Hopefully the Low trickledown will not reach Glasgow


With the announcement that Joachim Low will leave Germany after the Euros, you can prepare yourself for months of speculation about the position of Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool job, with trickledown references to Steven Gerrard.  I want Gerrard to stay in Glasgow.

This is not about getting back into the water after a shark bite.  Gerrard has won one trophy of the eight he has competed for in Scotland, reaching one final in five cup competitions, which he lost to 10 men.  His only success would have been achieved with the same squad by either of his two predecessors against Celtic and Aberdeen teams that imploded so completely both lost their managers.  Gerrard is a bottler who has not been under pressure since Hamilton visited Ibrox a year ago (a game he also lost).

More importantly, Newco will have him under the kind of contract that earned Celtic £9m when Brendan Rodgers left for Leicester.  They need that kind of money and more to make up some of the chasm between their current financial position and fulfilling Uefa Financial Fair Play regulations.

I would rather they needed to sell an additional £9m of playing talent than cashed in on a manager with a track record that would have him taxied to the airport at Celtic.  Celtic’s problems this season are CELTIC’s problems, not the challenge from across the city.  If we are worried about a one-in-eight manager it’s time to pick up a different sport.


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  1. We fell down big time this season, opening the door to them. This has to be rectified for next season, por cierto

  2. Garngad to Croy on

    ‘Uefa Financial Fair Play regulations’ your having a laugh Paul67. Pure fantasy that another Bogey man is going to come after a team called Rangers.

  3. BIG JIMMY on 9TH MARCH 2021 8:39 AM



    FAO DAVID66…





    I have Emailed Paul67 this morning about this ” New” Poster who has suddenly appeared since yesterday…I will wait til Tomorrow to see if Paul can confirm IF its the same Chump as last time ?




    I KNOW what you are saying about ignoring him, but its much more than that as the ” Original” Chump who finally was banned from here has a History of causing arguments on here and he also told BLATANT LIES about my personal life on here, DESPITE ME warning him about his LIES.





    IF its the same Chump/Roaster/Space Cadet/Moron as before, its only a matter of time before he causes more trouble on this Blog.




    I will also be very angry that CQN has allowed HIM to Post on here again…IF its the same Chump….and I believe it is.




    All he has done since yesterday is place a ” 1″ beside his Moniker, which he used before….That in itself tells me that it IS the very same Moron/Chump as before, as he woulnt be smart enough to change his Moniker…and because he was/is a Serial Attention Seeker, he wouldnt wish to divert too much from his original Moniker, as he would want Posters on here to KNOW that he was back, given the high opiniuon that he has of himself.




    Stay safe mate.







    Re. your post above. My moniker contains the word “Original”. I happened to make a very short post yesterday re. Bolingoli’s COVID test.




    I would be very grateful if you could make it clear that I’m not the Chump you’re referring to.

  4. Weebobbycollins on

    Paul67…”a manager with a track record that would have him taxied to the airport at Celtic.”


    Aye, as long as Beale the brains is in the taxi with him…

  5. I can’t agree



    If we had played to the good standard we set from 2017 to 2019 ; 82 and 87 points, we would still have lost


    2016/17 was our peak and similar to their run rate this season



    On last season’s form it would have been a close run thing



    They have been exceptional at collating points this season; it is dangerous to dismiss it

  6. squire danaher on

    Financial Fair Play Regulations ma hin’ end.



    UEFA will turn the blind eye as much as the SFA.



    Dallas runs the referees.



    An individual not far from home who claims never to have seen the 5-Way Agreement widely rumoured on his way there to “ensure Scotland continues to punch above its weight in the corridors of power.”



    Move along Timmy, nothin tae see here.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Do we know for sure Gerrard is locked in?



    At the time of his appointment …



    Sevco needed him more than he needed them



    His advisors would likely have been near the top drawer?



    I have no intel of course but I’d be quite surprised if the contract didn’t contain a



    “I’ll be released immediately with no financial consideration if job X comes up”



    type clause?



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    TOSB… Big Jimmy is referring to big packy1, a long time chump in his eyes…




    Many thanks WBC for clearing that up. I didn’t want to get caught up in speculation because of the word “original”.

  9. Financial fair play ???


    In Scotland , that particular jurisdiction belongs to the SFA . The same SFA that have previous. The same SFA that Celtic were trusted in dealing with the European licence issue .



    As for Gerrard being a crap manager, 3 decent seasons in Europe, says otherwise.

  10. Big Jimmy



    No apology required. Thanks for replying so quickly. I hope you are well and that the pubs open again soon so you can get out and enjoy a few pints with your friends.

  11. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Got to agree with this. Gerrard is no great shakes, although his record in Europe is impressive and puts ours to shame.



    You are right. Their success this season is on Celtic. Lawwell chose an inferior manager to Gerrard because it suited his personal interests.



    Change that and we have a chance. Retain the same bowling club leadership and we’re toast for years.

  12. Asking the SFA to administer & watch for FFP, is like asking a fox to watch the chickens, absurd! por cierto

  13. I asked our board about financial fair play regulations as part of a question for this years AGM, the reply stated they expect all financial information to be scrutinised and fairly for all, but expect the SFA to carry this out.

  14. squire danaher on

    All this talk of Gerrard and Beale.



    Did Gerrard ever pass his coaching exams? As I understand it, Beale had the qualifications and Gerrard was still taking the course when appointed. Which meant that Beale ran the show and Gerrard was a figurehead.



    You would’ve thought that if he had ever passed, then his fanboy media brigade would’ve been claiming it as another success.



    Or maybe not.

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Newco will have him under the kind of contract that earned Celtic £9m when Brendan Rodgers left for Leicester”




    I dare say they would spend it a bit more wisely than we did!


    One trophy out of eight for the team with the second biggest budget certainly isn’t great, but neither is five out of thirteen with the biggest budget and yet that’s what we went for.


    All this focus on other clubs (or rather one other club) does us absolutely no good. We should have our own standards and targets (proper ambitious ones – not parochial old firmy ones) and get people in who can achieve them.

  16. TURKEYBHOY on 9TH MARCH 2021 10:36 AM


    Alas I gave up on Phil and others yonks ago when stating they are skint. As well as those declaring their demise due to them being skint was just a matter of time.


    “… Phil has always been correct in the state their finances ,SHOULD be in,and what SHOULD,inevitably happen.Why it has not remains a question we should all be asking”.


    The answer to your closing sentences quite simply is they are the establishment club, propped up by soft loans and share issues, which are only good for the confetti industry. They will never be allowed to go the way of the club that died in 2012. When they went in to administration and subsequently the liquidation process started that should have been the day we no longer had their name associated with club going forward.


    I do not read Phil anymore or anyone that puts out there they are skint, they need xxx amount to get by for the next two weeks, months…


    With their contemptible attitude to covid restrictions and them coming out fighting by writing to Wee Nicola about the her condemnation of their inaction in asking their followers to stay at home, tells you one thing in my opinion…WTP and we will do what we want when we want because it is our right. Don’t tend to comment on their state of affairs but by and large I like what you post.


    Not a dig and I hope you’re well.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  17. Has Beale won some other trophies that we don’t know about??



    Second day running i agree Paul. In fact I think you’ve been bugging my conversations. I’ve been saying the same to my family and friends. Slippy has found a way to play that makes them harder to beat than they used to be. But he has little tactical nous beyond the plan A.



    I also suspect they may suffer physically for their methods this year. The physical profile of players has changed across the squad. Except for el buffalo who is clearly not taking the same ‘medicine’ as the likes of a bulked up Kent, Jack, Arfield and Goldson. They have all seen significant ‘gains’ to muscle mass from what I see. Not making any wild accusations. But ……

  18. I asked this morning if the Hunnish behaviour at the weekend could have a detrimental effect on any planned loosening of restrictions ( Thanks for the reply,Bada). These comments would suggest that such may be the case:



    “However she(Sturgeon) warned on Sunday that mass gatherings like those seen in Glasgow after Rangers were confirmed as the Scottish Premiership football champions “could delay exit from lockdown for everyone else”.



    Mr Swinney reiterated this on Monday. He said: “We will be driven by the data. If the data suddenly – because of all of that commotion at the weekend – goes in the wrong direction, we will have difficult decisions to make. There are consequences that flow from these events.”

  19. BIG JIMMY on 9TH MARCH 2021 12:22 PM


    I note you have emailed P67, please leave it at that. If you get no response email him again. Do not post referring to the poster in a derogatory way.


    We are asked not to engage but refer to P67. I am posting this out of courtesy to you.


    Anyone else please do not refer to the poster either.



  20. Paul 67,



    I cannot agree with your sentiments.


    We have underestimated the huns and their manager for far too long.



    They are a good team, alibet with no outstanding individuals who get results.



    Granted they carry luck in Europe, but luck is an extremely valuable commodity and for an 8 year old club, getting to the last 16 two years in a row should not be dismissed.



    Let’s not underestimate the opposition and appoint a ” cheap” manager.


    Let’s give them credit and appoint a top class manager.



    We have no time for experiments or managerial projects. We need a top class manager to put them back in their box and prevent growing momentum.




  21. Hot smoked- they are the absolute dregs of humanity. I’m one of many who has not been able to visit my elderly parents or indeed my siblings neices, nephews and others who I love and miss very much. I have reason enough to despise those a holes who desecrated George Square on Saturday but further delay, given the health profiles of some if my folks sadly coukd mean the difference between a last visit and never seeing them again. I’ve had a year of time stolen from those relationships and I take a really dim view of anyone no matter their background putting the rest of us in that position.



    Insert extreme list of swear words to describe what I think of them here……….. 🤬

  22. Crystal ball time



    SFA , SPL , and SG agree new rules re COVID going forward and by sheer luck after a media broohaha the tic get clobbered for some minor infraction of said rules , whilst the Unionists get to do what they like …




  23. Only their games should be postponed and all teams who they’ve still to play awarded 3 points and 3-0 scorlines. Turf them out of the Scottish Cup, if that goes ahead, they cannot be trusted to abide by the rules, they see themselves as above that. Time for action not mealy mouthed statements, por cierto.

  24. !!Bada Bing!! on

    SEAN THORNTON on 9TH MARCH 2021 12:51 PM


    Bada Bing..












    Drop the dead donkey!!!.










    It was obviously so badly stage managed….

  25. Can’t agree with the main article. Step outside the Celtic-Rangers world and look at the wider picture. (a) Rangers have only conceded 9 goals in 32 games this season. When the league was halted last season we had conceded 19 in 30. They are unbeaten, and their points/game is higher than we got last year.That’s an excellent performance. In addition, Rangers have played well in Europe. And don’t forget that Celtic have a considerable financial advantage over Rangers.



    No, I don’t think that Gerrard is necessarily a great manager, it’s difficult to say in a small pond like Scotland these days, but he has done a good job on limited resources. Rangers took a punt on a name, and it worked. They got lucky (good players don’t often make good managers, as shown by Liam Brady, John Barnes, Ally McCoist, Roy Keane, etc). Gerrard’s stock is currently high, and it won’t get any higher if he wins the league again. He won’t stay at Ibrox, but I think that Liverpool would want a more recognised managerial name (I don’t think that winning in Scotland cuts much ice with the top English clubs nowadays).

  26. ROBERTTRESSEL @ 12:43



    “I’m not making wild accusations. But ..?..



    And neither am I but..?.. when Leicester won the EPL their players were covering 50% more ground than the season before. I was just wondering.

  27. Weebobbycollins on

    They consider themselves above the law and are very unlikely to pander to an anti-unionist government…

  28. His record in europe is quite impressive. It would be churlish to say otherwise.


    I would be very happy if he was offered and accepted the Liverpool job.