Leigh, Kieran, marking your card


The most important result in international week is that we get all our (33) players back fit and ready for Saturday. That looks to be the case, although I hear Erik Sviatchenko had a close shave at Hampden. The job now is for Ronny Deila to assess the preparedness of his squad for the Hearts game. All may be fit, but it’ll be impossible for the likes of Tom Rogic to be at his best after coping with a 12,000 mile journey home and the necessary body clock adjustments.

Ronny will also have to counsel Kieran Tierney, who has had another big week. Teenagers often progress in waves, after with each crest there’s often a trough. The focus for Kieran right now has to be 100% Hearts.

I read Leigh Griffiths had an uneventful game against Denmark. Don’t bet against him shining on Saturday. He’s a player who flourishes with a point to prove.

I’ve not written much on Resolution 12 recently and I don’t see that changing for a few weeks (despite the trolls), but I have been very active on the subject. Anyone who thinks I’d skip over this is welcome to self-certify as a mindless troll below (I’m counting on at least one being sufficiently mindless…).

What I’d like to do is mark your card on this one. Completely erroneous claims have been made. Outrageous things have been written. There’s a Kangaroo Court underway which would do Salem proud. Let the loons run with their agenda of running Celtic down, but be circumspect. Your card’s been marked.

You are being played, all right, but not by Celtic.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JOBO BALDIE on 31ST MARCH 2016 7:50 AM





    The lovely George.

  2. Trolls? I find this insinuation quite offensive. We were branded as paranoid for decades but have been proven correct. Is it any wonder why many Celtic/football fans have lost trust in everything associated with the game. I believe we’ve more than earned the right to question all areas including our own clubs actions. Assumptions perhaps correctly or incorrectly have been made due to our inaction & after all the bullshit we’ve been fed over the years, it’s more than reasonable for so many to be so sceptical.



    Being silenced or censoring opinion with threats & intimidation such as “Your cards been marked” is akin to a dictatorship (is this what CQN has become?). I think scepticism is only natural & we’ve all more than earned the right to be so. After all our bullshitometers have been proven spectacularly right before. Or are we all still just Paranoid!

  3. Geordie Munro on

    “Early kick off on Saturday. … is it just my imagination or are we poor starters on early kick offs”






    I can only think of 1 occasion all season when we dropped points in an early Saturday game.



    If by early you mean Wednesday or Thursday then yes, we have been a bit poor. :)




  4. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    When posters offer opinions and use `We` rather than `I `, I feel their point of view is greatly weakened.




  5. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    13 Early KO`s ( Including a 2-2 draw Away to Hearts KO 2pm)



    Won 11; Drew 1 ( Hearts) ; Lost 1 ( Aberdeen)




  6. Early kick off AFTER 33 of our players have been away on international duty. You’d think the reward for representing your country would be to get maximum rest on returning, not MINIMUM.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Ellboy on 31st March 2016 8:23 am



    Some of us want only to support Celtic without the delusion of imagining that one day “supporters” , of the Trust`s choosing , will be ensconced in the Board room.


    Kev wants Jeanette. Aye.O.K. What`s her corporate expertise ? The dreamy spires of Glasgow Uni. ?


    Without the delusion of supporters imagining they have the wherewithall to be able to usurp the corporate high fliers who have managed to see us through an extremely challenging financial climate .


    There`s only one significant problem at Celtic Park.


    The coach.


    That`s if you don`t include the Celtic trust.



    Opprobium directed at the esteemed patron of this blog is simply biting the hand that feeds us.


    Apart from being the epitome of ingratitude.

  8. Geordie Munro on




    I suppose it’s become more likely that our away games are moved for TV rather than our home ones.



    Are you going neebs?




  9. Hilarious front page in the record this morning. Looks like our unlikely hero, George Osbourne, has tweaked the rules to allow HMRC to pursue players individually for their EBT “loans”.



    On a sidebar inside an un-named player openly admits he only signed for RFC because of the EBT. Says he will sue the, erm, “club” if he is forced to pay up.



    Wonder if soon they might not actually be so keen to claim they are still “ra same club, Timmy!”


    As one of the regular overnight posters,I carry the term moonhowler with some pride,not that it was originally meant as a compliment!



    But I draw the line at being called a troll by a Johnny-come-lately board lackey like Mr Pastry.



    As has been the case since he arrived here under whichever of his pseudonyms came first,he resorts to insults rather than debate.



    Small wonder smashing posters like the one I was out with last night no longer join in.

  11. Celtic will cuff Hertz on Saturday for 2 reasons.


    1. Joe Hanson has his mo-jo back.


    2. Calum Patterson(a young Roy Aitken imho)…is injured.


    The worries…..


    Mudini ? Nahhhhh, no for me.








    ….see Muldini above.




    If, Bitton, McGregor, Rogic play v’s the huns in the SCSF….


    …Timdom will be one big wailing wall…imho.


    Don’t be saying yeez wurny telt!


    The worrying-prophet – CSC

  12. According to BBC report, Southampton are ready to make a “big money offer” for Kieran Tierney.



    Wanyama, Forster and Van Djik all wanted to go.



    Whilst there would in all likelihood be a huge increase in salary for Tierney, I would sincerely hope this story is just malicious gossip intended to unsettle our player.



    Wait a minute. Are Celtic involved in a big game this weekend?




  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon




    The present corporate experts who run the club, only recently negotiated a tv-deal to keep the huns afloat.


    Don’t think Jeanette and her ilk would be so ‘easily’ coerced int that one.


    The present corporate experts, running of the club has seen the attending attendance figures fall by 50% and continue to fall.


    Time for a new broom….that disny bend in the wind.

  14. Geordie Munro



    I would imagine so but like everyone else it is his decision either way. Nobody should feel forced to comment just as nobody should be dictated on what they can publish as opinion.



    I’m not a fan of over censorship, I think it’s a slippery slope.

  15. Saw that one SuperSutton.


    That is so obvious anyone of us could have written it. I have no doubt if Tierney continues to improve he will be very difficult to hold on to but he seems a very grounded lad and I can’t see him making waves looking for a move any time soon.


    Whilst Celtic have got pelters here for being a selling Club, which unfortunately we are, most of the guys sold wanted to go and these days regardless of contracts it’s almost impossible to keep a player who wants away.

  16. antipodean red on




    Who appointed the coach?



    It would therefore lead to the thinking that whoever it was could also be a bit of a problem.



    Not to mention a recruitment policy that gives us such gems as Boeriggter, Cole, Kazim-Richards, Bangura and Balde to name but a few.



    There are many more problems at Celtic than some would like to admit otherwise we wouldn’t be playing in front of 20-25,000 crowds at times.

  17. Who appointed the coach ?


    That’s 3 p#shy coaches in a row.


    Only the corporate big hitters on a rudderless ship would survive that.


    A rudderless ship that’s heading for the rock’s…….

  18. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar - Sack the Board - Lawwell Out on

    WINNING CAPTAINS on 31ST MARCH 2016 12:27 AM





    Just trying to defend Celtic and Celtic supporters who are actually doing something about what’s happened.



    ….then threw an end March time limit post onto the blog.



    It certainly had the desired effect of installing urgency but it’s also complete nonsense.





    WC – I think more than installing urgency, it (for me anyway) signalled that the trust between Auldheid, etc., (who were pursuing this issue) and the Celtic Board, and Peter Lawwell in particular, had been betrayed.



    I don’t think I’m alone in this, but it did seem – and had appears to have been designed as such – to signal that Celtic plc had been “playing us”.



    Is it surprising then that a number of people reacted to that “time limit blog”, and the request for urgent action (that myself, Jobo and others responded to)? The reaction was in support of the requisitioners, and in reaction to the implication that the Celtic Board had held pertinent information back from them.



    In that light, I think Paul’s leader is harsh.



    Being played, by whatever party, might be amusing, but it isn’t in my opinion a good approach – be straight, especially with those who back what you are trying to do, at all times.






  19. Geordie Munro on




    If you read the article again, it’s the guys who state he won’t comment on it are the ones being labeled.



    NOT anyone who doesn’t agree will all the board do. Debate is good.



    Funny enough the guy who much of this was aimed at has disappeared after having his ass served by brth.




  20. Timbhoy3


    In response to your comment from yesterday as to why I was being ‘ cheeky’ to you, I was responding to your comment that anyone threatening to withdraw support over concerns re res12 should ‘ gies peace and go away and leave us true Celtic supporters who support the club through thick and thin to get on with it’.


    As someone who will withdraw their support, which in my case stands at £2k per season on season tickets, should there be any evidence whatsoever that our board have put their own self interest ahead of integrity, then I assume I’m one of the many you were addressing.


    ‘True Celtic supporters’?. ‘ thick and thin’?


    What do you regard as thick and thin? Trophy-less seasons, poor quality on the pitch?


    If so, then I’m not guilty. I’ve lived long enough to see the highs and the lows, and stuck with it. I’ve paid into a rigged game for as long as I can remember. What I won’t pay into, and I’ve never been to a Scotland game at Hampden in my life and never will, is IF our custodians have been screwing us over for self gain.


    Your ‘true supporter’ comment is laughable in the extreme. Had it been down to ‘true’ supporters like you in the days of the Kelly’s etc, we would be either dead, or, the original Sevco.


    As for being ‘cheeky’, I wasn’t. I said I tried to stay clear of personal abuse, and I do. I was merely reacting to your own post which was damned insulting to many of us.


    As for the outcome of all of this, I’ll wait until the facts are out there, and this current game of ‘ I know something you don’t know has ended’


    We are being played alright, that much I agree with Paul 67 on.

  21. Still canny shake this wee bugging voice at the back of my head that says….”The resolution : 12 rebels should have trained their guns on the corporate-deceitful PLC board….before, thinking about targets outside the club!”


    Don’t throw stones when ye live in a glass house – CSC

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon



    “There`s only one significant problem at Celtic Park. The coach”



    While we all wish for better out on the pitch, I think for many this is a secondary issue. Trust for many is all important as without it then what’s the point in anything? All you have to do is look around the half empty stands to realise this is more than a coaching issue.




  23. If the interest from Southampton in Keiran is genuine, It’s for the bhoy himself to decide his future. I hope he stays for a couple of years at least but we can’t condemn him if he opts to leave. He might be a pure Tim just loving it living the dream. He reminds me of the young Danny McGrain. No higher praise possible.

  24. After a wee heads up last week re the LNS fine – Judge rules against Sevco and so on, noticed that a few ‘chickens’ made it to the front page of the Record today. Anyone else seeing a trend?

  25. BMCUW



    You know my opinion. We should be encouraging more people to post. I believe the internet traffic is actually up on CQN, however we need to translate that into posters.



    I see many colours of opinion but I see very, very few trolls.



    Collectively we need to remember that the modern Celtic support embraces many political affiliations and doctrines. For many of us the only common denominator is our support of Celtic.


    As a grouping we are more educated than our forefathers, subsequently we have more informed debate.



    I would urge all lurkers to give us their thoughts, your opinion is as valued as any.



    Remember : An opinion can never be wrong. Facts can be wrong.



    Anyway. A good Celtic win and performance in front of a big supportive crowd on Saturday will bring back some perspective to the blog.



    Hail, Hail to you and back to work.

  26. The Celtic PLC board have already, tried and failed to set-up the Green Brigade by insisting along with Campbell Corrigan that, the GB attend a meeting at Celtic Park round about shame-game time to dicuss – sectarian singing – at the Celtic games.


    The Green Brigade told them to go and get fluked!


    When, not if….when, Jeanette Findlay and her ilk take control of the club, the GB should be thee fans on the board…imho.


    Now, if Auldheid and his Res : 12 rebels have dealt with the PLC board, without having an ace in the hole….then they’ll be done up like kippers.


    Surely they’re too clever for that.

  27. Geordie Munr



    His comments to me at least appear to be more generalised than targeted perhaps I’ve misunderstood. Although reading the blog back I haven’t seen anything deserving of “Your cards been marked”. Yes accusations have flown but nothing truly offensive has been written.



    Perhaps I’ve missed something glaring?

  28. An Teach Solais on

    First and foremost, Sincere belated condolences to ProudBhoy and Wee Bobby Collins for their sad losses. Prayers offered for the souls of those recently departed.


    ‘re HMRC going after EBT recipients, presumably they will have a claim against their financial advisors unless these have gone into liquidation and resurrected as Phoenix companies. However, it does keep the sordid business in the public eye.


    Hoping for a good victory on Saturday. HH

  29. Paul 67



    I have to say that much as I respect your views and the fact you provide this forum to allow us to express ours, I am extremely disappointed in your leader.


    IMO you are hinting that you are well aware of what Celtic’s position on res.12 is and that some bloggers are backing the wrong horse.


    Why be so cryptic?


    Why not lay out for us the facts as u know them?


    My frustration stems from what appears to be inactivity from our club.


    I am angry that we have been cheated and I want justice.



    Can u help?




  30. ANTIPODEAN RED on 31ST MARCH 2016 12:58 AM





    We are , only came home 6weeks earlier than planned, literally flew from Onslow to Perth on Friday after then to Ireland on Saturday. Disappointing end to my stint there as I never got to say goodbye to some great friends.



    Couldn’t be helped. Hope your well

  31. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    Yes, I had considered the TV effect and yes I am going to the game. Why are you not going? Has there been some kind of epidemic in Fife? Bagpipes are not susceptible to foot and mouth are they?




  32. Paul67,



    Just looking again at your leader… Of course it’s your blog and you can write what you want, but the tone and content of what you’ve written in the last few paragraphs is unlike you.



    Res 12 is not a complicated issue. All Celtic need to do is make everyone aware that they are concerned about what might have happened, and they support attempts to get to the bottom of that.



    That’s all. the fact the club isn’t even saying this is dismaying and discouraging to many of us. And suggestions that our dismay arises from “being played” is patronising in the extreme…

  33. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    “An opinion can never be wrong.”



    In my opinion, an opinion can be wrong.




  34. Geordie Munro on




    A selfish mate has decided to make an honest woman out of his betrothed.



    He even had the temerity to book his stag the same weekend as the recent ict game. ;P



    Any they wunner why our crowds are down




  35. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Morning Bhoys from a dry Central Scotland. On the subject of posting it is unfortunate on CQN that when someone holds a different point of view from the mainstream posters they are usually personally attacked by certain posters. This in my opinion puts many good posters off look at the number of posters the blog has lost over the years initially they take the stick for there views but eventually it gets to them and they stop posting. We have the right to disagree with the posters opinions but we do not have the right to attack the poster so if we genuinely want more folk to post on CQN we need to encourage debate on our opinions and desist from personal attacks. H.H.