Howe pantomime ends, what now


Two weeks ago, I cautioned that the line being given to Celtic by Eddie Howe, that he was waiting to assemble his backroom team, did not hold water, “This could be the reason proffered for the lack of a signature, but I’m not buying it.”

With his former Bournemouth backroom team now free from football commitments, I understand Howe told Celtic he is unable to convince his team to come to Glasgow and is not prepared to come without them.  I’m not buying that either.  He either has one of the EPL jobs he coveted, or his strength of character is not sufficient for him to cope in Glasgow without a chaperone.  If it is the former, he has strung us along, if the latter, he’s too weak to cope here.  It is the former, surely?

Howe was clearly our first choice and the man a board felt it worthwhile to not only offer a huge contract and the opportunity to recruit the entire backroom team, but to allow him to sit on the pot until the end of May.  Like all these decisions, it was a gamble.  Your view is as good as mine as to whether he was worth the wait.

So where has this left us?  The ponderous time Eddie Howe took allowed a clear preference to emerge if his deal remained unsigned.  You and I will have a weekend in the dark, which is frustrating, but I am not seeing any panic at Celtic Park.  The new guy is not from the EPL circus, we’ll find out soon enough if that is a good thing or not!

Have a good weekend, if that’s possible between the two mood killers of managerial recruitment and lockdowns.

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  1. “, but I am not seeing any panic at Celtic Park”…I hope you see some urgency

  2. No panic at Celtic Park


    You really are hilarious Paul.



    This board need ran out of town.



  3. It was said that Leicester told Rodgers it was “now or never” as although he was their first choice, they needed early prep with the team and would have to reluctantly move on to other targets if he didn’t agree.



    That’s how well-run clubs are run.



    We are a shambles….meet the new boss, same as the old….

  4. glendalystonsils on

    If Howe signing depended on his backroom team coming , you would think that their availability /willingness would all have been checked out in advance .


    I’m not trying to take away from my sheer exasperation with the workings of our board, but I do smell a rat and it’s Howe shaped .



    The only question now is will EH and his Crew head for Palace or Wolves.

  5. Will the board issue a statement today or will they sit on their fat, overpaid arse’s and say nothing as per?

  6. No manager.



    No backroom staff.



    No D of F.



    No signings.



    No feckin clue.



    But, trust us. give us your ST money for games you can’t attend.

  7. fourstonecoppi on

    Well well who wud’ve thunk it………like a few others here, i never ever thought it was gonna be EH. The board wud’ve had to put there hands in their pockets ie dividends big time and that was never gonna happen.


    It’ll be the cheap option or JK.


    The season ticket renewal offer is an embarrassment. Most like me, will wait ’til the eleventh hour before renewal on my direct debit. Jesus H they’re gonna empty the fekin’ place at this rate.

  8. lets all do the huddle on

    ive been saying for ages that Kennedy boy would make a great manager

  9. Kheredine2018



    More on the Celtic story ; my information is that Eddie Howe had been given free reign to do a complete restructure @CelticFC and they thought they had their man. But he eventually turned it down because it wasn’t possible to assemble the team of back room staff he wanted.

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    Let’s face it, there was always a likelihood of this happening.



    They could have times it better, waited for more season books to be sold on the back of a Howe appointment.



    Jack Ross, Steve Clarke, Alex Neill, Roy Keane – box office stuff eh Paul?

  11. Get rid of every single board member.



    Asleep at the wheel does not even cover it. Amateur hour. Our board is the GOON show.



    So we have waited 9 months for a manager as that’s when we knew Lenny was not up to the task.


    They told us they were doing an audit and would reveal the outcome at the end of January.



    No feckin forward planning.



    We have let an unknown manager run rings around us whilst we wait on the sidelines like an Amateur team.



    I can see fans wanting to gather outside the stadium to show their utter Disgust and frustration. Not right in this climate but I understand their utter anger and frustration toward a board that could run a raffle.



    D :)

  12. Congratulations to BLANTYRE TIM and his good lady who celebrate 27 years married today!



    Best wishes to both!

  13. Paul Larkin



    I’ve said it a million times before and I will say it again-there is no solution to Celtic’s problems that involves anyone there just now. @CelticFCSLO is the only one fit for purpose and he doesn’t have enough say or power in there.

  14. fourstonecoppi on




    Ye i also smell a rat and it’s this board………..they knew this ages ago and pumped oot the ST renewal before telling us

  15. From J_Bhoy



    So twice in the space of 3 days we’ve had media Rags telling us club business that the club should be communicating to the fans first

  16. What a shocking article that is.



    if we were stupid enough – as apparently we were – sit for two months and wait on a guy we knew was swithering then that’s on us. That’s our fault, and pointing the finger at Howe, no matter how much better it might make people sleep at night, is just not putting our anger and frustration to its most productive use.



    I spoke to someone Celtic earlier and if Mr Brennan doesn’t think there is panic in the walls I assure him he’s listening to only one voice and it’s talking shite.



    There are people at our club who are WELL AWARE of what this means … and they are not calm.

  17. I think the last man standing is Steve Clarke, I wouldn’t be overly disappointed.



    keane would be a disaster

  18. Paul says the clear 2nd choice is agreed upon and not from EPL Circus.


    Does that rule Keane out?


    Clarke it is then with Kennedy . . .

  19. lets all do the huddle on

    Congratulations to BLANTYRE TIM and his good lady who celebrate 27 years married today!




    would either of them be interested in managing a disfunctional football club?

  20. justshatered on

    NOTTHEBUS on 28TH MAY 2021 4:08 PM



    “, but I am not seeing any panic at Celtic Park”…I hope you see some urgency



    There doesn’t need to be any urgency when you know you are sitting on a cash cow, and holding thousands emotionally hostage.


    This surely cannot be the way to run a professional business. It is neglect of the highest order.


    A scorched earth oolicy from a board, clearly out of touch with any semblance of reality.

  21. glendalystonsils on

    The only thing that could make this situation worse now , is for the club to appoint a manager who is not at least comparable with Howe .


    A Keane , Kennedy , Ross type will see anarchy descend on our pathetically run club .

  22. fieldofdrams on

    Maybe I’m in a minority of one but I just don’t believe that Celtic, a multi-million pound business, aren’t ready to move in another direction with alacrity. I think we’ve been left in the lurch; but I don’t think we’re starting from scratch on another manager hunt.

  23. lets all do the huddle on

    A Keane-Viera management team would entertain off the park at least

  24. onenightinlisbon on

    Clarke would not excite the support, he does not play the Celtic way/



    We might be harder to beat but we will not entertain.



    Season books will be sold on the back of a progressive appointment and Clarke is not that.



    We are a laughing stock and Lawwell and his cronies are to blame.



    Statue anyone?

  25. Let’s not be kidded here.



    Howe was the cheap option.



    Big salary but no compensation to pay.



    That’s why they waited.



    Now, if we’re to attract anyone decent, it will probably involve a big pay off to his current club.



    I think we all know the answer to that one.



    Rank amateurs masquerading as a serious Board of a big football club.



    They can and should (but won’t) get tae F%&$!

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