton Accies, who battled with 10-men before collapsing after the 78th minute.  Celtic were uninspiring until that point, but they are champions for a reason.  The game transformed with the arrival from the bench of Jonny Hayes, Ryan Christie and Tom Rogic.  Rogic, in particular, has patiently waited his chance.  I would start him at Fir Park on Wednesday.

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  1. P67,



    Big Tom oozes class, that Pass.



    Isnae easy to get a start in This Celtic midfield. I thought Ryan was terrific when he came on.

  2. Does Paul read the blog after all?



    DENIABHOY on 1ST FEBRUARY 2020 6:33 PM


    He threw Morelos under his Lamborghini there. Blamed him for wasting two best chances.

  3. How often did they spend on Griffith incident on BBC? Yet they never showed or even mentioned the assault on Frimpong which has probably finished his season



    The really sad thing is how the SMSM are happy to be used.



    They run with Sevco squirrels and propaganda without question.



    If they are so easily co-opted for sports coverage, what does it say about their coverage of other things like politics, economics and current affairs?







  5. Love Rogic. But I think Christie was the game changer and should replace Ntcham in the next game.

  6. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    The really sad thing is how the SMSM are happy to be used.



    They run with Sevco squirrels and propaganda without question.



    If they are so easily co-opted for sports coverage, what does it say about their coverage of other things like politics, economics and current affairs?





    It says don’t let Hugh Keevins loose on Economics!



    But we knew this from 2012 of course…



    And the problem of distinguishing politics and sectarianism has had them all stumped for decades so yeah, standards throughout the MSM nothing to aspire to.




  7. One thing I’ve noticed about the squad that when anyone comes on as a sub they are busting a gut, which says it all about the depth of the pool and the reality for the players that they must turn it on when they get a chance to stay in the team por cierto

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    BIG WAVY on 3RD FEBRUARY 2020 11:47 AM


    Ha ha Macjay1



    I`m just happy that we have strength in depth for the position .



    A real soft spot for Johnny Hayes .


    A solid non flashy pro. who plays where he is put. A coach`s dream .


    Contrast his rush to get on with things under Lennie with the casual lack of urgency under Brendan .


    Yesterday we got the reward for his urgency .

  9. SUPERSUTTON +1. i think Christie’s time out was no bad thing as he was running on fumes. Back at his best he is our most dynamic player and a goal threat. With Rogic, it can be hit or miss. Sublime one game, invisible the next. Perhaps he’s missed too many games in last two seasons to get back the consistency he once had.

  10. Dealing with that madman would be a test for an experienced manager never mind someone in their first job.



    It’s not helped that the man child has been indulged at every turn because of the need to maintain the fantasy that he’s an elite professional who should command a commensurate transfer fee and because of the total dependence the team has on him.



    What I really don’t get is why Jabba and the rest of the club hierarchy think that the constant drama that surrounds him which seems to be a narrative pushed by their PR department helps the player or the club. He’s constantly the story, it just be draining for everyone.



    Gerrard seems to be doing what little he can to get the player into line. He even dropped him to the bench for an essential game but had to bring him on. His lack of experience and his lack of control is showing here IMO.

  11. There’s a tension between the club’s need to keep the fans onside by constantly being in the media with anti-Celtic stories and the victim narrative, and the needs of the team.



    I can’t imagine that amount of drama is helpful, especially when it’s self-created

  12. Hopefully, Welsh has calmed a few nerves after the transfer window. An assured performance from the young lad. I was especially impressed by his over the head clearance while being fouled by the carthorse upfront for Accies.



    He played every week at Morton so Neil must have recalled him with a view to use him. This was no panic move.



    Hopefully, Welsh and Henderson will get more minutes as the season progresses. Against Clyde perhaps?

  13. CELTIC40ME on 3RD FEBRUARY 2020 1:02 PM



    Gerrard looks out for Gerrard.



    King looks out for King.



    And so on.

  14. Remember to voice your opinion where it counts – . There’s a chance that by tonight I’ll have logged your 5,000th vote of the season. And if you’ve never joined in before, please don’t be shy, just email me the names of your 3 best performers from yesterday. They don’t have to be in any particular order – all 3 will get 1 vote counted.

  15. Cheers Macjay…



    I get the Hayes proposition. Yesterday he was an upgrade on a very muted Taylor (who doesn;’t seem to have the ability / confidence / pace to get past a player but remains a good defensive option).



    Play those in form – that means Ntcham starts (playing very well), dropping Callum and starting with Tam.



    Need to be careful with Welsh’s development -solid yesterday but not particularly tested. Get Jozo back in there.

  16. Land in Parkhead is set to be sold by the city council to Celtic to allow for match day parking for disabled fans.



    Councillors are recommended to agree a £100,000 sale to the football club when they meet on Thursday.



    Celtic approached the council about purchasing the Janefield Street site, which has previously had a short-term licence for parking but has been vacant since 2014.

  17. Big Jullien took his goal magnificently yesterday.



    He needs to use his physicality more. Against Livingston away he got bullied by the centre forward, at Celtic Park in the return fixture he really got stuck into him showing he can do it, to the extent he wasn’t involved and complained about his treatment constantly.



    He won’t get protected in Scotland playing for Celtic, lesson is big man dish it out first!



    Against “better” teams he reads the game brilliantly, see Lazio, Rennes etc.

  18. Macjay 12.50pm



    Neil trusts Jonny Hayes, so in my opinion if it’s good enough for Neil I won’t disagree :-)



    Jonny is living the dream

  19. Big Wavy,



    I have to disagree with you. IMO, Calum is our best player and the man who makes us a team. Dropping him would be suicide.




  20. !!BADA BING!! on 3RD FEBRUARY 2020 1:18 PM



    Aye it’s for disable parking. Long overdue.



    Dunno if that’s down to the Council or the club.

  21. Robinbhoy- I think Jullien gets a bit anxious when he’s up against a physical forward, he tends to get drawn in to a battle. He gets too close to his man IMO,if he stood off his man a couple of yards at times, he could time his challenges better, I really like him BTW,great finish yesterday.




    I’ve seen a fair share of negative comment directed at Greg Taylor.



    So for what it is worth, I feel a degree of perspective is needed.



    I thought watching yesterdays game, that Taylor actually started the match very brightly. His use of the ball was good, always finding a Celtic man, and linked the play well down the left.


    However after half an hour, his game seemed to regress. As we struggled as a team, this seemed to have a negative impact on Taylor. Start of 2nd half, one misplaced pass led to 3 or 4.


    It would seem he is a confidence player, and ultimately will need to become mentally stronger.



    This garbage I see though from many fans, that he can’t beat a man / doesn’t have a trick etc. I am not sure that is necessarily a skill set that even the best full-backs have. I don’t see Andy Robertson using tricks all the time, to beat 1 – 2 men at a time. The key skill-set is high energy fitness, attacking space, and wipping decent delivery in to the box.


    I would urge patience with regards to Taylor. I’ve seen enough to reckon that he’ll come good.

  23. As for Jullien


    He gets my vote also.


    Hasn’t performed as he would of liked this last 2 or 3 games. However to my mind, has been one of our best / key performers this season.


    And big goals in big games have been invaluable.